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Decorative Metal Sheets For Crafts

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Metal sheet and junk cylinder decorative ideas | welded art

I have several fantastic projects coming up in December, including a Christmas home tour! But at this time, Im not sure what the next post will be, so check back soon or sign up for my newsletter so you wont miss out on something new!

DISCLAIMER: I received product compensation to complete these projects from M-D Building Products, Inc. All opinions, projects, and ideas are based on my own experience. This is my honest opinion. Please see my disclosures page for more details.

Ornamental Perforated Metal Applications

The versatility, strength, and aesthetic appeal of ornamental/decorative perforated metal make it an excellent choice for various industrial, commercial, and household products. Typical applications of decorative perforated sheet metal include:

Ornamental perforated metal panels can also be used for customized applications that are limited only by the imagination, which is why architects favor them in the design of buildings and other structures.

Adding The Final Touches

Use the metal corner rounder on all four corners. Then use the hole punch at the top to create five holes to run jute through to attach the sheet metal to the branch. I opted for a birch branch, but a wooden dowel would also work!

Next, attach the sign with jute twine to the branch. Dont tie this too tight as you want it to hang from it. Then use a piece of jute to make a hanger for the sign.

Finish the look by embellishing the sign with ornaments, floral picks, and additional jute twine! I LOVE how this came out! Its going to make a great gift.

I hope you will try one of these easy to do projects! Do you have gifts that youve created to give as gifts this year? Please share them with me on or . I would love to see them!

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Are You Looking To Make Some Unique Handmade Holiday Gifts This Year If So Then You Should Try Creating With Decorative Sheet Metal Affiliate Links Are Included In This Post

Not too long ago, I received a fantastic kit from M-D Building Products, Inc., to use to create unique sheet metal projects. Well, let me tell you, I had an absolute blast creating with this kit of goodies!

This gorgeous sheet metal comes in different sizes, and it is super versatile and reasonably priced! Most Home Depots have an excellent selection for you to choose from, so you dont have to hunt for it. Yall, there are so many different types to choose from on Home Depots website too!

These sheets can be used inside or outside and are extremely easy to cut and shape. M-D offers the tools needed to complete your project, such as Tin Snips, a Metal Corner Rounder, a Metal Hole Punch, and Hobby Gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges.

IMPORTANT: To reduce the risk of injury, use protective gloves while working with the sheet metal and smooth the edges of your project with a file or emery cloth.

Fast Turnaround Times And Unbeatable Customer Service

Jewelry holder made from a picture frame and hot glueing a piece of ...

At Marco Specialty Steel, we make a point of completing stock and custom ornamental perforated metal projects as quickly as possible. Our turnaround times are among the fastest in our industry. As an experienced service steel center that has been in business since 1992, you can also count on us for reliable, responsive customer support.

Our fabricators and sales personnel work as a team to meet the exact requirements of every customer, no matter the size or scope of the project. Were always ready and willing to help!

Contact Us to Explore Your Ornamental Perforated Metal Options

If you think that decorative perforated metal is the right choice for your applications, take the next step by contacting the experts at Marco Specialty Steel for more information today. Well be happy to discuss your customization requirements. We will also provide a no-obligation quote for any of our products and services.

At Marco Specialty Steel, were all about three things: Quality, Speed, and Reliability.

9140 Tavenor Ln, Houston, Texas 77075

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Basic Copper Your Online Source For Affordable Premium Copper

Low Prices, Fast Shipping, and No Minimum Order! At Basic Copper we sell Pure Copper Sheet, Copper Foil, and Copper Flashing for Metal Crafts, Electrical Applications, Art Projects, Counter Tops, Bar Tops, Backsplashes, Flashing, Embossing, RFI Shielding, Manufacturing, Research and Development, Do It Yourself Projects, and Much More!

At Basic Copper, we care about our customers and it shows! We take pride in communicating helpful information to our customers and answering questions as quickly and thoroughly as we can. We enjoy discussing your projects and copper uses, and many customers send us artwork, photos of completed projects, information, and helpful tips. We appreciate your business and hope that you will find exactly what you need. If you are uncertain about the thickness that best suits your application, see our Thickness Guide. If you have any questions, please call , chat, or We will send small samples free of charge as long as supplies allow! Also, don’t forget to check out our for project ideas and tips, our Copper Sheet Metal section, an excellent article “Working with Copper Sheet in Arts and Crafts” written by artist Belinda Spiwak, and Basic Copper FAQS.

A Tin Punch Copper Sign 4

I have to admit, this project was my favorite! This copper sign will be an early Christmas gift to my daughter and soon to be son-in-law on Thanksgiving! They have copper accents in their home, so this will fit right in with their decor!

For this project, I used the gorgeous Copper-colored sheet. This project was probably the most time consuming, but definitely worth the effort!


  • Hot glue

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Submitted By My Sisters Suitcase

The challenge for American Crafter Round Onethis week was Hardware Store Gems so naturally, I started by going to Lowes to see what I could find. My idea was to completely re-do the dresser in my master bedroom. This thing has got to be at least 20 years old it is a hand-me-down from my mom. Heres a look at what Ive been staring at for the past 8 years when I wake up every morning:

Pretty sad, huh? Here is what I came across in the sheet metal aisle

Its a 24×36 decorative aluminum sheet It was love at first sight. With a name like Union Jack how could I notbuy it? It was calling my name even at $27 a sheet.

OK, before I go any further, can I show you what I did? I cant wait any longer! I promise I will get to all the other stuff in a minute.

