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Decorative Ceiling Fans For Bedroom

Fancy Decorative Ceiling Lights To Transform Every Room

150+ False Ceiling Design For Bedroom With Fan 2022 || Latest False Ceiling Design Ideas

1. Add a breathtaking sculptural light in a Dining Room

Captivating ceiling lights seem to dance overhead, creating fluid movement above a dining table or kitchen island.

Sculptural, are modern and captivating. Gorgeous lighting with unique silhouettes looks stunning over a dining table or at the center of a dining room. Suspended waves of light give the illusion of movement, turning all eyes upward. Many of these modern lights come in dazzling metals like gold and silver. When the light is reflected in the metal, it brings additional glamour to any setting.

2. Be inspired by nature to brighten a Kitchen

Plants transform the look of these simply sophisticated white ceiling pendants. Change the greenery and you change the scenery, updating the look with vines that wrap, spill over or fill the lamps inner channel.

A natural touch always freshens a space. Thats why flower-filled vases are a popular way to decorate on a budget. Simple yet sophisticated white pendant lights that allow you to add plants and flowers on top will transform any space with freshness and beauty, literally bringing new life to your kitchen.

3.Use a modern shape to capture attention in a Living Room

4.Incorporate color to create a mood in a Family Room

5.Let beauty be suspended in an Entryway

6. Capture attention in a Loft

7.Add playful shapes in a Bedroom

8.Display creativity in an Office

9.Bring sweet serenity to a Nursery

How Many Ceiling Fan Blades Is Best

Surprisingly, the answer to this question from an overall performance standpoint is that it doesn’t really matter. At the present state of the art, the top ceiling fan manufacturers can deliver outstanding performance regardless of the number of blades.

Therefore, the main factor in deciding how many blades should be aesthetic. If you’re buying a ceiling fan for a bedroom, you’ll typically be looking at 3 to 5 blades to suit the dimensions of the space.A 12-blade ceiling fan, for example, would tend to look out of place in a standard-sized bedroom. Now, if you’re shopping for a large master bedroom with a vaulted ceiling, that’s another story, and a ceiling fan with more blades could work well.

As far as energy consumption, Energy Star advises that a ceiling fan with four blades works just as well as a fan with five blades. Some benefits of fewer blades

Less drag. It’s simple physics – the fewer the blades, the less drag on the motor. And less drag means the motor can spin the blades more efficiently and faster, creating more airflow.

Breeze vs gust. Motor size and blade length being equal, a fan with fewer blades will usually spin faster, creating more airflow. Turn the speed on high, and you might imagine you’re experiencing a windy day. If you prefer your breezes to be gentler, consider a fan with more blades.

Hunter Transitional 52 Ceiling Fan

The 52-inch Hunter Transitional fan from Hunter Fan Company is perfect for medium-to-large size rooms. The fan features three-speed settings and the ability to dim the dual-fixture lights. The WhisperWind motor allows for a relatively noiseless fan.

Customers praise the quiet and how easy it is to install the Hunter ceiling fan. While the lights could be more powerful, soft lighting is good for supplemental lighting in a living room or for soft lighting in the bedroom. The fan has a nice, traditional ascetic with five wooden blades and a frosted lighting bowl. You can also bundle the fan with a remote control to help in reaching the cords with a high ceiling.

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Honeywell Sabal Palm 52

If you want to dream away to an island feel, the Honeywell Sabal Palm fan is perfect for your little island getaway. The tropical leaf design of the blades is perfect for beach-lovers, especially if you live near the coast. The fan blades are hand-carved from basswood/Lindenwood and brushed with a bronze finish. The fan is finished with a Tuscan sandglass bowl with three light fixtures.

The fan is easy to install and features a reversible motor. The fans design allows for maximum airflow and circulation, reducing the need for air conditioners or other equipment.

