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Decorative Exterior Shutters With Cutouts

Measure For Custom Exterior Shutters

DIY Sailboat Cutout Window Shutters

With a few exceptions, most custom exterior shutters install to either side of a window. Functional shutters installed with rotating hinges need to be half the width of the window to fully close. Purely decorative shutters should have a similar appearance as those that are operable. However, modern windows are often wider than what can logically be covered and compromises need to be made. In that situation, we recommend using panels ¼ the width of the window. This approach then mimics the appearance of bi-fold panels. Height should conform to match the window in all installations.

Construction Of Outdoor Panels

Consistent construction of dependable high-quality products is fundamental to our identity at ShutterLand. We are extremely particular about the materials and the manufacturing process. Custom exterior shutters must be able to endure years of harsh outdoor weather conditions. We use time-tested techniques combined with modern innovation to assemble quality wood shutters. Joints between stiles and rails are glued, dowelled, and screwed for the strongest bond possible. Composite panels are secured with tongue and groove connections strengthened with industrial outdoor glue and 1 inch staples.

Styles Of Exterior Shutters

Outdoor louvered shutters are the most versatile and therefore the most widely employed. They add depth, texture, and symmetry to any façade, using angled horizontal louvers equally spaced and secured between the side stiles. When installed with functional outdoor hardware and closed over the window, wood louvered shutters allow air transfer through the slats. Limited space between louvers does make this style of shutter the most difficult to prime, sand, and paint.

Raised panel shutters incorporate solid tapered panels that lock between the stiles and rails. These rigid custom exterior shutters provide a structured appearance that is desirable on many homes. The raised panel style is favored in many regions along the East Coast, but is certainly not limited to that region. Outside raised panel shutters positioned over the window can give moderate storm protection or room-darkening privacy. Add a star, heart, sailboat, or tree cutout for a unique personalized result.

Shaker panel shutters are constructed the same way as the raised panel style, replacing the insert with a perforated section. This craftsman design simulates the vertical planks of the popular board and batten structure with the addition of surrounding stiles and rails. Solid panels are considerably easier to finish than louvered shutters. A similar contemporary flat panel shutter can also be supplied.

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Production And Shipping Time

Wood and composite panels require about 6-9 weeks to manufacture. After an order is complete it is shipped direct to your front door. Vinyl shutters only take about 3-5 weeks to craft.

ShutterLand will provide you with all of the necessary information to make an informed purchase. Our website is organized with detailed specifications of every outdoor shutter we sell, including pictures. While some may not care about the height of the divider rail, it may be crucial for another who is matching replacement exterior shutters. If you are unable to find the answer to a question, call us and a specialist will be happy to help.

Where Exterior Window Shutters Went Wrong

Manufacture Exterior PVC Vinyl Shutters w/ Nautical ...

The public has always been in love with the warm cozy feel of a traditional styled home. Exterior wood window shutters provide that look and feel. Aluminum siding and fake aluminum shutters started to be heavily marketed in the 1950s.

To simplify installation of aluminum shutters on aluminum siding, the method of installing exterior window shutters hanging shutters changed. Window shutters began to be installed by screwing the shutter onto the siding NEXT TO, instead of directly on top of window casing, and without the use of hinges. This was easy and required minimal intelligence.

Eventually, people became more lazy, less knowledgeable, and more insensitive to the appearance of their windows and began using the wrong size shutters. Before you knew it, they were putting rectangular shutters on arched windows and whatever else you could imagine!

This is where we are today. As you may or may not know, the window shutter has evolved in a grossly unfortunate way. Sadly, we too have evolved to accept this new bland look. It is now normal and what we expect to see when we look at a house with shutters. This is also what architects and builders do and what we see with many exterior window shutter companies.

If you are not aware of the bad window shutters problem you soon will be.

Read on and we will re-train your eyes to understand, see, and feel the impact of a architecturally correct and incorrect window shutter.

