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Decorative Bushes For Front Of House

Georgia Petite Indian Hawthorn

decorating the front of the house with plants


  • 2.5 ft tall and 3.5 ft wide

It is in great contrast to its dark green foliage that is very dense.

It has a mild fragrance that can last throughout the year. The flowers turn to dark blue ornamental berries afterward.

Indian Hawthorn prefers to be in evenly moist soil.

Before it can establish a vast root system, it requires regular watering.

However, it can be reduced to weekly once they mature.

Similar to most plants, it favors soil that drains well despite average acidity or fertility.

The plant grows well in a spot receiving good sun to a slightly shaded area.

It is mildly drought-resistant but a true disease-resistant shrub.

In its native habit, Asia, it grows aggressively in the wild. However, the dwarf version, like Georgia petite, is very manageable.

Quick Facts

  • Special note: The shrub bears fruit but not edible dark blueberries

Foundation Plants: Landscaping Shrubs For Front Of House

No house is complete without some beautiful plants in the garden, backyard, or on the borderlines. Most people go with foundation plants to make their house more eye-catching.

Now, foundation plants are planted beds that are installed along the house foundation in the front. Most people prefer low-growing shrubs for the front of the house however, the choice is always yours.

Foundation plants can be low shrubs, bushes, or dwarf trees. However, low shrubs are mostly preferred as foundation plants because most of them are evergreen, so they keep the house green throughout the year.

Finding the right plants for your house may seem difficult. So, here are 25 foundation plants that can go with any house and borderline. Keep reading to know which one is for you.

Few Tips For Your House Entrance Porch And Front Door Decoration

1. If your have a porch, you can decorate it, turning a porch into an attractive outdoor room that feels like a tranquil retreat and creates a nice space to relax.

Curb appeal, beautiful driveway and house entrance design

2. Match your house entrance design and front door decorating ideas with surroundings, using local plants and flowers, creating harmonious house exteriors that look great with trees, bushes and flowers that grow in your area.

Blue and white painting ideas. Porch decorating with flowers. Simple and elegant house exterior design

3. Select inexpensive spring decorating ideas for your house entrance, porch and front door, add handmade yard decorations or containers with blooming flowers, and create simple and elegant entrance decor, having fun, showing your creativity and taste.

Log furniture and blooming plants for porch decorating, attractive house entrance design

4. Match spring decorating ideas for your house exterior in color and style, creating more sophisticated, well designed and elegant look.

Traditional house exterior with a wooden door, simple entrance design and decorating with flowers

These tips will help create comfortable, personal and beautiful house entrance designs, porches and front door decoration that look in balance with the nature, emphasizes its beauty and improve curb appeal, creating attractive and pleasant house exteriors.

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Perfect Evergreen Shrubs For Your Home Entrance

A beautiful front yard cannot be made by choosing a few flowering plants and shrubs randomly. You need to select plants very carefully. Evergreen trees mainly lay a foundation for your home entrance or front yard. These trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, thus making an ideal choice for creating an appealing garden.

Rhododendron Front Yard Landscape Foundation Plant

Beautiful Your Home With Ornamental Plants in Front of ...

Rhododendrons are evergreen flowering bushes that look great in the front yard. Almost all rhododendron bushes are excellent foundation plants since they reach 2 to 4 feet. Rhododendrons, which are evergreen, are ideal for planting around foundations in full sun or light shade. Rhododendron bushes bloom in the spring and provide beautiful flowers.

But keep in mind that Rhododendron is toxic when ingested. Grayanotoxin, a diterpene present all over the plant , causes poisoning when it comes in contact with your food. Risk factors include eating Rhododendron nectar grayanotoxins-contaminated honey and drinking Rhododendron tea.

Have a look at some of the nicest rhododendron shrubs for foundation planting in the front yard:

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Best Plants For The Front Of Your House

Home is where the heart is. A lovely front-yard full of greenery, flowers, and shrubs is the perfect way to let the love you have for your home spill out into the outdoors.

