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Decorative Bathroom Vanity Wall Mirrors

Wall & Decorative Mirrors

How to Paint Vanity Mirrors – DECORATIVE WALL MIRRORS

Complete your style with the perfect framed mirror. Check out our Fast Shipping, Ready Made, Decorative Wall Framed Mirrors for Sale. Our Mirrors Online features Bohemian to Modern and Scandinavian inspired Mirror designs. Shop the collection of Large Framed Mirrors, Wood Framed Bathroom Mirrors, Vanity Mirrors, and Wall and Decorative Mirrors.

Best Bathroom Mirrors Style

Keep in mind what kind of aesthetic youre going for in your bathroom redesign. Not every mirror you find is going to work for every bathroom space.

If your room is more traditional, find something larger that might call to mind the timeless tradition you like.

A frameless mirror with a bunch of cool technical features is great for modern styles. If your style is contemporary maybe youll want something unusually shaped.

Whatever you choose will tie your room together and be the focal point of your day-to-day life. Mirrors may seem like simple things, but they can be tricky to choose.

How To Shop For Bathroom Mirrors

Whether you’re furnishing a new bathroom or redecorating your existing one, bathroom mirrors can make a big difference in the look and functionality of the room. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of mirrors for the bathroom in an array of sizes and styles.

Selecting a Bathroom Mirror

The right mirror can enhance the look of the bathroom. Here are some considerations when choosing a mirror for your bathroom:

Other Bathroom Essentials

While you’re shopping for bathroom mirrors, you might also want to check out other items for the room. If you want to give the room a quick, easy makeover, all you need is a new bath rug and some coordinating towels. Pottery Barn also has an array of shower curtains, which can also go a long way towards giving your bathroom a fresh new style.

Bathroom mirrors can accentuate the other furnishings in the room. For example, a grouping of candles on the sink in front of the mirror has a reflective effect that’s romantic and elegant. Even without the candles, a high-quality mirror is an item that instantly enhances the bathroom. Browse the selection at Pottery Barn to find the mirror that’s right for you.

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Of The Best Websites To Find Mirrors For Your Home Online

Wondering where to buy a mirror for your bathroom vanity, living room, or bedroom? You have come to the right place!

Where should I buy a mirror? is a question I often get from clients who have a specific vision for a mirror but have been unsuccessful in finding the one.

Searching for the right mirror can often take some shopping around, and when my go-to local spots fail to have exactly what I am looking for I know I can always turn to my favorite online stores.

After years of shopping online, I think I have nearly perfected my list of stores to include a variety of places to serve any style and budget need a client may have when looking to buy a mirror.

To help you avoid the endless search through websites, I am sharing my list of favorites with you today.

Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors

The 20 Best Collection of Vanity Mirrors

If you wish to bring sophistication to your bathroom mirror, then a brushed metal wall mirror may be the best bathroom mirror for you. This type of mirror has a contemporary design, which complements with various design and styles. The beauty of this type of mirror is how the brushed metal matches with the mirrored glass creating a modern and urban design to your bathroom, whilst providing you with an accurate reflection of yourself.

Image: cohesively curated

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Design Ideas For Unique Mirrors

Matching or finding a complementary mirror to go with the existing vanity will bring a feeling of cohesiveness to the bathroom. A sleek, frameless piece would look great with just about any style of décor. If the room allows for it, a more decorative piece can be hung on the wall opposite the main mirror to enable looking at the rear side of things. A slim and plain wood frame is a classic choice that will look good even when changing things in the décor of the room. A mirror framed with a bold and whimsical design will be a great way to face the day when getting ready. There are many great styles to choose from within this page, it is easy to become inspired by the different types and sizes available.

Related Searches

Vanity Mirror Options Available

From classic to contemporary, from ornate to basic, the right mirror frame will be found within this page. Several of the styles can be installed in either a horizontal or vertical position. There are a few that are able to swivel from where they are attached to the wall, giving many options for the user. Many of the mirrored surfaces have a beveled edge which increases the depth enhancement and really just looks great.

