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Decorative Sticks For Christmas Trees

Orange And Clove Pomanders

Lolly/Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Decorations| Sled and Skis | Christmas Crafts

A pomander is a traditional decoration used in homes for centuries to ward off bad smells.

To make your own scented pomander, help your kids poke cloves into an orange in pretty patterns.

Cut a small circle out of the top and place a tea light in it to fill your home with those dreamy Christmas scents.

How Many String Lights

We recommend approximately 100 lights per 1½’ of your Christmas tree’s height, but if you want yours to have some extra sparkle, you can place 100 lights per 1 of height. Use the chart above as a guide for an easy way to figure out how many lights you need. You can always add more or remove a string to make it to your liking.

For thorough coverage, wrap your string lights around the tree in a spiral that is 2 3″ apart. starting from the bottom and working your way up. If you want to conserve your string lights, you can string them in a zig-zag across the exposed surface area of the tree and halve the above amounts. In either case, make sure your string lights can reach an outlet from the bottom of the tree or have an extension cord on hand just in case.

How Many Christmas Tree Ornaments

As a general rule for a full but not crowded tree, try to place two ornaments per square foot of surface area on your Christmas tree. If you have smaller ornaments, place three or four per square foot. For the best results, make sure to space ornaments evenly apart. Below are guidelines for the number of average-sized ornaments to place on a tree that is 4 5 wide.

5′ Tall Tree: ~50 ornaments6′ Tall Tree: ~65 ornaments7′ Tall Tree: ~135 ornaments8′ Tall Tree: ~150 ornaments

For more specific recommendations, check out the chart above.

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Coordinate The Whole Look

Dont forget to stuff the space beneath the tree with eye candy. Dont worry about using actual gifts in spaces like these just grab a roll of paper and get busy with boxes youve got on hand. For a touch of designer Veronica Solomons style, wrap the gifts under the tree in fun colors, with luscious bows in gold and animal prints. The tree skirt is a great way to bring in a fun color as well, like a fresh green or teal, or even a texture like fur.

Diy Wooden Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas trees made with popsicle sticks.

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Want to build a wooden Christmas tree? Here are a TON of DIY wooden Christmas tree ideas with plans and step by step tutorials!

I love buying Christmas decorations, but I really get a lot more joy from making them from scratch.

Wood elements are and have been trending for a while now. Wood is a great way to bring in a natural element and can go with any home style from boho to rustic farmhouse!

Building a DIY Christmas tree is a great way to have an alternative Christmas tree, to decorate your front porch, or to craft homemade tabletop decor.

Wooden Christmas tree crafts can use:

  • Lumber

Wood trees are an awesome thing to incorporate into your holiday decor!

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Mason Jar Lantern With Crochet Cover

Mason jars are so cute and pretty, especially when they hold electric lights or small bulbs. But how about using the old crochet covers your grandma made to wrap them? Or you could try making some crochet patterns, tutorials of which are available online. Cut the crochet out in the exact shape of the jar and stick it around with colorless glue. You can play with colorful threads and make different shapes and designs to match the Christmas spirit. Place tea lights or a bulb inside, and you have a beautiful mason jar lantern ready.

Paper Roll Santa Claus

A great way to reuse old paper rolls is to make Santa Claus decorations for sticking on your walls or hanging alongside the windows. Its a common household supply, cheap, and makes for a great piece of decor. All youll need is a toilet paper roll, cotton balls, white cardstock, glue stick, scissors, and red and black crayons or sketch pens. Take the white-colored paper , draw out the Santa face, color out the red coat and the black belt around the waist. Cut this out neatly with scissors. Now, wrap the paper around the toilet paper roll. Make a small round cotton ball and stick it on the nose area. For the beard, take small pieces of cotton and stick them where the beard will be. To design the hat, fold a red-colored paper shaped like a cone and secure it on the top of the roll. Take a bigger ball of cotton and stick it with glue on the pointed end of the cone. Your paper roll Santa Claus is ready!

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Handmade Christmas Tree With Corrugated Cardboard And Wood

This is a cool eco-friendly Christmas tree concept to try this year, especially if you run short of space to place a large tree at home. Its so simple and cute youll want to have this permanently installed in your bedroom. Youll need some help with one, especially if you are new to carpentry. Yes, you will need to chop some fine pieces of wood and stick that on the Christmas tree-shaped cardboard, mimicking the branches of a pine tree. As shown above, cut out some stars and snowflakes from colored paper and stick them on the tree. Have a 7-inch long cone-shaped wood stand to fix the Christmas treetop in place. Neatly position it in a well-lit corner of your home.

