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Decorative Post And Chain Barrier

What We Need To Know

Installing Beautiful Ornamental Fencing | Bye bye nasty chain link | What’s the damage to my garden?
  • Quantity of posts you need
  • Height/Length of Posts desired: 48H or 72H posts
  • Quantity and Style of post caps desired: Boston Garden or Central Park
  • Chain Style and Length: Standard smooth linked black chain or Victorian spiked black chain
  • Shipping Destination: Complete billing and shipping destination address, is it a residence or business, contact name and number for receiving
  • Forklift Availability: Do you have a forklift or will you need lift gate service to unload your pallets

Cost Of Chain Link Fences

So, weve established that chain link fences are definitely a low cost option. Still, how much could you spend on one? On average, expect to pay between 60 and 70 dollars for a 50-foot roll of chain link fence fabric.

Depending on the gauge size and height of your fence, you can expect to pay upwards of 100 dollars for the chain link fence fabric itself. In addition to purchasing the fabric for your fence, youll also need to purchase fence posts, which cost on average 10 to 16 dollars per line post. Terminal posts may cost upwards of 20 dollars per post.

There are a thousand and one ways to customize a chain link fence, and accessories to add to them. If a colorful fence is what you desire, you can purchase chain link fences in colors like green, black, or the classic silver.

You may choose to add railings to the top of your fence, or post caps, or even an access gate. These pose additional costs that to weigh before deciding if a chain link fence is the right choice for your outdoor space. Remember, gates, gate posts, braces, and latches may be required to finish your fence.

If youre not sure if chain link fencing is the right fencing option for you, you can check out our definitive guide on fences here!

We hope youll enjoy this guide and our other articles on fences!

Source: Zillow Digs

Source: Zillow Digs

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Plastic Stanchion Posts For Sale

While we offer many weather-resistant metal posts, sometimes you just want a really lightweight stanchion made for being outside. In comes the plastic event fencing to fill that need. They are made from high quality ABS plastic with fade resistant finishes so you can set them and forget with little worry about maintenance or replacement. Plastic posts are available in a wide range of colors from your standard black and white plastic stanchions, to bright orange and yellow, and even flashy silver or gold finishes. Quick and easy to setup, barrier chain posts are perfect portable fences for backyards.

While the posts themselves are light and easy to move around, they do come with fillable bases. The posts pop right out of the base leaving a large cavity that is typically filled with sand or water. This provides extra weight and stability allowing you to connect longer lengths of chain without the fear of the dreaded leaning post.

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How Many Posts And Chains Will You Need

Take measurements and sketch out the area the area, bearing in mind the following:

  • Posts : The spacing of the posts is a little subjective – somewhere between 1.5 metres to 2 metres apart is standard for a run of 5 posts if you have a run of say 25 posts then a wider spacing will look better although you should not go above 3 metres apart for the lightest chain. Also the thickness of the chain is an issue in the maximum distance between posts Our recommendation is 6mm chain = 3m, 8mm chain 2m, 10mm chain 1.5. If you have objects or curves to go round then the spacing between posts may need to be less and therefore the number of posts will be a little higher.
  • Chain: Allow for the ‘drop’ on the chain . So if you have a total length of 35m you will need approximately 39m of chain . The standard garden chain comes in 3 sizes 6mm, 8mm or 10mm and the decorative chain in 6mm and 8mm
  • Hooks and connectors: For every 5 posts you will need 1 pack of S-hooks to attach the chain to the top of each side of the post. If you want the chain to be mid-post or have a second row then you will need to buy rubber connectors AND the S-hooks.
  • Plastic chain reflector plate: For use near driveways or car parks, hung mid-chain
  • Accessories: If you click on either the Plastic Garden Chain page or the Decorative Plastic Chain pages you will see the ‘Accessories’ available lower down on the page.

