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Decorative Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Leaded And Stained Glass

Beautiful Framed Glass Door Kitchen Cabinet!!!!

Leaded glass used in cabinet doors creates a look of timeless tradition. Similar to stained glass panels, leaded glass panels are held together by lead, copper or zinc cames, which are thin strips of metal that form a pattern. Commonly featured in historic buildings throughout America, this artisan style glass is a hallmark of Craftsman style homes.

When colored glass pieces are soldered together with copper foil, you get stained glass panels. Stained glass cabinet doors lend the same traditional feel as leaded glass and provide a custom look to cabinets.

Art Glass Cabinet Inserts

Glass cabinet doors are available in multiple fashionable designs to suit most any taste, from classic or antique motifs to the most modern, on-trend designs. Imagine your cabinet fronts transformed using art glass inserts, creating anything from the look of leaded glass to delicate, flowery swirls.

How To Find Install And Care For The Glass In Your Cabinet Doors

Thanks to, its easy to find glass-ready cabinet doors to suit any space, but from there you might not know what to do next. Where do you find the glass itself? Once you have the glass you need, how do you install it and care for it properly? Rest assured, its all a lot easier than you think. Read on to learn about finding the glass for your new cabinet doors, the ease of installation, and how to properly clean glass cabinet doors.

  • Where to Find Glass for Cabinet Doors Near Me

You can find door glass to install in your replacement kitchen cabinet doors with glass inserts at many hardware and home improvement stores, as well as stores that specialize in home décor. You can also go to a specialized glass company in your area. In many cases, the best option for most people is to buy glass the same way you bought your doors: online. Online retailers offer endless glass styles cut to whatever size you need and shipped directly to your door. No matter what route you choose for acquiring your glass, make sure to wait for the doors to arrive before having the glass cut so you can ensure a proper fit.

  • Installing Your Own Glass
  • Caring for Glass Cabinet Doors

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Kitchen With Ribbed Glass Cabinet Fronts

In this kitchen, pictured below, we did the same thing. Kept the colorful stuff out of the glass front cabinets, and went with white, clear glass and maybe a silver or stainless item or two.

Its ribbed effect is more obscure than a seed glass or the wavy glass used in my kitchen, so shapes arent really important, but color still is. A bold color inside there would have stood out way too much and blew the crisp, white look the homeowner was going for here.

Your Source For Kitchen Cabinets Inserts

Decorative Glass Inserts For Cabinet Doors

Middlefield Glass is a third-generation family-owned and operated glass manufacturing company that provides our customers with world-class decorative glass for the kitchen, bath, and home. We are in the heart of Amish country in Ohio. We combine expert old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology, hand-made high quality, unique decorative glass panels for kitchen cabinets, doors and transoms. Whether you need a custom real leaded and beveled glass insert, cut-size art glass or handmade antique mirror, we strive to meet your home remodeling, building and construction needs.

All our real leaded, beveled and leaded overlay glass is crafted by hand in our workshop by our experienced artists, ensuring that each piece is beautiful and unique. Our team has produces decorative glass for the largest cabinet makers in the country. Our true strength is producing glass directly to cabinet dealers, interior designers, woodworking shops, home renovators, and you the homeowner. We ship nation-wide via UPS Guaranteed to get there safely.


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What Color Cabinet Doors Will Suit My Kitchen

When deciding which mullion doors work for you, you’ll also have to think about your kitchen’s color scheme. You’ll want to pick colors that complement each other instead of competing with each other. For example, if you’ve chosen an attention-grabbing countertop, you might want understated, neutral cabinet elements. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen neutral colors for other elements, you might prefer rich, colorful cabinet doors.

I Generally Stick To One Or Two Colors When Styling My Glass Cabinets And This Gives My Kitchen A Pretty And Cohesive Feel

In the spring and summer months I lighten up the look with shades of white and cream and a few subtle splashes of gray or pink.

In fall and winter, I warm up the look of my cabinets with some additional touches of copper and natural wood sprinkled inside the cabinets and on the countertops. No matter the season season, I stick to just a couple of accent colors so that my kitchen looks clean and crisp.

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Having the right size and balance of items in your glass front cabinets makes a big difference in the overall look.

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Textured Patterned Glass For Unique Style

Textured glass, which is also often referred to as patterned glass, offers an unbeatable ability for adding a unique style to a kitchen upgrade. Cabinets come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Textured patterned glass is the same way. Depending on the style of your kitchen cabinets and the amount of privacy you are looking for in your cabinet glass, textured patterned glass may be the best choice for you. Customize the pattern style, the clarity or opacity, and even the color tint to get it exactly right.

Order Glass Cabinet Doors Online At Cabinetdoorscom

Latest decorative two three glass door cabinet ideas.

