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Decorative Tiles For Stair Risers

Cheerful Stair Riser Ideas Among The White

HOW TO TILE STAIR RISERS | DIY Tile Project For Stairs!!

Giving an artistic guise on the stairs does not always come with painting or wallpaper with complicated accents.

Let us make it simple by repainting your risers with various bright colors like yellow, green, indigo, and purple that resemble a rainbow.

It will inherently make your room far from gloomy.

Different Sizes Of Risers To Add Texture

Adopting stair riser ideas does not always have to be attached to the use of wallpaper, tiles, decals, or even carpets.

You can even achieve high aesthetic value by simply having your risers come in different sizes.

Besides being successful in providing texture, it is also quite kids friendly with the additional steps on your bottom few steps.

Eclectic Stair Riser Ideas To Give A Pop Of Colors

The interior with an eclectic theme allows you to combine many patterns in one area, and it will still be enjoyable.

To feel on the safe side, you can choose Moroccan tiles of the same size even though they have different patterns and colors.

That way, your main staircase will still be pleasing to the eye.

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How Far Should Stair Tread Overhang Riser

The acceptable tread overhang requirements according to the IRC protrude 3/4 to 1-1/4 past the face of the riser or riser line to ensure the going is 10-inches. The overhang increases the foot placement space on the tread, but doesnt change the depth of the going, or tread depth under the IRC definition.

Caring For Your Decorative Metal Stair Risers

Earth Tone Porcelain Catalina Tile Stair Risers

Caring for your decorative metal stair risers is easy. Simply wipe down every now and then with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.

No need for specialist cleaners or special processes. Its quick, easy and can be done in minutes!

Full care instructions are included with every order.

Contact Halman Thompson or complete the quote form for a free, no-obligation decorative metal stair riser quotation.

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Stairs Treads Risers And Contrasting Floor Tiles

Using a palette of neutral colors in this residential design, stairs flow into a landing of tiles, both interactive. Durable and easy to maintain, they add play and joy to the interiors. The stairs wrap around a light well that spans three storeys and the posts for the railing system are anchored to the treads. One of our Resin material styles used as the railing infill further adds class and character to the space.

Make Way For Rainbow Mosaic Tiles

Lastly, a fan of mosaic tiles must incorporate them into his or her home stairs. Rainbow mosaic tiles are a spectacle to behold. Simply line each stair of your house with a different colored mosaic tile. This adds a dreamy touch to any staircase.Rainbow mosaic tiles is a trending stair decorations style

Therefore, choosing the right stair tiles for your home requires a good knowledge of the options available and the basic surrounding décor of the house. As the all-important medium of connection between different floors of a house, your home stairs deserve ample beautification and glory.

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Consider Using Border Tiles

Border tiles aren’t just for bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. They can completely transform a stair riser and give it a dimensional effect at the same time. It does depend on the height of your riser, but you can fill in the gaps with other cut pieces. Take a look at this stunning example of a border tile being used as a stair riser to get the idea. Notice how the top border lines up and accentuates each riser in a way that patterned tile misses and the scrollwork on each riser echoes the wrought iron scrolled guard rail. It’s a work of art on many levels!

Brighten It Up With Mosaic Wallpaper

How to Tile Stair Risers with Jamin Mills

Manually installing mosaic accents on the riser will be very time-consuming and full of effort. But that does not mean you cannot bring the charm of mosaic to your stairs.

There are many mosaic tiles out there that are ready to install or even wallpapers with real-looking motifs that you can choose from.

Especially the wallpaper will make it easier for you to install it yourself and repair it without any significant damage to your existing staircase structure.

Pick one with a colorful mosaic accent to brighten your stairs up!

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Awesome Stair Riser Ideas To Dress Up Your Main Staircase

A staircase can be the first area caught by visitors eyes once they come to your home. For that, in this article, you are more directed to some stair riser ideas to follow.

Furthermore, it is noteworthy to make it as gorgeous as possible. You can embellish the stairs in many ways, including decorating treads or risers.

With the hope that it will help provide unique flair in a spot which often ignored by many homeowners.

Granted, leaving your staircase bare is no big deal. But once you can make it more stunning, then why not?

Regarding this, then what can you use for stair risers?

The answers are many. Multiple stair riser covers can give direct personality to your staircase. Let us say from wood coverings, tiles, wallpapers, decals, etc.

Once you are ready to explore the designs, below are some stair riser ideas worthy for you to borrow.

Give Your Stair Risers A Starring Role

Stair risers are one of those fun home remodeling projects that seem trivial, but they actually can dramatically transform an entryway and make an instant design statement about your luxury home or business. While traditional square tiles on a riser are still a good option, if you want to increase the star power you can choose a different layout pattern or consider new, exciting, materials. Finally, if you really want to make a powerful statement, you can create a mosaic masterpiece that is a whole work of art created from each single riser. Do you think you would incorporate some of these stair riser tile ideas into your home? If you have any questions about an idea you might want to try on your next stair riser design project, just comment below.

