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Decorative Cork Boards For Office

What Are The Benefits Of Cork Bulletin Boards

Quick and Easy Cork Board Wall Art | Bulletin Board Ideas

Cork bulletin boards come in a variety of frames, including aluminum, oak wood or black finish, ensuring users are able to find the right fit for their office or workspace. The aluminum-framed cork boards can help users add a touch of modern professionalism to their surroundings, while the wooden finish gives it that classic cork notice board look.

Cork memo boards can be conveniently hung with the hanging kit either vertically or horizontally, so you can start posting items quickly. The self-healing surface of the cork board ensures product longevity and eliminates any unsightly signs of pin or staple holes. The sturdy backing of the cork board keeps heavier items in place, so users won’t have to worry about items randomly falling off without warning.

Make Your Menu Board Interesting With This Idea

Definitely one of the most practical ideas because it can help you tell others about what you are cooking today.

Not only it is practical, you do not need to be a genius to implement this idea on your house or your restaurant.

The blue color is striking enough to bring all of the attention on the board, which is what you should be aiming for.

White Boards For The Office Home Or Classroom

Our premium framed magnetic white boards are the highest quality white boards available anywhere – guaranteed! Handcrafted right here in our workshop with a porcelain magnetic surface and your choice of over 15 beautiful frame styles. Every white board includes our custom white marker tray plus all the extras, including magnets for sticking photos, invitations and artwork on the whiteboard surface, markers and a classic wood eraser. Scroll down to see our 6 standard sizes and some quick FAQs about our white boards. If you need a custom size – go to our Custom White Board Inquiry page.

Is the whiteboard surface magnetic?

How do you measure your whiteboards?

How do I order a custom sized whiteboard?

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Is The Whiteboard Surface Magnetic

Yes, we only build our whiteboards with a premium magnetic porcelain material. This is the highest quality whiteboard surface available and will provide a lifetime of use with proper care. We also include our button magnets – so you can stick photos, invitations and artwork right to the magnetic surface.

This Is A Map Board That Is Good For Classes

HOME OFFICE Bulletin Board Decorative Cork Board Kitchen Desk

There is no better way of learning geography other than to have a large map for the students to learn from.

This idea will help you with that. Instead of asking your students to bring a globe or an atlas with them, make this idea a reality.

This will make your geography or history lesson a more interactive experience, which is always better for the students.

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Diy Wooden Framed Cork Board Hanging

Flower lovers can try and bring this floral-themed board to life. It is refreshing to look at and provides your boring board with a floral addition.

Do not be afraid to get all creative with it, too, because creativity is sorely needed if you want to make a floral-themed board look better.

If not, you will end up with a cheesy board that will be painful to look at.

Green And Brown Mix So Well In This Cork Board Ideas

Cork boards are known for their âearthyâ brown look, sharing the same color as your typical garden dirt .

Combined with green plants, the dirt lost its ugliness and instead turned into a base in which beauty grows.

That is basically what happens in here. The light green can get overbearing at first, but the cork board itself serves as a contrast to the overly bright green.

Fits the old schoolers in you.

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Why Should You Buy Cork Boards

Cork boards allow you to keep essential memos, notices, flyers and other content highly visible and accessible. Theyre perfect for pinning up photos, reminders, notes, messages and so much more. Their large self-healing surface area makes them suitable for providing plenty of space for everything from children’s artwork to business documents. The natural cork board material is fully recyclable, making for easy disposal when replacement becomes necessary.

A variety of thumbtacks, pushpins, or staples can be used on cork memo boards to make hanging notable papers and pictures quick and easy. Some cork boards even come with various patterns, helping to liven any space and add a flair of design to the otherwise classic cork notice board.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Motives For Your Cork Board

DIY Frame Cork Board for Home or Office

Especially in cork boards, in which creativity is needed if you want it to turn into a wonderful decoration.

While the ideas before are a bit more practical, this one is definitely much more artful with its presentation.

The popping colors indicate that this was never a practical idea, but we all need to get away from the practical things sometimes, yes?

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How Do I Clean The Whiteboard Surface

We do include a eraser for day to day cleaning – to more thoroughly clean the surface use a cloth lightly dampened with vinegar, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol.