If youd like to outfit your any space in your home with replacement glass cabinet is your affordable and reliable source. We allow you to purchase the highest quality glass cabinet door frames directly from us, the manufacturer. We offer a wide variety of styles to meet your needs, as virtually every cabinet door we produce can be made glass ready. Find your glass cabinet doors by browsing the many styles of glass cabinet doors we offer. Once you find the style you like, simply choose your wood type and finish, and order as many doors as you need in the precise size for your cabinets. Once your doors arrive, you can order the glass for your doors and install it easily, for beautiful, custom glass cabinet doors. Find out more and get tips for installation on our website, or contact us with any questions. We look forward to helping you create the glass cabinet door look youve always wanted. When it comes to glass front cabinet doors, always delivers.

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Pros And Cons Of Glass Kitchen Doors

There are so many ways you can enhance your kitchen cabinets without tearing them down and totally replacing them. Many homeowners opt for replacing the doors instead. This provides a wonderful new look and isnt nearly as expensive as replacing the cabinets in their entirety.

If youve been thinking about doing this and have been researching door styles, perhaps youve been considering glass kitchen doors for your refacing project. There really are quite lovely when used with the right complementary décor. They add an extra shine to the kitchen, too. However, there are some downfalls to choosing glass-front kitchen doors as well so its wise to consider all the details.

What Are Mullion Cabinet Doors

Most glass cabinet doors are “mullion” style, a term not everyone is familiar with. Mullion cabinet doors have wood mouldings that divide and frame the glass. They can hold together individual glass panes or sit atop a single glass pane as a decorative accent. The latter is more common, as single glass panes are easier to create and work with. You can choose a simple frame option or more complex paneling, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Mullions enhance any kitchen remodeling project by combining functionality with a stylish design. They create more visual interest than solid cabinet doors, so they make great focal points. Mullion cabinet doors come in an array of different configurations. You can enhance your choice of mullion cabinet doors with your preferred glass type.

Here are the most common cabinet door glass types:

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Choosing Cabinet Doors With Glass Options

Virtually all cabinet door styles we offer can be made as glass-ready cabinet doors. Our cabinet doors are carefully constructed with a four-piece, high-quality wood frame joined together by either mitering or cope and stick joinery. Glass cabinet doors simply replace the center wood panel with your glass choice instead.

Matching the design characteristics currently in your home is easy when you order replacement glass cabinet doors from our extensive online inventory. Find a simple design that reflects a clean aesthetic, or choose a more ornate design that offers an elegant feel. Choose the wood type already featured in your home, or opt for paint grade and paint to match, to ensure that everything works together beautifully.

You can also mimic the windows in your home for a cohesive feel. If you have single, double, four, or six-panel glass window styles, your cabinet doors can be fabricated to match. This offers a great opportunity for designers, cabinet installers, and homeowners to get exactly the look they desire. Plus, since all of our doors are custom-sized, you can be sure they will fit perfectly onto your current cabinets.

Are Glazed Kitchen Cabinets Out Of Style

Distinctive Kitchen Cabinets with Glass

Glazed kitchen cabinets never go out of style in classic and country farmhouse kitchen designs, as well as other rustic types, such as French country kitchens. They do not, however, work in every configuration. Cabinets with distressed and glazed surfaces are a staple of many country kitchens.

Even if glazed and distressed cabinets have gained a lot of popularity over the last years, they are not suitable for a modern setup.

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Design Advantages Of Glass Front Kitchen Cabinets

Glass front kitchen cabinets provide a light and airy feeling of spaciousness in the kitchen. Glass doors add a delicate and refined look to dark or heavy wood cabinetry.

Peninsula cabinets featuring glass fronts and backs open the kitchen up to the adjoining room, allowing views and light to pass through. Double-sided glass cabinets installed in front of kitchen windows bring in outside views and cheerful natural light.

Kitchen With Seed Glass Cabinet Doors

In this beautiful kitchen below, we filled the glass cabinets with white dishes, clear glassware, pitchers, vases, and bowls, so that the thin leaded X design would stand out and then so the bold backsplash could command most of the attention in the room.

You can see seed glass doesnt obscure much, although up close, it has a lovely handmade type quality to it and adds some depth to a space.

In the bar area of this project, we used dark blue on the cabinetry. The seed glass we used shows up a bit more here. Clear glassware works nicely in these dark painted glass panel cabinets.

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Perfect For The Small Kitchen

Glass door cabinets are an ideal option for studio apartments and urban homes that generally tend to have a pretty small and compact kitchen area. One of the basic principles of designing a small space is to ensure that it seems visually light and airy. Glass is a perfect material to get this job done. While kitchen cabinets engulfed in wood look sturdy, glass doors ensure that there is a sense of openness and loads of ventilation all around.

Smart lighting accompanying glass-front cabinets, walls coated in single neutral tone and floating shelves that take up very little leg room, one can create a fresh and spacious atmosphere inside a kitchen that is cramped for room.

Sumiglass To Transform The Look Of Your Kitchen Upgrade

Cabinet Cures Kitchen Custom Design Tip Glass Upper Cabinets

Ready to transform your cabinet glass during your next kitchen upgrade? Sumiglass is the glass for your project. Sumiglass combines frosted glass with unique white squiggly lines that intersect and artistically cover the entire pane. Pairing well with both dark and light cabinets, sumiglass is the perfect intersectional design between private cabinets and clear cabinets.

