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Decorative Paper Towels For Bathroom

Y Bargains Disposable Linen

BATHROOM DECORATING IDEAS // Towel Folding Ideas for Bathroom // How to Fold Decorative Towels

Your guest will feel extra special with these smooth, disposable paper towels. When unfolded, Party Bargains napkins measure 13 x 6 inches, perfect for your hand drying needs. These paper towels also prevent cross-contamination to ward off the spread of infectious diseases.

Compared to other paper hand towels, these ones from Party Bargains are more efficient to use due to its quick-drying material. Its hassle-free and hygienic, and saves time since you dont have to wash your towels simply dispose of them. And you dont have to worry about adding trash to the environment either. These are made of environmentally-friendly materials.

You can use these towels for regular days and on special occasions such as parties and formal occasions. At dinner time, you wont have to scramble for clean towels since these provide the solution.

Party Bargains paper hand towels are made with premium quality materials and are good value for money.


  • Efficient and practical to use for small to large functions
  • Towels look attractive and stylish
  • Soft, durable, and affordable cloth-like towels


  • The towels may be too thin
  • The towels are a bit difficult to pull out

Pack Disposable Guest Towels Soft And Absorbent Linen

200 Pack Disposable Guest Towels Soft and Absorbent Linen-Feel Paper Hand Towels Durable Decorative Bathroom Hand Napkins for Kitchen,Parties,Weddings,Dinners or Events,White and Silver

Hand Towels Durable Decorative Bathroom Hand Napkins for Kitchen,Parties,Weddings,Dinners or Events,White and Silver 200 Pack Disposable Guest Towels Soft and Absorbent Linen-Feel Paper, Parties,Weddings,Dinners or Events,White and Silver: Paper Towels â FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,Buy Disposable Guest Towels Soft and Absorbent Linen-Feel Paper Hand Towels Durable Decorative Bathroom Hand Napkins for Kitchen,Shop at an Honest Value,Worldwide Shipping,and 24/7 services,The best prices, free shipping and no sales tax., 200 Pack Disposable Guest Towels Soft and Absorbent Linen-Feel Paper Hand Towels Durable Decorative Bathroom Hand Napkins for Kitchen,Parties,Weddings,Dinners or Events,White and Silver, and Absorbent Linen-Feel Paper Hand Towels Durable Decorative Bathroom Hand Napkins for Kitchen,Parties,Weddings,Dinners or Events,White and Silver 200 Pack Disposable Guest Towels Soft.

Hand Towels In Various Colors And Designs

If you like your hand towels in a solid color, you’ll find plenty of different shades to go with your bathroom. Light green, gray, and cream are all popular colors for contemporary homes. If you want something classic, consider dark blue, white, or brown. Red, purple, and teal are all good choices when you’d like to add a playful pop of color to your bathroom. If your bath towels have an eye-catching design or pattern on them, consider choosing a hand towel in a solid color, so your bathroom doesn’t feel too busy.

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Types Of Bathroom Towels

There are two main categories of bathroom towels – washcloths and bath rugs. Washcloths are typically smaller in size and designed to be placed directly into the washing machine. Bath rugs are generally larger and intended to cover large areas of floor space. Both types of towels are useful for drying hands feet and body parts while bathing. However each type has specific uses and benefits.

Perfect To Welcome Houseguests

100 Disposable Guest Towels Soft and Absorbent Linen

If you have houseguests coming to visit for a few days, put together a nice welcome basket to place on their bed. Inside the welcome basket, include items like their favorite snacks and something to read. Of course, towels are the most important part of any welcome basket. Simply roll up some hand towels and washcloths to place in the basket and put everything on top of the bath towels. Then your guests won’t have to wonder which towels they can use. They’ll also never forget your thoughtfulness.

Whether you’re looking to complement the style you already have in your bathroom or you simply want to stock your linen closet, you’ll find a great selection of hand towels at JCPenney to do both.

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Paper Hand Towels Inspiration

De Borchgrave was born in 1946, Isabelle Jeanne Marie Alice Jacobs. She married a count and became Countess Isabelle de Borchgrave dâAltena. Speaking of marriage, she has been asked to design many paper wedding dresses. She even was asked to reproduce Jackie Kennedyâs wedding dress for the John F. Kennedy Library Museum in Boston. The silk had deteriorted so she made it in paper!

De Borchgraveâs attitudes about paper explain why paper fingertip towels can be as elegant as linen ones. And why disposable hand towels are elegant wedding napkins and wedding paper hand towels. The point is, we can all be proud to use paper guest towels in guest bathrooms everyday and for special occasions. Decorative hand towels are must have party supplies and party decorations for any celebration. And for everyday bathroom decor, disposable hand towels by Caspari and others are important bathroom supllies as well as decorating details.

