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Decorative Columns For Front Porch

Incorporate A Fire Pit

How To Build A Porch Column Wrap | This Old House

Outdoors by Erica Elliott

Everyone loves a warm evening by the fireplace as they talk about their day. You can have a relaxing evening by the fireplace as you view the skies and appreciate your front porch decorating. The light cast from the fireplace creates ambiance and warmth. It promotes your socialization with friends or even enjoying a quiet evening as you talk about inspirational porch ideas.

Brick Stone And Iron Porch Columns

These three decorative porch column options are generally selected to match specific home styles, construction methods, or architecture. You can customize the designs to complement the stonework or metal accents seen on other parts of the exterior. However, these specialty materials tend to cost more than wood or fiberglass.

Farmhouse Porch Columns For An Enchanting Entrance

There is no welcome home quite like the welcome you receive from a well accessorized porch with farmhouse porch columns. Everyone dreams of the white picket fence, but no one mentions the far more majestic columns that really complete the front of your home. These columns give your porch an additional touch of charm without even trying.

When you step onto a porch with columns its like stepping into a world of ease you are free to leave your worries behind, slip into that comfortable chair, and wonder how you got so lucky. With a variety of colors and styles you will have no problem accessorizing these features. If you are feeling adventurous you may even consider stone based or tapered columns for a unique look. Let farmhouse columns carry the weight of your porch design challenges and look below for some new ideas!

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Learn More About Our Extensive Selection Of Columns

At HB& G, we have a wide selection of sizes, options and finishes to choose from when designing your new home. Have a question or need more information about our house columns? Fill out a contact form or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. For any architectural inquiries, specifications or installation questions, please contact our Architectural Services Department. At HB& G, we’re here to assist you with putting the finishing touches on your home to make it a “dream home!”

Why Buy From Elite Trimworks Store

Design Your Own Decorative Column

Your best choice for High-Quality Architectural Products Online or In-Store

At Elite Trimworks, our entire business model is based upon providing specialty architectural products with outstanding customer service that ensures a strong relationship. This standard of excellence can be attributed to the highly trained and motivated staff that sets Elite Trimworks apart from its competitors. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we take great pride in being easy to do business with so that our clients can have peace of mind.

SHOP WITH CONFIDENCE knowing that we, as a manufacturer, sell only products that we make or fully inspect ourselves – no surprises! Buying direct from us offers you much more selection, information, and guidance.

WE DELIVER, FAST! No matter where your project is located, we have thousands of Quick Ship products that can be shipped out within 24 hours. Elite offers Great Deals on Shipping for both American and Canadian Customers. All products not listed under our Free Shipping or Shipping Specials will require a shipping quote, we always source for the best and most cost-effective carriers. We will not ship any order WITHOUT contacting you first. You will find that our shipping experience along with our large volume, will mean that will probably pay less than you expect.

EXPERIENCED HELP Our dedicated personnel standing by to answer any questions that you may have, just a phone call away or try our Live Chat.

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What Are The Benefits Of Fiberglass Columns

Fiberglass columns are created using a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer composite material that is engineered to provide both structural support and aesthetic appeal. This durable and low-maintenance option is insect-proof, rot-proof and weatherproof, meaning it’s able to withstand the elements, unlike other products on the market. And our fiberglass columns are available in a variety of styles to provide both historical and architectural authenticity. All HB& G fiberglass columns comply with current IBC/ICC code criteria.

Update Your House Numbers

Room for Tuesday by Sara Gibson

Freshen up the exterior with numbers. You can explore the options by picking, mixing and matching a set of exciting numbers. You should not be conformed to your wall or mailbox. You can hang them on a planter box and add plants for a fresh look. You can use durable wood and colors rather than flipping a page. A good editor can help you design and charge you on a commission basis.

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Hb& g Has The Permacast Columns To Beautify Your Building

Whether it’s new construction installation or updating existing structural columns, HB& G can help you get the job done on spec, on time and to the ultimate satisfaction of the property owner. With reliable, long-lasting building solutions, make HB& G Building Products your source for front porch columns and other outdoor living products. Shop HB& G today!

To obtain a fiberglass column’s price, please fill out the contact form or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at . If you have warranty questions or want to file a claim, please email or fill out the contact form.

Incorporate Globe Swing Lights

How to Install Porch Columns | This Old House

Garden by Rini Ramli

The lights will incorporate your hipster haven and transform your space. You can protect the bulbs with bubble-wrap sleeves. You can then run the cords on the door as you add the bulbs. You can use it to create a Fairland effect as it is not too bright and makes dark front porches magical.