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Board And Batten Shutters

Commonly referred to as B& B shutters, board and batten shutters consist of several boards that are held together by a horizontal or z-shaped panel on the back. These shutters are ideal for barn-style buildings, country bungalows and cabin homes. Board and batten shutters are mostly made of wood, but also come in vinyl. Board and batten shutters cost between $100 and $450 a pair. Compared to other types, B& B shutters require more time to install and are harder to maintain.

Final Thoughts On Window Shutters

Shutters are a practical window treatment option which light up your space and increase your homes privacy. They can be installed on the interior or exterior of any room. Even cheap exterior shutters and cheap plantation shutters can help keep your windows safer in a storm. Any outside window shutters have the potential to add curb appeal and value to your home while indoor window shutters add interest and controover the light.

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What Our Customers Say

As a small family run business we endeavour to look after customers as we expect to be looked after ourselves.It is most definitely a case of being small enough to care about what we do.Please see the feedbackbelow from some of our clients who have visited the popular review site FreeIndex. We should justmention that we have no control over any comments that are made.

I replaced the 8 decorative shutters on the front of my house . Simply Shutters made exact size and style replacements for what was there before. Their product is of impressively high quality and beautifully finished, and I am sure it will outlast me – plus a few decades. They were delivered on time and carefully wrapped to avoid damage. The sales service was excellent their staff friendly and helpful. They don’t do the fitting for you you have to organize that yourself, but they will suggest local fitters. I did it myself, it took 4 days at a slow steady pace, with a lot of holes to drill! However, don’t attempt the upper level fitting yourself unless you are sure you can do it safely, and you must think through every move beforehand.

Really pleased with Simply Shutters. Exceeded my expectations in both customer service and product quality. Excellent value for money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use this company again in future.

How To Make Diy Shutters With Sailboat Cutouts

Exterior Window Shutters with Decorative Cutouts

Today, Ive got a video and a tutorial to show you how to make DIY shutters with sailboat cutouts. I made my sailboat cutout shutters with PVC because they will last for years and I dont need to paint them. Besides being crazy durable they are also lightweight and easy to install. Even more, these easy to make, outdoor decorative shutters are perfect for a beach bungalow or cottage style home. I choose colonial board and batten style shutters because they are perfect for this style of DIY shutter cutouts. I share my own sailboat shutter cutout design below that you can download and tips on how to make a shutter cutout if you want another design.

While I liked the concrete dolphins our home came with, I didnt love them. Even after adding the DIY Flower Box, I thought the house needed more of something to make it cozy.

Funny thing is, I hadnt noticed that I never finished painting around this window or removing the old hurricane shutter hardware until I was ready to install my DIY sailboat cutout shutters! Anyhoo, Ive been eyeing coastal shutters with sailboat cutouts for the longest time. But at $350+ per set of shutters it wasnt gonna happen anytime soon!

You can make sailboat cutout shutters for about $60 a pair my friends! I made a quick video on how to make DIY shutters with sailboat cutouts so you can see how easy this project was to make. Theres also a full tutorial below with lots of additional tips and information.

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Materials For House Shutters

When installing shutters on windows, one of the primary factors you need to consider is their material which should complement your homes color scheme and architectural style. Options include:

  • Wood shutters: These are perfect for a classic look. Wood is the material of choice when it comes to plantation shutters. Wood can be painted, shaped and stained in different ways to suit your preferences. However, wooden shutters might not be ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, as they cannot withstand prolonged exposure to water and moisture.
  • Wood composite shutters: Medium-density fiberboard is a common alternative to wood shutters. MDF shutters are made of compacted softwoods and hardwoods, thus making the shutters quite durable and economical.
  • Plastic shutters: When looking for a shutter material that can withstand abuse from the elements and moisture, plastic is arguably the best option. Plastic shutters are relatively affordable and easy to install and maintain.
  • Hurricane shutters: Hurricane shutters are made of aluminum or steel and are ideal for all types of homes. They are lightweight and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Unlike wood or plastic shutters, hurricane shutters are not prone to cracks, rot or warping. On the downside, they are prone to rust and corrosion, particularly if they are untreated.

