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Decorative Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure

Different Types Of Boxes For Various Products:

Collapsible Gift Box With Magnetic Closure & Ribbon Finish ( Item # 41110699 )

We have a bundle of options for packaging, and it becomes difficult to choose between them. You select the box that gives a pleasing and attractive look.

Furthermore, it must protect the product that you have to close in it. For this purpose, you can select the one that best suits your products.

If you want to select the gift box, you can choose the . Moreover, they give a pleasant look to your gift. In other words, we can say that it increases the worth of your estate.

The different style boxes in different shapes and sizes. Many companies use them for other purposes. Like they want to use it for selling their products. But the most common use of these rigid boxes is as a gift box.

Advantages of using this box are:

  • They are available at low prices.
  • High-end machinery makes these boxes.
  • The printing is of high quality.
  • Good quality material.

Faqs Of Cardboard Gift Boxes

Q:How can I get some sample?A: Samples of existing paper tubes or boxes are available for free. Prototypes/sample for custom items will be charged at cost. But the fees will be deducted from the mass order. In either case, the customer should pay shipping cost. Freight collect service is strongly recommended.

Q: What format is preferred to you if I had my own design artwork?A: We accept AI,CDR and high resolution PDF.

Q: I like an article as shown in your website, do you have it in stock?A: We dont have stock for any product, although we do reserve some samples for each shipment. All goods are produced exactly based on customer orders.

Q: How can I get an accurate quote?A: Please tell us the desired box type/shape, dimensions, quantities, print colors and surface treatment. If you are not certain of such information, then please provide us the details of products the boxes are meant to hold.

QWhen can I expect my goods to be delivered?A: The lead time is usually 7-12 days after sample acceptance and 30% advance payment. It depends on the order quantity and extra treatments involved. Read more…

Magnetic Boxes For Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic packaging is one of the main aspects while selling products. The appearance of a product plays a large role in whether or not customers are attracted to it, especially if they are looking for that specific kind of thing.

While many people focus on whats inside the package, some things need to be considered before buying cosmetic packages, such as how resistant this material is, its manufacturing costs and environmental impact. Also, packaging has become part of the marketing strategy, whether it is clear or opaque our clients will be receiving an appealing design which will make them want to buy said product more than others.

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Custom Rigid Kraft Magnetic Boxes Packaging With Die

If you don’t think the thin paperboard inserts are good to fit your products, we also have foam insert option for your choice. There are EVA foam, EPE foam and XPE foam, their difference is on the hardness, EVA foam is the hardest, XPE foam is the softest, they usually are used in a jewelry packaging gift boxes. Foam color can be white, black and gray, they can be coated with luxury look velvet on the surface. As foam has a certain thickness, if you want a thicker foam, they usually are glued with several pieces to reach the thicker or higher insert. Foam insert can be die-cut to your product shape to fit them perfectly. They are a bit expensive than the paper insert.

Ztp Is Your Best Partner In Packaging Gift

Small Size Gift Box with Magnetic Closure Assortment (4 Pieces)

The best gift for someone you care about, whether its a family member or a friend, took a lot of time to look for. Wrap the gift that youve chosen now. Of course, if its a big event, youd want to surprise someone with a beautiful and thoughtful gift box.

It will always be important to have gift boxes that are both beautiful and appealing to look at. You also want to see your friends and family open the gift with a big smile on their faces.

Because we think that gifts show kindness and love, we at ZTP make every effort to give our clients gift boxes that are both beautiful and functional. To make an event more special, you should have such a great gift box to give!

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Can I Get A Decorative Box With Magnetic Closure For A Reasonable Price

A decorative box with magnetic closure is supposed to be a lifelong companion. You will enjoy faster opening times, better quality, and a better view by paying more for your product. Likewise, a new decorative box with magnetic closure costs between $$$ and $$$. You miss out on some luxury features, but its still a great deal.

Custom Magnetic Gift Boxes With Top Lid Glued In The Back Or Not Glued

There are two options for the choice of how to display the top magnetic lid, it can be glued to the back of the box, and not glued. You can notice the main difference of the two types lid option, if the flap back glued to the inner box, then the top lid can’t be flip backward to the floor and lay down flatly. The magnetic flap is not glued to the inner box then it can flatly lay down backward. We recommend a taller box with a glued lid and a lower box with a lid not glued.

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How To Make It Unique For Your Brand

We know that many companies are selling different kinds of products. If you are new in the run, it isnt easy to set your position. For this purpose, you have two options: to change your product or take steps towards your packaging.

If you make unique and elegant packaging for your product, there are 95% chances that people might check your brand.

