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Decorative Dock Pilings For Sale

Never Replace Your Piling Again

Dock piling installation

The Ecopile is a patent-pending vinyl-fiberglass composite marine piling engineered and designed by and for the marine contracting industry.

Shoreline Plastics, the manufacturer of the Ecopile, recognizes the growing environmental resistance to pressure treated timber in our waterways as well as the shortening lifespan of newer timber pilings in the marine environment due to marine boring organisms.

Shoreline Plastics, with a lifetime of experience in the marine contracting industry, developed the Ecopile. It is designed to outlast all other pilings, and to meet all the rigors of harsh marine construction and is engineered for the exacting needs of walkways, boat lifts and boathouses.

The Ecopile is 100% free from any leaching pollutants, 100% recyclable, 100% impervious to wood boring organisms and meets all the sustainability standards of exacting environmental requirements.

Save Money And Future Headaches

The EcoPile is the first composite piling to be budget friendly. At less than half the price of comparable 100% fiberglass piling, choosing your composite piling should be a no-brainer. By the time you purchase a wooden piling and have it coated with a protective layer, the price of the piling is not far off from the EcoPile. When you take the amount of times a wooden piling will need to be replaced over the life of the dock into consideration, the EcoPile becomes the more economical solution. The piling are the foundation of the dock, and that is the first place you should look when choosing composites. You can easily replace a deck 10 years down the road, but if your pilings fail, the whole dock needs to be replaced. Switching all of your piling to the EcoPile will result in a small increase in overall job costs, but you will never have to worry about your foundation again.

Cardboard Dock Pilings For Halloween Fence

Halloween on my street can get very crowded. Last year we had over 1300 trick or treaters from 3pm-9pm and have found funneling kids away from the slate steps to be the best way to avoid traffic jams and accidents. Unfortunately, we also have a very small yard so lawn space is at a premium for decoration placement. Tiny hands can ruin a display very quickly so all props must be behind a barrier of some kind. The generic halloween fence we have used in the past finally broke beyond repair and no one really liked it anyway so we were happy to come up with a better barrier that was more theme related. PIRATES!! ARRR!!!!!! Hence Dock Pilings. Enjoy and please remember to vote if you like our project. Thanks

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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Dock Piling

Probably the most important thing you want to know is how much your cost is going to be. Since there are so many different types of dock pilings, the cost is not set in stone but it will vary depending on what you need and where youre located.

The average price for a pile replacement can range anywhere from $200 $600 per piling which means that if you have 10 piles, youre looking at $2,000 to $6,000 total. That being said, your costs are dependent on who does the work as well as where they do it or how much labor is required at their location .

Repairing Replacing And Removing Dock Posts

MINI Nautical Pilings Dock pilings Nautical Tray Decor

There are a couple of things to remember when repairing, removing, or replacing dock pilings. First, make sure the pilings are correctly sized. Second, remember to account for slope, height, and width of your docks surface, water depth at low tide , as well as any other contingencies like distances between piling groups or a net deck. This is especially important when figuring out how to repair dock pilings.

Third, when it comes time to replace old pilings with new ones, make sure youre installing them in pairs one on each side of the pier. And lastly, remember that all caissons should be built so they can withstand scouring from waves and currents this will help extend their lifespan, too, while improving your dock piling restoration. Remember that if youre asking, how much does a dock piling cost, it will depend on the material you use and how many pilings you need to purchase.

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Designed With The Environment In Mind

Everything about the EcoPile makes it the most environmentally friendly choice when choosing a piling. For every single EcoPile you choose to use, you are saving several trees over the lifespan of the piling. Every wooden pole that is driven into the ground is coated in chemical preservatives that hurt the marine ecosystems. The webbed substrate of the EcoPile is also made up of recycled PVC, so for every foot of piling up to 10 pounds of plastic are being reused in a sustainable way. When the piling is no longer needed, it is 100% recyclable.

Several states across the US have already banned the use of any kind of treated lumber that contacts the water. Many other states are following suit, by slowly drawing back the allowed amount of treatment in the wood. Although it helps to clean up the water, the wood is less protected, thus reducing its useful life. Homeowners used to see 20 to 30+ years of life out of a wooden piling, but now it is not uncommon for a wood piling to fail in less than half that time.

Interior Or Exterior Any Treatment Level

Just like regular poles and pilings, Gun Barrel poles and pilings can be treated for use in exterior and marine projects or you can use them untreated for interior projects. Upon request, they can also be kiln dried and ready for stain upon arrival to your job site. If your Gun Barrel Pilings® are to be used in water, consider having them coated with our special polymer coating which will double their life.

Additionally, you can cut, drill, paint, carve, or otherwise customize and build onto your solid uniform diameter poles.