Write – Wipe – Repeat

Welcome to

Welcome to…we are the designers and builders of beautiful corkboards, gorgeous fabric bulletin boards, stylish framed chalkboards, frameless pinboards, magnetic bulletin boards and dry erase calendars.

All our boards are built one at time – from scratch – right here in our New England workshop. We use only premium materials including premium wood frames, gorgeous upholstery fabrics and a magnetic ‘lasts forever’ chalkboard or dry erase white board surface.

And just to make sure you can start enjoying your board right away – we include everything you need…including our super easy to use hanging system, our awesome wooden pushpins or a beautiful set of chalk, felt eraser and our own button magnets for all chalkboards and white boards.

As we build all our boards from scratch, we can build most of our board styles in custom sizes – just let us know what you need!


How Long Does It Take To Build And Ship My Bulletin Board

Please allow about 2 weeks for your handcrafted board to ship. Custom sized boards or large quantity orders may take longer. Your board will be delivered by Fedex Ground and we will send you a tracking number when it ships as well as a update on the day it will be delivered. You can also request text updates in the checkout process.

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What Can Cork Boards Be Used For

Standard cork bulletin boards are perfectly sized for use in offices, break rooms, or other work and brainstorm-related areas where you need to post temporary items. Theyre especially useful in classroom settings and can be decorated with bulletin board trim to help your messages stand out by brightening the workspace and cork board. Cork boards help keep the organization of information neat and orderly by not leaving unsightly scars and holes.

In addition, this keeps any office, classroom or hallway looking even more professional. Easily access temporary information quickly by using a cork board in the office that catches the attention of everyone who walks by.

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Cute And Beautiful Cork Board Ideas : Quartet Cork Tiles, Cork Board, 12"  x 12" , Corkboard, Wall ...

If you see yourself as an aspiring fashion designer, then bringing this board to life would not do you any bad. Instead, it will do you a whole lot of good.

The white background serves as a perfect base for you to pin pictures that can make your mind go all inspired.

Put this on your side and turn this into a Mecca of inspiration when you need one. Not only it can be a source of inspiration, it can be a good decoration as well.

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Tiled Cork Boards Make For A Good Office Board

If tiles are more of your thing, then you should check this idea out because it involves tiles on your board.

It is a good idea to apply to your offices, both at home or outside.

We prefer it if you apply this at home, though. This idea can take a lot of space, after all, and there is no better space to take than your own house.

Expert Approved: Bobby Berks Home Office Upgrade

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Incorporate Layers In Your Board To Save Space

If you have already bought a small cork board and you wish to put a lot of things on it, then you should not be sad with your predicament.

Instead of being sad, why not apply this idea? Layering your pinned items is never a bad idea to try, and if you do it right, it will look good.

On the other hand, if you do it wrong, you will end up with a messy looking board.

Orange And Flowers Theme Cork Board Ideas

Plain Cork Board Makes the Cutest DIY Wall Decor | Bulletin Board Ideas

Those are all the ideas that we can give you at the moment, folks.

While you can still find a whole lot of ideas on the internet, these 61 ideas are ideas that we think the easiest to implement while providing the best look.

We hope that you can keep the cork board ideas in mind when you found yourself in need of them.

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Chic Your Room Up With This Cork Board Idea

Are you looking to add a tad more âchicâ to your room? If so, then this idea is what you will need.

The blackboard with a pink backdrop gives girls the edge they need. Not only that, the white pattern gives the board a kick.

This is definitely the chic-est idea that you can implement for your room. Works with a lot of colors, but pink is its best fit.

Bulletin Board Price Range

A bulletin board can cost anywhere between $7 and $1000. However, youll only need to pay $1000 if you work for a large firm and require a bulletin board for your offices.

Typically, if you are looking for a decent bulletin board for your home or small office, you should budget between $35 and $105.

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Another Tribal Jewellery Board Storage

This is a tribal idea that can work nicely if you got some jewellery you want on display.

Instead of going with one board, go with three boards and spread your jewellery around to prevent overcrowding.

The metallic frame contrasts the earthy background very much, but contrasts are not always wrong.

Instead of avoiding contrasts, this idea embraces it and made it work to its benefit.

