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Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles 2×2

Benefits Of Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles For Suspended Ceilings

Installing 2×2 & 2×4 Drop/Suspended Ceiling Tiles Into Ceiling Grid

A suspended acoustic ceiling makes it easier to access structural components and provides improved soundproofing and increased energy efficiency. Decorative drop ceiling tiles can also brighten up an interior and are customizable according to the style and aesthetic you wish to achieve in each space.

Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Drop

Faux-tin drop-ceiling tiles are an excellent way to add decorative flare to your commercial business or home, but not everyone is familiar with them. While our tiles give the appearance of classic tin ceiling tiles, they are made of PVC and coated to appear as if they are made of metal, the faux part of faux tin. Drop-in ceiling tiles are made for grid ceiling systems, also called suspended ceiling systems. They are installed a few inches below the true ceiling and consist of a framework that creates 2’x2′ or 2’x4′ spaces where the faux-tin ceiling tiles drop in. They are most often used in retail spaces, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, or basements and allow for easy access to wires, plumbing, and AC ducts.

Unlike full aluminum, steel, or copper tiles, our faux-tin drop-ceiling tiles are extremely lightweight, with tiles averaging five to eight ounces. These faux-tin drop-in ceiling tiles give you all the feel of traditional metal tiles, without the echo, and make installation easy. Your faux-tin ceiling tiles drop in your existing gridwork for a beautiful ceiling at an affordable price. Add depth and elegance to your space without the permanence of gluing or nailing.

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Universal Installation And Easy To Work With

It’s made in the size of 24″x24â to meet the standard 15/16â T bar grid system for easy drop in installation.

It can also be glued up on any flat substrates if it involves too much to assemble the grid system.

It can be cut with a large pair of scissors or utility knife, no power tools needed, no dust or any hazardous stuffs occur.

It’s made of human freindly material, no hazardous remission

It’s water and moisture proof

It can be secondary use when necessary if use as a suspended ceiling

It’s pretty light, in case it falls off, it wonât hurt people.It’s an safe material for ceiling decoration typically.

60.96 x 60.96 x 0.08 cm 4.42 Kilograms
Item model number
3.6 out of 5 stars
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3.6 out of 5 stars

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Ceiling Tile Performance Features

Sizes: all tiles are available in the surface mount 12 x 12 tile size, 24″ x 24″ and 24″ x 48″ drop ceiling tiles, 6″ x 48″ and 5″ x 84″ plank styles.

Great cover-up: surface mount options are easy to install over damaged drywall and plaster or popcorn ceilings

Paintable: You arent limited to just white when it comes to Armstrong ceiling tiles. You can customize tiles by painting them to achieve the look you want!

Warranty: 10/30 Year Limited Warranty

Environmentally Friendly all tiles are made with at least 24% recycled materials

Easy To Install Andremove

Art3d Decorative Ceiling Tile 2x2 Glue up Suspended Ceiling

Many 2×2 ceiling tilesare not easy to install nor are they easy to remove. However, taste changes, andwith it, your home should be able to change, too. Renovations are always agreat way to spruce up the home youve lived your life in for years. The greatthing about acoustic ceiling tiles is that they are easy to customize. If youdecide to take your ceiling tiles with you during a move to another home, youcan certainly do that easier than with other ceiling tiles. Even damagedacoustic ceiling tiles can be changed if needed without much hassle.

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What Is The Return Policy

Returning merchandise is always inconvenient, expensive and no fun for any party involved. That is why we are trying to avoid returns by making sure our customers understand what they are ordering right from the beginning.

Please read item descriptions, supporting information and FAQ carefully. We offer unique products and try to provide our customers with most detailed description possible upfront. Please take advantage of our product sample programs.

Please visit for detail.

Built Brutal Made To Last

Our tiles are thermoformed in light weight 0.019″ bright white, exterior grade PVC sheet. The same durable resin formulation is also used on exterior siding and rain gutters for longevity. Our tiles are dimensionlly stable so will not sag in the grid. They will not stain or degrade from exposure to moisture! They will look beautiful for years to come.

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There Are Pros And Cons To Traditional Drop Ceilings

Drop ceilingssecondary surfaces that hang one to four feet below the main ceilingare useful for hiding wires, plumbing, and HVAC equipment throughout the house like in your unfinished basement. Plus, the lower room height may improve indoor circulation and reduce heating/cooling costs. But drop ceilings, installed by fitting tiles into a grid-like suspension of metal beams that provide structure, couldnt be more blah. Until now, that is! Here are 10 creative, affordable cover-ups and daring designs sure to make a drop ceiling look special and enhance the ambience of any room.