This beautiful fan is perfect for the bedroom or other areas of your home that you want to have great air circulation and an elegant tropical feel. This is one of the best fans if you are looking for design options. You can choose between brass or bronze bowls, ceiling fan lights or no lights or four lights. This indoor fan will make you feel like you are always on vacation.

Choosing The Right Fan For Your Bedroom

48inch magic iron led fan lamp European antique ceiling ...

If you’ve got a bedroom with low ceilings, choose a low-profile fan to get great air circulation without taking up too much of your limited headroom. In rooms with tall or vaulted ceilings, downrod mounting lets you install your fan at the ideal height for maximum air circulation. When shopping for rooms lacking natural light, our popular bedroom ceiling fans with lights illuminate the space and disperse air with one convenient fixture. For rooms with plenty of windows or an established lighting scheme, go with a bedroom ceiling fan without lights to avoid emitting unnecessary heat from additional bulbs.

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Invisible Ceiling Fan Decorative Retractable Blade Fan For Living Room

Invisible Blades fans – 4 Blades,sand nickel color,led light source

TheRetractable Blade Fan functions both as a light pendant and a ceiling fan. The unit effectively hides the blades from view when not in use. When the fan is turned on, the blades gracefully open out and start pushing air as required. When switched off and the motor starts slowing, the blades slowly retract into the unit and are hidden from view.
A Retractable Blade Fan with led 32w light,4pcs Retractable Blades with Arcylic /ABS plastic material.
Motor type: AC Induction, 153-12MMLocation: Indoor
42 Inch Invisible Decorative Ceiling Fan With Lights
Color:Sand Nickel Light source : Yes Control: remote control Features:Retractable fans,10 years warranty for motor
Invisible Ceiling Fan with 4 colour Light with Remote Control
  • Light source: Led 32w light
  • Voltage : AC110-240V
  • Motor: AC motor 153*12mm
  • 2 down rods included
    One 4 down rod,another 10down rod
  • When the fan is turned on, the blades gracefully open out and start pushing air as required. When switched off and the motor starts slowing, the blades slowly retract into the unit and are hidden from view.
The Invisible Ceiling Fan can be used for kitchen,bedroom,dinning room,living room etc.
could adjust indoor house temperature by like fans and slow down the electricity consume.
3 grades fast speed with nature wind could make you feel flowing fresh air both in summer and winter.

How To Choose A Ceiling Fan Size

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a ceiling fan is its size. “Installing a fan that’s too small for your space won’t circulate air effectively to make the room feel cool,” said Alexander. “Alternatively, if you install a fan that’s too large for the space, it could overpower the room even on a lower setting.”

Basically, the larger the room is, the larger the diameter of the fan should be. Here are Alexander’s general guidelines for choosing a ceiling fan sizebut when in doubt, reference the brand’s room size recommendations for any model you’re thinking about buying.

  • 100 square feet or less: Choose a ceiling fan between 30 and 48 inches for small rooms like home offices and laundry rooms.
  • 100-400 square feet: A fan between 48 and 54 inches is best for rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.
  • Over 400 square feet: For large spaces and open floor plans, choose a ceiling fan that’s 56 inches or larger.

Another way to make sure your ceiling fan can handle your room size is by checking the cubic feet per minute . According to Alexander, this “refers to the measurement of how much air is moved by a ceiling fan. More energy-efficient ceiling fans produce higher airflow while consuming less energy than standard fans.” But not every brand advertises the CFM of its ceiling fans, so that metric may be hard to find.

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Rainierlight Classical Crystal Ceiling Fan

For a touch of class to your home, look no further than the RainierLight Classical Crystal fan found on Amazon. The fan features five reversible metal fan blades, the lighting fixture is chandelier style with crystal-like LED lighting and the fan is eco-friendly and energy-efficient. The anti-rust design of the fan ensures it will last a long time.

The fan also features three types of operating the fan. You can use the remote control, switch control or chord control for the power of the fan. This fan will go well with any room in your home, with its reversible motor, adding a bit of class to your space.

