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Decorative Vanities For Powder Room

Nod To Natural Materials

Powder Room designs with beautiful wash basin and WC toilet design | Interior Decor Designs

Theres been a lot of talk about going big on pattern in your powder room, but a more pared-back approach can make an equally striking statement. Whether youre after modern hotel-luxe or a rustic log-cabin look, a wood-clad wall can transform the space. This powder room design is modern at its core, says designer Lindye Galloway . The teak wood backsplash spans the entire wall from floor to ceiling, while a statement stone sink with brass hardware accents creates visual interest. Using natural materials means all elements work cohesively and make for a simple yet stylish scheme.

While there may not be much wall to clad in a dinky half bath, it can still be a pricey and permanent décor decision, so a realistic wood-effect wallpaper is a great alternative.

Be Bold With A Statement Wallpaper

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There is a tendency in small rooms to keep the walls fuss-free, for fear that anything too busy will make the space feel even smaller. BUT, choose the right wallpaper and it can actually expand the room.

Picking something statement and in a darker color like this fab print from Cole & Son almost blurs the edges of the room, the corners become unclear and make the space feel bigger.

Dramatic Powder Room Features Floral Wallpaper Dark Paneling

Dramatic floral wallpaper, dark paneling and gold-trimmed accents set a bold tone in this powder room. The large, white and pastel blooms help balance and soften the design.

Chipper Hatter

Big, bold florals bring the ‘wow’ factor in this blooming bath. Upping the dramatic ante, antiqued brass accents add an extra-large dose of glam.

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Go For A Monochrome Scheme

Monochrome is such a timeless look for a powder room, and is a color scheme that works no matter what your style. Plus, it’s an easy pallet to change up as your styles change, too.

For example, this gorgeous powder room has been given a boho feel with the jute rug and the texture pouf, but you could quickly switch it to be a more minimalist space by making a few changes. Versatile our ever-changing minds are here for it.

Alternative Stone Bathroom Countertops

Modern Powder Room Ideas and Designs Most Favourite In 2020

In general, a decorative bathroom vanity is defined as the combination of a mirror or mirrors, a countertop, and usually some form of storage for accessories, linens or other bathroom necessities. The main difference between a decorative bathroom vanity and a traditional bathroom vanity is that a decorative vanity might not feature a sinkit may be used for storage or bathroom preparation, but its main function is to add visual appeal to the bathroom.

When choosing a decorative bathroom vanity, you’ll first want to decide if it’s going to adhere strictly to the style of the rest of the bathroom or if it will be a slight style departure. Contrasting stylesespecially when it comes to bathroom vanities, which may be somewhat “individual” pieces in a bathroomcan be a great option, particularly if your bathroom design is somewhat eclectic. If so, you might consider pairing a vintage decorative vanity cabinet with an overall more contemporary bathroom scheme. A decorative bathroom vanity is a great way to add a design flourish without having to design every element in the bathroom to adhere to a particular style.

If you are in the market for a more traditional decorative bathroom vanity look, antique stores, flea markets and vintage online retailers are a great place to look for the perfect vanity, mirror or countertop. Conversely, if your style leans more modern, most home improvement stores will have decorative vanity solutions in a sleeker design.

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What Is The Difference Between A Powder Room And A Half Bath

A half bath, powder room, or guest bath are all the same type of room. These are bathrooms that lack a shower or tub feature. These bathrooms are typically on the first floor and near the entertaining spaces of your home. This makes them easily accessible to people visiting your home.

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Stone And Wood Accents

Natural materials like wood and stone are wonderful choices if you want to make your bathroom and powder look and feel more zen, relaxing and inviting. Theres lots of interesting ways in which you can integrate them into your design. Check out this beautiful powder room interior by Werschay Homes to get a few ideas in that sense.

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Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

If you don’t have the luxury of a large linen closet and lack funds for expensive built-in shelving, turn a small stretch of wall into storage central. To create a DIY vanity, outfit a colorful, furniture-style table with storage below and a vessel sink that leaves plenty of counter space for toiletries. Add a small shelf above for additional storage. Flank the small vanity with two storage-rich stock bookcases, adding molding to the top and bottom to make the units look built-in.

Decorate In A Palette Of Uplifting Colors

Powder Bathroom Designs 2021| Powder Room Decorating Ideas | Powder Room Design Ideas

A good bathroom color scheme is essential for creating the look, feel and design you want in your powder room. Adding a bright and beautiful hue to your powder room will really lift your whole home, bringing this functional space into line with the rest of your decor.