Bathroom Guest Towels & Fingertip Towels

Prepare the spare bathroom for any out-of-town visitors with guest towels. The kind gesture creates a welcoming atmosphere where guests can feel right at home. To create an all-encompassing retreat within the comforts of home, begin by stocking the bathroom with different kinds of guest towels. Or, create an inviting atmosphere in the kitchen with that match your cooking accessories or appliances. In the bathroom, drape at least two bath sheets over the towel rack as basic essentials. Hang a few additional bath towels so that guests can use them for different purposes, such as drying their hair or as an extra layer over the bath mat. On the counter, neatly fold washcloths and arrange them inside a storage basket for a refined presentation. If your guest forgot any essentials at home, stock another basket with small fingertip towels and shower essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and toothpaste. For a resort-like finish, place vibrant botanicals near canisters filled with sponges, cotton swabs and cotton pads. Guest towels are also useful during in-home parties. Prepare your bathroom for numerous guests by displaying hand towels near the sink. If space is at a premium, simply roll them up and leave them on a bath tower shelf.

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Buying Paper Hand Towels: What To Consider

If you are looking for inspiration, here are some photos on .

While all of our picks above are available on Amazon, you may also want to check out other paper towel options at Bed Bath and Beyond or Target.

If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your guest bathroom, you may want to check out these luxury bath accessory sets and these luxury rainfall showerheads can give your guest shower the feel of a spa in your own home.

Final Verdict/Conclusion

If you are looking for a good all-purpose hand towel that you are primarily going to be using in a powder room then you cant go wrong with the Silver Collection Linen Feel Disposable Hand Towels as they have a clean look and quality feel.

If you regularly entertain people and want an elegant and hygienic option for your guests. Whether you are having guests at home or need quality paper towels for a bathroom at a professional office or small business these towels are good quality options without breaking the bank on a disposable product.

Design Design Disposable Hand Towels Decorative Paper Guest Towels For Bathroom Paper Napkins Dinner Napkins Size Wildflowers Pak Of 30

âSproutâ? Decorative Paper Towel Holder or Toilet Paper Holder by Comfify
  • Pak of 30 paper hand towels for bathroom guest towels disposable, 8″ x 4.5″
  • Pretty wildflower floral fingertip towels
  • Use for paper napkins or decorative dinner napkins too
  • Pretty floral wedding napkins, bridal shower party supplies, baby shower party decorations and more
  • Paper hand towels are decorative bathroom decor and bathroom accessories that make a difference

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Best Paper Hand Towels For Powder Room

If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Details

Using paper hand towels in your powder room can be a great solution if you have a large number of guests since they allow you to offer the hygiene of a clean towel to each guest.

The cloth-like feel of a quality paper towel also gives your guest bathroom a touch of elegance and luxury while making your guests feel welcome in your home.

If youre looking for a quick recommendation, our pick for all-around best paper hand towel are these Silver Collection Linen Feel Disposable Hand Towels but weve also included a few other detailed reviews below to pick from.

you also avoid the unpleasant experience of your friends going to dry their hands on a towel at a party and finding a clammy towel is already damp from being used over and over by other guests.

If you are hosting a busy party you dont want to be stressing out about the bathroom. You wont necessarily have time changing out your regular bathroom towels often enough to keep it fresh and clean.

As an added bonus, thick paper hand towels also give your guests an easy and convenient way to tidy up after themselves. A quick wipe down of the vanity here and there will go a long way to keep the powder room looking clean.

Many guests are actually pleased to find paper towels as it gives them a way to leave it clean as it avoids the self-conscious feeling of leaving a messy bathroom at a nice party.


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Video Result For Bathroom Paper Hand Towels Decorative

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+ Creatively Easy Decorative Towels For Bathroom Ideas

Having a bathroom which looks and feels so inviting is surely every homeowners dream. Its such an important thing to make a beautiful bathroom since it holds an important role to make you and all the coming guests comfortable.

The decoration of the bathroom layout is the one that you just cant leave behind. You have to make it as perfect as possible just like any other rooms that you decorate.

There are many ways of how to make a bathroom decor look stunning, and playing with some bathroom accessories is one of the easiest ideas. With lots of attractive bathroom stuff available in the market, you can always have your gorgeous dream bathroom.

Here, we share you some inspiring decorative towels for bathroom ideas to enhance the beauty of your bathroom decor. They are so easy and simple to make, but the result is beautifully surprising.

Lets just keep scrolling to check our pick of decorative towels for bathroom ideas!

Ideas For Paper Towels For A Bathroom


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The seemingly innocent hand towel has a bad reputation as a germ transmitter: The person who used it before you may not have washed her hands sufficiently, or maybe it wasn’t washed in water hot enough to kill built-up bacteria, says the Mayo Clinic. In any case, paper towels are a more sanitary option for a bathroom. Discover interesting, stylish, handy ways to display a paper towel roll or stack of towels.