Antique Ceiling Fan Designs

Early 2000s Mainstays Décor 30″ hugger ceiling fan

Looking for a ceiling fan to match your vintage or farmhouse decor? Antique ceiling fans often have decorative filigree designs or scrollwork on the blade brackets and motor housing. You may want to look at lighting kits with warm globe lights or even a vintage style to partner with these designs. These fans also come in different prints, textiles, and finishes. You may choose a floral or leaf print, as well as rose gold, warm brass, and rustic copper finishes.

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Sonet Satin Brass Ceiling Fan

This Sonet Satin Brass Ceiling Fan found isnt cheap but she sure is pretty and wins the award for the most glamorous fan on the list with a satin brass base and acrylic blades:

It also has an LED light that blends into the rest of the design seamlessly. I bought it for our guest bedroom and love it:

Examples Of Bedrooms With A Ceiling Fan

A gallery featuring a large number of glorious primary bedroom designs, large and small, featuring ceiling fans that help circulate the air on hot days and nights.

Welcome to our gallery featuring primary bedrooms with ceiling fans.

While ceiling fans have fallen out of fashion in the past decade, they can still be a part of a beautifully designed room.

Even if you already have an air-conditioner, a ceiling fan can be a great way to both provide a cooling effect in the summer and help regulate the temperature more efficiently in the winter.

Ceiling fans are a smart choice for any budget-conscious home owner, or even those who just prefer to only turn on the AC when absolutely necessary. While fans dont cool the air the way air-conditioners do, they do get the air circulating in a hot, still room, which makes the room more comfortable.

This is a particularly good reason to put a ceiling fan in your bedroom. On hot summer nights, the air can feel still and stuffy, and a simple ceiling fan can make the room comfortable enough to fall asleep. In the room above, a fan circulates the cool air coming in through the French doors to the balcony.

Ceiling fans, depending on the kind you purchase, can also be a great source of white noise at night.

We hope youll enjoy this collection of contemporary primary bedrooms with ceiling fans!

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Source: ZillowDigsTM

Source: ZillowDigsTM

Source: ZillowDigsTM

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What’s The Best Placement For A Ceiling Fan In A Bedroom

Ceiling fans are typically best placed in the center of your bedroom. This is the ideal location for maximum airflow. However, if you have a larger, open bedroom with an odd shape or size, you may want more than one ceiling fan. In this case, each ceiling fan should be appropriately sized for the room space it serves.

Key Points to Remember

The first step to buying the ideal ceiling fan for your bedroom is to measure your bedroom. This includes measuring the ceiling height so you can choose the correct mounting type. Here are some other core things to remember:

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Privacy Overview

If This Is Your Room We Got Your Fan

56 Casa Esperanza Vintage Ceiling Fan with Light LED ...


Clear out the steam with a bathroom ceiling fan like the Kennicott. It’s also great for keeping cool while using a curling iron.

Kids Room

A ceiling fan like the Dublin will keep air circulating and add a pop of color or stylish touch to your child’s bedroom.


The right ceiling fan will keep things bright and cool, so you can do your best work in your home office with a fan like the Bennett.

Workout Room

When competition gets fierce, you might need things to cool down. Use a ceiling fan like the Aerodyne for the win.


Keep cool in your garage workspace with a ceiling fan like the Cassius. Reverse spin direction to circulate warm air in the winter.

Laundry Room

Things heat up while the machines are running. A fan like the Cranbrook will help you stay cool while you do the chores.


Keep bugs away and stay cool with a wet-rated ceiling fan like the Spring Mill in your outdoor room. Dimmable lights keep things bright during meals or moody during a date night.


First impressions are everything. Add a ceiling fan like the Aker with a stylish light fixture to illuminate your entry space.

Dining Room

Whether you’re in for a romantic dinner for two, or a family feast, your dining room will be bright and cool with a Hunter ceiling fan with lights like the Fennec.