Track Your Loved Ones Growth With A Cork Board Ideas

Rustic Cork Board Office Wall Decor 36 x 48 Shown in Dark

We all know that a cork board can be used as a replacement for photo frames, but this one idea can bring your sentiment up to speed.

Growing up is one of the most important things that can happen to us or to our loved ones. That is why dedicating a board to it can never be a bad idea.

Start from the bottom with baby pictures and go upward from the bottom that is the essence of growing up.

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Can I Specify A Different Frame Width For My Board

We typically use the wider frames widths on the bigger sizes and the thinner frame widths on the smaller sizes – but we can use a different width on your cork board if you prefer – just add that note into the order notes when you checkout or you can use this use this quick form to send us a inquiry.

Turn Your Wall Into A Giant Reminder Board

Some people can remember things pretty easily without having to be reminded of it. Some people need to be reminded of things unless you want them to forget about it.

This idea is specifically made for the second batch of people.

Instead of your ordinary cork board, this cork wall takes the whole wall, giving you the freedom to decorate your walls without having to drill them.

This is a simple idea, but it can be costly to realize.

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Large Cork Wall With Mixed Functions

This cork on the wall is a good plan if you are someone who got a lot of things to plan or if you just want to stick out a lot of decorations on your wall.

The idea of getting a large cork board to be your second layer of wall is somewhat odd-looking, but do not let it stop you from making this idea a reality.

New Year Resolution Cork Board Ideas

3 Cool Cork Board Backdrops – HGTV Handmade

The start of the new year is the best place for you to start making resolutions. Tracking those resolutions can be hard, though.

That is why we want to share with you this New Year resolution board idea.

Fill the board with inspiring words and your own New Year resolutions and hang it somewhere you can see every day.

Turn this into a reminder to keep you going in life.

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The Bleach Tropical Cork Board Ideas

A tropical cork board is a rarity because they mostly do not look good. They might have good things going on the paper, but the implementation is often bad

You would not find such a failure with this.

The very thought of combining yellow tropical pattern and the color white is a very nice thought to have.

Not many people have the courage to try this good idea, even when it is proven to work 99 times out of 100.

Can I Choose A Different Frame Or Fabric Combination Than What Is Shown On The Product Pages

Yes – the frame & fabric combinations you can choose on the product pages are great combinations – but we know you may want something a bit different. Just add that note to the Order Notes box when you check out. Or just contact us if you have a question. See this page for more frame and fabric combinations.

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Cork Board Office Organization Ideas

Instead of getting a single cork board, why not spread your money around on five of them?

A single cork board can work wonders with your scheduling, but five of them would make things easier for you to get organized.

You can also be more creative with them, which is good if creativity is your strong suit.

Plus, five small cork boards are often cheaper than a single big one, so you are saving money by doing this.

A Minimalist Cork Board Ideas Might Be Something That You Need

Inspired By: Pretty Office Inspiration Boards

Living the minimalist life can be hard, especially if you do not know what kind of decoration makes for a minimalist decoration.

Thankfully, this idea can help you find out about one of the most minimalist decorations in the world: the cork board.

Get a white framed cork board or make yourself one. Do not throw anything else into the fray and you basically earned a minimalist decoration that fits for boys and girls.

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Display Cork Board Ideas

The biggest of picture frames could only fit so many photos in it. Many of them are also expensive to boot.

That is why you can try buying a cork board instead of your ordinary photo frame. Turn your board into a board where you can pin your pictures on.

The photo hanged by the first row of pictures is also a very creative take on your wall pin method.

Embrace The Schedules With This Cork Board Ideas

One of the most popular usages for a cork board is as a place where you can pin the tasks that you need doing at the moment.

This idea basically takes that notion up to a notch and effectively turns your cork board into a monthly calendar.

You can also be very creative with it. Instead of writing any even or responsibilities like you would an ordinary calendar, use pictures and doodles.

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Wall Bulletin Boards For Office

If you want a more reserved look for your board , then you cannot go wrong by using this idea.

The very fact that this idea is a simple one definitely fits the perfect office life.

This will help you live up your routine, preventing it from getting stale in a momentâs notice.

If you are already tired of it, this idea is very easy to spice up as well.

Office Decor Cork Board

DIY Decorative Bulletin Board

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