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Floral Paper Hand Towels

âSome people still turn up their noses, but I think itâs okay to use artificial and dried flowers and plants,â Mario Buatta,

Floral paper hand towels are a form of artificial flowers, and some of the best decorators, from Mario Buatta to Nina Campbell, are fans of artificial flowers! Nina Campbell another devotee of florals, says, Faux flowers, false florals, new botanicals, I cant be dealing with all these newfangled words. I just call them fake. Floral paper hand towels let you have flowers in your powder room at all times. Weâve got a selection of decorative hand towels with flowers of many varieties. Gardeners and non-gardeners alike can enjoy them. Buatta was the latter. He was said to have âloved gardens but hated gardening.â

Favorite Decorative Hand Towels

I love a good decorative hand towel. A decorative hand towel can give a bathroom or powder room a simple refresh for less than $20. I did a deep dive on all sorts of hand towels at different price points, colors, and patterns.

When I find a cute hand towel, I grab two and use them in our powder room, one at the sink and one on the shower door. I store the little stash of cute towels that I have in that cupboard above the toilet, and change them out every other day.

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Add Luxurious Hand Towels To Your Bathroom

Every bathroom needs a set of hand towels to make it complete. These towels are the ideal size for drying your hands after you wash them. Whether you’re interested in bright and bold colors or unique patterns, you can easily find the perfect set of hand towels to go with the existing designs in your bathroom.

Baby Shower Decorations And Bridal Shower Decorations

VEDA/VLOGUST DAY 9: How To Fold Decorative Towels | Bathroom (REQUESTED)

Floral decorative hand towels are must have bridal shower decorations and baby shower decorations. Use the pink guest towels for girl baby shower decorations and the blue for boy baby shower decorations. Having a gender reveal party? Use some of both!

We offer a big selection of floral paper hand towels because they can be used in so many ways. Sunflower decor floral paper hand towels are great for farmhouse bathroom decor, a rustic bathroom or a country wedding. Lillies are beautiful for an Easter party. Poinsettas for Christmas bathroom decorâ¦.Whether you are a gardener or not, we hope you will enjoy looking at our collection of decorative hand towels.


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Get Matching Towels For A Pulled Together Look

If you’d prefer a cohesive look in your bathroom, choose a hand towel that matches your bath towel and washcloth. You can find towels in nearly any color that perfectly complement the decor in your bathroom. From there, it’s simple to get all your towels in the same color. However, you can also use your towels to add visual interest to your bathroom. All you have to do is choose a bath towel, hand towel, and washcloth in different yet coordinating colors.

Magnifiso Disposable Guest Towels Review: Budget Pick

These plain white paper towels by Magnifiso are thinner than some of the alternative options but they are also a good cheaper option. The towels are soft to touch and are quite durable. They are very absorbent without becoming soggy which makes them very practical to use.

They are lint-free so will not leave fibers behind when used which means they are also really good for cleaning mirrors without leaving streaks behind.

The major downside with these towels is that they come as a large stack that is only held together by a clear plastic sleeve.

Once you remove the sleeve there is nothing to contain the towels so they can be somewhat difficult to store.


  • The packaging is not very practical

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The Best Guest Towels To Make Visitors Feel At Home

When you have company coming, itâs important to create a welcoming environment so that guests will feel comfortable in your home. There are many small touches you can add to your home that will help create a hospitable environment and one of those easy touches is placing towels, specifically for guests to use, in the guest bath. Providing guest towels in the powder room is an easy way to let them know you prepared for their visit before they arrived and make sure theyâre comfortable. Whether you prefer disposable paper guest towels or washable cloth guest towels, they should always be fresh and easy to find for your guests. Once you choose the best guest towels for your space, make sure you place them in a prominent area on the countertop near the sink. They should be accessible and easy to find for visitors so thereâs no guessing about which towel they should use.

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Benefits Of Using A Decorative Hand Towel

Bloomingoods Decorative Hand Towels, Paper Napkins / Disposable Linen ...

Using a decorative hand towel makes your bathroom appear cleaner and fresher. Not only does it give your bathroom a fresh appearance but it also improves air circulation. As a result your bathroom feels warmer and more inviting. Additionally using a decorative hand towel prevents dirt and germs from being tracked onto your bathroom countertops and floors. Finally using a decorative hand towel ensures that your bathroom remains free of bacteria and mold growth.

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Pierre Frey Paper Hand Towels

Founded in 1935 by Pierre Frey, the textile company Pierre Frey is now part of French design legacy. The company is now run by Pierreâs son Patrick Frey and his three sons. We are so fortunate that Caspari has licensed Pierre Frey designs for a collection of paper hand towels. The company is at the top end of the market but even if you cannot afford their upholstery and drapery fabrics and wallpapers, chances are you can afford some of their decorative hand towels to chic up your bathroom decor. And even if you can afford them, you can enjoy having these disposable hand towels to match your wallpaper or your fabric shower curtains!

No guest bathroom is complete without disposable guest towels so why not have the best. Even linen fingertip towels may not be as chic as these Pierre Frey paper hand towels. What fun to have some French bathroom accessories with French style! Pierre Frey prides itself on offering an eclectic collection of textiles. Pierre Frey paper hand towels reflect that trait. They range from elephants to cactus decor. And of course there are many geometric decorative designs as well. The color combinations and drawings on these paper hand towels are truly delightful. They will make your guests feel like they are on the Left Bank when they reach for the fingertip towels in your guest bathroom.

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