What Size Tree Topper

DIY Popsicle Stick Christmas Decor – Home & Family

Christmas tree toppers are the finishing piece to any tree. When choosing a size, you can use the chart above as a guide, but also take into account how tall your ceilings are. We recommend ensuring that there is at least 5″ of space between your ceiling and tree topper. We also recommend noting the weight of the topper you are choosing. A heavy topper, especially on slender trees, can cause it to fall over or lean to one side. If you need a light tree topper, choose one made of plastic or fabric.

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Finger Painting Christmas Tree Card

Another good one for preschoolers. Cut out the shape of a Christmas tree from card and use paperclips to attach your template to a piece of paper.

Kids can then dip their fingers in a selection of coloured paints and finger paint through the template to make a colourful Christmas tree. It’s best to use one colour at a time to avoid having a brown tree.

These make great cards to send to friends and family.

If your kids are obsessed with slime, make a Christmassy version.

The gloopy play stuff is easy to make at home and you can add any colours or decorations you want. Biodegradable glitter, red, green and blue all add to the wintery festive feel. Add small snowflakes or small white beads to create a snowy effect.

Silver Berries Artificial Christmas Stems For Christmas Tree Decorations Glitter Christmas Picks Sticks Diy Crafts Wreath Garland Gift Fireplace Holiday Home Decor 50pack

  • Material: The decorative berries are made from foam material, which is durable, tasteless and safe. The main stem is made of iron wire wrapped with paper tape and the stems can be bent and adjusted.
  • Multi-functions: The artificial Christmas berry picks are suitable for winter holiday parties, wedding decorations, company events and perfect for DIY Christmas wreath, garland, and other Holiday craft projects.
  • Package includes: You will receive 50 silver glitter berries stem, berry stems is 11.8 inches in length. Lightweight design for easy to move and carry, the branches can be bent freely, color is bright and beautiful.
  • Easy to DIY: Christmas floral stems for arrangements, DIY wreath design, indoor lanterns or baskets, you can also snip off individual berry branches and used to match Christmas gifts, indoor pedicels, wreaths, garlands.
  • Christmas decorations: These silver pearl berry stems are suitable for decorating Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths or rattan, bring a strong festive atmosphere for your family.

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How To Make A Christmas Tree Out Of Popsicle Sticks

The first step to making your own Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks is to make the tree shape. That means gluing three green popsicle sticks together to form a triangle. Start by gluing the two side pieces together at the top, then glue a third stick along the bottom to secure all three sticks together.

Now that you have your popsicle stick Christmas tree formed, its time to start decorating! First, cut out a triangle to fit inside the Christmas tree using scrapbook paper. To figure out how big your triangle should be, trace along the outside of the popsicle stick tree with a pencil. Then, use your scissors to cut along the inside of your lines. If the triangle is too big for your tree, trim the edges until it fits.

Use some glue to secure the triangle in place on the back of your popsicle stick tree.

Before you add any more decorations to the front of your craft stick Christmas tree, take a second to glue the tree trunk to the back of your tree. Use a large plain wooden craft stick as the trunk of your Christmas tree. Add some glue to the stick, then attach it to the paper on the back of your Christmas tree.

Next, add a star sticker to the top of your Christmas tree craft. We used foam star stickers to decorate our Christmas trees.

Try A Maximalist Christmas Tree

Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornament

Silent film star Harold Lloyd was known for both his comedy chops and wiring together multiple trees to create gargantuan Christmas displays that hed leave up all year long. Designer Erika Kikola used him as visual inspiration for her exquisite main tree here and she cultivates a bit of his spirit, too. If decorating for the holidays evokes joy and happiness, then do it for yourself. I most certainly do.

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Handmade Christmas Decorations With Cinnamon Sticks Adding Seasonal Aroma To Green Holiday Decor

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Handmade Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks are not only easy to create, but also very beautiful, charming and aromatic. They are wonderful for Christmas tree decorating and creating fragrant holiday table centerpieces. Window decorations and Christmas wreaths, wall and fireplace decorating with cinnamon garlands enhance the spirit of the beautiful winter holiday.

Handmade Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks can be quickly change with a few details and used for New Years eve party decoration or any spacial occasion in winter. Home decorating with cinnamon sticks is fun, offering great Christmas crafts for kids and adults to create fragrant, attractive and eco friendly holiday decor.

You can combine cinnamon sticks with berries, pine cones, nuts and fruits, using colorful ribbons, strips of burlap or cotton fabrics, natural ropes or twines to design striking and elegant holiday table centerpieces and holiday home decorations. Changing red ribbons, that are associated with Christmas, with fabric pieces in other colors, twines and ropes help create similar home decorations for New Years Eve party and other winter events.

