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Decorative Stone Polished Beach Pebbles

A Note About Color: Black Mexican Pebbles

Polished Black Beach Pebble 2 to 3 Inch

The color of river rock is a tricky subject. Generally, the most popular color of Mexican pebbles is black. However, there are no truly black Mexican beach pebbles in nature! Mother Nature creates beach rock that ranges in color from light to dark grey, with subtle bluish undertones. On top of that, Mexican pebbles look lighter when dry and a lot darker when wet. This is one of the benefits why people like polished pebbles. The polish essentially seals in the wet look, thus making your stone to look darker always.

If you are planning to install your landscape pebbles in water features , you dont need to purchase polished pebbles. Water will cover your stones and make them look dark and polished! If you need more information or advice about your specific landscaping project, contact us and we will be glad to help.

  • Please note that we need your contact info, DELIVERY ZIP, size, color and amount to e-mail your quote. Filling out the form will save time and guarantee that you receive your desired quote ASAP.
  • Note to Our Valued Customers: Please note that beach pebbles are a 100% natural product, and therefore pebbles are never completely uniform in size, shape and color. Although Best Mexican Beach Pebbles exceeds the industry standard in sorting its pebble stone products, the company cannot guarantee a 100% size, shape and size uniformity.

Polished Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble

  • Round Rock
  • Polished Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble
  • Add some color and luxury with our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles. The nature-painted, smooth rock has a multitude of functions while adding a fun and unique atmosphere to your space. If youre ready to create a calm and serene aesthetic, while including a multitude of unique and colorful pebbles, then our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles are for you.

    ORDER ONLINE! If you have a small job needing just a few tons, try out our online store here.

    Other Polished River Pebbles: Exotic Pebbles And Other Suspicious Stone Products

    Today the market is flooded with pebble products of Asian origin that claim to be polished landscaping pebbles. These pebbles typically look extremely shiny , and they are cheap. What you dont know is that these pebbles are not polished. They are simply coated with a sealer or wax. This process is fast and inexpensive. Various companies do it mainly outside the U.S.

    Reasons to avoid fake-polished beach pebbles: Polish does not last: pebbles will fade, peel, and crack. The will happen very quickly in hot, sunny climates Pebbles are coated with unknown substances Not safe for pets, acquariums and koi ponds Fake-polish process is harmful to the environment

    For these reasons, we recommend that you read the labels on polished beach pebbles very carefully and always find out exactly what polishing process has been used. A hint: the price will be a great clue.

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    • Parcel Dimensions :22.71 x 15.01 x 14.3 cm 5.48 Kilograms
    • Date First Available :Oct. 13 2019
    • Manufacturer :Voulosimi

    4.4 out of 5 stars

    Polished La Paz Mexican Beach Pebble

    Polished Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble 2
  • Round Rock
  • Polished La Paz Mexican Beach Pebble
  • La Paz Pebbles are predominantly black with just a touch of reds and tans mixed in. This gives them a chic, elegant look and means the color will work well with virtually any other hardscapes. Imagine a quaint gazebo, whether made from light or dark wood, surrounded by these handsome stones with a splash of color from little flowering bushes nestled in amongst the rocks.

    The dark, smooth, Polished La Paz Beach Pebbles are the perfect accent to any landscape design. Choose from small , medium , or largish stones to best complement your design. Our Polished La Paz Mexican Beach Pebbles truly are the best on the market and are packaged in 50lb bags. This is a premium product which brings a premium price.

    ORDER ONLINE! If you have a small job needing just a few tons, try out our online store here.

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    Polished Mixed Beach Pebbles To Complement Landscaping And Hardscapes

    Add some color and luxury with our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles. The nature-painted, smooth rock has a multitude of functions while adding a fun and unique atmosphere to your space. If youre ready to create a calm and serene aesthetic, while including a multitude of unique and colorful pebbles, then our Polished Mixed Beach Landscape Pebbles are for you.

    Ideas For Outdoor Decoration With Beach Stones And Pebbles

    Outdoor beach stone decorative items add character and enhance thebeauty of your porch, yard, balcony and garden. So, if youre considering aunique makeover, with an earth-friendly look, decorating your outdoor environmentwith beach stones and pebble accessories is definitely what you need.

    If youare willing to put in the time and effort to handcraft them, make sure youdisplay them in the right place, an outdoor spot where they can easily catchyour visitors eyes.

    Following is a list of 23 ideas for outdoor beach rocks and pebbles.

    1. Wind chimes, made withbeach stones, 3-4 tiny bells for crafts, and upcycled wine bottle glass shards

    2. Large painted stones andbeach rocks scattered in your yard or garden, mountedon a stone wall, or decorating the sides of porch steps

    3. Beach stones as soilfillers in flower beds and flower pots these can be an assortment of various colors,shapes and sizes, but if you choose one-color pebbles, well-rounded ones, and ofa particular size they could also look great. It depends on the result youreaiming at.

    4. An insect hotel builtwith beach pebblesand rocks of various sizes and shapes a combination ofdriftwood and pebbles is also a good choice

    5. Upcycled garden, yard orpatio lights these are large glass containers with a base made of,or decorated with,rocks or pebbles

    6. Pebble mosaic steppingstones in the shape of a leaf, a butterfly, or a bird, to enhance a garden path

    12. Beach pebble door mats for outside your front and yourback door

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    Landscape Pebbles & Garden Rocks

    Our are anything but your traditional landscaping rocks. All of our Exotic pebbles are found naturally on our earths planet to to provide a 100% natural addition to your home, garden, backyard, or landscape.

