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Decorative Cutting Board Wall Mount

Bright Recipe Books And Wooden Kitchen Utensils Add Color To Neutral Farmhouse Kitchen

Upcycling An Old Chopping Board | Cute Vegetables Painting Acrylic | DIY Kitchen Wall Decor

To add color to the space, designers used colorful recipe books and kitchen utensils like this pizza paddle. They also added fresh flowers to give the space that little something extra.

Rebecca Zajac

When shopping for cutting boards, look for hardwoods like maple, walnut, cherry, teak and bamboo. These are the best choice due to their durability and the pretty patina that will develop over time.

Some Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Cutting Board Wall Art For The Kitchen

  • Since these cutting boards were not old and beat up looking, I had to do a little damage myself. How to you distress a cutting board? By cutting on it of course! I cut over and over in different places, and beat up the wood a little along the edges.
  • Along with being distressed from cutting, old boards typically are different shades of wood based on what has been cut on them in the past. I used three different colors of stain . You may want your cutting boards to be the same color, or you may even want to paint them. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • Also, if you don’t want to permanently glue something onto an antique board, you can apply the letters with double sided tape.
  • Painting and distressing your letters can be customized according to your preference. Use different styles of letters rather than ones that match. Stain them rather than painting. Skip the distressing if you like a clean look. And use any word that you can think of that would be appropriate for the kitchen. Just make sure you buy enough cutting boards for whatever you want to spell.

Cutting Boards: The Trendy Accessory Were All Putting On Display

Dont stash your cutting board away, display that beautiful wood grain against your backsplash or anywhere in your kitchen or dining area.

Every season, theres always one or two items we see our experts sprinkle into their kitchen designs. In the past, weve had chalk boards, milk-glass bottles and vintage signs to name a few. Lately weve noticed that cutting boards are not being tucked away in the pantry, theyre out on display for all the world to see.

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Hubert Metal Wire Wall Mount Cutting Board Rack

Stock No.:UPC:Brand: Hubert Brand

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  • Wall mount design saves space in any kitchen
  • Chrome plate wire is very durable
  • 9 1/2 x 7 3/8 x 10 1/2 easily holds six 3/4″ thick cutting boards

The Hubert® Metal Wire Wall Mount Cutting Board Rack has dimensions of 9 1/2″L x 7 3/8″D x 10 1/2″H. If you are searching for Food Prep Smallwares, this might be something you are looking for. It is important to have the right Cutting Boards for your establishment to make the food preparation process easier and smoother.This cutting board rack has a chrome plate finish. It is a practical item and looks good as well. The wire construction is lightweight and very durable. The high-quality material ensures that you can use this product regularly for many years. The cutting board rack is 9 1/2″ x 7 3/8″ x 10 1/2″ . The wall mount design will save space in any kitchen. Saving space is essential as it will free up more space for you to work on and also keep things neat and tidy in your establishment. The cutting board rack easily holds up to six 3/4″ thick cutting boards.This is an excellent metal wire wall mount cutting board rack to have around your establishment for the food preparation process. Consider investing in one for your business needs today. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Vintage Cutting Board Display


A jet black wall provides a dramatic backdrop for this rustic display of vintage cutting and serving boards.

Jennifer Puno

If you looking for something new to collect, culinary-wise, cutting boards are a practical choice. Dont limit yourself to just boards, try pizza peels, wooden salad bowls and dough bowls.

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Hanging Your Cutting Board

We are constantly getting feedback from our customers that they want help with hanging their cutting boards. So we have put together this simple how to so that you can show your cutting board the love it deserves by hanging it on the wall.

First, gather your supplies. All you need is your cutting board, a hammer, a nail and a few sawtooth picture hanging hardware. Sawtooth picture hanging hardware can be obtained at a hardware store or any big box store like Target or Walmart. We think it works best and can be used

Next, you will need to decide where to place the hanging hardware. You will want to the center balance point. To do this hold your state shape between your thumb and pointer finger until the board feels balanced hanging in this point. Mark this point with a pencil, you have your point!

Hammer your sawtooth picture hanger into the back side of your cutting board with your hammer. For longer boards you might need more than one. Make sure it is secure and will not pull out of the board once hung.

Once your hanging hardware is secure, you can hammer your nail into the wall where you want the cutting board to hang.

Now, all you need to do is hang your cutting board on the wall and step back to enjoy your new hanging state shape!

You can also use your board at anytime, the rubber bumpers will keep your board level on any surface you want to serve on.

