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Decorative Water Spouts For Outdoor Fountains

Installing The Rigid Pond Liner

Invisible Flowing Spout Watering Can Fountain – Yard Art Decor
  • Install or have an electrician install a GFCI outlet near where the pond will be if you don’t already have one.
  • Place the pond liner upside-down on the ground where you plan to dig and trace around it, so that your hole will be the right diameter.
  • Now that you have a guide to go by, remove the liner and dig out the hole into which the liner will later be placed.
  • Make the depth of your hole approximately the depth of the pond liner. Try to keep the sides of the hole straight. If, however, after you’re done digging, you find that the sides came out uneven in places, either apply sand or remove a little more dirt .
  • 1 inch of sand will also be applied on the ground under your liner. Why? Because having a sand base gives you some wiggle room, in terms of achieving a good fit. Just scoop out a little or pour in a bit more to alter the height of the liner, as needed. Your goal is for the liner’s rim to protrude approximately one inch above the soil surface so that soil doesn’t keep dropping into the water.
  • Install the liner. Check for levelness. Depending on the readings you get from the level, it is at this point that you’ll have to remove the pond liner from the hole and adjust its sandy floor accordingly. Once you’re done, you can disguise the rim with rocks, as we have done in the photo above .
  • With the liner installed, we turn our attention to the creative parts of the project.

    Diy Outdoor Fountain Ideas For Instant Peaceful Energy

    Outdoor fountains can transform your backyard into a soothing oasis, making it the perfect spot for your evening yoga practice. Fountains situated in front of your house easily boost its curb appealprepare for passersby to ooh and ah as they walk by. Bubbling outdoor fountains are also excellent at blocking out ambient noise, which is ideal for city dwellers who want to make their property as peaceful as possible. With a gurgling outdoor fountain, youll never guess that youre in the middle of a bustling city when you lounge outside. You can even make a tabletop version if you live high up in an apartment building to provide the same effect.

    Put your DIY skills to work and make your own outdoor water fountain to add character, charm, and serenity to your outdoor space. Here are some beautiful outdoor fountain ideas to inspire you and guide you through the project.

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    How To Build A Pondless Fountain

    Regardless of what you choose as a fountain, the steps for the project are the same: Dig a pit for the reservoir, rig up the pump, and cover everything. The trick is figuring out how big a pump to buy, and there are a lot of numbers to crunch to determine that. We cheated and asked Rolf Nelson, of Nelson Water Gardens and Nursery, which popularized pondless ceramic fountains. Assuming you use a reservoir at least 2 feet square and 1 foot deep, the main variable is the fountain’s height. You want a pump with enough oomph, expressed in gallons per hour , to reach the top.

    He recommends:

    120200 gph for a 1-foot-tall fountain

    250350 gph for a 2-footer

    350700 gph for a 3-footer

    900 gph for anything taller, up to 5 feet.

    Find the full step-by-step instructions: How to Build a Fountain

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    Helpful Hints: Location And Construction

    While some fountains can be powered by a solar panel, many have electricity delivered by a traditional wired supply. This is an important aspect of deciding where youre going to place your selection.

    Also look around and think about what leaf and yard debris might fall into the water and get caught up inside the drains.

    Its always best to hire a professional electrician for these kinds of jobs they have the years of practice and firsthand knowledge of safety precautions that the internet cant readily provide.

    Electricity can be deadly, so always err on the side of safety!

    If youre using an extension cord and are not electing to bury conduit, be sure to purchase a reliable and high-quality extension cord.

    Coleman makes a great product that Ive employed for a variety of prolonged outdoor uses, and .

    How To Solder Copper Pipes

    BCP 16in Indoor/Outdoor Bamboo Spout Water Fountain Decor w/ Pump
  • Solder will adhere only to clean copper, so first, clean the elbow and the tip of the pipe.
  • Rub the joint surfaces with some sandpaper. The scarring will create a more receptive surface.
  • Daub a thin coat of flux on both the exterior surface of the pipe end and the interior surface of the elbow. Using a small brush makes this easier, but we just used a rag.
  • Join the elbow to the pipe end.
  • Now fire up the propane torch. Give the propane torch valve just a slight turn to get the flame going.
  • Once you see the flame, you can adjust the intensity. You won’t need a high flame for this soldering operation.
  • Keeping the torch as upright as you can, begin to apply the flame to the joint.
  • Move the flame around the joint to distribute the heat evenly.
  • When the copper at the joint starts to change color, it’s starting to get hot enough to receive the solder.
  • Unwrap some of the solder from its roll.
  • Touch the end of the solder to the top of the joint. The solder should begin to melt. If not, heat the joint further.
  • If the solder starts to melt, take the flame away and run the solder around the perimeter of the joint, back to the top where you began.
  • Some wipe the joint with a wet rag at this point, but, if you do so, make sure you don’t jostle the joint!
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    Water Fountain Spouts And Pool Scuppers

    Fountain Emitters & Escutcheons
    Rainfalls & Rain Rails
    Runnels & Rills
    Pool Skimmer Basket Lids
    Planter, Water & Fire Bowls
    Fountain SPLASH GUARD Screens
    Got a question?

