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Decorative Boxes With Lids Wholesale

Get Creative With Decorative Packaging Boxes

Custom Decorative Box Lid with Picture

Our decorative packaging boxes are designed with durability, flexibility, and versatility in mind. Made from corrugated materials, our wholesale decorative gift boxes can be safely and securely used to send packages to customers and clients or for creative display purposes.

In fact, we invite you to get as creative as you wish with our top-quality decorative packaging boxes. For instance, our attractive wholesale decorative gift boxes can be used to display your in-store products in a more attractive way. You can even put one or two of these boxes on your counter to display smaller items you have for sale to encourage purchases.

Our wholesale decorative gift boxes come with and without windows, which allows for even more flexibility with creativity. The ones with the windows, for example, can be used to display ready-to-purchase products, or even a mix of related products youre selling as a set. Some of the other creative possibilities with our decorative boxes include:

  • Providing edible treats for your customers to sample
  • Displaying accessories that go with other products youre offering
  • Shipping gift sets, which could include food/drink selections since our boxes are sturdy and durable
  • Providing an easy way for customers to take one of your business cards
  • Handing out free samples to customers waiting in line

How Many Shapes Of Cardboard Boxes Are Manufactured

Plenty of shapes for cardboard boxes with lids can be designed according to the need of the customers. Whether they need a hexagonal shape or a 1 2 3 bottom style box, client can customize them according to their demand and dimension of the product. Some manufacturers like to have a rectangular box with sliding cardboard lid and some need a simple attached lid in a cube box. Any shape for the boxes can be acquired with the help of our expert designers who are always ready to assist you with their high quality services.

Types Of Custom Candle Boxes

The custom candle boxes by ClipnBox include the following types

1. Candle Shipping Boxes – As expert providers of shipping boxes for candles of all sizes, we know what is best in packaging for them. These are fragile products that require professional packaging that can keep them in mint condition. The e-commerce business entities will not be disappointed in our packaging and shipping offerings. The candles we pack in cardboard-based boxes are lightweight and sturdy enough to bear the products weight. The designs and layouts selected for the shipping packaging boxes are space-efficient. It allows easy stacking.

2. Candle Packaging Boxes with Window Patchings – We often suggest window patching when we look at a candle that is intricately designed and is eye-candy. Encasing it in boxes that allow the customers to look at them is the best strategy to sell them. We develop simple but eye-candy packages for these candles with custom-shaped windows that showcase them to their customers. The larger the window is, the thicker is the PVC sheet used on it. This add-on is called widow patching and prevents candles from getting damaged due to dust, moisture, frequent human touch, and impacts.

  • BOX STYLE: Punch Partition, Tuck Flap Box, Pillow Box, Gable Box, Sleeve Box
  • QUANTITIES: 100 500,000
  • Instructions and notifications
  • Company information, etc.

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What Are Tin Containers

A tin container is a compact tin box designed for the storage and distribution of goods. This tin can is crafted out of a thin metal that can be anything ranging from iron to aluminum. In some cultures, these boxes or cans are referred to as tin boxes or sometimes even tins. Many tin boxes have hinged or removable lids or covers. Some people collect tin boxes as a hobby.

The small tin boxes can be found in any form, size, and color. These metal tin jars are mostly applied in the food, cosmetics industry and also used for personal storage purposes. They are often used to package breath mints, throat lozenges, instant coffee, biscuits and holiday treats. Still today, decorated tin boxes are being sold during the holiday season. These beautiful small tin containers with lids are a popular gift as they are often filled with candy, biscuits, chocolate or cookies.

Some people collect tin boxes as a hobby. Especially the vintage tins that have a nostalgic value can often be found in peoples living rooms or kitchens where they function as decoration.

Custom Gift Boxes With Lids In Bulk

Sturdy gift boxes with lids are best for gift, candy, and clothing. The amazing package of gift box means you value your customer too much. For the first sight when your customer see your items, they are beloved to it.

The gift boxes with lid give your customs unlimited imagination before open, surprising, expectation and remember the happy memory.

Only quality and durable custom gift boxes with lid printed with your logo can leave the deep impression and lasting the good memory, Pakmaker is your best choice.

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Where Is The Best Place To Get Wholesale Cardboard Boxes

Design and manufacture your cardboard boxes with lids with the premium quality services of BoxesMe. Our skilled designers will come up with fancy and attractive designs of cardboard boxes that will make your product stand out from the others. Not only that, we offer special discounts on different packaging boxes through which you can save a lot on your cost. Order us now and get free shipping facility for your boxes in United States.

What Is A Two

A lid off candle box with a detachable lid and base is called a two piece candle box. When manufactured from cardboard material, this most uncomplicated layout offers a pocket-friendly packaging tool for candle companies. Appeals of these boxes are enhanced using features like window patching and unique design themes. These boxes are shipped flat as their lids, and the bases are collapsible.

