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Decorative Metal Mesh For Cabinets

Primary Material / Product Finish

Metal Mesh Cabinet Installation – Martha Stewart The Everyday System

Select the primary material type including Aluminum, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Copper, Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel, taking into consideration climate or environmental realities. Inventory is typically mill finish unless otherwise specified. Some items in inventory have a vinyl coating or can be powder coated. We provide more information on Primary Material Types and Product Finishes in the links provided in the Overview section on the Wire Mesh Resources landing page.

Architectural & Decorative Metal Mesh Screen & Sheets

Architectural and decorative metal mesh screen is a versatile decorative material that is not only environmentally friendly but also durable. There are many types of decorative mesh products, such as woven metal, wire mesh panels, perforated metal sheet screen, metal curtains, etc. Product forms includes metal mesh screen, sheets, panels, gill . Materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper, brass, phosphor bronze and other alloy materials. Surface treatment includes zinc coating, copper plating, titanium plating, epoxy coating, powder coating, etc.

Hightop supplies a variety of decorative metal mesh sheets, which are widely used in building walls, architecture facades, interior ceilings, wall coverings, room dividers, room partition & separator, space divider, theater sound-absorbing materials, doors and windows, infill panels for railings, handrails, guardrails, balustrades, etc.

The following is the decorative metal mesh panels we supply, our architectural mesh products are not limited to the following styles, we also provide personalized customization, please contact us for more details.

Expanded Metal Mesh Cabinet Doors


Expanded Metal Mesh Cabinet Doorsexpanded metal mesh The cabinet with expanded metal meshes YLD offers a full and comprehensive finishing service for all of our materials including cutting, notching, rolling, annealing, forming, welding, painting and anodizing.Special designs or sizes are also available as customers’ requirements!

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What Are The Best Materials And Weaves For Mesh Cabinet Door Inserts

In terms of visibility, decorative mesh falls somewhere in between open shelving and solid cabinet doors. That said, the overall look depends on the material and weave.

Antique bronze, antique brass, stainless steel, and nickel-plated metal meshes are the best options for cabinetry. As for weave style, DIYers often opt for diagonal weaves with flat or crimped wires. Here’s what you should know.

Welcome To Your Wire Mesh Source

Wire Mesh Grilles for Cabinets 2021

Discover what literally hundreds of thousands of customers have come to know and trust since 1968 – The Wire Mesh Source is a leader in providing decorative wire mesh cabinet inserts, decorative wire mesh, perforated metal, wire mesh, raccoon wire mesh and insect screen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our loyal customers continue to rely on our experience, vast product inventory and shipping options to produce the rightsolution for their projects. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we will provide you with an unsurpassed level of Service, Quality, and Performance… that?s The Story!

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Wire Mesh Grille Insert Availability

Wire Mesh Grilles can be ordered with any of our Frame only Door Styles with square or rectangular openings, as well as our Mullion Doors with standard lites. When ordering Wire Mesh Lattice with a door, WalzCraft will calculate the mesh sized based on your door specifications.

Note: WalzCraft does not calculate wire mesh size for frame & mullion doors with true divided lites or frame only doors with shaped stiles or rails. For these styles we recommend waiting until you receive your door, then take it to your local wire mesh supplier to have your wire mesh cut to fit each opening.

Wire Mesh is also available Cut to Size and by the full sheet.

Brass And Stainless Steel Wire Mesh And Expanded Steel Grilles

Natural brass, antique brass and stainless steel woven wire mesh and expanded steel grilles for interior decorative uses.

Brass and Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh – Cut to SizeHigh quality Brass and Stainless Steel woven wire mesh. Available cut to size with clear lacquer protection available for brass. This wire mesh is strong yet easily cut with sturdy scissors and is flexible enough to form around shapes if required.
Flexible decorative stainless steel metal wire mesh available cut to your requested size.Woven in stainless steel wire, approx. 0.5mm wire, 1mm holes.Sold cut to size.
Flexible decorative stainless steel metal mesh available cut to your requested size.Woven in stainless steel wire, approx. 1mm wire, 3mm holes.Sold cut to size.
Flexible decorative brass metal wire mesh available cut to your requested size.Woven in solid brass wire, approx. 0.5mm wire, 1mm holes.
Sold cut to size.
Flexible decorative brass metal mesh available cut to your requested size.Woven in solid brass wire, approx. 1mm wire, 3mm holes.
Sold cut to size.
Expanded Steel Grille Sheets Powder CoatedThese powder coated mild steel grille sheets are ideal for use in radiator covers, cabinet and door panel inserts, custom ventilation and general interior screening uses.
Decorative expanded mild steel grille mesh in black powder coated finish.Product Ref:MEB/EX

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Wire Mesh Interior Design Applications

Wire mesh can be used in any interior space, including living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. The material is available in so many varieties, no look is unattainable.

In the home, woven wire mesh has a number of advantages:

  • Mesh is a great choice for use as awindow treatment orroom divider. It allows light to pass through to make a space feel more open, but certain weave types can still ensure privacy.

