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Decorative Commercial Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Different Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Install Low-Voltage Decorative Outdoor Lighting

Commercial lighting fixtures come in all shapes, sizes and styles to match the aesthetic of various types of commercial properties. Some fixtures are intended for specific purposes while others can be used in multiple areas across differing industries. Regardless of where they’re utilized, however, all commercial lighting fixtures must maintain the same high level of quality throughout the building.

No matter what kind of commercial lighting product catches your attention, we only stock our shelves with light bulbs and fixtures from top-rated brands so that you receive the best value. Both fluorescent and commercial LED lighting fixtures have undergone testing and safety inspections to ensure all products offer full efficiency. Check out the following types of commercial lighting fixtures you can purchase at

K Led Post Top Lights

When choosing an LED post top light fixture, Kelvin matters. Access Fixtures post top lights are available in 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 2200K. 2200K, also known as HPS color because it is the same color temperature as high pressure sodium lamps, is useful in a post top light fixture for several reasons. High pressure sodium color is used to give a historical, ambient feel to main streets and municipal areas with 30-70% less energy usage as high pressure sodium lamps. Because Access Fixtures 2200K fixtures are LED, this also means that they produce better color rendering than HPS due to a broader spectrum.

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More About Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor Pendant Lighting Chandeliers & Hanging Lanterns

Create a more inviting entry and a more lively outdoor entertainment area with outdoor pendant lighting. These wet location rated exterior hanging lights are approved for use outdoors , and you can hang them anywhere there is a ceiling or overhang. Hang outdoor pendants and hanging lanterns on your front porch, back deck, in a gazebo, or under a pergola. With Lightology’s collection of outdoor chandeliers and suspensions, brightening covered patios and screened-in porches is made simple. Choose from a wide range of outdoor chandelier styles including, industrial, transitional, contemporary and more. Create an engaging environment that entertains friends and family well into the evening by offering relaxing ambient light. Browse wet location rated exterior pendant lighting from brands like Foscarini, Hadco, Hinkley Lighting, Maxim Lighting, Marset, Trans Globe, Troy Lighting, the Lightology Collection, and more.

What Are The Different Forms Of Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Commercial light fixtures vary in form, lamp type, function, style, color, size, and luminosity. From a general perspective, commercial lights can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Barn Lights
  • Wall Lights
  • UV Disinfecting Lights

You should note that any of the lights can be purposed for indoor or outdoor usage with commercial LED lighting rapidly becoming the predominant form of illumination.

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Commercial Decorative Lighting Using Led Lightbulbs

Popular decorative lighting fixture styles include pendants, sconces, chandeliers, desk lamps, task lights, floor lamps and wall mounted lights. Lighting is a very important element in the design of an interior because it can easily set the tone for the space. Lighting can be modern, or help to set a more traditional tone. Hospitality projects may see clusters of decorative lights placed together for effect, while a more practical setting like healthcare would use lighting to create a calming and clean atmosphere. The biggest trend in lighting is LED bulbs, which are energy saving and long-lasting, but incandescent and fluorescent lighting are also available. Contract aims to bring the best decorative lighting fixtures to its readers by staying up to date with top companies and designers, and bringing the latest offerings to our readers.

Why Switch To Led Lighting

HGTV HOME Solar LED Decorative Glass String Lights

There are many reasons to make the switch to LED lighting, especially for outdoor applications. This includes dramatically improved energy efficiency, greater reliability, elimination of regular maintenance and also a much better quality of light which increases visibility and reduces the likelihood of accidents. In fact, the energy savings alone is more than enough to justify upgrading to modern LED lights, especially for large scale applications such as shopping mall parking lots.

To add to the cost savings, these lights require zero regular maintenance, such as changing out bulbs or ballasts/drivers. This not only saves parts costs, it saves labor hours and eliminates down time. With most LED fixtures boasting a 50,000 rated lifespan, they are as close to a set it and forget it option as possible. Additionally, they produce a much higher quality of light, with higher Color Rendering Index ratings than traditional lighting technology.

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Led Street Lighting Built To Last

Luminaires, poles, and hardware are protected from rust and corrosion by a diecast aluminum housing. With an IP66 rating, these luminaires are weatherproof and dustproof. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting. In addition, our outdoor LED post top lighting collection is all backed by the Access Fixtures warranty. Most fixtures come with a 5-year warranty.