Feather Light And Flexible But Rigid Once Installed

Decorative Ceiling Tiles

Brutal tiles are very thin, lightweight and quite flexible, and as if by magic become rigid and self-supporting once placed in the grid. They look as solid as a piece of Carrara marble once placed. They are non-weight bearing so lighting and any insulation must be supported from above so it does not touch the tiles.

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Tips For A Drop Ceiling Installation

If you have never dealt with a drop ceiling installation before, you may find yourself stuck in some phases of the installation process. To avoid mistakes and ensure proper installation, you want to take note of a few installation tips.

Tip One: Lay Out Your Ceiling Grid

Before getting started, consider laying out your ceiling grid on graph paper. This will help you position the tiles and determine the materials you will need for the installation. Make sure you take into account any heat registers or light fixtures there are in the space as well. Bisect the room at the center by the main tee or a centered row of tiles. Order extra tile in case there is a mistake made when cutting and measuring.

Tip Two: Nail-Up Wide Angle

Use chalk line markings at the top of the wall angle. You can then nail the wall angle at every wall stud with drywall nails. Avoid nailing anywhere near a corner bead.

Tip Three: Use Guide Strings

When beginning your drop ceiling project, use strings as a guide. Use these guide lines to drive in your hanging screws.

Different Types Ofacoustic Ceilings

There is no set type of acoustic ceiling that works for everyone. Finding theright acoustic setting for your space is dependent on your unique needs. Youmay find that suspended ceilings, sound panels, or drop ceilings work best foryou. Whichever type of ceiling you decide to go with, these ceiling panels are great for giving any space the advantage of anacoustically-equipped room. Whether you want a space that carries the noise tohigher vibrations or to completely cancel out the noise altogether, finding theright 2×2 acoustic ceiling tiles is important.

Here are five advantages to having 2×2 acoustic ceiling tiles in your home oroffice.

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X2 Acoustical Ceiling Tiles: How To Make The Most Out Of Any Space

The word acoustic conjuresup many different ideas in ones mind. One thing that doesnt change fromperson to person, however, is the idea that acoustic relates to sound.Designers keep the acoustics of any space in mind when decorating, but mosthomeowners dont think about this design aspect by themselves. Installingacoustic 2×2 ceiling tiles can help enhance the acoustics in any space nomatter what takes place between the walls.

Because installingacoustic 2×2 ceiling tiles, also known as acousticalpanels, is not a commonthought, the benefits of these ceiling tiles arent either. However, there aresome great benefits to installing acoustic 2×2 ceiling tiles in any space.Lets take a closer look at how you can transform the sound in your space with2x2 ceiling tiles designed specifically to amp the place up.

Drop Ceiling Tiles 2×2 #302 Antique Copper Faux Plastic Ul Ratedclass A Can Be Glued On Any Flat Surface Suspended Ceiling Nail Onstaple Ontape Onglue Oncheap Venetian Tiledecorative

  • Cheap Tin drop ceiling Tiles will halp with your Home Improvements project Ul Rated.PHOTOGRAPHY IDEAS!WALL COVER IDEAS!Waterproof ceiling tiles,discount ceiling tiles,buy ceiling tiles,hanging ceiling tiles.wall decor,buy suspended ceiling tiles.Venitian tile.Fleur de lis ceiling tile.
  • Faux Antique Copper plastic drop in ceilings Tiles Can be use in Hotels, Offices,Garage,Recreation Rooms,Basements,restaurant ceiling tiles, ext
  • Faux Tile Can be glued to any flat surfaces: stucco,drywall,sheet rock, wainscoat, stone,glass,BACKSPLASH IDEAS!renovation,suspended ceiling,drop ceiling.grid tile, ext..
  • Faux Tile Plastic Easy to cut with regular scissors,easy to install,easy to clean,doityourself,Washble tile,Remodeling,Green,Eco-friendly!Recyclable,ext

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Ceiling Tiles 24 X 24 Overview

Find your new, replacement, or matching ceiling tiles in a 24 x 24 size. Select from smooth, decorative, and textured looks. Pick the style, features, and benefits that matter most to you.

Smooth Look Ceiling Tiles Ideal for home theaters and basements, 24 x 24 smooth tiles resist sag, mold, and mildew and reduce more than 50% of noise. Pick from several styles of these mineral fiber panels and create a clean look in your living space.