  • The material diffuses and reflects light without being flammable, which is ideal forlamp and candle sconces. For lighting fixtures, 100 and 150 mesh bronze are favorites.

  • Mesh can be used in furniture designs as well as home decor and provide an attractive accent to cabinet doors, shelving, chairs, coffee tables, fireplaces, and lighting fixtures.

Get information about which meshes do well inspecific projects around the house.

Enhance Your Property With Decorative Mesh From Decorativemeshcouk

Country cabinet with wire mesh door

Decorative Mesh is one of Britain’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of decorative mesh. We supply an extensive range of versatile products in traditional and contemporary styles, including patterned perforated sheets and regency diamond grilles, perfect for covering cabinets and boxed radiators, as well as hand made interwoven mesh and crimped mesh, which can be used for floor mesh and a variety of other architectural uses.

If youre not sure which type of decorative mesh is for you, use our handy comparison tool to find the right product. You can order products online and we also offer help and advice to all customers, so if you have any special requirements you would like to discuss, please get in touch by phoning 01902 810 310, by or by connecting to our live online chat, and well find the perfect solution for you.

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Additional Benefits Of Wire Mesh Grill Inserts

Wire Mesh Grill Inserts offer not only a visually pleasing accent to many furniture & cabinetry designs but they also offer an additional functional purpose by allowing airflow to and from the mesh area where there may be a need for breathability.

The breathability of Wire Mesh is often practical for entertainment centers and custom built-in creations, where any range of electronic equipment may require airflow when recessed onto a shelf, to avoid overheating during use. For additional accent, one may choose to place any choice of fabric behind the mesh insert to further add character to any creation and still allow airflow through the framed opening, while not allowing full visual access to what may be stored behind a door.

How To Add Wire Mesh Grille Inserts To Cabinet Doors

I finally finished the one and only DIY project in my kitchen that I had planned for this year, but with a twist. After I painted the kitchen cabinets teal last year, I didnt put the glass back into the four middle cabinet doors.

Those four cabinets started out as regular recessed panel cabinet doors, and during the original kitchen remodel, I cut out the center panels and turned them into glass front cabinet doors. You can read more about how I did that here:

But I didnt replace the glass after repainting my kitchen because Ive been secretly wishing for wire mesh grille inserts for those four cabinet doors. That turned out to be cost prohibitive, though. Have yall seen the price of those wire grilles? Those things are ridiculously expensive! I mean, hundreds of dollars. As in, $600-$800 for the ones I liked, which werent anything fancy. They were just a simple X design wire mesh. Theres no way I could bring myself to pay that much.

So yesterday, I decided to try a similar look that cost me just $64.

It came down to a choice between this quatrefoil design and this X design. I actually liked the X design better, but decided to go with the quatrefoil since it came in gold and wouldnt have to be spray painted. It was also quite a bit thinner than the X design, so its very easy to cut with metal shears. I wasnt quite sure Id be able to cut the X design sheet with metal shears.

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Where To Buy Decorative Wire Mesh Materials For Cabinets

TWP Inc. has been supplying DIYers with high-quality wire mesh for over 50 years. Our woman-owned company carries an impressive inventory of , including all the materials, weaves, and styles mentioned above.

When you browse our selection, you’ll find products with various opening sizes, patterns, and finishes. Additionally, we have brass and bronze mesh without the antique finish for those who like a shiny, golden look. From rustic and industrial to mid-century and modern, there’s something for everyone. If you’re not sure which style will look best in your home, we recommend ordering one or two of our .

We always love seeing pictures of your DIY creations. To have your custom cabinets featured in our online gallery, upload photos to Instagram using the hashtag #TWPWireMesh.

Choosing The Best Mesh For Your Project

1/2 Inch Opening Decorative Wire Screen , Galvanized Steel ...

Decorative metal mesh has a lot to offer. It can last for years without rusting, especially if it’sgalvanized or plated.Depending on the metal type, the maintenance needed to keep mesh looking bright is minimal compared to other materials. Plus, woven wire mesh is flexible and is often easy to shape and cut for any range of uses.

Wire mesh types range bymaterial, finish, and weave, meaning there are infinite combinations to meet the needs of myriad projects. Options include:

TWP Inc. offers free freight on most panels and a money-back guarantee. Our laser cutting services allow us to create custom sizes accurately, efficiently, and economically.

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Beautiful Decorative Wire Mesh Inserts For Cabinet Doors

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your existing cabinetry or thinking about building a DIY cabinet unit from scratch? Decorative wire mesh might be just the thing for adding a tasteful touch.

The material has been a staple for construction and manufacturing for centuries, but in recent decades, it’s become a top choice for creative DIY applications. are perfect for customizing kitchen cabinetry, baking racks, cupboards, bar cabinets, sideboards, buffets, hutches, and media consoles. Read on for tips and recommendations.

Wire Mesh Grille Finishes

Wire Mesh Grilles are electroplated in one of three finishes Antique Brass, Wrought Iron , & Stainless Look.

Wire Mesh is made of cold-rolled steel, and therefore they will be subject to eventual oxidation/rust if exposed to the elements.

Note: Wire mesh grilles are recommended for indoor use/applications only.

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