Energy Saving LED Technology

Access Fixtures LED post top light fixtures feature energy-saving and long-lasting LED technology. These luminaires are rated L70 at 50,000 hours or more, for years of no-maintenance lighting. Multiple wattage selections allow for selecting the correct LED array to provide maximum light while remaining within the light allowance regulations of any given community. Poles come in many different heights and are custom, allowing for meeting light distribution requirements as well as meeting height limitations and requirements of municipal code. Most luminaires are available with a choice of four Kelvins, or light temperatures, with the purpose of complementing and blending in with surrounding lighting.

LED Post Top Lighting for Any Public Area

When ordering LED post top lights from Access Fixtures, you can be sure that each package contains all poles, luminaires, lamps and mounting hardware necessary for a complete and easy installation.

Experts Led In Led Lights

For those looking to upgrade to industrial or commercial LED light fixtures with accompanying LED lights, Atlanta Light Bulbs is the expert to approach. We have 35 years of experience working with lighting contractors, businesses, and electricians to develop state-of-the-art lighting solutions. Today we are well versed in energy-saving retrofits and LED technology, and we offer useful services such as lighting energy analysis, energy-efficient lighting options, utility rebate calculations and advice, lighting installation, lighting removal, recycling, and project financing.

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Ceiling Led Panel Lights

Designed for easy installation by one person, ceiling LED panel lights come in multiple size and color temperature options. We also carry LED panels with tunable color temperatures that allow you to set different Kelvin temperatures to fit your needs. Many of these panels are DLC certified and may qualify for rebates.

Order Led Lights Today


If you own an office, retail space, warehouse, factory, distribution center, or any other commercial or industrial operation and you need to upgrade to energy efficient lighting, our team of certified light specialists can help you with a solution. Or if you already know what you need, feel free to browse our inventory and pick up the industrial or commercial LED light fixtures you require. If you have any questions about our inventory or products, or you’d like to talk to a specialist about a customized solution, give us a call at or send us a message and our professionals will gladly assist. Shop for your LED lighting fixtures today!

If youre interested in probing some of the energy savings that LED fixtures and light bulbs can have for you, youve come to the right place. Here you can find a wide range of LED commercial light fixtures, including but not limited to LED high bay lights, wall packs, LED shop lights, various types of floodlights, area lighting for parking lots, wafer lights, and more. We even offer retrofit kits for a variety of different existing fixtures. Energy-efficient, long-lasting, and offering a great variety in color temperature, commercial LED lights can offer a number of benefits to your organization, no matter what size the job!

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Led Outdoor Commercial Lighting

Browse our huge variety of LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures – we have over 300 products for your outdoor lighting commercial needs! Our LED commercial outdoor lighting fixtures include floodlight fixtures, wall packs, sports lighting, decorative poles/light fixtures, area lighting fixtures, street lighting fixtures, and bollard lights. Use the navigation on the left to drill down to a specific category of commercial lights for outdoor use. has some of the best prices you will find for LED commercial outdoor lighting. Our large product offering and 22 plus years of business experience have helped us trim costs as much as possible to make sure you are getting the best deal on your outdoor lighting commercial products.

Our team has over 22 years of experience helping clients with their commercial outdoor lighting needs. Please feel free to contact us by phone at or email if you have any questions. Wed love to help you find the right product on our website or work with you to build something custom for your needs.

Wide Selection Of Led Light Fixtures

Our inventory of industrial and commercial LED light fixtures is so diverse, we have a fixture for every application you can think of, whether you are lighting indoor spaces like warehouses and offices, or outdoor lighting spaces such as parking lots, complexes, and streets. Our LED fixture styles include area lighting fixtures, canopies, retrofit kits, wall packs, outdoor LED flood light fixtures, surface fixtures, high bay fixtures, high bay linear fixtures, roadway lighting, LED ultra thin wafer lights, light bars, surface mounts, under counter fixtures, warehouse LED light fixtures, low voltage 12V fixtures for outdoor use, and much more.

Need to retrofit or upgrade? Our LED retrofit kits provide a convenient option, or you can pick up some LED panels and troffers, which will replace your 2×2 and 2×4 fluorescent fixtures. Our outdoor LED flood light fixtures are great for replacing lights with anywhere from 15 watts to 500 watts. Modern LEDs are very versatile and can produce widely varying color temperatures, beam patterns, and brightnesses. Because you can use them for everything, and because they are so energy efficient and last so long, they are the perfect option for cutting energy usage in industrial buildings, offices, and outdoor spaces of all types.

