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Decorative Frame For Adjustable Bed

Simple Wooden Headboard And Footboard

Can an Adjustable Base Fit Inside my Bedframe?

You will never go wrong with wooden headboards and footboards on any adjustable bed. Get wooden headboards and footboards that are beautifully carved to give the space you sleet at a beautiful appearance. There are also various types of wood so go for the one that matches your adjustable base, the floor, or the ceiling for a beautiful bedroom.

How Do You Put An Adjustable Bed Into A Bed Frame

Wondering how to hide adjustable bed frames in a traditional bed frame? The answer is easy. Simply remove any cross bracing in the traditional bed frame–any slats or metal cross bars–and then lift the adjustable bed and set it down snugly inside the traditional bed frame. This can be done with two people–one on each side–but you might find that four make the job easier. Then you have an adjustable metal bed frame completely hidden within the traditional bed.

If you have a lifted bed, such as a sleigh bed or some other elevated bed, the adjustable bed base can fit onto the supports of the elevated bed.

There will, of course, be some beds that are more difficult–youll definitely need four people to get an adjustable bed frame onto a four-poster bed because you cant lift it over the footboard–but for the most part its an easy process. Youll discover that finding the people to come and lift the adjustable bed frame into place will take longer than it will for them to do the job. It is really just a matter of lifting one up, moving into position, and setting it down.

Can You Buy a Frame for an Adjustable Bed?

Thats the beauty of this system. You can buy ANY frame for an adjustable bed. Any bed frame that you like will be able to hide the adjustable bed frame inside it, so youre free to pick any fashion, any style, any bed frame that you want.

How Do I Control An Adjustable Bed

There are a couple of different ways to control your beds settings and set it to a zero-gravity sleep position. A few adjustable beds might come with buttons on the side, though these are usually made to supplement the remote.

Most of the time, you control an adjustable base with the corresponding remote. Some are wireless, while some are plugged into the base itself, almost like a hospital bed. A new adjustable bed usually comes with a backlit, cordless remote.

Many of the newest models also now offer the additional option of using an app on your smartphone to adjust your beds settings.

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What Mattress Can Be Used With An Adjustable Bed

A common misconception about adjustable beds is that the mattresses are a different size from standard, common mattress sizes. But theyre not. They are the same size, so an adjustable bed, in its flat position, would look exactly the same as your regular bed in its frame.

The dimensions of an adjustable bed mattress are the same as the dimensions of a standard mattressan adjustable queen is the same size as a standard queen, for example.

Our Favorite Panel Beds


We have everything you need to complete your entire bedroom, including the bed itself. We have dozens upon dozens of new beds and headboards, including many panel beds. Not only do panel beds have enough height for under-bed storage, but many designs actually come with built-in drawers. These are a few of our favorites:

New Classic Tamarack Bed

The Tamarack Collection showcases the versatility of a clean and modern look. This beautiful bed is made from poplar and basswood solids, as well as veneers. It is offered through City Mattress in Cherry, Black or White colors. Choose whichever wood color looks best with your decor, slide in the adjustable bed base, and your new bed is ready to give you the best night possible!

Vaughan Bassett Sawmill Storage Bed

If youre looking for both practicality and comfort, this storage bed is your ideal solution. The underbed drawers are the perfect way to put extra blankets, pillows, and other items out of sight and out of mind. With your adjustable foundation inside and plenty of storage underneath, you have everything you need.

Flexsteel Lawson Upholstered Panel Wood Bed

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Velcro Strips Bed Skirts

Usually when you have a bed that has sides moving independently of each other, using bed skirts with velcro strips is the best approach when it comes to installation. The strips are attached directly and easily around the bed frame. Pay careful attention when installing Velcro bed skirt strips because it requires a lot of precision and concentration because you do not want the velcro strips to be crooked. Velcro strips can be purchased from Amazon and positioned on a ready-made bed skirt as a way to customize the bed skirt for use on an adjustable bed frame.

How To Decorate An Adjustable Bed

Wouldnt it be great to have a bed that functions like an adjustable foundation but looks like a regular bed? In fact, this is possible! What youre going to want to do is buy a new panel bed. A panel bed is any bed frame with a headboard, a base, and two side panels. In other words, a panel bed is a bed with a four-wall frame. Often, they have wooden slats connecting the two side pieces.

City Mattress has a renowned delivery team that does a lot more than just drop off your items and leave. They can remove these wooden slats and slide your adjustable base into the four walls of your bed. You wont be able to tell its an adjustable foundation by looking at it. This is the best way to have the comfort and health you need, with the style you want.