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Hdpe Guides Work Best With Our Pilings

At Pearson Pilings we recommend HDPE piling guides for use with our pilings. HDPE guides are excellent for composite pilings. Because of their shape and depth of material they excel at spreading impact loads on floating docks, due to wave action and vessel impact, across a larger section of the piling. Two companies we partner with, Carolina Waterworks and Sea Power Marine Products, both have internal and external guide available. While conventional guides can be used in all conditions we want our customers to be aware of best practices for composite pilings.

Dock Decorating Ideas To Make Your Dock Unique

Tropical Garden Decor – DIY Decorative Nautical Pilings & Garden Tour ð??ð¦©

Tags: Dock Decorating Ideas, Solar Lights for Docks, Solar Powered Dock Lights, Boat Dock Lights, Boat Docking Lights, Dock Lights

Is your dock splinter-central or a fun place to hang out with family and friends? If youre lucky enough to live on the water, dont let your floating platform go to waste. Take advantage of your location by creating an inviting space to relax and play.

A few small touches can make a big difference, and many dock updates are simple and affordable. Its possible to give even the smallest area a resort-like feel.

If youre not sure where to start, read on for 8 unique dock decorating ideas. Before you know it, youll be hosting dock parties for the whole neighborhood!

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Uniform Diameter Solid Wood Pilings Up To 52 Feet Long

Gun Barrel Pilings® are solid, uniform-diameter pilings or poles. They are used for construction poles and columns in applications where structure and aesthetics are important. They have no taper, are structurally sound , and can be manufactured in lengths up to 52 feet. They can be treated or remain untreated.

Can You Diy Removing Or Installing Dock Pilings

Yes, you can DIY dock pilings. Its not easy but its definitely doable if you have the right equipment.

You can either use water jetting for sandy soil where its easier to dig deep holes with high-pressure jets of water that cut right through solid earth like butter, or set them in concrete footers if your bed has too much clay content because this will make things more stable. While these may require some special tools and help from others who are good at carpentry workyoull be able to enjoy fun on the waterfront years later.

One tip to remember is that most home improvement stores will allow for the rental of a water jetter. You may save yourself money in the long run and avoid buying an expensive tool that wont be used often enough to warrant such an expense.

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Install A Ladder For Easy Water Access

Being able to take a quick dip is a major benefit of life by the water. Make entering and exiting the water a breeze by installing a ladder or steps on your dock. A simple aluminum ladder will do, but there are some fabulous nautical designs available online.

Try custom building something with wood to add pirate vibes to your space. If you really want to go wild, a dock swing is also a fun way to get your feet wet. Picture yourself cooling off all summer long.

Benefits Of Building With Poles And Pilings

36"  Tall Large Wood Piling with Thick Posts #16122
  • Poles and Pilings have long life spans due to reduced heartwood exposure.
  • They can be sanded, stained, or painted to match existing decor.
  • Poles and Pilings are stronger and suffer less warping than dimensional timbers.
  • Long life span and superior strength make them very cost effective.
  • Building Products Plus can produce
  • Polyshield Wood Coating can significantly increase the longevity of any pole or piling.

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Bollard Covers Are Perfect To Protect Marina And Boat Dock Pilings

Have you ever thought about protecting the pilings at your marina or docks? Whether it’s crashing waves, high winds, or careless operators, dock pilings take an absolute beating throughout the year. Not to mention, the wood can start to splinter and become a hazard for everyone.

So, why not cover them? Our line of plastic Bollard Covers can help you do just that.

Made from Thermoplastic Polyethylene with Ultra-Violet and Anti-Static Additives, our long line of Bollard Cover options will not only help protect your pilings but can also give them a much cleaner, colorful look.

Available in numerous styles options, including 1/4″ wall thickness or 1/8″ wall thickness, Dome Top or Flat Top, Decorative or Lighted. Just about all of those styles are also available in any color imaginable to either match your marina or boat’s colors or add something bright and bold to make the pilings more visible.

With a quick installation, the covers will slide right over the dock pilings, giving your a much cleaner look as well as a safer piling. No more splinters and sharp edges from the wood. The plastic covers will give you a smooth, friendly-to-the-touch piling that’ll last.

Interested in adding Bollard Covers to your marina and boat dock pilings? Contact our experienced sales team today for more information or shop our online store to see our size, style, and color options.

Heres Why Dock Pilings Matter

First, leave it to the professionals to determine how many and what diameter dock piling is needed.

A piling that is too thin, or too thin for the application, can be dangerous.

Take one customer that insisted on using a certain type of piling to support their boat lift only to find out that the entire rig waves back and forth while the rather BIG boat is being raised and lowered. Not safe!

And weve done many dock piling inspections while trying to determine if one can be repaired or not and found massive rot and wood-boring pest intrusion that made the dock unsafe to use.

Pilings are important because they are literally the foundation of your dock. And yours and your familys safety depends on them being correctly chosen and installed.

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Excellent In & Near Water

Gun Barrel Pilings® are excellent choices in or near water. Gun Barrel Pilings® are less susceptible to attack by termites and marine borers because they have no exposed heartwood as many square timbers have.