Christopher Knight Home Maryland 5

This is a twig tree with mountains of glam. While the branches are designed to look natural, theyre covered in stunning champagne glitter for some glitzy attitude. The leafless branches sparkle with beautiful lights that will illuminate the space where it resides. This is a fun option for those who like to feature a few trees around the homeone thats more traditional and another that really speaks to your sparkling personality.

Get the Christopher Knight Home Maryland 5-foot Twig Tree at Overstock for $173.99

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Christmas Tree Decor Ideas We Love

Are you ready to shake things up this holiday season? Whether you want to try out a brand new Christmas tree theme or are just looking for new ways to use the decorations you already have, our pro-level decorating tips and tricks are here to help. Find expert ornament-hanging ideas, new ways to use ribbon, tree topper inspiration and how to incorporate unexpected objects into your tree design. Break out the real or faux tree , gather up your sparkliest ornaments and keep reading to learn how to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

First up: Enlist the whole family to join in on the decorating fun and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime. Here, an extra-large tree ensures plenty of decorating space for every member of HGTV star Luke Caldwell’s big family. See how he decorated his home for the holidays at the link below.

Step : Add Oversized Decorations

DIY Paint Stick Christmas Tree Decor // Part 1
  • To make a real statement and really give your tree a designer look add oversized exaggerated decorations to the tree! What you add is only limited by your imagination!
  • Add 2 3 oversized items to a 6 tree and 3 4 items to a 9 tree.
  • Be sure to stagger them around the tree and not placed directly above or directly beside one another.
  • Place the largest Christmas decorations toward the bottom of the tree.
  • Mix them up all of the items dont need to match.
  • A tip from the professional tree designers is to drill a hole into whatever youre hanging if you need a spot to run a hanger through.
  • Use cable ties, floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach large items to the tree. The boot, on the tree, below was purchased at a thrift store with the express purpose of using it on the tree, so it was fine to drill a hole into the backside. Think outside of the box!

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Have Yourself A Rustic Little Christmas

For designer Caitlin Wilson and her family, theres no better place to spend Christmas than at her parents home in Oregons Rogue Valley. The great room easily fits a 12-foot-tall tree, which Caitlins mom, Kathy, jazzes up with bottle-brush-animal and glass-ball ornaments.

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Christmas Tree Sticks Crochet

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Popsicle Stick Christmas Crafts

Making your own Christmas crafts and ornaments for your holiday tree is a great way to personalize your Christmas decorations. And when you get your kids involved in making those crafts, you not only get new holiday decorations you also get keepsakes you can cherish from year to year. With these Christmas crafts with popsicle sticks, your kids will have a blast putting together their own Christmas decr!

And there are so many great popsicle stick craft ideas for Christmas to choose from! Whether your kids are toddlers or elementary school students, youll find a ton of great holiday craft ideas for kids on this list!

On top of listing kid-friendly ornaments, this fun roundup of ideas also includes a variety of simple crafts for kids that can be used to decorate your tree or for your kids to play with when theyre finished crafting. And best part about these Christmas projects is that theyre budget-friendly. You can find most of the craft supplies you need to make all the projects on this list at Dollar Tree!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to see 20 adorable Christmas crafts to make with popsicle sticks!

Looking for more Christmas craft? Check out this fun toddler Christmas tree craft for your little one to make this Christmas.

What Size Of Tree Topper Do I Need

Christmas Tree out of sticks

Consider the factors below to ensure your topper suits your Christmas tree.


Check that you have enough clearance for a topper. Allot at least 6 inches of space between the ceiling and the top of the tree topper.


Choose a topper that complements the shape of your tree. Wide toppers like stars or angels are perfect for a full tree, while elongated ones work well on narrow trees.


Try to balance the topper in the palm of your hand. If it falls within 3 seconds, it might need additional support.

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Hanging Christmas Cards Wall Decor

Christmas greeting cards have such beautiful memories attached, and what better way to cherish them than hanging them on a string to decorate your wall, windows, or doorways? And when the guests arrive, you could even show them those that they perhaps sent to you, and youve taken good care to preserve them for so many years! You may also coil some lights along the line of cards to draw some extra attention to them. Lets all make a conscious pledge this year to celebrate Christmas, ensuring zero waste around us. Whether or not youre someone who wishes to leave minimal carbon footprints, these eco-friendly Christmas decoration ideas are great options to choose from. Which one among these will you be making this year? Wed love to know! Do share your sustainable Christmas decoration ideas with us!

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