Medicine CabinetsInstalling or replacing an existing medicine cabinet in the bathroom is a great way to expand the storage potential in the room. We offer many different styles, ranging from a simple classic design, to those that have special features such as built in lighting. For a large family, a cabinet with three doors is a wonderful way to make sure each person has their own space for personal storage. Several models include exterior shelves to store decorative or often used items.

Unique MirrorsWhen looking for a mirror to place above the bathroom vanity, in the dressing area or as an accent mirror, one is sure to find just what they are looking for within this amazing collection from Unique Mirrors. Their focus is traditional and transitional design styles.

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Convex & Concave Mirrors

Perhaps most people are already familiar with the flat type and conventional household mirror, but there is another common type of mirror that has a concave and convex structure. This type of mirror has a surface that is curving away from all directions.

  • convex mirror comes with a curved surface that bends the light it reflects and focuses its focal point at the center. This type of mirror reflects a smaller image, which provides more space for more image to fit compared with normal mirrors.
  • the other kind of folded corner mirror is the concave mirror, which is the opposite of the convex mirror. This type of mirror bends the light it reflects inwards and towards the image. As a result, it produces a seemingly larger view of image that provides a magnification for an enlarged version of an object that you want to observe. Concave mirrors are ideal to be used as a dental or makeup mirrors.

Why Trust The Spruce

Top 5 Best Bathroom Mirrors Review in 2022

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer who has been contributing to The Spruce since 2017. An expert in all things home, she’s covered everything from furniture to appliances. To make this list, she considered each pick’s size, shape, and function. Additional reporting was done by Mackenzie Dunn, a lifestyle writer and editor whose work has appeared in Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, HelloGiggles, Real Simple, MyDomaine, and more.

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How Big Should A Bathroom Mirror Be

You should be particular with the size of your bathroom mirror. If you chose a mirror that is too small, your bathroom mirror might look misplaced and disappear on its own. But if you happen to choose an overly huge one, you might end up creating a unintended focal point in your bathroom.

However, it all goes down to your own preference. If you want to go small, you might as well would consider having three or more identical mirrors of the same size and display it as you please. On the other hand, if you prefer to go for bigger sized mirrors, it is important to choose a mirror that is proportionate to your bathroom, and seamlessly blends and without disrupting its overall style.

For the indecisive ones, perhaps an in-between or moderate sized mirror is the right one for you. A 1m long mirror or a 60cm sized mirror will look great depending on your overall bathroom set-up. Conversely, you can also go for mirrors with different sizes to do the trick.

Best Place To Shop For Bathroom Mirrors

Be sure to click through the link if you like the bathroom mirrors shown in this roundup. Many of the styles are available in multiple finishes so theres definitely something for everyone. Some even come in multiple sizes!

1. Round Bathroom Mirror

If you are looking for unique mirrors for bathrooms this one is for you! Add the organic mirror to your bathroom design to make a bold and chic statement. The imperfectly round shape mirror will add a natural element.

This stylish mirror is available in brass or black so choose the one that best fits your decor.

2. Modern Round Bathroom Mirror

For those looking for a simple clean-lined vanity mirror, this one is for you. It has a midcentury modern design that can be hung in one of four directions.

Its also bathroom safe making it a great choice for the modern home.

Art deco is trending in everything from home decor to furniture. This is a modern twist on the popular design trend thatll make a beautiful addition to any bathroom, entryway, or bedroom.

The handpainted iron mirror is bathroom rated making it a safe choice for your home.

6. Mirror with Marble Shelf

Theres so much to love about this arched bathroom mirror. It has a unique design with a floating marble shelf below for extra storage.

Its bathroom safe but also perfect for a powder room or entryway. The striking black frame is great for adding contrast to lighter walls.

This mirror is sure to create a focal point in any space its in.

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How To Install A Bathroom Mirror

Most of the selections on this page come with brackets for hanging. Since mirrors are made of glass, plus the frame work, they can be very heavy. It is always best to locate the wall studs for attaching the hanging brackets. This creates a secure and stable installation. Most home owners can do this successfully, or a handyperson can be hired.