You can also add rocking chairs and a dining table as you enjoy the holiday season sharing ideas with guests. Your guests will delight in a morning coffee as you share your inspiration on affiliate marketing programs and home design.

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What Features Do Pvc Column Wraps Offer

If you’re looking to replace your deteriorating wood columns, PVC column wraps are a smart and beautiful choice. This engineered material is moisture, weather and pest resistant yet offers the look of wood in square profiles. Plus, our innovative PVC column wraps are quick and simple to install, allowing you to easily wrap an existing structural post in no time.

Choosing An Architectural Column Material

Whether you are replacing the existing columns on your home or if your are renovating your homes front entrance, you will find a full selection of column materials that will meet your budget, level of maintenance, and style preferences. Many homeowners choose traditional stone or wood porch columns, while others opt for newer engineered materials such as fiberglass, PVC or polyurethane for their low maintenance and extended service life.

Here are some pros and cons of several widely used architectural column materials:

When considering architectural columns for structural support and aesthetics, a solid fiberglass base is stronger than polyurethane foam base. If considerations for wind updraft are required within the column structure, then a hollow fiberglass base is a good choice.

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Purchase Quality Porch Columns And Porch Post From Hb& g

If you’re looking for a popular square or round porch column or the more traditional wood porch post, HB& G offers innovative products to perfectly fit your outdoor space. Our premium PermaPost® products are low maintenance and load-bearing. We have many post options that come with a 25-year limited warranty. If your design requires wood instead of synthetic material, we offer a #100 turned wood porch post designs that are available in 4, 5 and 6 in nominal sizes. They can also be ordered in primed or unprimed options. Discover why the experts trust HB& G.

Rmw Exteriors: Professionals You Can Trust

85 Exterior House Porch Ideas with Stone Columns

What started out as a small, family-run business in 1986 in Elmira has now grown into an Ontario-renowned exterior remodelling and renovations company but we havent lost the small-town, customer-first service!

From Kitchener-Waterloo to London and Oakville to Muskoka, our expert team of professionals will bring the dreams you have for you home to life. If youre looking for exceptional service and quality on your next exterior project, get in touch.

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How Can I Prevent Moisture Damage With My Wood Porch Posts

There is nothing like the beauty of real wood to add character and value to a well designed porch. Many worry about moisture damage using wood posts. Should you be concerned? We offer #100 turned wood posts in 4, 5, 6 nominal sizes that come with a limited warranty. To prevent moisture damage and comply with the warranty, they must be installed with quick lock brackets or aluminum plinths.

Types Of Permacast Structural Columns

To match the style of your home or building, you can choose your structural fiberglass columns from various styles and shapes:

  • RoughSawn® Columns: Enjoy the beauty of cedar posts without the hassles of wood. PermaCast® RoughSawn structural columns are low maintenance while maintaining your structure’s rustic, farmhouse-style appeal.
  • Craftsman Structural Porch Columns: These tapered square columns are ideal for a farmhouse or contemporary style home. Craftsman Columns are available in various sizes to match the look of your building.
  • PermaCast® Round Porch Columns: Entasis is a gradual tapering of the upper part of round structural columns to create an optical illusion that’s pleasing to the eye. The Greeks discovered this classic form, and our round tapered columns for porches embody its grace and elegance. We also have a large selection of round column bases and caps to enhance the overall look of round PermaCast® columns.
  • Square Fiberglass Columns: Whether you want plain columns or are looking for recessed panels or fluted styles, HB& G can provide you with the square fiberglass columns to get the job done. Add flair to your columns by combining them with PermaCast® square bases and caps.

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What Are The Advantages Of Aluminum Columns

Aluminum columns are a lightweight yet strong architectural choice that is completely maintenance-free. These decorative, load bearing columns are ideal for porches, decks and a variety of other applications. Powder-coated with a baked-on coating, our aluminum columns are available in several sizes and styles and always come prefinished in a uniform white.

Colonial Porch Pillars Or Columns

ð?¡DIY Stone Porch Columns with Concrete Topper || Barndominium Living

PermaPost® is made from a super low-maintenance polyethylene and is finished white so it can be painted or left unpainted. For a warm and inviting decorative look for your front porch, choose from either the 5″ or 6″ Colonial post, the 5″ square post, or the new 6″ Chamfered post. The Perma Lamp Post is an attractive way to light a drive or garden area. The pipe in the center is designed to allow a wire to be easily installed. The 2-7/8″ pipe fits most outdoor lamp fixtures. The PermaPost® is composed of a polyethylene shell that surrounds a galvanized steel pipe and polyurethane foam filler. The 6″ PermaPost® is tested to carry a load of up to 5,000 lbs., and the 5″ post is rated at 1,300 lbs.