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What Headboards And Footboards Can You Use With An Adjustable Bed Frame

Most adjustable beds only come as the bed frame, which may look plain and not match the decor and style of your room. Attaching a headboard, footboard, or both to the adjustable bed bases improves their appearance and thus makes them blend in with your room decor.

Unlike other beds with a traditional headboard, you are free to select a free-standing headboard for your adjustable bed. However, it is essential to consider the dimensions of your adjustable bed. Is it a twin xl, king-size, or split king?

These dimensions will guide you on the headboard and footboard to purchase to avoid attaching headboards and footboards that dont fit your bed and room. The good thing about most headboards is that you can attach them using headboard brackets and continue to sleep on your memory foam or the current mattress you have.

Attach Your Bed Skirt

Best Adjustable Bed Frames (Our Top 5 Picks!)

This step involves either using bed skirt pins, velcro strips, elastic or sewing the pieces together depending on the bed skirt that you have bought.

If you are using velcro strips, then you need to attach them directly to the bed frame. Work your way around until you reach the headboard. Adhere the Velcro adhesive to the bed frame first by peeling the protective strip and pressing it firmly to the frame. Then remove the other protective strip and press the fabric to the Velcro thats on the frame.

For a DIY skirt, make sure the stitches are strong enough so that the fabric does pull apart.

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French Provincail Oak Chest Of Drawers

Our tall boy oak chest of drawers has a simple, streamlined design that feels fresh and minimalist, perfect for Hamptons and French design aesthetics. It can also bring height to a room and draw the eye upward. It features solid hardwood construction and five spacious drawers. This chest is available in two colours – oak and white.It is hand crafted from solid oak so there will be slight variations in colour and knots in the timber which makes each piece unique. The variations are by no means a fault but add to the natural beauty of each.

How Does An Adjustable Bed Fit Into A Bed Frame

Its common for new customers to wonder how to put an adjustable base into a bed frame. A lot of people worry that their adjustable bed will require them to change the entire decor of their bedroom, or that the adjustable bed frame will look like a hospital bed. This couldnt be further from the truth! In fact, any adjustable bed frame can be made to fit with your existing frame and headboard, allowing you to keep the look and feel of your room, combined with the comfort and benefits of an adjustable bed.

An adjustable bed frame can offer one of the most comfortable nights sleep that you can get, but theres no reason to think that you have to sacrifice the beauty of a well-designed bedroom for a sterile and hospital-like adjustable bed. Bed frames that fit adjustable bed frames are easy to find. In fact, almost every off-the-shelf bed frame will accommodate an adjustable bed frame.

Dont give up the many health benefits that come from a relaxing and invigorating adjustable bed just because you think it wont fit in. You can move your body into a zero-gravity position or take the load off your pressure points all from the comfort of whatever bed and headboard you like.

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Outfitting Your Panel Bed

If you have a panel bed that youd like to outfit with an adjustable bed, you have two options that will work with your existing setup. Your choice will impact how you install your new adjustable bed:

  • Zero clearance means that your adjustable base will rest flat on the existing bed frame. In this case, all you have to do is remove the box spring from off the slats and fit the adjustable bed base snugly in its place. As with all adjustable beds, theyll fit neatly inside existing headboards, footboards, and side rails, provided youve matched the bed sizes .
  • Non-zero clearance means that you need some free space below the adjustable base. This type cant sit flat on the panels because of the bed frames legs. To fit a non-zero clearance adjustable bed into a panel frame, youre going to have to remove the frames slats to allow the mechanism to run smoothly. This isnt terribly difficultit might only require a screwdriver or a socket wrench.

Once youve removed the slats, your adjustable bed will fit right in the middle of the frame. If your frame is tall, have no fearthe legs on adjustable beds are, you guessed it, height adjustable.

While that may seem like a lot to take in for one sitting, you only really have to know your bed frame type and the clearance of your adjustable bed.

Tip 2 Spread Decorative Pillows Over The Bed

Tempurpedic Adjustable Base

Spread some decorative pillows or cushions on the bed to liven up the entire room. If your room has muted tones, then incorporate a pop of color with bright and colorful decorative pillows. On the other hand, if your room already has an accent wall, then you can select neutral colors for the pillows to add a little bit of contrast. These add texture and interest to a bed whilst also matching more neutral decor schemes.

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Make Your Own Bed Skirt With A Little Bit Of Diy

This method is convenient, as you can select the fabric and the color of your choice to create a custom look that perfectly compliments your bedroom decor. This checked woven linen fabric from Amazon will create a classic and sophisticated look in a bedroom.