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What Are Rigid Thermofoil Cabinet Doors

RTF is a type of vinyl laminate. Its’s similar to particleboard but denser, smoother and more durable. It can simulate wood grain with convincing accuracy, which makes it a popular choice for household doors and cabinets. RTF has a non-porous surface, which means it can stand up to humidity and resist stains. You might choose solid RTF cabinet doors or mullion RTF cabinet doors with glass beneath.

Gorgeous Repurposed Cabinet Door Ideas You Dont Want To Miss

Amateurs can accomplish many of the projects with little more than chalk paint and an electric screwdriver. There are also many saleable, showpiece ideas for accomplished upcyclers.

Not everyone has the room to store big furniture while contemplating their next project. Thats what makes cabinet doors the ideal material. Theyre also great for aspiring crafters working with little to no budget. Its easy to find cabinet doors cheap or even free at garage sales and on the social media exchange pages. You might already know someone thats got a pile of dusty cabinets in their basement or garage. You can also store them in a stack until youre ready to start repurposing them.

Some of these projects make quick and easy gifts while others result in floor-to-ceiling statement pieces. Choose a simple sign design that sits prettily on any free shelf. Or, make over an entire room with a rustic accent wall.

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Ordering Information For Leaded Glass Inserts

Leaded glass inserts are available independently or with frame only doors. When ordering with a frame only door, WalzCraft will calculate the size of the glass needed to fit the opening. WalzCraft offers 16 standard configurations for leaded glass patterns. All Designer Cabinet Glass Patterns are available for leaded glass windows except for DG-05, resulting in 192 standard combinations.

Too Many Large Items On One Side Or A Jumble Of Small Items Can Look Off Balance Or Cluttered

Menards Cabinet Doors 2021

Generally speaking I use a combination of larger items mixed with clusters of smaller items or cookbooks. Because my cabinet doors divide the glass, I think about decorating in two columns.

I find that stacks of plates look great piled up side by side and a few cookbooks underneath a canister adds height and interest. Oversized pitchers or a soup tureen placed opposite each other on a diagonal create balance.


While its great to have your glass cabinets look beautiful, they must also be functional. We have two corners in our kitchen with glass cabinets and this is where I store our everyday dishes and glassware.

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Frosted Patterned Glass To Add Privacy To Your Cabinets

Not all homeowners want guests to have free views into all of their kitchen cabinetseven if those cabinets are only holding plates or cups. Frosted glass adds a layer of opacity to normally clear glass. The best part about frosted glass is that it can be taken a step further by adding patterns to it. The frosted look offers the privacy desired by homeowners and the patterns ensure that the glass will look stylish and sophisticated. If you are looking for a cabinet glass style for your new kitchen upgrade, frosted patterned glass is a safe yet stunning choice.

Leaded Glass Kitchen Cabinets

As the name suggests, leaded glass is very rich in lead. The high content of this heavy metal is responsible for the unique look of this glass and the tint that makes it special and appreciated for its decorative qualities. Leaded glass looks elegant and has this very appealing artisanal look but it can be pretty difficult to find. Alternatives include tinted or stained glass.

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Cabinet Type And Color Choices

At Cabinet Doors ‘N’ More, we offer a selection of Wilmington and Naples RTF options for your mullion cabinet doors. Learn more about each option to decide which will best suit your kitchen. Each cabinet type and color comes with the choice of frame-only, four-panel or six-panel mullions, allowing plenty of personalization. Our mullion cabinet doors hold 1/8-inch thick glass. All solid wood mullion cabinet doors come with clear retaining moulding and strong, clean joints.

Showcase Your Favorite Items

How to Install Glass in Cabinet Doors – With Middlefield Glass

Another key benefit of a mullion cabinet is the ability to display your favorite items. If you’ve curated a beautiful set of dishware, why hide it? Every object in your home says something about you, and glass front cabinets give you the chance to show off your personality and taste. Your favorite pieces will be framed as though they’re on display at a museum.

If you choose textured or frosted glass, you’ll have partial, obscured visibility, which will only increase curiosity and interest. Glass doors allow you to see your kitchenware while protecting it from dust, dirt and other concerns. They’re the perfect option for those who want to keep their items both visible and safe.

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Faux Stained Or Leaded Glass

Stained or leaded glass cabinet fronts are ideal for kitchens that add loads of reflective light and colors. The refractive quality of this artisan glass gives your ordinary cabinet doors a special sparkle. If your kitchen lacks natural light, add visual interest by installing accent lights inside the cabinets.

The shimmering light will filter through the stained glass to add drama to your kitchen after dark. Faux stained and leaded-glass kits or decorative films are available online and craft stores. This technique creates a rich look for a cottage, traditional, coastal, French country or old world charm.

Muntins can be glued directly onto the glass to create a crisscross or grid design.

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