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Decorative Pet Food Storage Containers

Important Features To Consider

PET Refrigerator Food Storage Containers With Lid Kitchen #shorts

There are several features to keep in mind if you are purchasing a new cat food storage container. Here are some considerations to think about before you buy.

  • Material. Your own preferences will dictate whether you prefer a plastic, metal, or ceramic cat food storage container. If you choose plastic, be sure that the brand you are considering uses only food-grade plastic, preferably BPA-free.
  • Size. The size you choose will depend on how large the package of cat food is that you typically purchase. Remember that you might be able to save money if you buy a larger bag of cat food with a cat food storage container, it will stay fresh longer. Be sure you buy a container large enough to accommodate the quantity of food you buy, because leaving an open bag or box half-full can cause the food to become stale.
  • . Do you want to keep your cat food storage container on the counter or otherwise in a public area of the home? If so, look for one that is appealing to you and that complements your sense of style.
  • Airtight. Particularly if you will be storing a large quantity of food or if youre storing cat food in the garage or basement, you might want to buy an airtight container that will keep the food fresh for a long time and will keep insects out.

Now Designs Cat Food Storage Tin

I saw this tin from Now Designs and had to show it to the community here. Who doesnt like the simple cat designs with a meow?

If you really want it but dont need a food storage tin why not use it for storing something else, like stationery, biscuits, bits and bobs, anything really.

I never need a reason to buy cool cat-related stuff. Hence why Ive got way more than I need and end up giving some away or selling it on. Well, theres an idea, why not buy it as a gift for someone.

Best Budget: Van Ness Food Container With Fresh

Capacity: 25 pounds | Dimensions: 13.75 x 15.2 x 16.3 inches | Material: Food-grade plastic

  • On wheels for easy movement

  • Budget-friendly

  • Smaller capacity than some of the others on the list

  • Hard to scoop the last bits of food out of the bottom because of the wheel design

You dont have to spend a fortune to get a quality dog food storage container. With its 25-pound max capacity, the Van Ness Food Container is a bit smaller than some of the others on this list, but if you have a small dog or prefer to buy smaller quantities of food at one time, its a good fit. The container is constructed of food-grade plastic and has a seal that keeps air, moisture, and pests out so the food lasts longer. It also sits on top of four wheels so if you need to move it around, you can do so easily without having to struggle to lift a full dog food container.

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Elevated Feeder With Airtight Storage

When space is a concern, or you need to see how much food you have to know when its time to buy more, this ingenious two-in-one dog food container and feeding station is a great option. The lid of this clever storage unit doubles as a food and water spot for your pet, and the bin underneath holds the kibble. A bonus health feature: Elevated feeders like this one reduce neck strain that comes from bending down to eat.

Available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Elevated Feeder with Airtight Storage

This space-efficient storage container also doubles as an elevated food and water bowl for your pet.

Best Stackable Dog Food Container

Wooden Dog Food Storage Containers

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower is a great dog food storage option if your pup eats more than one kind of food. We like that it has two bins and that they both snap shut to keep food fresh. Each bin can hold up to 8 pounds of dry food, but you could dedicate one bin to cans of wet food, too.

The Pet Stuff Tower also has a hook on the side for leashes or poop bags, which could help you keep track of your dogs things. Its also sturdy enough to put a basket on top to hold Fidos toys, treats, or other goodies . Last but not least, we like that you can remove the bins to wash them.


Our favorite dog food container on wheels is from IRIS USA. This stackable set of airtight food storage containers comes in a variety of colors and the two bins combined can store up to 35 pounds of dog food. The clear containers let you see exactly how much food you have left so youre never caught without. The lids have a foam seal and snap shut to keep food fresh. The wheels themselves are on castors, which make it easy to move this bin around your house if necessary.

This particular bin is a favorite on Amazon as well, with more than 26,000 5-star reviews.



  • Has pockets for treats and extras.

Things to Consider

  • The bag is soft, so it will not prevent kibble from being crushed. Be careful when packing.

Runners Up

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Dog Food Storage & Accessories

Just as with people food, when dog food is exposed to open air and other elements it tends to dry out and become stale. Keep your dogs food fresher longer with these innovative storage options, designed to make dog food last. The moment you open your pups bag of food, the clock starts ticking. Exposure to air, light, heat and humidity leads to the degradation of dog kibble, with more air and light, and higher heat and humidity levels, speeding up the process. As food degrades, it hardens and loses flavor, making your pets mealtime less enjoyable. Yuck! And the kibble also loses nutritional value, so your dog will be getting fewer nutrients he needs to thrive. But theres a solution, and a simple one at thatdog food storage containers.