Cutting Out The Board

I wanted to be as cost efficient as possible, so we first looked for scraps of wood in the basement. 1×10 and 1×12 boards worked perfectly for the long, skinnier cutting boards. We used a miter saw to cut them to length, and then a jigsaw to cut out the handle.

TIP for creating a curved handle: In order to get a radius outline, mark lines for horizontal center of board and the bottom of the handle. From this point, put equal marks left, right, and up . Then get something round and line up the round object with the upper and left mark. Trace and repeat for the right mark.

TIP: using ½ in bit, drill the hole in the handle area before cutting it out so you dont snap off the handle.

For the larger boards, I found this butcherblock like wood at Home Depot . Its made of boards glued together, but thinner than the countertop butcher block. It was $23 for the 24×48 piece, and we got 3 sizeable cutting boards from it! Since it was larger, we used a circular saw to cut the body of the board, and the jigsaw again for the handle. Have fun experimenting with shapes and sizes!

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Ways Of Using Wood Cutting Boards In Your Home As Decor:

Hang on the wall.

When it comes to hanging wood cutting boards on the wall, different shapes and sizes make for a more interesting display. I found this affordable rod and hook system thats perfect for hanging wood cutting boards on the wall in our breakfast nook.

Not only does it make a beautiful display, but these are some of my favorite boards to use because of their size and shape. They are displayed right off the kitchen, so they are easily accessible when I want to use them. Hanging these cutting boards on the wall is by far and away one of the most popular ways I have shared on Instagram and its one of my favorites in the farmhouse too, thats why its number one.

Display on the counter or a shelf.

Another great way to display your wood cutting boards is on the kitchen counter or a shelf. You can use one or a few cutting boards clustered together against the wall. They make a great backdrop for displaying other pieces such as bowls of fruit, books, candles, and small plants.

Use as riser or tray.

I love to use my biggest cutting board as a riser or a tray in the middle of my kitchen island. The wood is the perfect contrast against the granite and adds warmth to the space. I usually put a vase with flowers, a candle, and a bowl of fruit on it.

Make a hanging wall sconce.

Glass Holder Wood Chopping Board Wall Mount

DIY Eat Cutting Board Wall Decor

Seller:viktva990%, Location:Budapest, HU, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:353214507402Glass Holder Wood Chopping Board Wall Mount – Wooden Cutting board Glasses. Glasses boards are made of different wooden materials divided by rubber are available in different sizes!Wooden materials: Mango tree, beech, acacia!Types:A Type: Material: acacia woodSize: 29*14 cm – 4 glasses can fitB Type: Material: acacia woodSize: 72*28 cm – 16 pieces of glasses can fitC Type:Material: Bamboo woodSize: 29*23 cm – 3-4 pieces of glasses can fitD Type:Material: Bamboo woodSize:34*24 cm – 7-8 pieces of glasses can fitE Type: – bigger on the pictureMaterial: Bamboo woodSize: 20*30 cm – 5-6 pieces of glasses can fitF Type: – smaller on the pictureMaterial: Bamboo woodSize: 23.7*20 cm – 3 pieces of glasses can fitGType: – smaller on the pictureMaterial: Bamboo woodSize: 23.7*20 cm – 3 pieces of glasses can fitH Type: Material: Mango tree woodSize: 35*19 cm – 3 pieces of glasses can fitI Type: Material: BeechSize: 45*28 cm – 10-12 pieces of glasses can fitJ Type: Material: BeechSize: 43*20 cm – 6 pieces of glasses can fitJ Type: Material: BeechSize: 45*28 cm – 8 pieces of glasses can fitAll items are the same price!Condition:New, Wood:Wooden, Handmade:Yes, Modified Item:No, Country/Region of Manufacture:Hungary See More

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Blue And White Kitchen With Subway Tiles

Subway tiles become a cool graphic statement behind clean, white shelves and cabinets. Avoid cramming shelves full to maintain an open, uncluttered look.

Mixed media like these wood and marble boards are a smart choice, not only for design style, but for practicality too. Marble, granite, slate or other natural stone are great for serving cheese. Put your marble board in the fridge for an hour so before serving, itll help keep the cheese cold throughout your party.

Maximized Kitchen Space With Large Island

After walls were removed, this Fixer Upper kitchen has much more room. To maximize the functionality of this space, Chip and Joanna added a large kitchen island that added more counter and prep space, as well as gave the family a place to sit down for a casual meal. Joanna continued her rustic industrial style in the kitchen, painting the cabinets to match the trim and molding throughout the first floor. She also added industrial pendant lights, an industrial style sink and rustic industrial barstools to complete the look.

Rachel Whyte

Look for a variety of shapes and species if displaying multiple boards. Rectangular bread boards are easy to find and inexpensive, and round boards not only look cool, theyre very handy for pizza parties.

