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Decorative Ceiling Fans Without Lights

What Should You Consider When Buying An Eglo Ceiling Fan:

Craftmade Decorative Ceiling fan without light (remake)

Unsure of the size of the fan? The size is a personal preference. Fans with a large diameter are eye-catching in both small and large rooms.

Living rooms, family areas, and master bedrooms need a ceiling fan with a blade size of at least 132 cm to create sufficient airflow. For rooms such as the kitchen or dining room, the wing size can be a little smaller.

A ceiling fan achieves optimum performance when it is positioned in the centre of the room.

If you have an elongated room, consider using multiple fans..

How To Find The Best Big Fan For You

When shopping for these kind of sizable ceiling fans, don’t be fooled by low end manufactures that combine long blades with standard sized motors. This is an attempt to make their product look big at a bargain price but in the end you’ll get a voluminous model that doesn’t move the air you were expecting or need. In our humble opinion, what is the point of having a massive ceiling fan if it cannot a good amount of airflow? These is bad for the fan motor and will severely shorten the life span of the motor, because by using too long of blades on a motor not powerful enough for them will put to much stress on it, thus causing overheating and burning the motor out.

Our oversize ceiling fans are made by the best name brands such as Minka Aire, Fanimation, Craftmade, TroposAir Ceiling Fan Company and more. Our big name brand suppliers use specially designed high-performancee motors, which will turn the blades easily, thus not shortening the life spans of the motors. By using the larger and correct motor with the oversized blade size our fans will provide more airflow, which is probably the main reason you are shopping for a huge ceiling fan in the first place. Most of our models come equipped with high-performance DC motors, which will give the fan even more airflow performance with 75% less power consumption compared our competitors offerings.

Why We Love Ceiling Fans Without Lights

When a room is already filled with illumination from a combination of ceiling lighting, wall sconces and portable lamps yet you still want the airflow provided by a ceiling fan, turn to a fixture without a light kit. Ceiling fans without lights offer the same style and functionality as any other modern fan, only without the integrated light kit. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens alike, consider a ceiling fan without light for your home.

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How To Buy A Minka Aire Ceiling Fan Without Lights

After you determine where you plan to install the fixture, choose an indoor or outdoor-rated Minka Aire ceiling fan no lights or kit. Next, measure the size of the space to get the blade diameter precisely right. Bigger is not better, and you need a custom Minka Aire ceiling fan no light kit with blades between 42 inches and 62 inches. Of course, there are also smaller or larger blade diameters. And, if you decide that at some point you would like to transform the Minka ceiling fan without lights into one that has a light kit, opt for a model that allows for a later retrofit.

Why does it matter if there is a damp or wet rating? For starters, Minka Aire outdoor fans are designed with wet conditions in mind. Therefore, they will not break if you install them in a pergola during a particularly rainy summer. Secondly, you do not need to worry about moisture ratings with standard Minka Aire ceiling fans.

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Contemporary Ceiling Fans Without Lights

Ceiling fan wooden blade without light (UNI

What comes to mind when someone mentions that their interior has a contemporary flair? For many homeowners, it means the installation of modern ceiling fans without lights. Believing in the addition of appliances for their own sake, the goal of the design is the absence of any visual detractions that a light package would offer. Almost all contemporary ceiling fans without lights provide you with choices in blade counts. Choose from three, five, six, or eight-count blade setups.

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Selecting The Best Ceiling Fan To Meet Your Needs

Most shoppers prefer high-end ceiling fans with lights. These appliances put you in control of the amount of ambient lighting your space will have. Moreover, the more expensive ceiling fans feature light kits that are works of art in their own right. Depending on the design, look for LEDs, incandescent bulbs, and halogen lights. Consider also whether you want your upscale ceiling fans to feature uplights or those facing downward.

Are you confused by the sheer volume of choices that are available to you right now? Chandelier ceiling fans work very well in mid-sized to large rooms that have a formal feel. When you want something a little less formal, there are additional options open to you. Cases in point are attractive designer ceiling fans.

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans Without Lights

What are your options when you want to enjoy the comfort of cooling a patio or pool house without the need for illumination? In this scenario, you would benefit from the use of outdoor ceiling fans without lights. This construction style emphasizes the great looks of the appliances. Moreover, outdoor porch fans without lights are available with downrods. In this way, you can adjust the installation height to accommodate an indoor/outdoor space with vaulted or cathedral ceiling.

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Ceiling Fans Without Light

You feel a natural breeze on your skin, almost as if you are standing out in open air. Introducing EGLO’s Ceiling Fan collection. The contemporary style fans are ideal for improving your indoor climate, especially on hot summer days.

