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Decorative Wood Cornices For Windows

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Easy DIY Window Cornice – 177

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Layering Cornices With Other Window Treatments

Cornices are top treatments, which means they can be used on their own. But we love layering them with other window coverings because it gives you another opportunity for customization and helps you create a unique aesthetic in your home.

We recommend layering them with

  • draperies Cornices will create balance by adding a solid profile to the flow of your drapery panels.
  • Roman shades Pelmets will give your Roman shades a richer look. Plus, the Roman shades will completely disappear behind the window cornice when fully raised, if thats what you want.
  • motorized blinds and shades Cornices are perfect for motorized window coverings because they can hide the hardware and operating system.

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What Are Cornice Boards

A window cornice is a frame constructed of wood or other materials that is hanged on the top of the window. The window cornice conceals a rod to which curtains hang. Wood cornice boards for windows add a charming look to the windows and the entire room, thereby improving the aesthetic value of the home.

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Materials Used In Making Wood Cornice

Making wood cornice boards does not require high quality wood. The commonly used wood for making cornice boards are MDF or plywood. It is better to avoid very cheap quality wood such as particle boards since they are easily prone to damage and will need to be replaced within a short span. The other materials that are required to decorate the cornice board are fabric or paint, decorative items like toys, flowers, beads, etc.

What Are Custom Wood Cornices

Wood Cornice

A cornice is any flat decorative frame that crowns an element of your homes like a window or a door. They are the perfect solution for a window that needs an attractive touch. A natural wooden cornice offers a cultured look that is sure to complement any window covering. These custom wood cornices are made of high-end quality wood that results in superior durability and long-lasting elegance. These are perfect for banquet halls, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and other social spaces. Pick from either painted or stained wood to merge with your decor.

When you choose to garnish a window, it doesnt have to end at the window treatment. Fixing wooden cornices supplements another layer to the design element that can complement or contrast with other factors in the room.

Some tips for buying great valances and cornices include measuring accurately, acknowledging the existing qualities of the window and the interiors, and selecting the right style.

Cornices are the ideal choice for many rooms and fashions. Wood cornices can be an immediate focal point in a room. Real wood cornices are the excellent way to add rich, layered design to your window blinds. These cornices will cover unpleasant curtain rods and add a sense of custom-made appearance that makes an ordinary window or patio door looks distinguished.

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What Is The Difference In A Cornice Compared To A Valance

A cornice is also made out of fabric, but is upholstered onto a solid box frame, usually made out of wood with a layer of batting and trimmed with cording to give it an upholstered look. It is sleeker and more modern than a valance. Depending on the fabric choice it can look more formal as opposed to a valance. For many the upholstered construction of a cornice means it always looks good, with no wrinkles or ripples in it. It is stable and you dont have to make any adjustments once it is installed. Cornices are a great way to show off a large print, or bold geometric design, due to their smooth shape. Speaking of shape, the front of a cornice can be arched or shaped. The shape can follow the pattern of the fabric or can add detail to a neutral lush velvet or textured fabric.

A cornice is often used to cover a motorized drapery rod or to hide a shade up underneath. Added depth on the sides makes this possible. A fabric valance can also do the same thing. But, a cornice is a great option for windows viewed from the second story landing or open staircase, as even the top is upholstered!

Just like valances, cornices are also available in wood most often stained and can add a decorative element over blinds or shades. A cornice whether made from wood or upholstered in fabric, adds an elegance to a large window with multiple shades in it. The single cornice across the top unites the multiple shades and ties it all together beautifully.

Cornice Valance Ideas Benefits Of Wood Blinds

Wood blinds let you decide the statement you want to make with your interior design.

Whether you are looking for something confident and bold or placid and relaxed, wood blinds are versatile enough to meet any requirement you may have and can gel with any type of décor you have in mind.

Wood blinds are normally structurally stable, and have consistency in colors to attract everyones attention. Using wood blinds you will be able to give any room its own distinctive character. By selecting wood blinds in light colors you can add cheerful charm to places like a living room. On the other hand, dark colors will help in creating a thoughtful atmosphere in your study room.

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Choosing The Right Design And Color

Wood Cornices can be of various designs, simple wood covered with decorative fabric, painted wooden board or shaped bottom cornice board. Determine what best suits the window, room and the walls of the window. Simple cornice board covered with a decorative fabric adds a decent look to the room. The fabric chosen coordinate with the walls and curtains. The same fabric, if used for cornice boards and curtains adds a rich look to the living rooms. Living rooms also look best with shaped bottom cornice boards which come in a variety of artistic shapes. Bed rooms and kitchens look great with bright colors. Painted cornice boards also add an attractive look to the entire house, especially to the childrens rooms. Additional decorative stuff glued to the cornice boards adds a charming look to the house however, any decoration, if overdone may spoil the appeal of the room and make the cornice board look too heavy.