One of the simplest ways to make the front of your home inviting, elegant and charming is through a lovely garden complete with a multi-level plantscape. There is something timeless about the greenery and blooms that grow in the junction of the home and yard.

Whether youre looking to instantly boost curb appeal, add bursts of color, or simply love to come home to a home flourishing with plants, check out these 11 lovely plant options for your front-yard landscape.

Boxwood Shrubs For Foundation Plantings

Buxus microphylla Green Pillow is a compact low growing evergreen shrub with rounded shape

Low-growing, compact boxwood shrubs are perfect for foundation planting in your front yard. Boxwood are low maintenance foundation plants that have dense, lush evergreen foliage and bushy growth. The hardy low maintenance shrubs are easy to trim, and most cultivars dont grow higher than 3 or 4 ft. .

Many boxwood varieties grow in full sun, partial shade, or full shade. Easy to grow boxwoods thrive in well-draining soil and are generally tolerant of drought. The hedge plants thrive in zones 5 9.

Boxwood Dee Runk and Green Gem are great low maintenance landscaping shrubs for the front of the house

Here are some of the best boxwood shrubs for foundation planting:

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Charming House Entrance Designs And Front Door Decoration Ideas

Once the warm season comes it is a pleasure to stay longer outside, experimenting with spring decorating ideas. The collection of elegant and creative house exterior, porch and front door decoration ideas can inspire you to add spring charm to your house entrance design.

The entrance door is the gate for the energy, flowing into your house and bringing positive changes into your life. Beautiful house entrance design and attractive front door decoration energize and lift your spirit.

Entryway bench with pillows and attractive containers with blooming plants for house entrance decorating

The nature that surrounds your home is a true ally and a great inspiration. Adding green plants and flowers to your house entrance design, porch and main door decorations brings more balance and harmony to your house exterior design and front yard landscaping.

Cherry Laurel Shrubs For Hedging

Decorating the front of my house with plants

Cherry Laurel is a flowering evergreen shrub with ornamental white flowers and red berries

This flowering evergreen shrub, the cherry laurel, is a fast-growing ornamental bush. Shiny large lance-shaped leaves make up lush, dense foliage. The attractive leaves make cherry laurel shrubs a versatile front or back yard shrub. The shrub also produces a profusion of plum-scented white flower clusters, followed by bright red berries in the fall. Their lustrous green leaves, beautiful flower clusters, and red fruits make these evergreen shrubs ideal for any garden landscape.

Grow flowering cherry laurel shrubs in full sun or partial shade. The hardy shrubs are very low-maintenance and require average watering.

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The Best Evergreen Shrubs

Some of the best evergreen shrubs for your front or backyard are:

  • BoxwoodEvergreen ornamental shrubs with small oval glossy evergreen leaves these shrubs grow to medium size.
  • MahoniaBeautiful evergreen flowering shrubs that thrive in full sun or shade and produce stunning blossoms every year.
  • Cherry laurelThe upright and fast growth habit of the evergreen cherry laurel bushes make these perfect for flowering hedges or specimen bushes.
  • Anglo-Japanese yewEvergreen perennial shrub with dense foliage that is ideal for low- or medium-height natural hedges or growing as an ornamental front yard bush.
  • AzaleasEvergreen flowering shrubs with beautiful foliage, and round growing habit make them spectacular shrubs for a garden landscape.
  • Dwarf Norway spruceThis small-growing evergreen shrub has a low-spreading growth habit that is perfect as a specimen plant.
  • Laurustinus Ornamental evergreen bush that is great for front or back yard.
  • Firethorn shrubs Thorny evergreen plants with dense foliage and prickly stems that make an excellent privacy hedge.
  • Oregon Grape Ornamental shrub with blue fruits.

Plant evergreen shrubs in the front of house to increase the curb appeal or as a decorative element in your backyard.

How does a shrub differ from a small tree? Shrubs generally have multiple woody stems that grow from the ground, whereas trees typically have a single trunk. Although some types of trees are short, shrubs are usually small- to medium-sized bushy perennial plants.