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Use Our Beautiful Decorative Tiles Shown In Our Website To Achieve Spectacular Tile Risers And Tile Steps The Tiles Can Be Installed Both For Interior And Exterior Tile Design Projects Custom Sizes Can Be Ordered So As To Fit The Exact Size Of Your Tile Risers Or Tile Stairs

The Balian Tile studio has been producing hand painted decorative ceramic tiles since 1922. Our unique tiles are hand painted and then fired to a maximum temperature of 1000 Centigrade for maximum durability of the tile design. You can use our decorative tiles as stair risers, stair tiles and tile stair risers to create beautiful and spectacular effects. Because of their durability they can be used for both inside and outside tile design projects. Custom tile sizes can be ordered for your tiled stair risers

Monochrome Vinyl Decals And Sculptures To Add Drama

Fabulous staircase with tile up the risers.

The following idea is about using vinyl decals to give your main staircase a personal flair. Not much is needed, only monochrome decals with three different motifs, like round, chevron, and square.

Then, install them alternately to display a remarkable pattern play.

Last, place some sculptures that resemble animal heads near the wall to make your stairs even more stunning.

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The Staircase Is A Spot In The Home You Can Really Let Your Creativity Shine

The handrails are stained to match the carpet and a luxe, charcoal velvet settee provides a plush spot to sit at the base of the stairs. As staircase designs are challenging for decorating, so many people leave stairs bare. Interior designer ken gemes dresses this handsome staircase in an inky and elegant runner rug.

Perfect Combination Of Pattern Tiles And Lighting

Patterned tiles or stair decals with monotonous accents will not produce a relatively impressive final result.

Therefore, it is essential for you to also think about other decorative elements to exude their charm. Of course, the strip lights are the best choice of all.

It will highlight whatever is in your riser flawlessly.

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Is It Safe To Put Tile On Stairs

With that said, falling on stairs is dangerous no matter what the material but the damage can be reduced dramatically by ensuring that there are no sharp edges and hence when installing tile on a staircase, it is highly recommended that all the edges are rounded in industry jargon all edges should be bullnosed.

Tip : Select A Unique Tile Design For Every Riser

How to Stencil Stair Risers the Easy Way with Moroccan Tile Stencils

We have to admit, this next style for designing a staircase is our favorite!

Create an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind statement in your home by using a unique tile design for each stair riser.

While it may seem daunting to choose collections that will fit together cohesively, the trick is to not overthink it!

You can mix and match different color palettes, or choose designs that all feature a similar colorway, like the staircase below.

Design: Luann Development, Photo by Adam Taylor

Design: Luann Development Photo by Adam Taylor

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Bring The Mediterranean Vibes With Limestones

Mediterranean themes have been in vogue in recent years. Suppose you want to join the trend, then this is an excellent time to bring limestone as a decorative element for your riser.

You do not need to worry that it will take time, effort, and expense.

Now, many easy-to-peel-and-stick wallpapers come with accents resembling the original limestone. So, you can easily install it yourself.

Moreover, it is suitable for the interior, and it turns out that limestone is convenient for outdoor stair riser ideas.

Similar Tiles As The Flooring

In a rustic-style house, displaying several elements in wood is a characteristic. And usually, it cannot be separated from the use of tiles with earthy colors, such as ash gray, beige, and cream.

Thus, to match your existing treads with a natural wood structure now is the time to install tiles that match the flooring on the risers.

As a final touch, you merely need to add mini decorative accent tiles on several spots to give beautiful details to each riser.

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Tip : Use Decorative Tiles For Stair Risers And Other Areas Of The Home

Tie together your interior by incorporating the same decorative tile in other spaces of your home.

Below, you can see two great examples of how to seamlessly tie your interior together by adding decorative tile to other spaces, like your kitchen backsplash or home bar.

Design: Blackband Design, photo by Tessa Nuestadt

In this space, the client opted to have our Lena Collection installed as stair risers and as a decorative bar front. The final design exudes individuality and style.

Design: Blackband Design, Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Next up, this charming home shows you how to create a cohesive space by using decorative tile for your stair risers and for your kitchen backsplash.

Design: Alison Designs, Photo by Luke Gibson

In this space, the client used our Chapman collection to create an inviting staircase and kitchen backsplash.

Design: Alison Designs, Photo by Luke Gibson

Cover The Staircase With Red Woven Accent Carpet

Pin by Patricia Tolbert on Tile stair risers

Here is one of the most practical stair riser ideas for embellishing your staircase. Namely by installing a runner or carpet that has a striking motif.

There is no need for flashy colors just come with a carpet with red and black woven accents. Hence, now your stairway is ready to steal everyones eyes.

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Bespoke Decorative Metal Stair Risers

All decorative metal stair risers sold by Halman Thompson are created by hand, to order.