What Are The Different Types Of Valances

Simple Wooden Window Cornice stained with General Finishes Java Gel Stain


The gentle contoured front profile design with matching fabric insert helps hide the hardware giving you a polished finish to your window treatment.


Fabric matched to the shade itself slides through grooves for a streamlined, coordinated look. The built-in dust cover protects the shade.


Cornice help prevents light seepage while adding a gorgeous style to your room. Generous in size available in 4″, 6″, and 8″ heights.


An “L” shaped extrusion covering the front of the roller gives a clean, contemporary look. The flat-painted profile adapts beautifully in most decors.


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Select Materials And Collect Key Tools

If you plan to paint your cornices, poplar and aspen are good choices for the box materials. Theyre stable and cheap, and the grain wont show through paint. Pine and basswood moldings are usually the least expensive choices for paintable trim.

If you want stained or natural wood cornices, look for oak, mahogany, cherry, maple and others at home centers. The biggest problem is finding hardwood moldings other than oak. You may have to special-order them or find a specialty millwork supplier online.

The best tool for cutting miters on wide boards is either a 10-in. compound miter saw or a sliding compound saw. Standard compound saws work like typical miter saws, but the motor and blade tip sideways, making them capable of cutting bevels. A sliding compound miter saw cuts compound angles too, but the motor and blade slide on tracks so it can handle wider stock.

Be sure to use a sharp finish-cutting blade in either one. Prices for standard compound miter saws are quite low, or you can rent one.

You can predrill and hand-nail most of the project, but an air-powered brad nailer with 1 and1-1/2-in. brads makes the job much easier. Many are inexpensive and well worth the price. Or you can rent one. But for the money, compound miter saws and brad nailers are far too useful and far too fun not to own yourself.

Add Visual Interest To A Room

Cornices are the perfect hard treatment for adding visual interest to a room. By upholstering your pelmets, you can add additional texture and color to your existing decor.

You can also choose an intriguing shape to add architectural elements to a room that lacks interesting architecture. Besides choosing a unique shape, you can also add a Tableaux® Decorative Grille to your cornice to bring architectural details in from other rooms, as we did in this Chattanooga home.

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What Are Window Cornices

A cornice, also called a pelmet, is a solid framework placed on the top of a window. The sides and front of the frame are made of wood or other solid material and can be upholstered with fabric.

Before we go too much further, we wanted to point out that window cornices are not the same as architectural cornices. An architectural cornice is the decorative trim where a wall meets the roof on the inside or outside of a building.

Maintain The Style Of Your Room

Wood Cornice Board

Cornices suit most rooms, but they are particularly suited to classical and traditional interiors. Traditional interiors are about poise, elegance, and embellishment, so not only are cornices pretty much a must, but you can get crazy and creative with fabric colors and patterns, from the geometric to the floral.

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What Is A Valance And Are They Still In Style For 2021

Before we can answer the question about valances being in style, we need to clarify a few things. The word valance in the window treatment world can refer to a couple of options:

  • A wood or faux wood decorative piece at the top of your blind to cover the headrail or a decorative piece that covers the top of a vertical blind or aluminum blind.
  • A fabric top treatment that adds color, pattern and softness to the top of a window. Installed alone or over another window treatment like a blind or shade.

A fabric valance comes in multiple styles and can be mounted in two ways: board mounted or pole mounted. Board mounted styles are attached at the top to a header made out of wood. This style is usually very tailored and includes designs with pleat swags. Valances can also be mounted using a decorative drapery rod or pole. This style can be gathered, grommeted, or mounted with tabs or rings. The popularity of the style or fabric choice may determine if they are in-style at the current time. So, to answer the question above, Yes, valances are still in style when made out of trending fabrics, colors and designs! Plus, classic designs are always in style, they just may need to be updated in a more current fabric pattern or color.

Whats Popular In 2021

In 2021, a minimal, more tailored style is popular as opposed to the ruffles and scarf swags of the 80s. Because of this the streamlined style of a cornice has become popular and may be what you are looking for. They are similar to a valance in that they are considered decorative top treatments, but their construction is completely different.