With a variety in style, pattern, and color, you will be able to seamlessly match your ceilings to the aesthetics of any room. From intricate to simple, all decorative ceiling panels use a grid-blending design to mask the industrial look of a metal grid.

Coffered Look Ceiling Panels – For sophisticated palates, try the Easy Elegance coffered ceiling panels. These no-maintenance panels come in black or white and deep or shallow options. Made from lightweight PVC, these 2′ x 2′ panels wont break the bank. Try with a drywall perimeter for a high-end finish.

Textured Look Ceilings Textured ceiling panels are practical and traditional. Choose the texture to fit your room for example, try the Fine Fissured Black panel for your home theatre. Many 24″ x 24″ textured tiles offer mold and mildew resistance, as well as acoustical properties.

Drop Ceiling Tiles Overview

Drop ceiling tiles, also referred to as suspended ceilings, offer great benefits and come in a variety of sizes, patterns, materials, and colors. Armstrong Ceilings uses 15/16 and 9/16 grid face suspension systems with 24 x 24 or 24 x 48 ceiling tiles.

You can also select your preferred tile edge. Square edge tiles show the grid, while tegular edge tiles minimize the appearance of the grid.

The choice of material is another consideration for drop ceiling tiles. Mineral fiber ceiling tiles offer acoustic benefits, reducing noise by over 50%, and superior mold and sag resistance. Fiberglass ceiling tiles are easy to clean and install, and offer a variety of noise reduction and moisture resistant properties. Armstrong Ceilings even has plastic tiles for those in love with custom coffered-style ceilings.

As for color, drop ceiling tiles come in classic whites and blacks. Many are paintable to adapt to any decor. Choose from smooth, textured, random fissured, or vintage tin styles.

No matter which selection you make, all suspension systems allow easy access to pipes, ducts, and wiring. Drop ceiling tiles also require less clean-up after installation. For an economical, up-to-date drop ceiling, be sure to check out all of the selection that Armstrong has to offer!

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Required Codes For Ceilings

1. NFPA Fire Marshalls require that all indoor building materials must be Class A for Smoke and Flame any item that tests Class A for only flame or only smoke is not Class A.

Consequences for those using materials that are not qualified Class A for smoke and flame include being closed down until proper materials are installed, or, in the case of an incident, you could be held responsible for any deaths, injuries and damages. Your insurance may not cover these costs due to the use of non Class A materials.

2. The Health Department, FDA and USDA require that ceiling tiles are flat, white, cleanable and mold resistant anywhere food is made, prepared or served. We’ve sold our products to not just restaurants, food processors and bottling plants, but to these very institutions as well.

Consequences for those ceilings that are not able to cleaned, or flat and white could result in closure until the materials are replaced.

3. Sagging and Mold. Ceiling tiles that are too thin, less than 3/16″ for flat 2’x4′ and less than 5/16″ for flat 2’x2′, are prone to sagging under their own weight and edge curling. Fiber based tiles can harbor mold making your customers and staff sick resulting in lost sales.

How Will My Order Ship

How To Install Decorative PVC Ceiling Tile on the GRID

We will ship your order using the fastest, safest, and most reliable method possible. Therefore, we have established strong relationships with some of the best delivery companies nationwide. Every product on our site has been carefully selected to ship by a particular shipping method in order to provide you with an optimal delivery experience. When your order ships, we will notify you via email. Tracking Number can be found on the custom interface, We encourage you to track your package online or on the phone with the carrier. Most companies can provide an estimated delivery date. Be sure to contact us if anything seems unusual with the progress of the shipment. Please note we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or Military APOs.

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Light Lens Ceiling Tile

Translucent ceiling tiles for your existing fluorescent or LED lighting that provide a vibrant and natural feeling. Light Lenses can be used to replace a traditional fluorescent light diffuser panel in a hinged diffuser frame, beneath a recessed light troffer, or in a drop ceiling with a light suspended above.

Brutal Drop Ceiling Tiles

Brutal Ceilings transform the typical acoustic ceiling grid format and elevate it to a sculptural, modernist landscape effect. Going from bland to brand-new is easy with Brutal.

Our approach with Brutal’s premiere series of tiles has been to create deceptively simple forms that combine as a captivating interaction of light and shadow. These designs are especially compatible with modern, contemporary and mid-century modern spaces.

Brutal is modern design at a great value! Made in the USA.

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