We begin with a sheet of copper or brass and laser cut your risers to the exact dimensions you provide. Well then age the metal using a specialist process if required.

Once complete, the metal will be polished or protected using a tough transparent lacquer. This stops the ageing process and protects the metal.

Every riser will be unique but our expert artisans will ensure each riser complements the other and will benefit from the same level of ageing throughout.

Create A Glittery Crescendo

Interested in something more contemporary and modern? Using newer materials like glass, mica, mother-of-pearl, and even mirrored tiles, you can create a glittery crescendo that surpasses just the use of color and design alone. This type of tile is particularly effective in areas where it can catch sunlight during different parts of the day. Consider using a Muna mother-of-pearl and stone tile or an Uxma tile for a more modern look. To get a softer light effect, go for glass tiles, in different colors, whether the tiles are matte finish or not.

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Add Pattern Tiles By Turns

Presenting many motifs in one riser, why not? These are the most creative outdoor stair riser ideas you will ever take.

Instead of arranging them in rows, it is good to set them by turns like a patterned chessboard.

No doubt, it will be more pleasing to the eye as you present a variety of pop-up colors without having to change the primary paint of your steps.

Make sure it comes with white tiles in floral accents to blend with the surroundings perfectly.

Surprise Them With A Staggered Mural

Install Mosaic Tile for Staircase Risers

If you’ve ever turned the corner on a house only to spot a stone mural, you’ll know how effective it is at creating a good impression. Now, consider that a wall or a floor is not the only place you can put a mural. Stairways are actually the perfect spot for a surprise mural because no one expects it there. Instead of being one whole piece, the mural is split up into horizontal sections with each stair riser. That means you can see the entire design upon approaching the staircase only, which is why it’s such a unique piece. Imagine this cherry blossom tree mosaic mural climbing up your staircase instead of hiding out in your bathroom. Murals are perfect for delighting and amusing the guests in your home, so make sure it is as highly visible as possible by putting it on your staircase risers.

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How Do You Fill The Gap Between Stair Tread And Riser

Riser -to- Tread Gap

  • Place the cove molding face up across two sawhorses.
  • Measure the width of the stair tread where it meets the riser.
  • Apply a bead of construction sealant to the back of the molding.
  • Apply colored silicone caulking to stringer gaps.
  • Cut the tip off of a tube of colored silicone with a utility knife.
  • Go For Warm Mediterranean Hues

    If you want to have really pretty stairs in your house, do not hesitate to add a splash of Mediterranean hues to them. You can incorporate warm hues with a dollop of cool blue shades to the tiles of both the stair risers and treads. An eclectic choice of colors and patterns in the stair tiles only adds to the beauty of the entire décor.Warm Mediterranean hues make for excellent stair tiles

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    D Piano Keys Stickers For Musicians

    Look how the 3D stair sticker resembling the piano keys above seized the attention. It is a self-adhesive decorative object found in many marketplaces.

    So, if you and your family are music lovers, installing these 3D stickers on the risers will not ever go wrong. It will give a unique flair that is timeless and fits into any interior design, though.

    Stair Riser Ideas With Metal Numbers

    Mexican Tile Stair Risers

    The industrial style mainly prioritizes sturdy designs to exude its charm. And even this is evident in the decoration of the main staircase.

    It is undeniable that straight stairs require more treatment than spiral ones because, without any decorative elements, these stairs would be pretty dull to look at.

    But you do not need to worry. You have elevated your main staircase to a new level without much effort by installing metal numbers as above.

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    Chevron Accent In Earthy Tones

    Applying stair riser ideas cannot be careless. You must consider the proper composition to get a balanced look and create an aesthetically pleasing final result.

    For a small stairway, you can install wallpaper with tiny patterns on its risers. That way, everything on your stairs will not ever be overwhelming.

    Like the mini chevron wallpaper that mixes the earthy hues above, it will make your steps look more expansive and attractive at once.

    Place Decorative Tiles With Plain Tiles

    Place the decorative with plain tiles in a random or alternating pattern. You can place decorative tiles ‘on point’ and fill the area with plain or solid color tiles. You can also achieve a similar look using different colors of plain tile. Or, include a vertical or horizontal “spacer row” using a 2″x2″ of the same design or in a solid color field tile or moulding, like flat bar or domed liner.

    Stair Riser using decorative tiles ‘on point’ with cut plain tiles

    Design Tip

    Be creative with your designs when using hand-painted or decorative tiles for stair risers. There aren’t any ‘strict design standards’ to follow, except your own! Try different sizes, patterns and groupings. You can place them in a traditional grid pattern or on-point with field tile in a coordinating color. Get samples and and try various layouts until you find one that suits your sense of style.

    Have a favorite? Of course you do! Let us know your favorite from our top design picks, we’d love to hear from you. Or, share your own idea. There are few projects more fun than tiling stair risers!

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