Warranty: HB& G warrants that for twenty-five years the PermaPost porch or lamp post is free from defects in material and workmanship. See warranty forms for all details

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Porch Columns Do More Than Just Serve A Practical Function For Home Entries And Porches You Can Also Use Them As Decorative Elements To Enhance A Home’s Exterior Palette Learn The Basics Of Column Materials And Styles With These Ideas For Using Porch Columns In Your Home

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Master The Print And Pattern Mix

Blue and white in porch by Town and Country Living

You can incorporate the outside to the inside space by connecting your interiors and the front porch. You can have your bench cushions upholstered in a sea-inspired print combined with a neutral base of patterns of throw pillows. The tables and chairs can be designed to bring out the ambiance of a modern porch. The porch can be connected to the kitchen with dazzling clear glass walls.

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Incorporate A Tiki Torch

Frugal Coupon Living by Ashley Langston

Use a tiki torch made with a gunmetal finish to bring out an island-like feel. You can have them located in different spots around your porch swing. The torches will enable you attain your crafted modern style and help you appreciate an island effect.

As the breeze blows, the fire will be enhanced and the light will be more spectacular. It might be a little expensive in terms of the fuel and fast burning, but it is worth the finances. It will light the backyard and the amazing lighting is a sight to behold and inspiration.

Learn More About Decorative And Structural Porch Columns

Square porch columns with paneled pedestals

Whether you’re looking for structural porch columns or decorative interior and exterior columns, HB& G offers a variety of materials to choose from. Each provides its own unique benefits, style and maintenance level. Check out our helpful Information Center or keep reading to learn more about the decorative and load-bearing columns available from HB& G Columns.

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Secure The Front Porch With A Gate

Personality with a gate by the front porchcompany

Create an illusion of extra privacy and an extra safety barrier for toddlers and pets. Your front porch is the entrance to your houses living room and security is key. The front porch can be secured without limiting the steps to the house and other areas.

When Are Wood Columns The Right Choice

For those looking to maintain the historical charm and integrity of their home, interior wood columns are the way to go. Architectural-grade paints can be applied to our selection of pine, redwood and cedar wood columns, while stains can be applied to any of our premium stain-grade woods. And all of our wooden structural and decorative interior columns are available in a beautiful selection of sizes and styles. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Our team will work with you to quote a variety of custom column profiles and wood species to ensure you get the exact look you’re going for.

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Porch Columns & Posts

At HB& G, we offer several alternative options in lieu of round porch columns or square columns. Front porch posts serve as a lovely finishing touch on a home’s facade. By adding or replacing porch posts, you can actually enhance the overall aesthetic and charm of the home.

Porch posts are available in a variety of sizes and profiles. And at HB& G, your porch posts can be custom designed to perfectly complement door and window trim, as well as your porch’s material and finish.

Our PermaPost® and Wood Porch Posts are both excellent choices for more traditional, cottage-style homes. Looking to add wind-uplift resistance to your PermaPosts? The innovative Porch-Loc® design is created to secure both structural square and Colonial-style PermaPosts. Whether you’re a contractor or a homeowner, premium HB& G porch posts can be a smart investment that makes a big difference. Enjoy the safety, function and pure beauty of HB& G’s front porch posts.

Purchase Specialty Porch Columns From Hb& g


From your front porch to your great room, at HB& G we’re all about elevating and enhancing the spaces where you gather. Our selection of interior and exterior columns is designed to complement any decor style and created to be both durable and low-maintenance. Because the last thing you need to worry about is maintaining your porch columns. Discover why the experts turn to HB& G for indoor and outdoor columns, architectural products and so much more.

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How To Paint And Maintain Your Columns

If you decide to repaint your architectural columns to match or contrast your homes appearance, first check with the manufacturers instructions for any specific painting guidelines for the column material. Most columns can be easily painted by first cleaning the column and caulking any holes or gaps. Apply at least one coat of primer and let it dry thoroughly and sand before applying the appropriate exterior oil or latex paint. After drying, apply a second coat if needed.

The engineered materials that are used for Worthington Millworks architectural columns are virtually maintenance free. For exterior columns, an occasional hose down to remove dust or debris is all that is required. If you are installing wood columns, avoid drilling any holes in the bottom section to prevent water infiltration. By keeping your wood columns freshly painted with a high quality latex or oil based paint, you are adding a protective coating that increases the life span of wood posts.

Care should be taken during shipping and handling of architectural columns. They should be stored indoors, in their original shipping crate or stored standing in a safe and dry location. Avoid storing columns in temperatures below 40 degrees F to avoid material becoming brittle and easier to crack.

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