Cost Of Custom Exterior Shutters

The price of ShutterLand window shutters is largely determined by the style, material and finish combination. We have attempted to keep costs at a minimum for direct internet sales. You can get an immediate price by visiting the product page which best fits your need. Enter a few specifications and click Price. Add the item to the shopping cart and keep shopping for multiple sizes.

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What To Consider Before Buying Indoor Shutters

Before choosing indoor shutters for your home, you need to consider what style and functionality will suit your home best. Do you need more privacy? What amount of light do you want to let in? You might consider talking to an interior designer or an architect who will help you to settle on a shutter style that suits your needs.Another consideration is the material used for your indoor shutters. Interior shutters are made of polyurethane, vinyl and wood. Polyurethane and vinyl shutters are long-lasting and require minimal care and maintenance. Wooden interior shutters might need to be treated annually to prevent molding as a result of exposure to moist environments.

How To Install Pvc Sailboat Cutout Shutters On Stucco

Custom configured combination radius top shutter with a ...

Our home is stucco over cinder block. Heres how I installed my DIY shutters with sailboat cutouts securely.

Next, drill pilot holes into the cinderblocks through the existing lower shutter pilot holes and secure with bolts. I used Tapcon bolts for masonry.

Id love it f you pinned my DIY sailboat cutout shutters for later and shared them on Facebook!

DIY shutters with sailboat cutouts are really easy to make and install guys! These cute pvc shutters added lots of personality to the front of my house and gave it a better bungalow look too. Plus, I saved a ton of cash over buying pre-made ones!

Dont you love shutters on a house for a cozy look? What cutout shape would you use? Share with me below in the comment section!

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What Are Window Shutters

There are interior shutters and exterior shutters available for homes. Interior shutters are window treatments that are used in place of curtains or blinds. They offer privacy, enable you to control the amount of light in your home and add to the design and style of your home. Exterior shutters boost your homes energy efficiency, improve its curb appeal and can also enhance your privacy, depending on the type you install.

Exterior Shutters Paint Colors

ShutterLand provides three finish options for wood and composite materials. All shutters should be completely finished to protect the raw material for regular exposure to the outside elements. Quality paint applied with thorough coverage is the best to shield the shutters for an extended period. It is highly recommended that the wood or composite be primed prior to painting. The primer seals the raw fibers and gives the paint finish a smooth connective surface for best adherence. ShutterLand shutters can be ordered professionally factory primed, painted, and ready for installation. We also offer the opportunity to order house shutters unfinished or just primed for DIY home improvement projects.

Paint colors for exterior shutters are infinite, and selection can be daunting. We have a collection of nine standard paints that many homeowners find appealing. If you need a more refined hue, we do mix custom colors for a one-time fee of $180. Colors chosen often match the front door or window trim. Do consider how all of the house will appear and that new exterior shutters may take up considerable real estate. Major paint manufactures and suppliers publish collections prepared by designers who understand colors that complement one another. This is a great resource to get paint color ideas for custom exterior shutters. Still, the most popular window shutter color is black.

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What To Think About Before Buying Outdoor Shutters

To get the most out of your exterior shutters, you need to consider a few factors. The shutters size needs to be such that they can cover the windows when they are closed. They should give the illusion that they are usable though they might not be operable. Their color should also complement your homes exterior.Another factor you need to consider when choosing your homes exterior shutters is the shutter material. Different materials have different characteristics when it comes to their appearance, durability and functionality. Due to exposure to the elements, exterior shutters should be strong and moisture-proof.You also need to consider the type of operation you prefer for your exterior shutters. Some of the most common options are bi-fold, fixed, hinged and sliding shutters.

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