Keep your pets kibble tasting great with optimum nutrition for longer after opening with a premium dog food storage container. And explore a range of dog bowls and feeders accessories, great for a variety of occasions. Find this and more at Chewy’s online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions aboutDog Food Storage & Accessories

What is the best container to store dog food?
Are dog food storage containers necessary?
Can you keep dog food in a plastic container?
Do dog food storage containers need to be airtight?

Best Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers Of 2021

Do you always want to buy something different for your dog? Are you a person who thinks good-looking dog equipment also adds value to your house? Are you looking for decorative dog food storage to keep the food of the pooch safe?

Or a dog food container that you can be proud of? We believe that its hard to find a large decorative dog food storage container because no manufacturer is making such containers for food storage.

But yes, small and medium-size options are available in the market that can be used for small and medium-size dogs and store treats of your dog. We find dozens of products, but most of them were very small that cannot be used for food storage.

Our efforts paid off, and finally, we make a list of the ten best decorative food storage containers themed for dogs especially, and our top three recommendations are:


These products will definitely add some value to your house and also can keep the food of your four-legged family member safe from air, moisture, and bacteria so you can use the same food for a long time, and your dog will get fresh food every time. Recently we review some of the best dog food storage containers please consider one from those if you want a standard size food storage container for your pup.

You might also like our recent blog posts on the pros and cons of elevated dog feeders and High calorie dog food supplementas well as a review on the Extend dog supplement review available on the separate page.

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Large Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers

  • Made of Ceramic: its safe to clean in the dishwasher and put in the microwave when there is a need to store and heat the wet food, easy to clean, and durable.
  • Lattice with Paw Print: makes it good-looking and elegant so it can be placed anywhere, but preferably on your kitchen countertop, it will look nice.

Bone Dry DII Ceramic Pet Food storage containeris one of our favorites because we love to recommend ceramic-made products. Because these are durable and made to last until broken accidentally. The printing on the product that is in the spotlight is durable enough to last for many coming years. You can conveniently wash the jar as well as its cover.

As we wrote earlier, its dishwasher safe and microwave safe and used either for dry food or for wet food.

Large Decorative Dog Food Container

CVS, Michaels, Dollar Tree Haul: Olay, Purina Beneful, Pfizer Vaccine, Decorative Storage Boxes
  • Rustic Style wood printing: its a unique design its printing is long-lasting, weather and washing cannot damage it, an ideal piece to keep on kitchen top of the kitchen counter.
  • Home Decore: it will be a great addition to your home that everyone will notice, and your pup also will come to know that his treats and food are placed in a secure and suitable place.

Primitives by Kathy Dog Treat Tin Canisters are made of tin, but they are made of wood and printed with some unique scheme. It comes in two sizes the large one can be used to keep dog food, and the smaller one is used to keep the treats.

In this package, you will get both, and it will be an excellent buy that will serve your dog and keep you worry-free from many common problems. Food and treats will never turn bad again when place inside containers.

The top lid is equipped with a seal that maintains the freshness of food.

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Best For Treats: The Container Store Good Dog Treat Canister

Capacity: 1.9 quarts | Dimensions: 5.13 x 7.25 inches | Material: Food-safe acrylic

  • Looks cute on the counter

  • Only comes in one design

This Good Dog Treat Canister is a small-capacity storage solution that keeps small bags of your dogs favorite snacks fresh and close-by at all times. Its made from food-safe acrylic so its durable and resistant to scratches, and thanks to its flip-up bone lever, its also easy to opena huge plus for those less manual dexterity. When the bone is flipped down, it triggers an airtight silicone seal that keeps moisture and pests out and when its turned up, you can use it as a handle to pull the lid right off.

The Gamma2 Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Storage Containers are airtight and have plenty of room to fit 30 days worth of dog food, but if you prefer less plastic, the Simplehuman Pet Food Can is a worthwhile splurge thats constructed of stainless steel and has an airtight gasket closure.

Our Runner Up Pick: Richell Pet Stuff Tower For Food Storage

The Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage is the definition of functional design. Take a look for yourself to see just how convenient it would be to use. You can sort your dogs food into one or both of the two storage containers this tower houses, or keep their food in one and their accessories in the other.

There are many reasons this food storage option caught our eye. We love that it features snap-lock lids to ensure your dogs food remains fresh and crunchy. These lids also help to keep food odors and unwanted visitors at bay. Each food container is able to hold a sizable amount of dry dog food 8 pounds each to be exact. Another handy feature is the foot pedal, which makes accessing the bottom container a breeze. As if this all werent enough to convince you that this option is a winner, you may be persuaded once you hear that each purchase even includes a 1.5 cup food scoop.

With over 400 customer reviews and an overall rating of 4.3 stars, theres a reasonable expectation of satisfaction. In fact, over 62% gave it a perfect 5 stars!