Let us show the importance of packaging with an example. When the products of two different companies are identical, one company presents its products in a different style of boxes. As a result, one of them has a higher sales rate than the other.

What is the reason behind its high sale rate? It might be the question that will be in your mind. So, the answer is simple. The product that has a great sale rate has attractive packaging. Therefore, the packaging increases the sale rate.

So, if you want to compete in the market, you have to work on the packaging. If you are new and have plenty of money for investment, you must have magnetic boxes for your products.

These boxes are elegant and grab the customers attention. Moreover, it is the only way to compete with the other well-known brands.

Custom Magnetic Boxes With Ribbon Pull Flap Lid Closure

Magnetic Closure box Tutorial

To attach a piece of ribbon pull on the flap can make it easy to open the box. The ribbon can be selected in many colors such as black, white, and gold etc color ribbon pull. If you don’t like a ribbon attach to the box, can also choose to cut a finger notch in any shape on the magnetic flap. However, we will recommend the ribbon pull instead of the finger notch cut, because it’s easy to notice the gray board from the cut edge and it’s hard to cover it with the surface coating paper.

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Features And Advantages Of Magnetic Boxes From Cooverbox

The goal of Cooverbox company is to create a unique packaging that emphasizes special aspects of every gift. You are welcome to choose:

  • finish material

This turns custom magnetic boxes into a kind of constructor and are created personally for every client.

Only safe materials are used for production. On our website, you can choose a style of gift boxes from the available options in online mode or contact the design team to bring your fantastic ideas into life. If you want to put a company or a persons name or a memorable phrase on magnetic flap boxes, then we will do it for you. Cube boxes with logo will become the brands signature or remind the birthday person who has presented the gift.

Bespoke Rigid Collapsible Magnetic Closure Foldable Gift Boxes

The foldable magnetic box is a flat shipped option to save box order shipping cost, also can save storage room to store hundreds or thousands of pieces of setup gift boxes if they are in a big size. It also called collapsible boxes, they are the same style as above setup rigid magnetic boxes after assembly with the double-sided adhesive glued on the four corners of the box, very easy assembly. It’s a perfect way to save shipping and avoid box damage during shipment. The production cost of this kind of box is a bit higher than the setup one, but consider the convenience and advantages, it’s worth to try this box style, but if your box with foam insert, we don’t recommend the collapsible boxes, best to put the foam insert inside the setup boxes to ship together.

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Custom Magnetic Rigid Boxes With Inserts

Magnetic rigid boxes with inserts are handy. These cushioning inserts are ideal for keeping your delicate items safe and secure. In addition, they also keep the product from moving around and unnecessary damage.

We suggest form and silk inserts in plain surface paper-covered rigid cardboard magnetic gift boxes on the grounds. All inserts are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Reuse and utilize them time and again and lessen your carbon footprint. If not for silk, you can always choose the paperboard as a cost-effective alternative.

Custom Rigid Magnetic Lids Boxes With Top Flap End At Half Of The Front Panel

Foil Stamping Decorative Magnetic Gift Boxes With Metal Closure Board ...

The regular closure of flip-top rigid cardboard box is fully covered the front box panel. However, it can be customized to have a two-piece like flaps meet in the middle of box front panel, one-piece comes from the box base and another one is the top lid flip down to meet the base one, this type flap closure usually will be customized on a tall magnetic box. By this way, to decrease the height of the top flap and make it easy to open, and you can add a piece of custom stickers to seal the end of the two flaps as a presentation magnetic gift box.

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How Has Icm Helped Customers Around The Globe With Its Services

When designing and packaging products, a business cannot take risks as your product is as good as its packaging. We know how important packaging is to the success of your brand in the market thats why we use the latest machinery and experienced workers to achieve the best results for our customers.

Our aim has always been to satisfy the client instead of making big profits and its only possible by focusing on providing the best quality. If you are still confused about choosing a box supplier for your business, order a sample box from us and see the quality yourself. We are very sure that you will love the quality of our boxes and will choose ICM as your packaging partner.

Custom Kraft Rigid Magnetic Closure Boxes With A Clear Window On The Lid

Customers always like to catch a glimpse of the product packed inside a box before their purchase. There is a way to let them see through the box without opening the box, is to make a window on the box lid. A clear PVC window is a perfect way to display your items inside the packaging at the same time to let people see them without touch to contaminate the product. The window shape on the box can also be customized as per your requirements.