Plants That Bridge The Gaps In Foundation Plantings

The remaining foundation plants bridge the gaps between the entryway planting and corner plantings. These plants don’t enjoy the sexy roles of the plants we’ve been considering so far, but they should still be selected with a purpose in mind. Most importantly, they should work in harmony with the entryway and corner plantings. Here are some more things to keep in mind:

  • Dwarf shrubs are preferable to something that you’ll have to prune a lot if you prefer a low-maintenance landscape design.
  • But don’t think that you are limited to shrubs! Ornamental grasses can provide another tall-but-not-too-tall option for inserting an element of verticality.
  • Annual and perennial flowers can be installed in front of foundation shrubs, giving you more options for varying textures and injecting color into foundation plantings.

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Exuberant Shrubs For Front Of House

  • University of Alabama
  • Loyola University New Orleans

Front yard landscaping usually involves a combination of different types of shrubs and flowers, with evergreen plants providing year-round freshness and flowering bushes adding seasonal pops of color. Our selection of 12 shrubs for the front of the house will satisfy your needs for lush greenery and bright blossoms, and take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

Before buying a landscape shrub, always check if a plant is invasive in your area. Visit the National Invasive Species Information Center or contact your local university extension office for advice on shrubs that may be invasive in your region.

Some of the plants on this list are toxic to pets. For more information about the safety of specific plants, consult the ASPCA’s searchable database.

Foundation Trees For Corner House Plantings

55 Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas ...

Upright conical evergreen trees and shrubs such as arborvitae, spruces, boxwood, and yews are excellent choices for planting at house corners. Columnar trees can frame the front of your house and accent your other foundation plants. Ideally, corner plants should be small or dwarf trees that are attractive throughout the year.

When planting trees at the corner of your house, ensure they are not too close to the building. As trees grow and mature, they spread out. So, they shouldnt conceal your houses corners, but they should accent its architectural features.

Here are some excellent choices for trees to grow near the corner of your house.

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Advantages Of Native Shrubs

Native shrubs are also a good option. Because they’ve existed in the same regions for centuries, they’ve adapted to local climate and soil conditions. They also have plenty of low-maintenance benefits: They usually don’t need extra watering, tend to resist pests and disease, and they’re big favorites of local wildlife. A few options that combine the virtues of beauty and low maintenance include:

Front Yard Decorating Ideas

1. Walk from the road to your porch or front door, thinking about what you notice first and how it feels. Is there an empty area that you want to make to look more attractive. If your front yard is tiny, think about adding vertical plant holders with hanging flowers. They take little space and dramatically change the way yard decorating looks. Vertical lines visually stretch small spaces.

2. Make your walkway to the front door look neat and pleasant. If you love colorful accents, make the edges look bright by creating floral borders. If you like a sophisticated solitude look, add inexpensive yard decorations, stones, and green plants, creating unique, calm, and elegant outdoor decor.

3. Declutter your porch or front door stair steps, repair the floor and paint the walls of your porch, creating a fresh and bright look that improves your house front appeal.

4. Think of house exterior and porch as a part of your entryway design and front yard decorating, adding more harmony with decorating ideas that support your home style and color palette.

5. The house exterior and front yard decorating style can match the style of your home or be creative and evoke the associations with exotic countries, as long as your porch design and front yard decorating ideas are suitable for your climate.

13. Remove garbage bins and trash cans from your terrace, porch, and front yard.

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King’s Gold Cripps And Gold Mops

The evergreen group of shrubs is actually divided into two sub-groups:

  • The needled evergreens.
  • The broadleaf evergreens.
  • An interesting fact about evergreens is that their leaves are not always green in color. Chances are that you have seen King’s Gold, Cripps, Gold Mops, or similar shrubs with golden foliage on other people’s properties. If you are a beginner at gardening, you may not have known the name of what you were seeing, but they are very popular. And for good reason, as their golden foliage really catches the eye. This color also combines well with shrubs of just about any other color, including Blue Star juniper and red barberry shrubs such as ‘Crimson Pygmy’.

