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Decorative Wrought Iron Window Shutters

Th Century Pair Of Decorative Folk Art Wrought Iron Grilles Window Shutters

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Extremely rare pair of Folk Art wrought iron window shutters in excellent condition. There are two shutters, the larger one measures 38cm deep x 5cm wide x 112cm high the smaller one measures 38 cm deep x 5cm wide x 94cm high. The large shutter features a hunting scene with a deer being chased by hunting dogs and the smaller shutter features a horse within the iron circle.They would make a stunning wall decoration, especially when a correctly positioned lamp casts a shadow of the hunting scene on the wall.

Dimensions: Large:38cm wide x 5cm deep x 112cm high

Small: 38cm wide x 5cm deep x 94cm high

Tableaux Faux Iron Features

Artistic Designs Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles are customized to your specific residential requirements. Select from popular standard designs or create your own. Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles can be manufactured to fit virtually any area in any shape.

Beautiful Finishes Select from popular finishes or request a custom finish. Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles match your unique design needs precisely.

Sustainable Materials Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles are environmentally friendly made from recycled wood fiber and formaldehydefree adhesive.

Lightweight and Treated Materials Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles are lightweight, moisture resistant, rot resistant, termite resistant, fire retardant substrates and can be used safely indoors or out without adding unnecessary weight.

Easy Installation Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles can be used safely indoors and out and installation is straightforward and easy.

Maintenance Tableaux® Faux Iron decorative grilles will not rust or fade and only calls for light cleaning.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied with the Tableaux® product please contact us within 30 days of order receipt to apply for a refund. You shouldnt have to risk making a wrong decision regarding your design project.

Choosing Wrought Iron Shutters

Many homeowners focus solely on the appearance of shutters, but there are other factors to consider before you find the right metal shutters. Three of the most important elements to consider in wrought iron shutters are size, use and finish. However, an informed property owner will choose the right material and not be fooled by an imposter.

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Fixed Mount Decorative Shutters

When it comes to curb appeal and a unique sense of style that transcends fads and the “latest” decor options, it’s hard to find that perfect finishing touch. Knowing the right choice for your home, and your own personal sense of style, can seem daunting. Luckily, there are a few timeless classics that bode well for any home decor theme. Add instant curb appeal to your home easily, allowing you to transform your exteriors without going over the top or breaking the budget with our vast assortment of decorative shutters. They can be easily mixed and matched with our coordinating window boxes and liners to get your windows in shape from top to bottom. Aluminum and wrought iron shutters can also be placed vertically or horizontally along windows, walls and other areas in need of a little sprucing up.

Our decorative shutters come in an array of styles and designs to suit any taste and exterior design. Choose from sweeping curls and scrolls, floral motifs that add an interesting flair,paneled or traditional PVC composite and vinyl shutters, and even more complex patterns for an eye-catching display. You can even mix and match with other items in our collections, creating unique accents that will be sure to turn heads. Place shutters with matching window boxes and your choice of stunning flowers and greenery for a one of a kind garden decor that you can switch up every season.

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Inspiration: Historical French Shutters

New Orleans Wrought Iron Exterior Window Shutters

For generations, French shutters have been used to protect from the elements and provide beautiful color on the exterior of homes and buildings. This collection of photos will inspire and inform about all elements of French shutters, or locally called volets. French shutters do not just add to the beauty of the architecture, but are actually practical. Residents actually close the shutters for privacy, light reduction and insulation.

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Wrought Iron Shutters For Windows

Delectable Decorative Shutters For Outdoors

Whether you are looking for aluminum exterior shutters, wrought iron shutters, or something light in weight, adding curb appeal to your home’s exterior can be easily accomplished with decorative shutters from Hooks and Lattice. What’s more, they need not be expensive either. One way to save money is to select purely decorative shutters, shutters that will be the envy of the neighborhood, they are so attractive. Plus, with numerous styles to choose from including louvered, board and batten, raised panel, raised panel, and louvered combinations, you will have no trouble finding outdoor window shutters that fit your existing decor. Plus, they can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on how they best reflect your sense of style and creativity.

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Faux Iron Decorative Grille Features:

  • Custom sizes and specialty shapes available
  • Create your own custom design to complement your style of decor
  • Todays most popular finishes and custom finishes, too
  • Go Green! Constructed out of 100% post-industrial recycled wood fiber and formaldehyde-free resin
  • Easy maintenance will not rust or fade
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Perfect solution for transom windows, sidelights, arches and specialty shapes
  • Create impressive custom ceilings
  • Dress up niches or walls
  • Impressive outdoor applications

Elegance Paired With Your Artistic Expression


Whether displayed as wall art, used as cabinet inserts, as an air conditioning grille cover, or for a host of other decorative design touches, tableaux decorative grilles are both practical and beautiful. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, your imagination is your only limit when you explore the dramatic and artistic options that tableaux decorative grilles provide.

  • Making a style statement is easy by applying tableaux veneer grilles as cornices.
  • Is a beautiful, ornate way to dress up your front door, while adding the look of added security.
  • Can be created to fit any size and shape, making them extremely versatile.
  • Choose from our extensive library of designer-inspired styles, or create your own for a truly custom look.
  • Transforms a room instantly when used as a window treatment.
  • Tableaux veneer grilles complement transoms above shutters.
  • Ideal for accenting your homes interior space as wall art, from intricate and ornate patterns to simple and modern.
  • Tableaux decorative grilles are the perfect decorative solution for custom windows due to its light weight and affordability.

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Save Money Using Decorative Shutters

If you simply do not need operable window shutters, there is no reason to pay more. Decorative shutters are typically made from either vinyl or PVC composite material, making them lightweight yet extremely durable. They are essentially maintenance free, standing up to all kinds of punishing weather extremes without needing to be resurfaced from season to season with additional paint. Plus you can mix and match styles for an eclectic approach. Some homeowners like to create an entire ensemble of shutters and window boxes to complete the picture.

Since fixed mount, otherwise known as direct or flush mount shutters are decorative only, we recommend selecting hardware that secures all four corners of your shutters tightly to your home’s exterior. To ensure proper fastening, please only select window shutter hardware that is “faux” or noted as “not operable,” which can be found in our “Ornamental Shutter Hardware” and “Aluminum Shutter Hardware,” sections of this website.

Wrought Iron Window Shutters

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