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Best Cutting Board Holder For An Organised Pantry

Modified: October 7, 2021

Looking for an affordable and stylish cutting board holder? Here are some of the best options to buy! Read along to get your hands on the best product.

Wouldnt it be amazing if all your kitchenware finds a place to go back after it has been used? The same goes for your chopping board as well. No doubt, this is one of the least taken care of kitchen items. We simply place them leaning against the backsplash on the kitchen counter after use and up with nothing but ruining its quality. Therefore, its high time you add a good cutting board holder organizer to your kitchen.

To help you select one, we have compiled a list of the best cutting board holders. Shop for your favorite organizer and de-clutter your kitchen at once.

This Sunfcon cutting board holder organizer is what your kitchen has been missing. It will keep your chopping board and pan lids safe and ready for use anytime you need them. Moreover, it is available in an ideal size, and you can keep it on the kitchen countertop without making the slab look over spilled. Besides, the heavy-duty iron manufacturing and the black powder coating make it durable and resistant to rust.

Diy Decorative Cutting Board Wall

Creative Iron Art Wall mounted Chopping Block Frame ...

One of my favorite DIY decor ideas at the Restaurant Refresh was the cutting board wall! Since the ceilings are SO tall, I wanted something that would have a big impact, for a low cost. Vintage cutting boards are a hot ticket item right now, instead of thrifting them, we cut and aged our own to hang on the wall. We partnered with Rust-Oleum on this project because I had been looking for the perfect project for their VARATHANE® Aged Wood Accelerator, and this was it! I really wanted the boards to look rustic and well used. This is how we achieved that look!

*And just a disclaimer before we begin, these are just decorative, not food safe. If youre planning to use the cutting board, consider using WATCO Butcher Block Oil + Stain, which is safe for food contact once fully dry.

Steps and supplies after the break!

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Creative Ideas To Organize Cutting Board Storage

DIY Cutting Board Rack On A Door

Cutting boards can be found on any kitchen. If you cook a lot you most likely have several of them. You can simply store them in a drawer but there are much better ways to do that. Here are some of them:

  • DIY Cutting Board Rack On A Door from FamilyHandyman makes finding and storing cutting boards easy. You can make it for less than $10.
  • DIY Pantry Dividers To Store Cutting Boards from is a good solution to store baking sheets, cutting boards, and sturdy platters upright on kitchen shelves. They are made of tension curtain rods.
  • Hidden Cutting Board On A Drawer Top from is an unusual solution to upgrade some of your drawers but very thoughtful one.
  • Upright Storage In A Cabinet from BHG helps to store shallow items, such as cutting boards and platters. Even narrow spaces next to your range or your sink can be used in this manner.
  • DIY Chopping Block is a very cool kitchen upgrade that is perfect for those who cook a lot.
  • How To Make Your Own Antique Cutting Boards

    Cant see the video? Watch it here on YouTube, and dont forget toto see all our newest videos!I used reclaimed fence and barn wood for two of my cutting boards, which is perfect for getting the old rustic looking cutting boards. I also used a scrap piece of pine for the lighter cutting board.

    You could also use this stain technique for a faux reclaimed look on new boards, or this method if you want more of an aged painted look for your decorative cutting boards.

    There are so many different ways to do the handles and it is fun to mix and match different styles together. I made three and they were all similar. To make my shape I folded a paper in half and then drew the shape I wanted. Then I cut it out, opened it up, and traced it onto the board.

    To download pdf templates for the the cutting boards click HERE.Please do not redistribute these templates if you want to share, please send people to this post to download the patterns.

    Next, I clamped my board and used my jigsaw to cut out the shape. Pretty easy!

    It is not necessary to drill holes, but I love the look, and it makes them easy to hang with a rope or twine if you so desire. I used different size holes on each cutting board.

    I also wanted rounded corners, so I grabbed a part from my shop vac and used it to make a small curve. Then I used my jigsaw to cut on the line and round the corners.

    Then I gave it a good sanding along with my reclaimed wood cutting boards.

    I also love the look of the lighter pine.

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    Cutting Board Layout Planning

    We cleared a space on the ground in front of the nook. We started laying out all the cutting boards until we were happy with an arrangement. For a little variety, we played around with stacking some vertically and horizontally. Once we were pleased with our layout we snapped a picture and got to sticking and stacking them to the tile. We referred back to the picture to see which cutting board to hang next.

    Wooden Cutting Board Wall Hanging

    DIY Rustic Wall Décor $4 wall Décor Cutting Board Upcycle

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