    Are you a contractor looking for a bulk order or just have some questions about our products?

    Supplies: Copper Pipes Copper Tubing And Tools

    The blue ceramic planter that receives the water in this garden fountain project measures 9.5″ at the base and 14″ at the top it stands 34″ tall. Besides the ceramic planter, the most eye-catching feature of the completed project will be the 3 copper pipes, one of which delivers the water to the ceramic planter.

    There is a central copper pipe that provides the plumbing itself. It consists of 3 lengths of pipe and 4 elbows, the whole being soldered together.

    The central pipe is flanked on either side by copper tubing twisted artistically on top to form a curlicue. But the two flanking copper pieces are not merely decorative: they will be anchored into the ground and will provide support for the plumbing.

    Two kinds of copper piping are used here: solid and flexible. Both will have a diameter of 1/2″. The plumbing will be made from solid pipes. But the curlicue work will be done on flexible tubingâthe type used in refrigeration .

    Incidentally, note that no fish will reside in our pond. This water feature is purely decorative. Copper pipes are often avoided in the construction of fish ponds, as they can release toxins into the water.

    In the photo above, you see not only the flexible tubing but also the tools needed to cut and shape it. In addition, for later steps in this project, you’ll need pliers and/or a vise, plus heavy-duty wire cutters. Next, we’ll begin to put the pipe-cutter to use on the flexible tubing…

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    DIY Water Fountain

    Alpine Rock Waterfall With Led Light

    decorative water fountain water fountain manufacturer garden developer swimming pool construction

    This popular fountain comes with a bit of a hefty price tag, but youll love the natural look of a stacked rock waterfall that it provides, and the option to turn on the included LED lights to illuminate it at night.

    Alpine Rock Waterfall

    Those gray stones are actually made of durable fiberglass, with other parts made of resin, but visitors to your garden wont know and this helps with the issue of weight as well.

    It wont crack or fade in the sun or hot weather, and it weighs just over 47 pounds.

    The pump and lights are included, and the lights come with a three-year warranty. The water flow rate is adjustable, and youll love the soothing sounds of running water that it creates.

    • Dimensions and Weight: Only includes the pump, water spout, and a tube to connect the two.
    • Materials: Imitation bamboo.
    • Cold Weather Care: Bring indoors during winter.
    • Other Notes: Bowl is sold separately. Height of the water spout will dictate the volume of the splashing water.

    Available on Wayfair!

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    Selecting The Right Option For Your Space

    The type that you will select is an important choice, and there are three basic models: tabletop, wall-mounted, or freestanding.

    While table fountains are shorter in stature, suited to fit on a table or a stand, wall types may be attached to a permanent wall. Freestanding models are taller and larger, designed to stand on level ground.

    All varieties need to be level and secured firmly in place, and they all utilize some type of water pump.

    Floor fountains can be large and hold a considerable quantity of water in their basins, so keep the safety of children and pets in mind!

    Amazing Downspout Ideas Splash Guards Charming Rain Chains And Creative Rain Ropes

    Posted in

    Stone wall with copper downspout

    Creative downspouts are excellent decorations for house exteriors. Original and colorful, downspouts make a statement, give an artistic vibe to old and modern buildings. Rain chains and rain ropes are beautiful alternatives to downspout designs. Here is a collection of functional and charming accents that add fun to house exterior decorating and make a statement.

    Copper rain chains look fabulous and exclusive. They are the best way to add the functional, but vibrant and distinct designs to house exteriors and garden structures. In Japan, where rain chains originated and had been in use for hundreds of years, the exotic designs show a fascinating blend of simplicity, elegance, functionality, and practicality.

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    Your Choice: Sound Vs Looks

    We presented one version of our garden fountain. In that version, upon completion of the project, not only the pond but also the ceramic planter was filled with water. If you take that approach, the visual element will perhaps be more striking, as you’ll be treated to the pleasing look of water spilling over the sides of the ceramic planter.

    In order to keep water in the ceramic planter and achieve this effect, you’ll have to plug up the drainage hole in the bottom. A permanent way to plug it would be to use grout and a sealer. But if you wish to experiment with different options, forgo a permanent solution. Instead, plug the hole with something you can later remove, such as putty orâif you can find the right sizeâjust a regular bath plug.

    In the version presented on this page, we explore another option, for which you’ll want the ceramic planter’s drainage hole to be unplugged. Above, you can see that the ceramic planter has been left empty. As water falls into the empty planter, a cool hollow sound is emitted. We suggest trying it both ways. Decide for yourself if you prefer the look achieved in the first paragraph or the sound that results from choosing the option shown above.