‘A powder room is the perfect space to inject a little color and pattern,’ says Mary Maloney, owner and principal interior designer at Bee’s Knees Interior Design . You really cant go wrong with birds and butterflies, a happy and classic print from Schumacher and the perfect complement to the cheerful blue vanity.’

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Karson 30 Single Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

If you have just a little more room in your small powder room and want to get a bit more storage in an incredibly high end setting, consider the Wade Logan Karson Single Bathroom Vanity Set, complete with a mirror to match. With room behind the cabinet doors for a bit of extra storage, you can easily put towels, toilet paper, and other sundries inside so they arent crowding the room but are still easily accessible.

With two cabinet doors and two drawers, there is a variety of storage options in this single freestanding vanity unit to meet your needs. The base is formed from solid oak with a choice of gray or espresso veneer finish so you can assure you have the option to make the unit blend into the rest of your space. The white quartz countertop is both aesthetically pleasing and high end in appearance, with a perfect contrast to the darker base. The white rectangular vessel sink, crafted out of ceramic, sits atop the counter, making a bold design statement all on its own.

The mirror is framed to match the vanity, so you get a complete set that works well without worrying about a lot of construction and hassle. The vanity comes fully assembled, and all of the doors and drawers have a soft close so theres no slamming. The vanity weighs 123 pounds and measures 30 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 31.1 inches high, while the mirror is 27.5 inches square. The vanity comes with a 1-year limited warranty for residential use only.

Bathroom Vanity Units With Great Storage

Get your clutter off your floor, out of your open shelves and down from your hanging baskets to where they wont make your bathroom a mess. With a good washstand, you can get rid of a lot of clutter while keeping essentials close at hand. Hide everything from hairbrushes and hair dryers, to lotions and toilet paper, while still having them neatly store where you need them.

A vanity unit is also one of the best investments you can make for your bathroom. By placing a vanity under your sink, you get great storage without stealing valuable floor space. On top of that, it’s a nice way to cover pipes that often tend to look a tad bit dull.

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Lots Of Storage With A Classic Vibe

Theres something very satisfying about having a big vanity in the bathroom. It gives you plenty of storage so you can keep the rest of the space looking clean and tidy and it also makes a statement even if it has a simple design. Check out this beautiful shade of blue paired with a white countertop. Its a classic look created by the designers at studio Panageries.

Unique Bathroom Vanities That Are Sure To Impress

The Oakleigh House

Its true, I am always on the hunt for the best unique bathroom vanities for our clients bathroom remodel projects.

If you found your way here, I am guessing you are on a similar search for your own unique vanity to create a spectacular powder room, master suite, or other bathroom in your home.

Well, its a good thing you did because I take finding special vanities very seriously and have looked far and wide for my favorites. I have spent weeks scouring thousands of vanities to create this list of my favorites.

On my list there are options that are modern, rustic, industrial, glam, traditional, bohemian, transitional . you name the style, I have a unique vanity to match!

Then I realized, since I had already taken the time to find them, why not share with all of you?

So, thats exactly what I am doing. Sparing you from the weeks-long search through a sea of generic vanities, and taking you right to the gold mine of unique, beautiful vanities that will knock your socks off.

For those of you who are budget-conscious and also want a unique vanity, dont worry – I even have options under $1000 to give you the maximum bang for your buck.

Keep scrolling to check them out, and make sure to come back because I will add new favorites as I find them!

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Blanken 30 Single Bathroom Vanity

The Gracie Oaks Blanken Single Bathroom Vanity is unique in style and appearance, with a little contemporary design and a lot of farmhouse charm, all in a compact unit thats perfect for a small powder room. The unique design of the vanity includes a sliding barn door style cabinet, which has elegant frosted glass, that you can move along the metallic track to leave one side of the vanity open. This allows guests to find towels, washcloths, or other items youre storing for use inside the vanity.

It also comes with two baskets, where you can place them on the shelves inside to store more unsightly items, such as toilet paper and extra sundry items out of sight. Made of manufactured wood, the base of the vanity is sturdy without being incredibly heavy. You also have a choice of gray or white finish to make your small powder room aesthetically pleasant. The countertop and sink are crafted from white porcelain, which makes them both durable and easy to clean.

The vanity comes preassembled and is freestanding, so you only have to move it where you want it and have a hassle-free installation process. A one-year limited warranty protects you against manufacturer defects and any damage they could cause. The entire assembled vanity weighs under 95 pounds and measures 29.9 inches wide, 18.1 inches deep, and 34 inches high for a perfect fit in even the smallest of powder rooms.