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Provide Structure For Hanging Curtains And Blinds

In addition to their design features, window cornices are great at disguising the often unsightly hardware and rods used to hang blinds and curtains. When youve got a great room design, the last thing you want your guests to see is the simple curtain rod that youre using to hold the beautiful curtains you have on display.

Windows With Custom Wood Cornices Show Beautifully

Hard Wood Cornice for the DIY’s

Many homes are going with a Traditional Window Accessory, but doing so with the newest twists … window cornices made of wood, in your choice of Paint Grade Wood, Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany or Walnut, factory stained or sent ready-to-finish! These window treatments are modern, crisp and make a statement, and like many high end custom additions, increase the value of your home. They’ll also help you enjoy your space more and more. Not a cloth covered valance, but a real wood cornice in your selection of styles, traditional, transitional, to contemporary and modern, custom made to fit your windows.

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Cornices: Topping Your Windows For Centuries

A window treatment cornice is essentially a horizontal box molding that is either a hard treatment made of carved wood or a soft treatment that is made of fabric. Cornices are a decorative addition to conceal window hardware and have been modernized for todays style for a fresher flair if the more formal types of cornices do not complement your particular decor. Cornices do not have to be elaborate as each uniquely shaped cornice has its own personality that adds aesthetic interest in any room and they have a lengthy history to prove it. Long before the days of wrapping fabric around these boxes, cornices got their start as exterior architectural detailing. In Ancient Greece, intricate cornice designs were used on many historic buildings as early as the Fifth Century B.C. Not only were cornices used to support massive roofs, think Parthenon, but they were also used to throw rainwater off the sides of smaller buildings. Through the ages, the cornices decorative qualities made their way into the interiors of homes throughout Europe and America and adapted as elaborate molding or as window treatments.

Cornices are an amazing addition to your homes interior. Their functionality and beauty are what has kept them alive for hundreds of years. Use cornices within your home to hide drapery hardware, enhance the height of your windows, hide any design flaws, add architectural interest, or to provide a splash of color.

What Is A Cornice Box

A cornice is similar to a valance in that they top off your window treatment to either hide hardware or add a pop of accent color to improve the room design, making cornices a great addition to your room design. What makes a cornice different from a valance is the construction. Cornices are considered a hardtop treatment because the fabric is often upholstered on a board with no fabric hanging loose at the bottom. This gives a clean finish and why it’s preferred in modern interiors. Cornices can be made with different materials or shapes and various shapes and sizes, depending on the look you’re going for.

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Dress Up Doors And Windows With Exclusive Wood Cornices

Looking for new window treatments or window decorating ideas? Tired of your current valances? Want a fresh new, custom designer touch in your window treatments? Many discerning homeowners are going back to using wood cornices above their windows, adding designer styling. Use cornices on practically any window and even above interior or exterior doorways. We can accommodate most requests for corner cornices, as well. All of our cornices have a closed/solid top they are not open. Select from the Ashland, Cascade, Astoria, New Haven, Wilmington, Richmond or Danville doorway and window valance designs.

How to install cornices Note: To insure customer satisfaction and a perfect fit we will e-mail a dimensioned drawing of your cornice to you for your review and approval before we put your cornice into our production schedule. Cornices with a factory performance paint or stain finish normally ship in about 3 1/2 weeks: ‘Unfinished’ normally ship in about 7 business days! Free shipping is offered for a limited time! SPECIFICTIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.

Different Styles Of Cornices To Augment The Decor Of Your Rooms

Custom Wood Cornices

Cornices in their simplest form are several foam boards wrapped in fabric and attached together. However, cornices are available in other innovative styles to enhance look and feel of any room.

The top part of the cornice is usually straight, but the bottom section can be modified to emulate details similar to edges of furniture like curved shapes or antique designs. Let us look at few of the other style options you can choose from when shopping for cornices.

  • Simple Curves: A variation of straight cornice board is the arch pattern that is used for creating a large curve.
  • Sawtooth Pattern: If a row of triangles is added on the bottom, then it can create a sawtooth pattern.
  • Woodwork Cornice: You will also find cornices that are created using only wood and there is no upholstery involved. The shape of these wood cornices can vary from basic rectangular shapes to extensive trim work which resembles crown molding.

Many other woodwork cornices feature elaborately carved designs like leaves and roping, that help to provide the cornice a vintage or antique style.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, we will say that wood blinds and cornices have the ability to enhance look and feel of your home.

If you want tips and suggestions on how to select the right wood blind or cornice that will perfectly blend with décor of any particular room, then give us a call on our helpline number 1-866-881-8682.

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