    Be sure to check the water level periodically for any garden fountain, so that the pump doesn’t burn out due to accidental loss of water.

    The plantings you see in our photos include elephant ears, hosta plants, sweet potato vine, calla lily, and ferns.

    Top Selling Wall Fountains

    Bamboo Accents 12

    The Long Beach Wall Outdoor Fountain is the face of modern outdoor décor with its perfectly smooth rectangular shape and simplistic 3 spill design. This fountain is made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which means it will last a lifetime, but weighs in at only 290 lbs. A contemporary design and quality at its finest, this fountain will not disappoint.

    The Andalusia Outdoor Wall Water Fountain is not only classic and built to last, but features a Spanish flare that will provide sophistication and beauty to your garden, courtyard, or entryway. It features a large basin with a uniquely curved design top that entails a spout pouring into a bowl before falling into the basin.

    The LaMura Four Seasons Wall Fountain is an astounding 72 tall flat wall fountain with elegant water streams that fall from a single spout to two bowls with their own individual spills, then finally to the rectangular basin. This fountain will sound as if you have your very own magical waterfall right in your backyard. The 25 finish options are equally stunning and provide rich color to each detail of the fountain.

    The St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain is a truly magnificent piece of modern art. A classic design, the St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain features a floral spigot. The St. Aubin Wall Outdoor Water Fountain is perfect for sprucing up an entire outdoor setting. Crafted from durable cast stone, the fountain is built to last.

    Wall Outdoor Fountains

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    Top Pick For Wall Mounting: The Echo

    Probably my favorite design, The Echo is an excellent choice for when you want to flank a garden entrance, or if you have a refined and no-frills style.

    Incredibly, it requires no plumbing the Echo recirculates water in the unit itself. For the eco-conscious or those who reside in drought-prone locations, this is a great pick.

    • Dimensions and Weight: 64 x 14 x 16 inches, 340 pounds.
    • Materials: Cast stone ceramic.
    • Warranty: Manufacturer provides a limited three-year warranty for damages occurring during normal product usage.
    • Other Notes: Uses a three-prong outlet, no plumbing necessary.

    Available in 12 different colors.

    Choosing The Right Model

    Modern fountains: They are simple, clean, and very elegant. However, modern water fountains are often seen inside homes. You can try something different and place them on the patio or near your sitting area. It will work beautifully in that setting and will prove to be a wonderful water feature as well. We have several modern wall water features for your outdoor living space that will surely be exactly what you are looking for.

    Traditional fountains: These are definitely suitable for gardens and outdoor areas. Traditional units are usually made of stone and they add a touch of class regardless of the placement. They come with beautifully decorated basins that will attract birds.

    Animal fountains: These units are decorated by various depictions of different animals. They are definitely more traditional looking but with a slight twist. Animal water features mimic some of the larger fountains located in Europe and they will bring your garden to a whole new level of elegance.

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    Water Spouts Scupper And Spillways For Pools Fountains And Ponds

    Majestic Water Spouts prides itself on manufacturing and retail sales of high-quality water feature products for pools, fountains, and ponds. Our products are manufactured at our facilities in the USA from thicker materials, assembled with more durable construction methods than cheaper alternatives found from other resellers.

    No matter if your style is contemporary, modern, or classical, we carry 100s of products to alleviate the stress of having to shop around for your perfect water spout, scupper, or spillway. We offer products in finishes including marine-grade stainless steel, copper, patina enhanced copper, brass and powder coated finishes.

    All our metal products are built to the highest standards from quality locally sourced materials. Our stainless steel water spouts, scuppers and spillways for pools and fountains are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel, which has greater corrosion resistance than the inferior but less expensive 304 variant. Our copper products are real copper, not a coating that will fade and flake with time. Powder coated products are made from 316 marine-grade stainless steel then finished with a UV-resistant powder coat.

    Our ABS plastic sheer descent style products are made from thicker and more durable materials than those imported products that end up problematic within a year or less!

    Mini Element With Birds

    Outdoor project lotus colorful large garden decorative water fountains

    Im a sucker for anything with birds on it, and the Mini Element with Birds offers just that.

    A warm and natural-looking design provides avian friends on permanent vacation in your yard, even after the feeders been empty for a few days. With any luck, other wild feathered friends will visit this fountain anyway.

    • Dimensions and Weight: 6 x 11.5 x 10.25, 23 pounds.
    • Materials: Cast stone ceramic.
    • Cold Weather Care: Drain and cover for the winter, bring pump indoors. Alternatively bring entire fountain indoors for the winter.
    • Place of Manufacture: USA.
    • Warranty: Manufacturer provides a limited three-year warranty for damages occurring during normal product usage.
    • Other Notes: Uses a three-prong outlet, no plumbing necessary.

    Available in 12 different colors and finishes.

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