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What Is Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting is lighting used within business spaces such as offices, stores, universities, hospitals and government buildings, basically spaces that are not industrial, manufacturing or residential buildings. Commercial lighting fixtures are used indoors and outdoors by businesses worldwide.

Industrial Commercial & Wholesale Lighting Solutions

commercial decorative led lights brightech

When it comes to proper illumination, you need the right lighting solutions. Whether in need of lighting for your home, commercial space, or industrial setting, we have you covered! Here at, we are your source for a wide range of selections tailored to the specific needs of the location. As your online lighting store, we are confident you will find the right product at the right price to help you achieve all your illumination goals regardless of setting.

Our selection covers all your lighting needs for every imaginable area. We offer a diverse range of options for home lighting and business locations alike. Choose from the most popular types of recessed troffers, recessed can lights, gooseneck and barn lighting, wall sconces, and more. Our selection of indoor lighting offers an attractive appearance perfect for any home or business while also providing the performance you expect for your standards. In addition to our indoor home and commercial lighting solutions, you will also find a wide range of outdoor options. These solutions carry several important ratings and manufacturing specifications to ensure longevity in the toughest of conditions such as rain, wind, snow, and heat exposure. Whether looking for high powered parking lot lights or small walkway lights to add to your steps, we have something for both ends of the illumination spectrum.

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Commercial Outdoor Lighting Overview

Outdoor lighting is a necessity for many commercial applications. For example, parking structures and parking lots require constant illumination during evening hours. This illumination provides visibility, security, and safety for both the business and also for visitors.

Another example of outdoor lighting involves lighting for the exterior of commercial buildings such as retail stores, gas stations, or office buildings. These buildings often require lighting at the entrances of the facility, or illumination over important features such as gas pumps at gas stations. This evening lighting is important both for security purposes as well as attracting customers. At Commercial LED Lights, we have a wide selection of both indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products to suit any commercial, industrial, or individual need.

Who Is Lighting New York

At Lighting New York, we know that you want to be proud of the spaces you create and in order to do that, you need the right lighting and decor that matches your style. The problem is with so many choices, you dont know where to start, which can leave you feeling really overwhelmed. But decorating a space youre proud of should be easy!

We also know that selecting the right decor on your own can be complicated, so this is when we cue our industry-certified Experts, who can help you select the perfect item the first time through.

At LNY, we create a Hassle-Free Buying Experience. First, we simplify the process. Then, we take care of you every step of the way, leaving you with products you love and our LNY Guarantee.

So, shop now at Lighting New York and avoid a frustrating experience that ends in regret. Youll be proud of the spaces you create. Guaranteed.

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Other Things To Know About Commercial Outdoor Wall Lights

Though the aesthetic appeal of outdoor lighting is an important consideration, there are other things to think when searching for the perfect outdoor wall lights. If you intened to install wall lights in common areas, choose from a variety of models that support eco-friendly, look for LEDs that support bright 3000K or 3500K color temperatures that emit enough light to increase visibility along walkways and other high traffic areas. If you plan to create a cohesive look in an outdoor area, choose wall lights that are part of a larger collection that features coordinate commercial outdoor ceiling fans, flush mounts, pendants, and pathway lights.

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    Outdoor lighting is an amazing way to transform the spaces outside of your home or business for round-the-clock use. Modern landscape lighting enhances your beautiful surroundings, allowing them to shine even when the sun goes down. Outdoor LED lights can add safety, security and style to your property. From outdoor wall lights to solar pathway lights, string lights, step lights and LED flood lights, we have a wide array of options to brighten the outdoors.

    Frame your entryway with classic outdoor wall lights from Hinkley. Light the way for people to move safely outside with understated brick lights and step lights from WAC Lighting. Find sophisticated outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor wall sconces and flood lights from Kichler. Define the contours of your building, patio space or garden with outdoor track lighting, outdoor wall grazers and recessed up lights from PureEdge Lighting. Or try soft garden lighting with a clean, contemporary outdoor bollard light from Tech Lighting. We have thousands of options for every purpose and style.

    Questions? Contact our ALA-certified lighting experts for advice on what lights would work best for your project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Lighting

    While commercial lighting can be utilized in many different ways, some buildings may need solutions that are more specific to their exact needs. Due to this, individuals must do their research prior to making a purchase otherwise, they may receive commercial lighting fixtures that are incompatible or unnecessary. If you’ve never ordered fluorescent or commercial LED lighting products before, check out our frequently asked questions or reach out with any questions you have.

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