    Our pebbles range in size and come in two unique categories as either polished or unpolished. Our polished landscape pebbles have been smoothed and provide a slight reflection under lighting while our un-polished collection remains unaltered and exist exactly as the environment created them.

    All our decorative pebbles are well suited for yard and pond decor and make the perfect addition to an outdoor living environment in addition to our popular fire glass product line for fire pits. For inspiration on design check out our landscaping guide,

    Finish Your Project With Mexican Or Polished Natural Stone Pebbles

    Pebble Stone, Decorative Stone Chip & Water Filtration Media by Aqua Minerals, Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad

    Pebbles are a great way to finish any landscape, garden, water feature, pool area, or dry river bed. Mexican Pebbles are hand picked smooth basalt stone beach pebbles, Polished Pebbles have been buffed to a shine and are available in a range of colors including black and mixed.

    Thin Stone Veneer | Ledgestone | Ashlar | Square | Mosaic | Round | Precision Cut | Stone Panels

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    What Projects Should Be Considered For Beach Pebbles

    Any type of landscaping project can benefit from the use of beach pebbles in the design. Loose beach pebbles are commonly used for pathways and in gardens instead of mulch, pine straw, or gravel. This creates an upscale look for your outdoor space. Beach pebbles can also be incorporated into solid paths using concrete and are beautiful additions to fountains and decorative ponds. Due to the smooth nature of beach pebbles, you can walk across them in bare feet. Homeowners with pools often use beach pebbles as part of the yard design surrounding the pool deck since beach pebbles are less likely to be displaced in the pool when compared to pea gravel or mulch.

    Mexican Beach Pebbles For Landscaping Including Matte Resin Or Polished Pebbles

    Tampa Bay Ponds & Rocks has a large variety of Mexican Beach Pebbles available. We sell Matte Mexican Beach Pebbles and Resin or Polished Mexican Pebbles. We carry different colors to suit any preference, including black, red, yellow, cream, white and mixed varieties. Mexican Pebbles are sold by the bag or in bulk by the pound for larger landscaping projects. Mexican Beach Pebbles are naturally tumbled in their beach environment to create smooth, beautiful pebbles. They are perfect for decorative landscaping projects as a substitute for mulch along walkways or in gardens, planters, water features. They can be used in indoor or outdoor designs. Mexican Beach Pebbles are a beautiful addition to any landscaping project.

    Hand-picked and naturally smooth and rounded, these pebbles are indigenous to Mexicos beaches and river rocks where their natural colors and sizes work ideally in landscaping environments. The hundreds of years where the impact of the ocean waves has battered these pebbles create a smooth texture for different gardening and landscaping purposes. Their constant collisions with each other from abrasive rubbing produce the roundness and smooth surfaces, giving them this unique attribute.

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    The Collection For Designing With Stones Gabion Garden Fountain Fireplace Furniture

    Stone Decorative is the specialist of natural stone products for the home owner, the landscaping expert or the design industry professional. It is your collection of choice for creating beautiful outdoors and memorable indoor spaces.

    Stone Decorative are not your typical river rocks. Local beach pebbles or Mexican river rocks are usually awkwardly shaped, textured, and colored. Our decorative stones are naturally polished, not chemically treated, smooth, and hand-selected for their exceptional decorative appeal and beauty.

    What do we offer?

    An innovative trend-concept in our modular gabion series. A unique collection of basalt stone fountains and furniture. A premium quality of garden and decorative natural stones. An inspiring collection of fire stones and glass. A dedicated team of experts at your service.

    Contact us to request a quote, wholesale pricing, or for further information.

    You can also email us at , or call us toll-free at 877-944-0707 or 877-935-0707 .

    Pounds River Rock Stones Natural Decorative Polished Mixed Pebbles Graveloutdoor Decorative Stones For Plant Aquariums Landscaping Vase Fillers

    Polished Mixed Mexican Beach Pebble
    • Contains a wide variety of natural colors and shapes.
    • They are long lasting and will not deteriorate like mulch does.
    • Use for flower arrangements, vase fillers, walkways, water features, ponds,exposed aggregate flooring or walls, swimming pool areas and many other areas.
    • Ideal for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design.helps soil retain moisture helps you keep clean and nice all of your decoration places.
    • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! Guarantee a FULL refund if you are not satisfied with our products. TOTALLY RISK FREE, buy with confidence now.

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    Beach Pebbles For Your Landscape Project

    Whether you need help selecting the perfect pebble variety for your project or know exactly what you want and need help ordering the correct amount, Epic Stoneworks can help you with all of your landscaping needs. Beach pebbles make a great addition to nearly any landscape design project due to their versatility and attractiveness. For more information about the available options or to learn more about how to incorporate beach pebbles into your design, contact Epic Stoneworks today.

    When In Doubt Choose Natural Beach Pebbles

    When customers ask us for advice, we almost always recommend natural pebbles. Why is that? The short answer: natural Mexican beach pebbles are the best for most outdoor landscape and hardscape applications. They are completely smooth and rounded, and you can safely walk on them barefoot. Beach pebbles do get warm in hot sun, but not more than any other type of natural stone. Lighter color pebbles will be less hot than the darker colors .

    Our natural Mexican pebbles are just that completely natural pieces of rock as picked up at the sunny beaches of Baja California, Mexico. We add nothing to them, except for ocean water. This makes our pebbles safe for pets and water features, including a variety of aquariums and koi ponds.

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