On the other hand, a two piece candle box from rigid material offers premium packaging for the fine candle line. These boxes are relatively costlier than two piece cardboard boxes. However, the clients can opt for collapsible two piece rigid candle packaging boxes to save their shipping cost as they are shipped flat.

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Choosing The Right Lid For Your Tin Container

When you are looking for the tins that you need. You may concern about what kind of lid to use. There are too many lids to choose from, you will be confused about it. Tin boxes come in all sorts and volumes and can furthermore be equipped with a different lid. We are going to introduce some common lids for you as below details.

Personalizing Of Gift Boxes In Various Dimensions:

DIY Home Decor – Decorative Boxes & Baskets

We have a great choice and range for selecting customized designs and patterns for the boxes according to each event or occasion. Make your events memorable and valuable with the help of our team of professional designers and manufacturers. All the boxes are designed and manufactured according to the dimension and specification of the gifts to fulfill the objective of packaging. With the help of customized and creatively designed packaging, one can easily show his feeling and intentions for the next person in a great and precious way. Get a complete packaging solution for all types of gifts, according to birthdays, weddings, celebrations, and Christmas. So, the customers and buyers can enjoy a great experience while representing their gifts to others with our creative and unique design ideas. Change and customize the color of boxes as well as themes according to the events themes.

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Custom Decorative Candle Tins

As with all our , our candle tins can be customized with your artwork or embossed with your logo. Customized candle tins are good to sell as gifts and promote your brand. Candle tins can be customized by means of a single color or beautiful multi-colors print, we have black candle tins, gold candle tins,white candle tins, rose gold candle tins in our warehouse, these are basically colors candle tins.

For cheaper alternatives, you can add paper stickers to your empty cans to personalize them in a way that suits your company most. Reflective tin adds an element of sparkle that can be made to show through transparent inks and coatings also. Either cheaper or expensive printing method, we can all give you our solution.

Boxes For Visual Display

Need your product to show and sell? Choose a clear lid box. These display boxes have rigid bases in three color options and clear acrylic lids. Available in over a dozen sizes. Perfect for greeting cards & stationery, packaged gourmet products, bath & body gift sets, baby gift sets or even picture frames.

We also stock slide open boxes with windows. These folding 2-piece boxes, consist of a box base that slides into a sleeve. The sleeve has a clear plastic window, giving customers and gift recipients a chance to see the gift inside. We offer these boxes in four sizes and four colors. The sleeves are separate from the base so you can mix and match colors. These can be used for small gifts like handkerchiefs, socks, ties or baby bibs, or candies.

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Display Boxes In Dozens Of Colors

Our display boxes are even more appealing thanks to the assortment of dazzling colors available. This means youre welcome to choose colors that match the color of the products youll be displaying or shipping. You can also mix and match colors with our decorative packaging boxes so you can offer more variety to your own customers when a purchase is made.

Another possibility with the colors our boxes come in is to use them for seasonal or holiday displays or products. Our display boxes also photograph well, so they can be used to showcase you have to offer on your social media or website pages.

Learn More About Our Decorative Gift Boxes Today!

Put that extra special finishing touch on your products and displays with decorative gift boxes with lids from North Atlantic Specialty Bag! Youll also appreciate that our decorative packaging boxes and other product options are created with environmentally friendly methods and processes in mind.

Since 1993, North Atlantic Specialty Bag has been specializing in decorative packaging boxes and similar accessories businesses need to keep customers happy and coming back. No matter what the nature of your business is, its easy to find a way to use and appreciate our wholesale decorative gift boxes.

Contact us today for more information about our wholesale decorative gift boxes, or to discuss an order.

Great things in business are never done by one person they are done by a team of people.

— Steve Jobs

Green Energy & Product Options

Difference Between Cardboard Boxes And Corrugated Boxes

Pretty Storage Boxes. TYEERS Foldable Storage Bins 2 Pack ...

Cardboard boxes with lids have its unique design that offers protection as well as style at the same time. These fancy looking cardboard boxes with lids will not only provide protection to the products but also a great way to promote the brand or company. Whereas the corrugated boxes are best for shipping, they have a simple design and the material is made by joining multiple cardboard sheets together with the help of flutes. The flutes have different strength according to the grades. These grades determine how strong and sturdy the corrugated box is.

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Tin Containers Bulk And Wholesale

Metal containers are ideal for home, office, and business use. Whether you want a tin thats designed for long-term storage, organization, retail displays, or special occasions, you can rely on the durability and versatility of our tin containers. In todays world, tin boxes are one of the most popular packaging used thanks to the fact that they are affordable, durable, and sustainable.

