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Decorative Ceiling Registers And Grilles

Floor Vent Covers And Heat Registers

HVAC grilles and diffuser review

Available in wood, plastic and a variety of metals, our vent floor registers come in a range of styles and designs to match your décor. Vent covers is a general term that is used to describe the covers placed over air ducts where heated or cooled air emerges from your HVAC unit. The technical term for these covers is registers. Our top-rated ceiling and floor registers include some of the following designs:

  • Floor Diffusers: Our selection of floor vent covers help heated air rise, allowing you to enjoy a warm home without having a hefty heating bill.
  • Ceiling and Wall Covers: Our air vent covers and deflectors can help cold air drop into a room during warmer months. Many of these designs have multi-louver shutters with smooth glide dampers to help direct airflow.

From quality brands like Tru Aire and Deflect-O, some of our top-rated products include:

Return Air Filter Grilles

Pacific Register Filter Grilles are available in any pattern and size. They are designed to work well with our 1 thick, black, washable and reusable filter elements provided with the grilles, or a standard 2 thick filter. The frame has a removable face, making installation and filter changes a breeze.

Our decorative filter grilles are the perfect finishing touch to your room. Whether you need a standard size grille, odd sized grille, or special size to fit your particular application, we can make a custom filter grille for you.

  • Available for wall, ceiling and floor applications.
  • Cut from 3/16 thick material, for improved durability over many thin gauge products on the market.
  • Our flush mount captive screws are child-proof ideal for floor applications and high-traffic areas. These screws will not break or get caught on clothing and other objects.
  • Available in any custom size and any pattern.

The Role Of Registers And Grilles

Registers and grilles are both types of vent covers. However, there are a couple of notable differences. Registers are responsible for supplying conditioned air to the indoor environment, whereas grilles remove air from the room and return it to the main HVAC system to be conditioned. Another difference between these two is that registers have dampers, whereas grilles do not. The damper can be closed or opened to adjust the volume of conditioned air being released into the space.

Registers have louvers or blades that allow the airflow to be funneled in different directions. A one-way register funnels air in one direction only, whereas a two-way register pushes air outward in two directions. Three-way and four-way registers are also available from Hart & Cooley. In contrast, since grilles remove air from the space, they feature carefully spaced fins to direct air back into the ductwork.

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The Placement Of Sidewall And Ceiling Registers And Grilles

The placement of sidewall and ceiling registers and grilles is dictated by the needs of the space. Remember that cold air sinks and hot air rises due to differences in density. This means that in cold climates, a sidewall register positioned low toward the floor is preferable. As it delivers heated air into the room, the warm air will rise and mix, creating a uniform temperature throughout the space. Similarly, ceiling registers are preferable in warmer climates that rely on cooling for much of the year. The cooled air will sink downward through the room, mixing with the warmer air.

A Look At Hart & Cooleys Sidewall And Ceiling Registers And Grilles

Decorative Grill Register, Vent Cover. Decorative Grille made to fit ...

At Hart & Cooley, we understand that it can be difficult to choose the specific products you need for various applications. We offer a wealth of resources to make it easier for you. You can use our online product selection tool to find what youre looking for, or you can connect with a nearby customer service rep. Our 1,600+ customer service reps have been with the company for years, and are highly knowledgeable about HVAC systems and our products.

The attributes of our specific sidewall and ceiling registers and grilles will vary from one product to the next. In general, you can expect the following:

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Traditional styling and colors to blend in with all types of building décor
  • A range of sizes and shapes available
  • Custom sizing and colors available in select circumstances
  • Easy installation and easy adjustments

Hart & Cooley is pleased to work with wholesale distributors and their installer bases. Since 1901, we have cultivated a sterling reputation for quality products and unbeatable customer service. Contact us today to find a representative near you. Each time you work with us, youll speak with your dedicated representative. They will get to know your needs and concerns, and will help you find the right products for your projects.

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Find The Perfect Match For Your Home Or Build

Offering a wide range of high quality grilles and registers at an affordable price, Decor Grates has become a popular option for builders and new home owners. Decor Grates products are easy to install, rust proof, and offer unique solutions to improve indoor air quality.

Theres a grate style to match any decor.

Residential Sidewall/ceiling Registers & Grilles

A homes HVAC system is a complex network of components that all have specific jobs to do in order to keep the building comfortable. Two important considerations are the distribution of heated or cooled air throughout the home, as well as the return of air to the main HVAC system for re-conditioning. Sidewall and ceiling registers and grilles play an important role in these two functions. When contractors and wholesale distributors are in need of these types of vent covers, they most often turn to Hart & Cooley. Since 1901, the Hart & Cooley brand has been synonymous with high quality and dependability.

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Hand Crafted Works Of Art

Every Fancy Vent is made to order to replace a standard louvered vent cover. Easy to install, each vent is handcrafted from steel and cast iron with a powder coated finish creating a durable lifetime product. Quality is our top priority and we can fabricate vents suitable for wall, ceiling and floors.

