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Decorative Serving Trays For Ottomans

Best Color Options: Home Redefined Decorative Ottoman

Building a GIANT Ottoman Tray | DIY Woodworking Project

For those of you looking for something that has more to say and catches the eye better than others, heres an option with a lot of flair. The Home Redefined Decorative Ottoman is constructed from a medium-density fiberboard at its core, but its surface is where the real appeal is. This ottoman features a glossy faux leather surface from polyurethane and polished stainless steel handles, complementing each other between nine different lush color combinations. Its exact measurements come out to 18 by 12 by 2 inches, a comfortable size to place on ottomans, countertops, and the base of your mattress. Conveniently, this tray is also easy to cleanits hand wash only, so wipe it clean with a damp cloth thats been lightly soaked in either cold or warm water.

Serving Trays For Ottomans

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Serving trays for ottomans are a great way to use available space for decorating and also give you a ready-made place to put appetizers or drinks while entertaining. Organize books, vases and magazines during the week and then pull out the pitcher and martini glasses on the weekend.

Check dimensions before you buy and make sure that theyll fit the top of your furniture. Also go for the ones that have sides that arent too short as theyll help catch anything that might spill out of a flower vase, off of a candle, or liquids if the tray is used during a party or gathering.

What Can I Put On My Ottoman Tray

Ottoman trays for home decor are a creative way to elevate the look of your living room. There are plenty of items you can put on your ottoman tray, from your morning coffee mug and newspaper to your work laptop, daily journal, and cell phone. Try to pick a tray with a gloss finish as this type of surface is easy to wipe down and clean. You should also pick a model that has built-in handles. This design feature allows you to move the tray off your ottoman whenever you want to put your feet up or use the cushion as an extra seat for a guest.

Style your ottoman tray so that it becomes a focal point of your living room. If youre adding books to the tray, choose 3 or 5 and stack them from largest to smallest because an odd number generates visual interest.

Try to mix smaller accessories like mason jars, miniature picture frames, or fancy calligraphic pens with larger items like house plants or hardback travel books. Varying the size, material, and shape of the elements on your tray creates a diverse, stimulating, and attractive aesthetic.

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It Begins With Your Ottoman

Ottoman coffee tables can be expensive to buy. You can make your own easily and inexpensively, if you are willing take on a DIY project using anything from a box to an old coffee table. Read how in this article Ottoman How to Make, Build and Upholster and Ottoman. The size and shape will depend on your room size and your budget.

You can add a throw, books and a decorative box for remotes onto your Ottoman, but this often looks messy. Instead, get a large ottoman tray and use this as you main display area.

Ottoman Coffee Table Trays And Styling Videos And Tutorial

Extra Large Serving Tray for Ottoman

The ottoman coffee table is a great way to add style your living room. Its fast growing as a must-have piece because its incredibly versatile, doubling up as a footstool, seating, coffee table and even storage mixing functionality with comfort and style.

Your Ottoman can easily become the center piece of your room, so its worth taking the time how to decorate, and use the space well, especially if you live in a smaller house or apartment.

Ottomans are large enough to use as a coffee table and perfect for serving trays, flowers, books, sculptures, boxes and candles to change the look of your room.

Follow the Four Quadrant Rule and SevenPoint Styling Guide below, change your items as often as you like and create a fresh look each time.

Thats a few items.. you still need space for your computer, drinks, dinner plates, a throw or your tired feet!

You will need some discipline when styling your ottoman, so it doesnt look messy.

Most people rely on their sofa, chair or coffee table to be the focal points of their room. But unless they are amazing, they are the least interesting focal points of your room, because they dont come together to tell a story. Your Ottoman gives you that opportunity.

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Six Ways To Make Your Coffee Table Ottoman Sing

Place items in the quadrants, making each quadrant its own contained area visually gorgeous and bringing it all together by using:

1. Different heights think high, medium and low. Construct each quadrant so that one is high, medium, low or flat. Height differences make your tray look interesting breaking up the solid mass. For added height use an over-sized lantern or vase. This draws your eye up, making the tray look spacious and lighter.

