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Decorative Cabinet Knobs And Pulls Collections

Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Creates High

Cabinet Knobs Vs Pulls

From our beginning in 1996, we embraced our motto, The Beauty Is In The Details. Our unique designs are cast with intricate relief and hand-finished to highlight the artful motifs. Our products are cast of 100% lead-free solid fine pewter and then plated with multiple finish options. Select pieces are embellished with enamel, hand-painting, crystals, semi-precious stones and pearls.

For 24 years, from the original 12 knobs to more than 200 current designs, Notting Hill has embodied the finest in unique period-inspired hardware. Collections range in style from Arts & Crafts to Victorian. We also feature Classic, Romantic, Rustic, Tropical, Beach and Eclectic Styles. We even offer a Kitchen ID Collection to label cabinets with standard and custom engraved handles! The common element among all our diverse collections is the timeless, artistic beauty revealed in each and every piece. Notting Hill is proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations in terms of style, design and artistic beauty. Our goal is to help customers express their personal style and differentiate their home with a touch of art and luxury. We understand our hardware serves as a personal reflection of our customer. We sell Wow” and I love it!

Cabinet Knobs And Pulls Enhance Your Storage

No matter the style of your space, find cabinet knobs and pulls that elevate the look of dressers, chests and more. Choose between handles, cabinet knobs and drawer pulls when selecting a hardware design for your drawers and other storage. Drawer handles offer more area to grab onto, while cabinet knobs are sleek and space-efficient. Looking for kitchen cabinet handles? Try installing them horizontally as drawer pulls and vertically when attached to elevated cabinet doors for an effortlessly coordinated look. Kitchen handles are especially useful on drawers that hold heavy items such as flatware and cooking tools because they allow your whole hand to grip the pull, making it easy to open and close the drawer. Kitchen cabinet knobs, meanwhile, have a classic charm that ties the room together. If you want to embrace an eclectic image, fill the room with both kitchen knobs and pulls, tied together with a coordinating finish. Not sure which design of modern cabinet pulls or knobs for drawers best suits your space? Read on to learn about the different materials and shapes available.

Wood And Mother Of Pearl Knob Set Of 4

FeaturesArtistic Wooden Knobs: these handmade knobs are accented with Mother of Pearl fascia at the top, which offers an attractive pearly luster and beautiful iridescence. The combination of wood and shimmering Mother of Pearl provides an excellent finishing touch to your cabinets, dressers and desk drawers.Decorative Drawer Pulls: these cabinet drawer knobs or pulls add beauty and sophistication to your home décor and are skillfully hand carved out of wood by artisans. The smooth shining Mother of Pearl fascia has a unique appeal and displays a beautiful array and depth of colors.D…

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White Marble Square Knob Set Of 4

These knobs are hand crafted out of marble and wood. Every piece is one of a kind and steeped in history. They are made by marble craftsmen from Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal. Their skills have been handed down since the 16th Century. FeaturesSet includes: 4 knobs100% hand madeAll hardware and instructions required for installation included Weights & Dimensions Overall1.5” H x 1.5” W x 3′ DProjection1.25 ”Overall Product Weight0.15 lb.SpecificationsKnob TypeSquare KnobBackplate IncludedYesShapeSquareFinishNaturalHand Painted…

Ceramic Crackle Knobs Set Of 12

Top Knobs Decorative Hardware

Install these decorative cabinet pull handles knobs in your home for a pleasant aesthetic appeal. These drawer pulls are available in a set of 12 and are a perfect addition to various décor styles.Each knob in this set of 12 is handcrafted by skilled artisans out of ceramic. The subtle differences in these knobs tell the unique story behind each ones construction and add character to your space.Skilled artisans have handcrafted these knobs out of ceramic and hand painted with a pink color. The knobs are finished with a golden color on the rim.These ceramic flower knobs are supplied wit…

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Selecting A Style For Cabinet Knobs Drawer Handles And Cabinet Pulls

To choose drawer pulls or dresser handles that fit your aesthetic, try thinking about surrounding decor, as well as your furniture pieces themselves. For example, add a subtle complement to with cabinet door knobs in the same material. Brass cabinet hardware, meanwhile, meshes naturally with pieces such as . If the living room is anchored by a , stylize brass cabinet knobs and handles on nearby pieces of storage furniture. Another modern design for cabinet hardware is matte black pieces, which add subtle elegance to dressers, chests and drawers of many materials. Keep the material and color of your furniture in mind when choosing drawer handles and knobs. A , for instance, might call for a different metallic finish than a lighter shade of wood. Whatever style of cabinet knobs and pulls you choose, make sure that it suits your fashion and function needs.

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