Plastic Post & Chain Barriers Provide Safety & Crowd Control Indoors & Outdoors

Post And Chain Fencing

Need to quickly create high visibility barriers in public spaces? Our plastic stanchions, designed for both indoor and outdoor use, are the perfect way to quickly delineate perimeters and accessibility to customers, visitors, and employees. Lightweight acrylic construction and bold colors make this type of portable post and chain barrier an economical safety and crowd control accessory for any business. Elegant design details such as decorative finials combined with clear accessibility messaging allow these temporary bollards to complement business, industrial, restaurant, and sports facilities and environments. High visibility plastic stanchions, frequently used as portable safety post and chain barriers, perform a wide range of functions from attracting attention to handicap access points to marking out valet parking areas or keeping event visitors away from landscaping. These lightweight plastic stanchions offer weighted, fillable bases as well as waterproof construction for safe, durable outdoor use. If you’re looking for attention-grabbing, economical crowd control barriers for use as workplace or event accessories, our wide selection is designed to meet the needs of any facility or industry!

What types of portable plastic safety post and chain barriers are available?

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Plastic Chain & Accessories

The best part about a plastic stanchion post is the method of connection. Plastic chain is lightweight, low-cost, and easy to work with. While a retracting belt is probably the easiest method of changing line length, you are restricted by the belt length. Ropes can be brought closer together, but this means sag and again you have a preset length. But chain, chain can be virtually any length you desire. Need to pull the posts closer together? Just connect a closer link for a taut line. Need it further apart? Add some more chain with quick connector links.

Crowd control chain is also a maintenance free method of plastic crowd control. Made from thick ABS plastic it will not fade, rust, or show wear. Even if it does, it is very easy to replace. We carry a variety of colors, thicknesses, and lengths perfect for any application. We also have a full line of accessories to keep your plastic stanchions and chain in top working order. S-hooks for extending lines or linking them to other loops or objects, repair or quick extension links, and even replacement C-hooks make it easy to care for your queue.

Warranty Information For Landscape Post And Chain

If found defective, powder coated posts and post caps are guaranteed against manufacturers defects for the lifetime of the products only for the original purchaser. Product must have been installed and maintained as per instructions supplied with original product.

The black finish on our product is a high quality polyester powder coating. Some dulling of the finish over the years is considered normal. Where steel parts regularly strike other steel parts, the powder coat finish will chip or wear thin. This is to be expected and is not considered a defect.

For warranty claims we request that we are contacted at 800.637.5427. The manufacturer will require photos be emailed to them of the defective product OR that it be returned to them in Michigan. If we deem that failure is due to a defect in the product we will replace it free of charge. Shipping charges will apply.

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How Many Kits Will I Need

To decide how many kits you will need for your fence, simply measure the total length of the distance you want to fill with the chain link fencing and decide on the distance between your posts . But it can be smaller if required and the plastic chain is easy to cut down and divide this number into the overall length. This will give you the number of kits needed, you will need to purchase a finishing post to complete the fencing run unless your finishing onto a hook on the wall. If you are splitting the fence run into different sections you will need a finishing post per separate section you make. Please see related items for the finishing post or go to the fixings page.

  • Height 600mm

Orange Stanchion Safety Post & Chain Kit With Decorative Acorn Tops

How to Install a Chain Link Fence | The Home Depot with @This Old House

Use this orange safety post & chain kit as a warning to manage crowd control by deterring the public from restricted areas. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, this plastic stanchion is suitable for commercial and industrial workplaces with its rust-proof design and fade-resistant color. The fence post & chain kit not only displays a warning but creates a physical crowd control barrier with the included 6.5 long belt. If needed, the hollow base for this outdoor stanchion can be filled with sand to withstand tipping on windy days or busy spaces. Each QueuePole.Outdoor plastic pole is pre-printed with a bold Do Not Enter message to restrict unauthorized people from accessing sensitive spots in the store, construction site, or warehouse. While traditional signs are passive in use, this post & chain kit can fence off areas to block access to danger zones and improve an existing prevention program.

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Mr Chain Plastic Barrier Chain

Create a strong visual barrier with Mr. Chain Plastic Barrier Chain.

This plastic chain is an effective safety solution for crowd control, queue formation, and restricting access to property.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene, this long-lasting, UV-resistant chain will not fade, rust or become brittle.

The lightweight plastic chain offers enhanced durability for many applications, making it a great alternative to caution tape.

Mr. Chain Plastic Barrier Chain is made in the USA and is available in a variety of link sizes, lengths, and colors.

At a Glance:

  • Lightweight plastic chain creates an effective visual barrier
  • Durable polyethylene construction lasts longer than caution tape and is reusable
  • Long-lasting UV protection
  • Ideal safety barrier for crowd control, forming lines, and restricting access
  • Proudly made in the USA

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