2. Color palette select two or three colors for your tray, then place two to three items with these colors into each quadrant. This creates harmony. Add pops of color to highlight, focusing on your color palette.

3. Layer stack or layer items. Add interesting, smaller pieces, boxes or vases on flat surfaces like books.

4. Textures textures are very important. The warmth of a wood tray needs different items than a sleek lacquered or white tray. Glass bottles, in different shapes but similar material and colors work well when grouped. Add textures that highlight and compliment your tray, while blending with your room decor.

5. Whimsical accents spark conversation and visual interest choose interesting, antique, vintage or quirky. Big or small.

7. Throw stack or drape a, light or heavy weight, throw onto your Ottoman. It adds texture and luxury and is a great addition to your ottoman tray.

How To Find The Right Ottoman

There are hundreds of ottomans out there to choose from. Consider the perfect style that works with your room design as you’re shopping for one. Decide on the best shape, material, and options. Depending on the size of your room, you can go with a large, medium, or small ottoman in a square, round or rectangular shape.

Consider ottomans that provide accessible storage for throws, DVDs, sofa bed linens, and clutter to hide away from visitors. Pick an ottoman in a durable fabric or leather that coordinates or contrasts with your rooms formal, modern or casual style. Take your time and examine the quality in person before you go online to compare prices and check out the reviews.

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Best Rustic Design: Stonebriar Oval Galvanized Serving Tray

On the flip side of whats in, heres an option that proudly rejects modernity in favor of an old yet graceful look. This galvanized serving tray from Stonebriar Oval looks like the kind of ottoman one might have crafted in the shed out back. It features a metal base and body that have been lightly distressed with a rust color trim. Its available in two different sizes, its medium measuring 17.87 by 12.48 inches and its large measuring out to 19.5 by 14.1 inches. Its oval shape is less rigid than a rectangular ottoman trays, so you can line it with as many candles, vases full of daisies, cocktails, and decorations that will fit.

How To Complement Your Ottoman

ottoman serving tray

Consider these factors when picking out your next serving tray:

  • Tray Size: First and foremost, youre going to want your tray to actually fit on your ottoman. Find a tray that strikes the right balance between providing ample space for items and comfortably fitting on your ottoman without seeming too large. A serving tray that is too long for your ottoman will not only look strange but will likely result in unwanted spills.
  • Tone: You should also take the overall tone or mood of a serving tray into account. This can only be achieved by first considering the ottoman itself and the surrounding elements of your home. What aesthetic are you going for? Are you a modern art kind of household, or one with a flair for the tried and true? By answering questions like these, youll find the best tray for your ottoman.
  • Mobility: You should also note how easily you can move your serving tray around the house. Most serving trays arent much heavier than 2 to 3 pounds, so be wary of anything too hefty. Almost every tray also comes with a set of handles, so this just comes down to a matter of preference on your end. Whether they be wooden, aluminum, or stainless steel handles, you get to decide what makes for the most comfortable fit in your hands.

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Wooden And Bamboo Trays For Ottomans

These are great wood and bamboo decorating trays because they all have handles. When you want to put your feet up, you can pick everything up in one fell swoop and then put it back again without having to move each item thats on the tray.

I was thinking that, perhaps, if you had kids youd be more drawn to the tray that has spots where you can put your photos but the more I thought about it, the more ways I came up with to use those photo spots. My father-in-law takes stunning scenery photos and we have many from their cabin up north. The colors in those photos would really match the colors in my living room and would look really good.

What Shape Should An Ottoman Tray Be

Your ottoman tray should be square or rectangular. These two shapes for ottoman trays as home decor offer a larger display surface plus more functionality. Oval or round trays are fashionable but fit fewer items.

A square or rectangular shape also allows you to use the four-quadrant rule to display items easily. For this, you divide the tray into four equal quadrants, add a natural, practical, scented, and structural item to create a unified look.