Additionally, they will handle storm surges better than square timbers because the round shape allows quickly moving water to flow smoothly around the pilings with little impact. Square timbers often develop a low-pressure area on the back-side of the flow which makes them more likely to loosen from the ground thereby weakening the foundation of homes or piers they support very important in hurricane-prone areas.

Gun Barrel Pilings® deliver all of those benefits stronger, cheaper, and easier to install while also giving you the uniformity and refined appearance offered by square timbers.

What Is A Dock Piling

Unique Hinge Connection Aluminum Docks

A dock piling is a large post or pole driven into the ground to provide stability for structures built over water. Ensuring that you have quality dock pilings is essential for maintaining the integrity of your dock.

Piles are typically made out of concrete, steel, or fiberglass and have different sizes depending on what you need to do with them. Dock pilings provide a stable foundation for structures built over the water like docks. They also help regulate shoreline erosion by preventing waves from washing away sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the section being protected or eroded. When a pile starts to fail, its essential to replace it as soon as possible because once piles start failing, more piles will follow suit, which could lead to an entire structure falling.

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Why Use Composite Pilings For Your Dock Or Pier

Compared to traditional pilings made of concrete, wood or steel, new dock or pier built with Pearson Composite Pilings is stronger and lasts longer, saving you and your family money for generations.

The superior strength of Pearson Composite Pilings will often allow using fewer pilings than if wood pilings are used. Not only will there will be less impact to the environment, but also in certain instances construction costs can be saved. Our pilings are also inert and contain no harmful chemicals that can leach into the water, making them an environmentally friendly building material.

Uniform Structural Wood Pilings Up To 52 Feet Long

A Gun Barrel Piling® is a select log machined to a uniform diameter.

They are preferred in applications where strength and aesthetics are important. Gun Barrel Pilings® and poles make impressive columns, are structurally sound, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet and diameters up to 20 inches. Often used as columns, they are much less expensive than traditional architectural columns and are even cheaper than square timbers and pilings in most sizes.

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The Uniformity Of Square & The Strength Of Round

65 Gun Barrel Pilings bolted to steel I-beams.

Gun Barrel Pilings® are stronger than square pilings of comparable sizes.They are also less expensive in most sizes.

Installation of Gun Barrel Pilings® is easier than square timbers especially in application where your pilings must squared to a frame or other structure. Square pilings must be properly turned one of their faces is flat against the member to which they will be connected. Being uniformly round, Gun Barrel Piling®s need no squaring.

Consider that the massive weight of the most house pilings is between 500 and 1,000 pounds each and you will quickly see why avoiding the issue of squaring can save you a great deal of time and effort.

Gun Barrel Pilings® from American Pole & Timber protect the heartwood and do not need to be “squared” with joists and stringers. They have the uniform look of square pilings, but are easier to install and last longer than comparably-sized square pilings.

Tell us more about using GUN BARREL PILINGS in your next project.

Contact Our Project Consultants

Gun Barrel Pilings & Poles: Solid No

Nautical Pilings Rustic Pine Wood 3 Tier 25h with

Gun Barrel pilings are solid uniform diameter pilings available in lengths up to 52 feet. Gun Barrel pilings and poles are used as construction pilings, poles, and columns in applications where structural integrity and aesthetics are important. Gun Barrel pilings make impressive columns, are structurally superior to comparably sized square timbers, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet. They can be used treated or untreated, depending on your project. Learn more about Gun Barrel poles.

Call our experienced product consultants at 800-816-0335 to discuss posts and poles for your project. Contact us online.

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Nautical Wood Piling Pier Post

The recent flooding on the east coast has small towns in South Carolina scrambling for higher ground, but along the coastline are huge pier posts emerging from the flooding waters to welcome home the displaced. Nautical pilings or bulkheads have an important job to do when it comes to water and mother nature. Shipping docks, fishing docks, piers, etc., are all supported by monstrous pier posts that extend several feet below the surface of the water.

Wood pilings look like large telephone poles that are driven deep in the water and tethered together with heavy rope. Once the dock pilings are placed, people are then able to build docks and ramps and attach them to the pier posts. With the added support of other pilings and heavy rope, simple boat docks can be changed over to larger shipping docks and longer fishing piers.

Check out our decorative nautical pilings or pier post today. The Lighthouse Man has a large selection to choose from.

23.5 set/3 Wooden Pier Post

This set of 3 Wooden Pilings looks very authentic and has a Pelican and fishermans rope attached to them. They will add a nautical touch to whatever room they are placed in and are a must have for those who appreciate high quality nautical decor.

This makes a wonderful gift, impressive decoration and will be admired by all those who love the sea.

  • Measures 23.5H x 12W with a 5.5 Pelican
  • Can be used for indoor or outdoor use,
  • If used outdoors we recommend applying a sealer coat for protection.

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