Our modern and practical ceiling fans combine trendy design with high quality materials.

How Finishes And Blade Shapes Affect The Look And Feel Of A Cooling Appliance

Best Designer Ceiling Fans with Light & Remote | Decorative Ceiling Fans in India 2022

Envision the installation of a modern ceiling fan with no light that delights the sense with slight curvatures of its distressed koa blades instead. Mounted to the ceiling with a downrod, this appliance adds a sense of elegance that is nevertheless completely modern. Designer ceiling fans without lights also come in bold colors. Examples include glossy blacks and stunning reds. Control types for contemporary ceiling fans with no light include smart settings, wall switches, and remote controls in addition to pull chains.

Can you bring this level of chic to the outdoors as well? A black contemporary ceiling fan with no light could be the best option for a patio no matter the primary color scheme. Of course, dark colors are not the only choice. Stainless steel ceiling fans without lights frequently feature a damp rating that makes them suitable for pool houses and similar locations.

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Oversized Fans With Lights

We have many large ceiling fans with lights. Most of these models come with optional light covers. We also have intergrated LED lights available to attach to most models that do not include a light in the box.

We even have the full extensive line of Chandel-Air fans by Meyda Lighting. These are actually stunning, and impressively sized chandeliers that incorporate a ceiling fan hidden into the design. Channel-Air fans at beauty and elegance into any living space, and they also add the bonus of air movement to make that living space more comfortable to be in.

S Of Ways To Refresh The Room Modern And Classic Looks In Bronze Brushed Steel And More

Online shopping from a great selection at tools home improvement store.

Cool Ceiling Fan Lights Contemporary Flush Mount Fans Without

Ceiling Fans Without Lights Ceiling Fans The Home Depot

High Quality Industrial Wooden Ceiling Fan Wood Ceiling Fans

Craftmade 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Without Light Ve58bnk3 Velocity

Ceiling Fans Without Lights

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Large & Small Ceiling Fans With No Light Kits

No matter the blade span, ceiling fans without lighting often have reversible blades and are ideal for open spaces with multiple light sources and high ceilings, such as commercial and residential garages, storage spaces, restaurants, and bars. These indoor ceiling fans with no light kits are also ideal for modern bedrooms or kitchens because they do not emit additional heat. Many of them are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, pewter, matte white, and matte black. Ceiling fans with no light kits often come with downrods, hugger ceiling mounts, wall controls, remote controls, reversible motors, pull chains, and/or are smart ceiling fans.

Doing sufficient research to find the best product to purchase has always paid off. Check out low profile ceiling fans in order to find the perfect design and style with a light kit for your bedroom with a low ceiling. Many accessories like the ones from Hunter, cross many different categories and can work in many different areas and locations. Read the how to buy a ceiling fan article for a plethora of information and tips for purchasing the best fan.

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Beautifying An Outdoor Space With Cooling Technology

2020 newest 48 inch modern decorative ceiling fan ...

Exterior ceiling fans without lights give you control over the lighting of the space. In this way, you might choose to look to fire pits or torches as the main sources for lighting after dark. Outdoor fans without lights also blend in easily with the overall makeup of the ceiling space. As a result, you highlight the construction of the space through the addition of the appliance. Most importantly, outside ceiling fans without lights do not interfere with the ambient lighting of the interior or indoor/outdoor spaces.

Which rating is a good option for your setting? A wet-rated ceiling fan without lights works well in environments that may experience frequent exposure to moisture. This is not the space for a traditional in-home appliance. By the way, a damp-rated outdoor ceiling fan without lights works well in a setting where direct influx of moisture is not an issue.

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Durable Large Ceiling Fans

Here you will find large ceiling fans designed for oversized rooms and open floor plans to use both inside your home and outdoorrated for use outside of your home as well. You will even fan true commercial grade warehouse fans with massive blades spans here. These fans are not just for looks that impress, but also pack the performance to impress as well.

The ceiling fans category start with blades spans of 60 inches, and the most immense ceiling fan is our Fanimation Palmetto, which can span up to 50 feet accross the room. The 84″ TroposAir Titan, with it’s broad blade span of 84 inches moves a whopping 14,352 cubic feet per minute of air, and comes in White, Brushed Nickel, and Oil Rubbed Bronze finishes. Although those numbers are impressive when compared to most name brand fans offering these type of large ceiling fans, TroposAir also makes the Liberator ceiling fan, avaialble with three blades spans of 72 inches, 82 inches, and an extra long blade span of 96 inches. The Liberator puts all large model fans we sell to shame when it comes to performance.