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Custom Rigid Kraft Cardboard Magnetic Lid Boxes

What is a magnetic box? It’s not for packing magnets, people call it magnetic boxes because of this kind of rigid gift boxes have a flap closure with a magnetic close mechanism. Usually, they are made from rigid cardboard and with two small pieces of magnet plates slotted inside the front box wall, and two pieces of small metal plates glued inside the flip-top closure, so they will attract each other to close the box lid. It also called magnetic closure boxes and magnetic flap boxes. Custom magnetic boxes can be brown Kraft paper coated outside to have natural look gift boxes, also can be full color printed on a white surface paper to get an attractive artwork designed magnetic closure gift box.

Black And White Rigid Magnetic Closure Boxes

Carver Dan’s Handcrafted Wooden Puzzle Box w/ Magnetic Closure on QVC

Except for the standard dark-colored Kraft paper, there is the matte white and a black Kraft paper that can be covered to the custom cardboard Boxes to make a black & a white magnetic box. Spot UV and hot foil stepping logos like gold foil and black foil look exceptional. They add a touch of luxury to your custom packing.

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What Is The Reason For The Popularity Of Gift Boxes With Magnetic Closure

The first reason why decorative magnetic gift boxes are so popular is their fashionable design. Even the most expensive gift should be packed in an additional wrapper since the main thing about s present is its first impression. When the birthday person holds a beautiful box in hands, it becomes clear at once that the giver has put the heart into the gift and paid a lot of attention to choosing it.

The second reason is that magnetic packaging is practical. Such a box can be easily used in everyday life, because it can be used to store accessories, cosmetics, or childs toys, reminding of a memorable event.

Third, the magnet securely fixes the contents, which is especially important when there are small items inside. Such customised boxes for gifts make it possible for you to lay out the items carefully and apply them as you please.

Into magnetic cardboard box you can hide:

How Are These Boxes Beneficial From A Business Point Of View

Companies that want to become successful brands select magnetic boxes for their brands. Using these boxes have the following advantages:

  • Luxury brands use the luxury magnetic gift box.
  • Best for the promotion of the products.
  • Best for providing security to the products.
  • Gives a pleasing effect to the product or gift.

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Custom Printed Brown Kraft Surface Paper Coated Rigid Cardboard Magnetic Boxes

You are able to design your artwork in full color and can be printed on a brown Kraft paper, comparing to the white paper, the background of Kraft paper boxes is brown Kraft color instead of white color. It’s a good idea to apply a rigid cardboard magnetic box packaging which with a natural look for your natural products, such as skincare products, tea gift packaging, agilawood products, etc. The printed Kraft paper usually with a matte look, if you want to have a partial glossy of some text or your logo, then can apply spot UV or hot foil stamping finish.

Custom Gift Boxes With A Triangular

Foil Stamping Decorative Magnetic Gift Boxes With Metal Closure Board ...

The regular flap lid of the magnetic box is rectangular cut, however, it can also be cut to other shapes, a popular shape is a triangular edge, see below image you can notice the triangular shaped flip-top lid. It can also be oval-shaped if you like, they can be customized to meet your special design needs.

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Personalized White Surface Paper Coated Magnetic Lid Boxes With Full

No matter brown Kraft paper or black Kraft paper, both have a limitation on printing, so if you want to have a fantastic artwork printed gift boxes, should opt to a white art paper coated rigid box, the white surface art paper is the most commonly used paper for printing and coated to rigid cardboard to make luxury paper packaging boxes. Check out our customer cases photos to see more beautiful printed gift boxes.

If you want to custom made your own branded rigid cardboard magnetic boxes packaging, or you are at the early stage want to know a price idea or get a box die-line to make artwork designing, you can simply click below button to fill out a quick form to request a free quote from us, we will send a quote to you within 12 hours after receiving your inquiry.

Collapsible & Rigid Magnetic Lid Gift Boxes

Our unique magnetic lid gift boxes are an innovative packaging solution for retailers and gift-givers who dont want to sacrifice style based on cost and storage space. These folding gift boxes assemble in just seconds and the finished box has the look and feel of a high-end rigid box. Our flip-top folding gift boxes have hidden magnets in the lid so that they snap shut and stay securely closed. These gift boxes are also easily collapsible and can be reused many times because of their sturdy and high-quality construction.

Because of the way these boxes are designed, they are the perfect gift box for retailers that want to offer a high-end presentation with less hassle. These magnetic gift boxes are storage friendly, easy to assemble, and they are reusable. One of the best features about these boxes is that they can be disassembled and reused many times because of their durability. There is no loss in quality to your gift box when you reassemble it multiple times. Assembling these boxes takes only seconds and the magnetic lids snaps securely closed. Simply pull a ribbon inside the box to unassemble the box with ease. These gift boxes can be accented with ribbon, bows, or tissue paper and can help you create a premium presentation for your items.

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