Small Powder Room Wall Tile Ideas

You could keep your powder room simple with a classic subway tile on the walls and a large white square floor tile. This looks bright, clean, and crisp. It also gives you a blank canvas for the rest of the decor.

Another option is to choose a bold tile. Pick one with an intricate pattern for the floor and something a bit more subdued for the walls. This will keep the visual heft lower, which helps the bathroom to feel larger.

Keep in mind that because this is a powder room, the water is limited to the toilet and sink. It shouldnt be splashing about like if there was a tub or shower. This means you could skip having tile on the walls and only install it on the floor. You could even skip the tile on the floor completely and opt for hardwood instead.

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Paint Pockets Of Color

A half bath is the perfect place to have some fun on your walls. From graphic patterns and bright color blocking to painted borders and chair rail effects, its time to whip out the painter’s tape. Dont worry about having to buy huge pots of brightly colored paint, the beauty of a small room is that a few tester pots will usually do the job. You can carry the colors through in accessories, too a colorful toilet seat is an instant mood-lifter.

Types Of Powder Rooms

Powder room//Guest Small Bathroom Ideas

Designing your powder rooms can be a challenge. Taking a small room and transforming it into something functional and spacious can be fun though.

Not every powder room is small, but there isnt much need in initial home design for a lot of room when the only fixtures are a sink and toilet. The guest bathroom allows your friends and family to go to the bathroom without having to intrude deeper inside your home.

When designing a powder room, you should consider a lot of aspects and make sure that all of your desires for space will fit into your budget.

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Black Vanity And Bathroom Style

The perception that black vanities work in only polished, modern bathrooms is just a misconception that is being fanned by those picture-perfect bathrooms on catalogs and décor magazines. The black vanity can easily fit into any style that you already have going in the bathroom. It all depends on the material that you choose and the finish. A vanity in polished stone or with man-made finishes obviously looks great in the minimal, contemporary and transitional bathroom. One the other hand, a dark wooden vanity with a distressed finish is perfect for traditional, shabby chic, eclectic and rustic spaces.

Even in light-filled, beach styles bathrooms that are usually draped in white and blue, the black vanity seems to fit in effortlessly. It brings a completely different aesthetic to the coastal style bathroom and sets it apart from the more mundane designs. The ornate and slim table in black that serves as a gorgeous vanity is a perennial winner in the retro and art deco style bathrooms with a modern touch.

Embrace The Beauty Of Wood

Look to the beauty of natural timber for warmth and a luxury bathroom feel. Wood is now the material of choice for its natural beauty and warmth it conjures the quiet luxury of a spa.

‘Powder rooms are a great space to use either a found piece of furniture or have a custom piece made instead of opting for a store bought vanity,’ says Margaret Ash, principal & owner at . ‘In this room in Napa we wanted to use a light wood but didn’t want it to look too rustic, so we did a custom vanity incorporating a horizontal scallop and semi-gloss sheen finish to give it a contemporary look.’

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What Is The Smallest Size For A Powder Room

The standard size of a powder room is 20 square feet. The smallest size possible is 11 square feet. You need a minimum opening of 32 inches for the door to the room. The toilet needs at least 21 inches in front of it for space for your legs. The toilet needs to be at least 15 inches away from the sink.

Create Contrast With Your Vanity

Unique Ideas of Powder Room Vanities that You Should Have â Homes ...

‘If you have a highly decorative or colorful basin in your cloakroom then it is best to opt for a more neutral vanity stand, to allow the basin to really shine,’ says Anna Callis, founder and designer at London Basin Company . ‘Our vanities are available in a range of finishes, each chosen to maximize the impact of our basins. Conversely, if you have opted for a white or muted basin design, then you can add drama and interest by choosing a more decorative vanity stand.’

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A Perfect Fit For A Small Powder Room

If you want to go with a design that isnt necessarily linked to a trend, try a more classic and timeless approach. You can find some inspiration in this beautiful design created by AFT Construction. This small powder room features a mosaic tile floor and wallpapered walls with a floral pattern but its the rather simple vanity that stands out the most in this situation.

Squeeze In Some Storage

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Finding space for storage in a powder room can be tricky, but it is an essential if you want to create a stylish, clutter-free space.

This powder room just proves how much storage you can squeeze in and still looking lovely. Add a wicker basket under the sink for loo rolls, prop some ladder storage against the wall for towels and introduce a teeny cabinet for toiletries and a bit of extra surface space.

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