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Decorative Door Knobs With Locks

Unique Door Knobs Add Flair To Your Home’s Decor

How to Install Cabinet Door Handles & Pulls – Decorative Hardware Installation

Unique doorknobs can improve the appearance of a room or act as stand-out features to catch the eyes of guests. From hand-painted designs to ornate metal shapes, doorknobs and door handles come in a wide range of styles that can improve the appearance of your home’s exterior, or liven up interior design and function.

Installing a unique doorknob on closet, bedroom, or even cupboard doors can add beauty, even whimsy, where we least expect it. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of an antique wooden doorknob or the sleek look of a clear glass doorknob, there are styles out there for just about any taste.

What Were Looking For

Material: Doorknobs are typically made of materials that are sturdy enough to stand up to frequent use and resistant to being damaged over time by the oils and grime on hands. Metal, porcelain, crystal, and glass work well, and although youll occasionally see a wooden or plastic doorknob, they tend to be less hardy in the long term. For metal doorknobs, brass is a popular material: It resists corrosion and rust and has the useful feature of being naturally antimicrobial. Brass knobs are often finished in another metal, and which to choose is mostly a matter of aesthetics. For a midcentury home, you may want to match brass furniture matte black or nickel is a more neutral option.

Style: Doorknobs run the gamut from fantastically ornate antiques to low-profile, unobtrusive sets you can buy at Home Depot. Its probably wisest to err on the side of unobtrusive you dont want to worry that every new piece of furniture will clash with a set of Victorian floral knobs, for example but weve included a range of styles on this list, including a few voicier options.

Modern Angular Door Handle

Decorative door hardware doesnt have to mean vintage doorknobs, especially if sleek, modern options will better match your home’s style. This metal door handle has a slight angular curve on the underside that extends up to the completely flat top, giving the door a stylish appearance that complements modern light fixtures, appliances, and stainless steel furniture. The impressive signature hardware and design also can add appeal in a home office or even as an option for a company office. Available from Etsy.

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Hardware You Can Trust

Our lock experts are passionate about quality. Every product we sell, including keyed entry door knobs, has met our high standards. We offer name brand hardware from companies whove built a reputation for reliability. Their products have been engineered to look and work great, so you know youre getting your moneys worth. Unlike hardware from budget fixture sites, youll be getting materials that will add value and beauty to your home for years to come.

Make Your Home Truly Yours With Door Hardware To Fit Your Style

Square Highly Decorative Mortice Knob Set in Aged Brass

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, restoring, or just giving your home an upgrade, door hardware can truly bring out the style and tastes of what makes your home yours. Homestead Hardware provides you with a large selection of door hardware types, materials, designs, finish colors, and sizes to fit perfectly in your home. Here you will find designer and decorative door hardware for any style home from genres such as classic American heritage, vintage and antique American, American colonial, rustic and old-west American, Victorian, Tuscany and Renaissance Italy, classic French, contemporary and ultra-modern, Arts and Crafts, and other door hardware styles.

To add elegance and style to the interior of your home, the door hardware options here are almost limitless. Upgrade with door knobs and lever door handles of all styles. Buy passage sets for hallway and closet doors, privacy sets for your bathrooms and bedrooms, or non-functioning dummy sets for doors that catch shut such as closet doors and double doors. Deadbolts and other locking devices are also commonly used on the interior of homes to limit access to specific rooms and areas.

Every door in and around your home requires door hardware – so make the perfect choice at Homestead Hardware. Just browse our door hardware to see the endless possibilities!

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Service You Can Count On

Were dedicated to making sure you have access to top-of-the-line door locks and hardware. If you cant find what youre looking for or if you have questions about any of our products, give our customer service department a call at or send us a message. Were ready to help you find, price, and order the door fixtures you need to finish your project right. From classic door knobs to sleek modern door knobs, we have everything you need.

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Shop Classic Privacy Passage Dummy And Keyed Entry Door Knobs

The style and type of door knob you install can have a dramatic impact on a rooms overall look and feel. From secure door knob lock hardware to elegant, refined, and decorative classic door knobs, the right door hardware helps bring design elements together and can be useful for setting the tone for the other side of the door.

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Doorknobs And Locks For Home Security

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