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE walking in my room now? Lets just have a little reminder of what it looked like before I started this makeover

Yikes!!!! You can read more about it here. But seriously, this dresser makeover has completelytransformed my bedroom. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

OK, now on to the good stuff.

Today, I will be showing you how I created the drawer fronts and updated the hardware for my new dresser!

1. The first thing I needed was a pair of tin snips to cut my aluminum sheet. I went with the Wiss multi-purpose pair and they worked wonderfully. I measured my drawers, then made sure to cut the metal on the line of the pattern

9. Another shot of the new drawers

What Is Metal Art

How to make metal sheets for arts and crafts projects

Metal art, often only considered metal wall art, covers many spheres of functional and purely decorative artwork. Functional like metal clocks, cutlery, sleek appliances, and decorative like picture prints on metal sheets, bronze sculptures, exquisite chess pieces, and décor accents.

From wire metal filigree works and cast metal sculptures made from bronze to ancient hammered metal cups and fine gold Egyptian jewellry, the resilience of earth metals and their malleable nature have made them one of the best materials to make beautiful works of art and crafts.

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St Louis Crafts Aluminum Decorative Foil Copper 5 X 5 Inches Pack Of 12

This thin square foil is perfect for jewelry making, scrapbooking and tooling projects.

Items Shipped Within the Contiguous 48 United States

Free Shipping Eligible Items

  • Free shipping and handling on eligible supply orders of $49 or more. Free shipping calculation is based on the subtotals of eligible items, after any additional discounts are applied.
  • For subtotals less than $49, the shipping and handling charge is $9.95.

Free Shipping Ineligible Items

  • Shipping and handling charges are 15% of the subtotal of the items, after any discounts are applied, with a $9.95 minimum charge.

Free Shipping Ineligible Items

  • Shipping and handling charges are 15% of the subtotal of the items, after any discounts are applied, with a $99 minimum charge. If the subtotal is greater than $1,000, please e-mail for a freight quote.

*Note: Individually negotiated shipping policies will override the standard shipping policy. See Full Details

Items Shipped to Hawaii, Alaska and International

The Directions Are As Follows:

Start by printing the message you want to punch onto the sheet metal. Make sure it is big enough and in a font that you like.

Once printed, tape it to the sheet metal , centering it and lining it up correctly.

Next, make sure to protect your work surface , so you wont damage the surface below when you start punching the sheet metal to create the lettering.

To create the punched pattern, take the screwdriver, line it up with the letters on your pattern then begin gently tapping the handle of it with a hammer to create the design. After a few times, you will know how much force is needed to make the desired punch shape on the metal.

Start tapping the screwdriver gently as you dont want it to go all the way through! I found that two to three light taps worked well for me.

Repeat the punching technique on each of the letters until done. Then remove the pattern and the protective piece of plastic to reveal your tin punched design. You will be amazed at how beautiful this looks!

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Architectural & Decorative Metal Mesh

Architectrual and decorative metal mesh is a versatile decorative material that is not only environmentally friendly but also durable. There are many types of decorative mesh products, such as woven metal, wire mesh, perforated metal sheet screen, metal curtains, etc. Product forms includes mesh screen, sheets, grilles. Materials include stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and other alloy materials. Surface treatment includes zinc coating, copper plating, titanium plating, epoxy coating, powder coating, etc.

Hightop supplies a variety of decorative metal mesh, which are widely used in building walls, facades, interior ceilings, wall coverings, room dividers, room partition & separator, space divider, theater sound-absorbing materials, doors and windows, infill panels for railings, handrails, guardrails, balustrades, etc.

The following is the decorative metal meshes we supply, our architectural mesh products are not limited to the following styles, we also provide personalized customization, please contact us for more details.

A Magazine Rack With Sheet Metal Back 1


At a resale shop a few months ago, I found a wooden magazine rack to hang on my wall. Since it was open in the back, I knew I wanted to add something to it so the magazines wouldnt scuff the wall. When this kit came, and I saw the silver Union Jack aluminum sheet, I finally knew what I could use!

I was over the moon, excited when I laid it on the back and looked at it because it was just what I wanted to complete this project! Moreover, it was the right size!

Of course, I wanted this to be a statement piece, so I opted to paint it a rich salmon-colored chalk paint. I love using this accent color in my office! It gives just enough of a pop to the room!

This project was quick to complete! I merely applied two coats of chalk paint to the magazine rack and let it dry. Then I attached the sheet metal to the back with tiny wire nails.

Thats it! Talk about simple! Now I have a fantastic magazine rack to hang in my office! This beauty was a gift to ME!

I love how shiny the sheet metal is and how beautiful it looks with the salmon-colored chalk paint!

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A Joyful Wall Hanging 3

Yall, this one was SO EASY and fun! For this project, I used the brass colored Cloverleaf aluminum sheet and 7/8 wide red ribbon. Thats it! No long list of supplies. Other than a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon and hot glue.

If youve ever done a cross-stitch project, this is similar.

To create the border, first, find the length of ribbon you will need by measuring along all sides of the sheet using the ribbon itself, then add another couple of feet for the bow. Cut this length from the spool of ribbon.

Find the center point at the bottom, then take the ribbon and begin weaving it through the pattern, leaving a tail of the ribbon where you started for the bow.

Take more of the red ribbon, weaving it into the sheet similar to cross-stitching, to spell out the word JOY! Use hot glue at the end of each piece of ribbon to hold it in place.

Whats great about this project is that you can make it for any season or holiday! Moreover, I like how simple this is and how it sums up Christmas in one sweet three-letter word JOY!

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