Why Choose A Ceiling Fan Without A Light

There are a number of reasons why a ceiling fan without a light might be right for your needs. First of all, these designs tend to cost less than others. Second, they are a relatively unobtrusive addition to spaces in which a successful lighting scheme has already been established. Finally, ceiling fans without lights offer a lower profile, allowing them to visually integrate into a room without cluttering it. With a wide range of finishes to choose from, including bronze, brushed steel, white and more, you’re bound to find a good fit your space. Not sure where to start? We suggest you read our How to Buy a Ceiling Fan A Four-Step Guide to know what to look for in a fan. Then, browse our entire selection and enjoy Free Shipping on our designs.

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Ceiling Fans Without Light Ideas For Every Style

Whether your home follows traditional decoration or is filled with only modern elements of decor, you’ll have no problem incorporating one of these ceiling fans into the mix. Sleek, stainless steel and brushed aluminum options from the Modern Fan Company are a go-to choice for contemporary homes surrounded by other fixtures of this same finish. On the classic and traditional end of the design spectrum you’ll find several elegant options from Hunter Fans. Hunter’s collection of ceiling fans without lights combine familiar hardware finishes and construction to deliver a selection that will work almost anywhere, indoors or out. For larger areas, consider a fan with a 60″ blade span from Emerson Fans. Emerson’s fans also feature a DC motor to keep energy efficiency a top priority. And finally, look to Minka Aire for a design that allows you the option to include a light kit should you change your mind or require more light in the future.

Where Ceiling Fans Without Lights Work Best

Hampton Bay Bridgeton Ceiling Fan | Without Light Kit

Ceiling fans are a common decorating element of contemporary spaces, however they are sometimes not supposed to be the focal point of the room. In living rooms and bedrooms especially, you likely have a spread of light provided by floor and table lamps or even focused downlighting from recessed lights. In these spaces where an overabundance of light is not typically necessary, a ceiling fan with light would simply be too much for the room. Choosing a ceiling fan without light allows you to fill your rooms with other forms of illumination and successfully round out the decor. From small ceiling fans without lights to larger options meant for big living rooms or great rooms, as well as UL listed options for outdoor use, you’re sure to find just the right lightless fan here.

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How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan Without Light

Knowing that your fan doesn’t require a light kit narrows down your options, however there are still a few key considerations to remember. First, with any ceiling fan you choose, size is of utmost importance. The steps to measuring a ceiling fan require an understanding of the fan’s blade span , the number of blades the fan has and how far the blades are spaced apart. You’ll also want to decide whether you need a fan that mounts flush with the ceiling or one that extends from the ceiling with a downrod. Once you have a size in mind, you can begin refining your choices by motor finishes, hardware finishes, blade colors and other important design features. And for added convenience, check to see if the fan is capable of being remotely controlled. If you have any questions about the ceiling fans without light featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Traditional Modern Rustic Outdoor And More

We offer a wide range of styles within our extensive large ceiling fan category to choose from most of which are super energy efficient. Take the contemporary 8 blade design of the Slipstream for example, which moves an impressive 8,778 cubic feet per minute of air, while only using 28 watts of electricity. The 84″ Fanimation Odyn has 9 blades and a span of seven feet, moves 11,190 CFMs of airflow, and only uses 32 watts of energy while on its fastest speed. These, and most of our other larger ceiling fan models use new technologically advanced direct current motors. Ceiling fans with DC motors are extremely efficient and massive air movers, and they are way more efficient than what is required by Energy Star standards. This makes our fans a great choice for those wanting to cut back on electrical cost, while overachieving on performance. Our models with DC motors also allow for more speed variations. Instead of the 3-speeds found with traditional ceiling fans, these jumbo DC fans give at least six speed variations and all come with a full-function remote control, and optional in-wall remotes.

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Ceiling Fans With No Light Kit Accessories

Are you searching for a fixture to circulate cooling airflow in a room with lots of natural light, high ceilings, or a cozy atmosphere? Ceiling fans without lights will provide the needed circulation and cooling for your home. Low profile and flush mount ceiling fans can be hung from a low ceiling less than 8 feet high. In most cases, indoor/outdoor ceiling fans without light fixtures provide the best experience by effectively cooling your warm room and empowering the homeowner to use various lights to illuminate it. Popular models that we sell include the Minka-Aire Roto, Kichler Lehr, Craftmade Mondo, Modern Forms Vortex, Westinghouse Industrial, Fanimation Cancun, and Hunter Fan Company’s Dempsey or Low Profile IV. Whether you’re looking for a classic black ceiling fan or one with an antique bronze finish, you’ll find what you’re looking for to incorporate with your existing home décor.

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