    • USDA Growing Zones: 4 to 8
    • Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade
    • Soil Needs: Clay or silty or loamy well-drained soil

    Improving Your Home Front Appeal 15 Beautiful Yard Decorating Ideas And Tips

    Ornamental plants and flowers that bloom in front of the house

    Posted in

    Front yard decorating is an important part of improving your home front appeal. A fresh coat of paint and beautiful contrasts make house exterior look attractive, inviting, bright and impressive. Elegant yard decorating ideas add a final touch to the gorgeous home look.

    15 simple steps offer an easy way to create beautiful outdoor decorating and improve your house front appeal, weather for refreshing it in spring, improving a curb appeal of a new house or home staging your property for sale. Creating ideas and simple techniques help save money on yard decorating and make your home look pleasant, attractive, and welcoming.

    Spend some time on yard decorating that create the first presentation of your home. Straightforward and natural backyard design ideas and eco-friendly front yard decorating are inexpensive and fun. 15 tips will help improve your home front appeal and add a professional touch to the charming look of your house exterior.

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    Wintercreeper Fantastic Foundation Plant

    Wintercreeper bushes have golden yellow and green leaves. They are excellent plants for the front of your house. Wintercreeper cultivars reach a height of 1 to 2 feet , making them suitable for covering foundations, edging, ground cover, and garden borders. These cold-hardy, brilliantly colored plants thrive in both the shade and the sun.

    You will find wintercreeper bushes in zones 5 through 9. Consult with your state before planting them near your foundation, as they are deemed invasive in certain regions.

    For foundation planting, here are several wintercreeper shrubs to consider:

    • Euonymus fortunei Moonshadow. In bright or shady front yards, the lush yellow and green foliage offers magnificent foundation cover. The Moonshadow wintercreeper reaches a height of 3 feet and a spread of 5 feet .
    • Euonymus fortunei Emerald n Gold. With its golden and vivid green leaves, this wintercreeper will liven up your front yard. Planting around foundations in shady sections of your yard is wonderful.
    • Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety. This low-growing evergreen bush with green and white variegated leaves makes an excellent ground cover. You can use Euonymus fortunei Emerald Gaiety as a foundation plant, low hedge, or grow along walls in brightly sunlit front yards.

    Cryptomeria Or Dwarf Japanese Cedar

    Ive seen these called both ways, but either way you say it, its an incredibly low maintenance shrub. It has bright green foliage and is evergreen.

    • evergreen
    • full sun, but can tolerate shade
    • mature height between 4 and 6 feet and spreads between 4 and feet as well
    • beautiful almost droopy cedar foliage that adds interest to your yard
    • deer resistant
    • low maintenance and does not require pruning

    There are so many choices for foundation plants or low-maintenance shrubs that are perfect for planting in the front of your house.

    Try pairing a few with different color foliage or blooms as well as choosing varying heights. For example, 2 Gardenias on the side of a walkway, Azaleas lining the front, and a bed of Ligustrum mixed with Firepower Nandina. That combo would be a striking look.

    Make sure to give each plant plenty of room to grow when first planting. Pay attention to your spacing and planting guides and you should have a beautifully landscaped area for years to come.

    This post contains affiliate links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. See my full disclosure here.

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    Best Low Maintenance Evergreen Shrubs For Front Of House

    It looks kind of lonely to see a house with empty front landscaping, no matter how good the architecture is.

    But a house accented by living green ornaments and evergreen shrubs is worthy of a double look.

    What is a greater kind of plant to use than an evergreen shrub? That will stay small, are low-maintenance and evergreen?

    They maintain color in all seasons, short and very manageable.

    But before you finally decide, you must first ready enough space that can accommodate the evergreen shrub for your house.

    Make sure that its height will not block your house. Anyways, evergreen shrubs enjoy being trimmed.

    Without dragging it further, here is a list of the best evergreen shrub for the front of the house.

    Surely, this kind of plant will make your house look and feel fresh.

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