Things That Youll Be Needing:

Large Wall Mirror for 48 Bathroom Vanity Art Deco
  • tape
  • wood molding cut

#1 Evaluate your mirror, its shape, and how it complements in relation to the other items in your bathroom. Accurately measure its length and width.

#2 Look for possible defects and be careful with mercury streaks, especially for very old mirrors.

#3 Remove the current framing of your old mirror and replace it with a new one. It can be a painted frame or a solid wood, depending on your preference and desired interior for your bathroom.

#4 Add dimension by using a muted shade or a decorative wood. Next, you will have to use a crown molding material or a base wood, which you can purchase at your local hardware store or frame shop.

#5 Hang your new and updated mirror to you wall.

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Best Bathroom Mirrors Color

Consider the other finishes in your bathroom when choosing between the best bathroom mirrors. If you have stainless faucets you may want a mirror in the same finish.

To create a statement youll want to contrast the finish with maybe black, wood, or gold. Dont be afraid to mix metals which is a trend that is still going strong in 2022!

When choosing the color for your mirror do also look at your wall color. If you have a busy wallpaper keep your mirror simple to not detract from the wallpaper design.

Remember to consider the star of the show. You are going to want to keep other elements simple to create a focal point in the room. If you choose a vintage elaborate mirror let that be the star and keep the other lines simple.

How To Measure For A Bathroom Mirror

When figuring which mirror will be best for the space, measure the wall area to be sure picking the correct size when ordering. Guessing is not a good idea here because it is possible the mirror could be too large or too small for the area. It is important to note the different measurements: one is the dimensions of the reflective surface, the other includes the framework.

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Bathroom Mirror Buying Guide

Finding just the right mirror for the bathroom is a fun and enjoyable experience with Unique Vanities. They offer a very wide range of styles and sizes to choose from. Each items description includes the size and what material the piece is made from. The buyers at Unique Vanities have searched and found many of the best designs in the world for mirrors. The many varieties of styles are fun to search through as many are very unusual and out of the ordinary and hard to find in an average home decor store. The addition of any of these pieces will be a helpful asset to the home as well as making a stunning impact on the look and feel of the bathrooms.

Powder Room Bathroom Mirrors

DECORAPORT 55 Inch 36 Inch Horizontal LED Wall Mounted Lighted Vanity Bathroom Silvered Mirror with

The following decorative bathroom mirrors are best for powder rooms since theyre NOT bathroom-rated. If you decide to use one in your full bath remember that they may not stand up to the steam and moisture.

This roundup of mirrors is full of texture, style, and dimension. Theyre great for adding a focal point to any space theyre in.

Looking for a fun way to add personality and a touch of glam to your bathroom? This minimalist portrait mirror will do just that!

The polyresin mirror is handmade so each one is unique and will have variations in the finish.

21. Gold Hexagon Mirror

Love the art deco vibe of this gold-leaf hexagon-shaped powder room mirror. The tapered angles along the geometric frame add a touch of style and originality to the design.

22. Marble and Brass Wall Mirror

Update your modern bathroom with this trendy vanity mirror that features marble and brass. This one is sure to be a focal point in your space.

23. Emma Vanity Mirror For Powder Room

This stunning bathroom mirror is stylish and elegant. It features a vintage brass design with a swirling motif thatll add a touch of glam to your powder room.

24. Unique Modern Bathroom Mirror

Update your powder room with this unique design from Lumens. This stunning thing of beauty looks like a piece of art but functions as a mirror.

The pinched roped round mirror is handcrafted with organic and artful elements. A pattern of bowties is created from the hand-wrapped natural rope on the outer rings.

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If You Want To Know All Your Options

  • I have noticed that some of my clients want just a few options while others want to know ALL their options before making a final decision. If youre someone who wants to know all the options out there that could work for you, searching online for your mirror is going to be the most effective way to accomplish that goal while also keeping your project moving forward.

  • Keep The Finish Of The Mirror In Mind

  • As I have mentioned in other posts, I often recommend sticking with two metal finishes in one space. This helps to keep the design feeling cohesive. For example, if you already have chrome hardware and a black faucet, choosing a mirror with a finish that is either chrome or black will be your best bet for an intentional look.

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