Richell Pet Stuff Tower for Food Storage Key Features:

  • Foot pedal for easy access to bottom container
  • Holds a total of 16 pounds of dry pet food
  • Includes a food scoop

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Dog Food Container Decorative

  • Black & Gold Hobnail Texture: the stunning look makes this food container a decoration piece that you can place anywhere in your house everyone will notice this beautiful piece.
  • Metal lid for Safety: metal with an airtight seal keeps the freshness inside and makes it possible to serve every bite fresh its durable and easy to clean as well as fully washable.

Amici Pet Woof Gang is a new concept. Before researching this topic, we were not aware that some exciting and beautiful pieces are available to store dog food and treats. Its a container made with steel, but its color and texture make it an ideal piece. Hardly will you find any other similar product in the market.

It cannot hold much food, but its large enough to accommodate a few days supplies of your small dog.

A small amount of food and small boxes are always great and bring a lot of convenience of carrying.

Best Airtight: Iris Airtight Food Storage Container & Scoop Combo decorative dog food storage container

Capacity: 35 pounds total | Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.8 x 18.6 inches | Material: BPA-free, food-grade plastic

  • Comes with two separate containers

  • Airtight

  • Containers are not connected

  • A little pricey compared to similar plastic containers

Most of the options on this list are airtight, but the IRIS Airtight Food Storage Container & Scoop Combo is a dual system that gives it a slight edge over some of the others. It includes two storage containersone with a 25-pound capacity and another that fits 10 poundsso you can store two types of foods for different dogs, or keep your dogs food and treats in one place. Both containers, which are stacked on top of each other, have snap lock closures that give them an airtight seal, and the setup sits on top of four free-wheeling casters so you can easily move it around if you need to. It also comes with a two-cup food scoop that matches one of its seven available colors.

Capacity: Medium and large | Dimensions: 10.79 x 10.04 x 0.51 inches , 11.65 x 9.37 x 1.22 inches | Material: Eco-friendly silicone

  • Small capacity

  • Can be difficult to close

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Burgon And Ball Cat Food Storage Tin

This is the cat food container I have. A friend bought it for me as a moving in present when we moved to our current home. A pretty cool present from an awesome friend, eh.

Its made from galvanized steel and is finished with a powder coating. So it makes a familiar clunky metal noise that my cats are very attuned to hearing now.

When they hear me moving the tin they magically appear with a hungry look on their faces. A phenomenon I think all cat owners are very familiar with too!

Its hard to conceptualize the size from a picture. Its 16.5cm x 11cm x 20cm. So not huge,

Wooden Dog Food Bucket

Maybe you want something designed specifically to hold dog food. This adorable wooden dog food barrel has a little pet food label and offers a more rustic look.

  • A wooden dog food barrel like this one can hold up to 40 pounds of dog food which is great if you have large dogs or like to buy your dog food in large quantities!
  • This is a great option if you do not wish to store you dog food in a closet or other confined space.
  • A decorative container such as this allows you to incorporate your storage options into the style of your home!
  • Large Cedar Half Barrel hand coopered using cedar staves and oak bands.
  • The lid, back and bottom are made of pine.
  • Will hold 50 lbs. of bird seed or 40 lbs of pet food.
  • Dimensions: 20W x 23H x 10.5D.

If you just need something small to store a little bag of food or some treats, this is a great choice.

  • The style is perfect for a farmhouse decor theme.
  • It comes with two bowls for your dogs food and water.
  • Inside, theres space for sealed pet food and supplies, meaning its not ideal for open bags of food.
  • The elevated bowls make it easier for senior dogs eat without bending all the way down.

One thing to consider: if your dog is one of the breeds at risk for bloat, an elevated feeding station may not be the best choice.

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Best Personalized: Outshine White Farmhouse Dog Food Bin

Capacity: 12 pounds | Dimensions: 11.4 x 7.4 x 13.3 inches | Material: Powder-coated carbon steel

  • Vintage look that fits in with home decor

  • Airtight seal

  • Smaller capacity than other options

  • Doesnt have a hinge lid so you have to fully remove the lid

If you want a dog food storage container that fits in a little bit more personality, the Outshine White Farmhouse Pet Food Bin is an aesthetically pleasing option that adds a vintage touch to your space. Its constructed of a powder-coated carbon steel thats virtually indestructible and comes with a cling sticker that you can use to customize it. You can use a permanent marker or opt for a dry erase marker that allows you to change the personalization as you see fit. With its 12-pound capacity, its the smallest container on this list, but its excellent for smaller bags of kibble or for storing treats.

Capacity: 42 cups | Dimensions: 7.87 x 9.45 x 16.93 inches | Material: Waterproof nylon

  • Compact design with pour spout

  • Fits 10 pounds of food

  • On the expensive side

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