If your ottoman is round, however, you may want to consider using a round tray. Less can be added to a round or oval tray, so keep it uncluttered by adding a stylish vase with flowers in the center.

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Select Accessories For Your Ottoman Coffee Table

You have 1001 things that could work on your Ottoman. Stick to things that are:

  • beautiful,
  • functional or
  • interesting.
  • Dont worry if things dont match perfectly. If you have a consistent color palette, everything will blend without having to match. In fact, this will make them look more interesting.

    Its easy to place a simple vase of flowers and one accessory on your ottoman to make it look stylish and more beautiful than a pile of magazines and a television remote that looks messy or neglected.

    Black Trays For Ottomans


    For a modern living or sitting room, black is a great option because it goes with everything and can always be repurposed to another room if you move things around. It works with ottomans of all colors and there are a few in leather that are extremely elegant.

    While these are most often used for display purposes, theyre perfect for keeping your tea or coffee service nearby if youre hosting a small gathering. You could put a warming tray nearby with mini appetizers for a ladies club, for example.

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    Best Wooden Tray: Lipper International Curved Serving Tray

    Sleek, solid, and rich in color, heres an ottoman tray that will effortlessly blend into any households surroundings. The Lipper International Curved Serving Tray is crafted from acacia wood and features a stylish design with cutout handles for easy movement around your house. This is a custom made ottoman tray, so the stain and wood grain will vary from product to product of course, that only means youre getting a handcrafted item with its own distinct intricacies. All 20 inches of its surface are recessed to prevent possible slippage, so you can serve breakfast in bed without worrying.

    Also Great: Sarmo Ottoman Serving Trays For Coffee Table

    The best ottoman tray finds a distinct way to keep its contents from sliding around and potentially toppling. With the Sarmo Ottoman Tray, you can toss items into your dish with complete confidence that the six individual serving trays featured here will keep any item secure in its own respective compartment. In total, there are six trays, five of which fit inside of the ottoman dish and the main tray that rests underneath them. This provides an additional layer of organization and appealing decor because you can easily take out the five smaller trays and place them anywhere in your home. Stack magazines or complete meals in the main base while utilizing the five smaller compartments for tv remotes, candles, jewelry, car keys, and more.

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    Can You Have 2 Ottomans In A Living Room

    Absolutely! Having two of them is a great way of using ottoman trays for home decor, making your living room truly unique.

    For example, a practical option would be to place two identical ones next to your coffee table instead of adding more chairs. This will result in a stylish but more casual vibe, preventing two backrests from inspiring a busier or cluttered feel.

    In fact, having two ottomans is a clever space-saving choice, especially in smaller living rooms!


    Trays Your Perfect Base

    Inspire Me! Home Decor 24″Round Velvet Ottoman & Faux Marble Tray Lid on QVC

    Including a tray on your ottoman gives you a flat surface for you to stack, store and organize items with some order and symmetry. Decorative trays make the scale of your table a little smaller so your table doesnt look like a block of fabric or color.

    To choose your Ottoman tray, select from any flat surfaced decorative trays, wooden tray, silver serving trays, bamboo serving tray or tea tray. If you have an Ottoman bench, large ottoman trays will match the size and scale nicely. The tray breaks up the surface.

    An easy way to accessorize a tray is to divide it into four quadrants.

    Here are some examples of trays that are moderately priced and on sale at Amazon and One Kings Lane.

    Source: One Kings Lane

    Trays that are large square or rectangular, work best. They are easy to display on and to move around. Trays that are oval or round can be used but they fit less. Clear trays are very popular because they dont clash with the rest of your decor, but any good sized tray works well.

    Remember, dont over crowd your tray. Make sure you have something in each quadrant so it doesnt look empty and select things that are beautiful, sentimental or functional. If they are all three, great, if not go for two out of three.

    Do you have some Ottoman coffee table tray decorating secrets you can share?

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