Making your own bed skirt involves sewing three separate panels of fabric and then securing them to the bed frame or foundation. If you can sew in a continuous straight line, then this task will be easy for you to do. To make your own DIY bed skirt measure the length and height of both sides of the bed, as well as length and height of the foot of the bed. Then add about 1.5-inches all around for the hem. Watch this video to see how to sew a hem and turn a corner. A corner turner like this one from Amazon is useful for making good points when sewing corners and this mini-sewing machine from Amazon is a great start machine if you plan on making custom bed skirts for your adjustable bed.

The Essential Starter Kit For Making Your Own Bed Skirts For Adjustable Beds.


Make sure to also take a look at our comprehensive guide to bed skirt uses tips and tricks for more ideas. Also, our article explaining the different types of bed skirts and their uses may also provide you with some new ideas.

Start At One Corner Of The Foot Board And Work Around Your Bed

Follow your manufacturers instructions. For example, this smart skin instruction guide from Sleep number shows how hook and loop bed skirts can work with their adjustable beds. In general this involves starting by finding the center of your fabric strip, then position its center to the center of the foot of the bed and continue covering the front of the bed with the fabric, loosely tacking it on the frame as you go.

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Tip 1 Use Sheets With Special Features

To keep your adjustable bed neat, you can secure sheets with special features to your bed. Choose between fitted sheets with extra deep pockets or oversized flat sheets so that they can move with the adjustable base. Make sure to clip the sheets with sheet straps or suspenders to keep them in place. We recommend these extra deep sheets from Amazon along with these bed sheet holder straps.

When An Adjustable Bed Is Made To Fit The Needs Of A Storage Bed Frame It Wont Do That

DreamCloud Adjustable Bed Frame Review – Do You Need an Adjustable Base?

An adjustable bed fits snugly into a standard bed frame, as the adjustable bed base is narrower than a frame. If building a diy bed frame is not your thing, then heres a cool bed frame for you made from wood, that we really like from joss & main. You may also be able to remove the platform beds slats and set up the adjustable base inside the frame.

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How To Hide An Adjustable Bed Frame

An adjustable bed frame fits snugly into a standard bed frame, as the adjustable bed base is narrower than a frame. The only thing you would have to change is if your current bed frame has slats or support railsthose would need to be removed to make space for your bed base, but thats no worry as the bed base already provides its own support for the adjustable bed and mattress.

In other words, the only part of your existing bed frame–the bed frame that you bought because it is attractive, with a headboard and a footboard that you love–that would need to change is just to remove the internal supports. Then how does a bed frame hide an adjustable bed? Its simply because the adjustable bed frame is smaller than the regular bed frame, so it drops down inside the existing bed frame, and the adjustable bed frame is totally hidden from view.

Your friends and family will be wowed to discover, when seeing your bed laying flat, that it is actually an adjustable bed fit into a bed frame. When you lie in the bed, raise your feet and legs, raise your back, and adjust your neck, and the adjustable bed hugs the headboard, it will look like a miracle. Its a complete renovation of your bedrooms functionality, but it doesnt take up any extra space in the bedroom. No additional square footage is needed for an adjustable bed frame, and you dont need to rearrange the furniture. The adjustable bed fits the bed frame.

Upholstered Headboard And Footboard

Nothing says elegance better than an upholstered footboard and headboard attachment. You can choose any print or design for the upholster as long as it matches your style and your bedroom will look elegant. Upholstered headboards and footboards are perfect for a platform bed and various types of adjustable beds, so you dont have to worry about compatibility.

That is why this is the most popular headboard!

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Diy Bed Frame For Adjustable Base

Oops, I did it again! I made a DIY bed frame for our adjustable base bed with pole wrap! If you have been following along in my, you know we got an adjustable base bed at the end of the year. While I love our new bed, it didnt really work with our old upholstered bed frame that we were disassembling the night before our Tempur-Pedic was delivered. Since then, we have only had the adjustable base and nothing decorative. Obviously that had to change. Today, I am going to show you how I made this DIY bed frame for our adjustable base with pole wrap. Are you ready?

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Before I dive into the DIY, let me give you a little back story. As I mentioned, we recently purchased a Tempur-Pedic mattress with an adjustable base, you know the kind that raises up and down like a hospital bed. BTW, if you are on the fence, WE LOVE it!!! But it posed a few challenges with the decorative aspect as we could not set the new bed on our old frame. If you recall, this is what our old bed looked like.

DIY Bed Frame for Adjustable Base Supplies


Step 1

Cutting the pole wrap. For my headboard, I chose to use pole wrap as the feature for a modern wood element. Yes, I know, I am completely obsessed and you can assume this will not be the last application I ordered a larger piece than I used on the Kallax and Rast hacks to avoid piecing it together.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9

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