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$375.00
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$375.00
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$475.00

We are proud to offer additional discounts to our service men and women


Turn Your Ideas Into Stunning Statement Ceilings

Airtec Grilles, Registers and Diffusers

Tableaux Decorative Grilles are custom made-to-order using your ideas and specifications.

Tell us about the shape, size, design style & pattern, colors, and mounting method you desire. Then let us design & manufacture one-of-a-kind decorative grilles for installation into your Ceiling Décor & Treatments. Check out our Lookbook for more photos of Statement Ceilings or read through the pages under “Product Details” in the main menu to learn more.

Visit Where to Order to connect with authorized Tableaux Reseller and let them help you create a unique work of art for your Ceiling Décor & Treatments!

Care to receive an occasional Tableaux newsletter to inspire your interior design & décor?

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Measuring For Register And Grille Replacement

To replace or add a floor register cover or grille, do not measure the size of your current register or grille. Instead, measure the size of the air duct opening. Many of our air vent covers, registers and grilles are sized by duct opening measurements, not wall opening measurements.

For more information on air deflectors and covers, visit your local Ace. Well help make it easier to find the perfect products for your next project.

Need help? Call 1-866-290-5334

Tableaux Ceiling Dcor & Treatments

Gone are the days of boring flat ceilings that are never looked at. Statement ceiling is the new catchphrase in interior design & home décor.

When you consider your ceiling as a fifth wall, you can begin to imagine the many ways your ceilings can be designed and decorated to draw the eyes upward and serve as the focal point of a room.

Todays creative Interior Designers and Decorators know how to transform these forgotten walls into visual statements that transform a space and take interior design to the next level.

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All About Decorative Vent Covers

Beaux-Arts Classic Productsoffers the best in the marketplace. They are cast in urethane resin, which is a superior material for HVAC covers. Let me explain why.

  • Your decorative vent cover from Beaux-Arts Classic Products will be maintenance free. You should not have to re-finish, remove rust, corrosion or mold for the life of the vent covers because we use an exterior grade of urethane resin.
  • It also means they can be used in damp or wet locations like exteriors for foundation crawl space vent covers, bathrooms, kitchens and indoor swimming pools or other rooms on the same HVAC system as the pool room. They are frequently used to replace unattractive exhaust fan covers in bathrooms.
  • They are easy to install. They have pre-drilled screw holes and all necessary hardware provided. Our grilles are flat on the back, with no protrusions that needs to fit into the duct-work. Just place over the duct, level and screw in.
  • Our vent covers will also reduce or eliminate the irritating high pitched noise problems often found with stamped steel louvered return grille covers. Urethane resin will not vibrate and make noise like metal will. Use our vent covers to replace noisy high pitched metal return vent covers, your ears will be glad you did.
  • Our vent covers have incredible three-dimensional detail. Not just hole punched sheet metal.
  • We currently offer 3 styles.

The Smallest Details Can Make The Biggest Difference

Decorative Grill Register, Vent Cover. Decorative Grille Made to Fit ...

Adorn a rather simple and ordinary spot in your home with something spectacular. Dull and unseen, most vent covers often sacrifice style and design in favor of functionality. Utilized to restrict or re-direct airflow throughout your home, air vents often go unnoticed, making them missed opportunities for homeowners to add charm and decorative appeal to any room. Dont skip the finer detailsorder from our extensive inventory of fully customizable decorative register and vent covers made out of aluminum, metal, wood, plaster, resin, and stone. Matching vent grilles to your specific style has never been easier use our selection of vents to accent any them. If you have found yourself unimpressed or otherwise indifferent to the vents currently in your home, its time to consider exactly what this commonly overlooked detail can add to the overall style and décor you are seeking to achieve.

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Accentuate Your Vent With Beautiful Decorative Covers

Accentuate your vent with this beautiful resin vent cover. Instead of drawing attention to your vent, this cover actually blends in seamlessly with the rest of your interior decoration, making it a complimentary part of your home. This wall vent cover can also be used as a ceiling vent cover and is perfect for any design, style, and taste singular to your home. No one said you couldnt make your vent look a little prettier! Shop our decorative vent covers for more options and more ways to make your home beautiful!

  • Formulated to accommodate central air and heat. To ensure this, our products go through thorough heat and cold testing.
  • Unlike metal grilles, our products do not rust, and unlike wood grilles, our products do not splint. Resin grilles are sturdy, durable, strong, and light in weight
  • All painted grilles are NON-RETURNABLE
  • Our products are made in the U.S.A. and has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The standard grille thickness is 1/2″.
  • All flat frame grilles have a 1/4″ lip on the back the protrudes into your duct.
  • The manufacturing time for:
  • Unpainted grilles with no damper is 2-4 weeks
  • Unpainted registers with dampers is 4 weeks
  • Painted grilles with or without damper is 4 weeks

Flat Frame Grilles

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