At FLY Packaging, you can find a wide selection of empty tin containers for sale. All metal tins are produced in China and we are the manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, we know our customers requirements and targets. We know the technology to design and produce the tins.

At FLY Packaging, you will be able to find hundreds of metal jars and small metal containers for sale in all shapes and sizes. All our tin containers come with rolled edges for safe usage. The empty cans that can be found in our assortment are of the highest quality. They are 100% food-safe and free of BPA. They furthermore feature a smooth and beautiful seamless finish which gives them a premium touch. If youre looking for affordable yet high-end wrapping for your goods, our metal tin containers are a perfect choice.

What Is Tuck End Candle Boxes

Cardboard boxes for packaging and marketing individual SKUs of candles with locking flaps behind the front or the back panel are called tuck end candle boxes. One variation of this style offers auto-locking that prevents candles from slipping out. Internal trays provided as inserts in these boxes add to the security of the packaged candles by reducing their movement. Other variations include

  • Straight tuck end candle boxes They have a clean front panel where a customized window-patching feature can be introduced to highlight the front-line candles. Otherwise, this space is used for impressive branding as all flaps are tucked behind.
  • Reverse Tuck End candle boxes They are used when clients want pocket-friendly options and can auto-lock products.

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How To Choose The Best Custom Decorative Boxes

Custom decorative boxes: Once you have finally decided to select the best small decorative boxes, you should be completely aware of the types of boxes that are available in this category. In this way, you will be able to look for the decorative storage boxes with lids that suit best according to your customer requirements and needs.

If your store or company offers a promotional gift for your clients, guests, or customers, a special box will make the gift even more unique. Sending gifts to special clients or repeat customers for a special occasion is another great reason to have a variety of gift small decorative boxes packaging readily available. They are available in so many designs, styles or color variations. You can even choose with some high gloss boxes as well. Currently, the demand for two-piece gift decorative cardboard boxes is also becoming the main talk of the town.

You can make the considerable use of decorative cardboard boxes as the party favor box, candy box, clothing box or even as the wedding gift boxes. If you are buying wholesale boxes, then make sure that it is included with the brand logo printing as well. You should be having the store logo with the address and name of it on the top. Custom printing, as well as wholesale labeling on decorative cardboard boxes, will be letting the brand to create a big recognition of their organization among the audience at a paramount level.

What are the Pros & Cons of Buying a Custom Handcrafted Decorative Box?

Get Your Cardboard Boxes With Lids

Best Decorative Storage Boxes With Lids

Give your products a unique appearance with special cardboard boxes with lids. There are made with durable and high strength material that prepare them for shipping and display purposes. Multiple cardboard sheets are stacked together to form a top quality material which is then formed into a box for multipurpose usage. The lid on the top of these cardboard boxes protect the product packed inside and is made with easy removable design for the ease of the user. They are useful to keep different cosmetic, retail and apparel products as well as for storage purposes.

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Cosmetic And Makeup Tins

Metal containers are often used in the cosmetics industry where they function as makeup containers or cosmetic containers. Especially the smaller sized tins can be often found in this particular industry. They are commonly being filled up with cremes, lotions, or wax. Additionally, they can be used as so-called lip gloss containers.

Smaller sized window tins are popular to be used as lip balm containers. The larger sized tin boxes are more commonly used to store hand cremes, body lotion, or hair gel. With their screw caps and EPE liner, small tin containers are easy to seal off and can be carried around in your purse without needing to worry about leakage.

The makeup industry always needs beautiful designs. Our small tins are easy to be beautifully decorated and packed. We accept customized decorative tin containers.

What We Offer As Custom Candle Boxes Manufacturers

1. Get a whiff of fragrance through window cut-out – Customers have access to thousands of fragrances in candles. Fragrant candles top the list of premium candles. The use of aromatic candles is common as a gift so, entities add a small uncovered window cut-out to the packaging through which the customers can check out the smell of the candles they want to buy.

2. Appealing add-ons for custom printed candle boxes – Embossed and gold foil stamped candle boxes with logos are the rage of the retail candle industry. If your brand is unknown, there will hardly be customers who think of it as worthy. Add-ons like these help the brands get noticed and remembered. They provide a reason to the observing audience to memorize a brand. The stunning metallic notes are hard to resist, especially with they are on a logo. Try our aqueous coatings, laminations, and UV coatings for matte and gloss looks. Lend a velvety feel to cardboard-based boxes with soft-touch coating.

3. Inserts for custom candle boxes wholesale orders – The candles in glass jars require special foam-based or other inserts. Even the handmade candles that are intricate and fragile require internal separators. These separators and inserts are made from cardboard, foam, or other such materials, which offer protection and keep all items secured in their places to avoid bumps.

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