A ceiling fan with dimmable lighting, like the Hartland, is perfect for reading in bed. Plus the gentle breeze will lull you to sleep.

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Beautiful Ceiling Fans For All Styles

Whether you’re shopping for master bedroom ceiling fans or new fans for smaller bedrooms, find incredible styles to complement the rest of your home décor at Hunter. Enhance a contemporary design with sleek, stainless steel fan styles, or create a modern aesthetic with fans featuring geometric details and rectangular blades to complement the architectural aspects of your home. If your bedroom boasts traditional furniture, a fan with wood inspired blades and ornate details makes a perfect choice.

Premium Range Of Fans

From energy-efficient to designer ceiling fans, Cromptons wide range of powerful ceiling fans has something to offer for every budget. Crompton provides you with the option to choose from an exciting range of high speed, energy-efficient, High air delivery, decorative and more at an affordable price.

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Peregrine Industrial Ceiling Fan

If youve got a large bedroom and youre looking to go big in both ceiling fan size and price, consider this 60Peregrine Industrial fan found . The design is simple yet very stylish and there are several color/finish options to choose from. I especially love this brushed satin with walnut combo:

But these other finish options are gorgeous too:

Hunter Anslee Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

52 inch Emerson Designer Remote Ceiling Fan – Textured White

The Hunter Anslee fan includes a reversible WhisperWind motor for minimal noise and maximizes airflow. This fan is great for customers who want a minimalist design with high efficiency. The low-profile mounting is great for rooms with low ceilings. The fan uses a pull-chain to control the fan blades and lights but can be upgraded to a remote control that can be purchased separately.

The fan uses five reversible blades with a light oak grey side and a dark walnut gray side. The stylish frosted globe light fixture includes 2 CFL bulbs. The minimalist lighting kit allows for great ambient lighting. While installation may be a bit challenging, the great minimalist design adds elegance to contemporary home decor.

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Westinghouse Lighting Comet 52

The Comet ceiling fan is perfect for large rooms and has a dual mount construction that helps to make sure that it stays put. This fan comes in a black matte finish with five reversible blades.

The fan is remote control operated. The lighting fixture has a frosted glass kit with black matte housing. The fan uses two torpedo candelabra bulbs , which are included with the fan. The fan includes a quiet, reversible motor that works well in cooling large rooms. The fan also comes with easy-to-follow instructions allowing for simple installation.

Installing A Ceiling Fan

The process for installing a ceiling fan is straightforward and similar to wiring a light fixture, with a few modifications to accommodate for the extra weight and wiggle of the fan. You’ll want to make sure that your fan installation is structurally sound. Don’t forget safety first! Before starting any ceiling fan installation, turn off the power to your light fixture at the source by locating the appropriate breaker and switching it to “off.” Follow our step-by-step instructions to replace a light fixture with a ceiling fan in your home.

Check out our list of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans that are less than $500, and get ready for warm weather by shopping our top picks.

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

A cool, comfortable bedroom is all you really want. A bedroom ceiling fan circulates air and encourages peaceful sleep no air conditioner required!

A quality bedroom ceiling fan will lull you to sleep with a quiet whirring sound, especially on those steamy summer nights. Whether you’re replacing an old ceiling fan or want to install a new one, these are some of the features and options to look for in the perfect ceiling fan for your boudoir.

Westinghouse Lighting Xavier Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light

Chantel Ceiling Fan in 2019

For a unique, stylish ceiling fan you need to look no further than the Westinghouse Xavier. The fan features oval blades and a three spotlight light design. It features a reversible motor with a five-blade design. The brushed nickel and copper design give it a sleek and stylish look for any room in the house.

This fan comes in two colors and features reversible blades. The remote control option is great for those that do not like the look of a pull-chain design. This fan is great for large bedrooms and other large rooms in your home with its low, medium and high-speed options. You can also choose between LED lights or non-LED lights, depending on your needs.

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