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Decorative Air Return Filter Grille

How Do Vent Systems Work

Standard Return Air Grilles & Filter Grilles

You have two types of vents in your home: return vents and supply vents. The return vents are responsible for bringing air back into your HVAC system so it can continue regulating the temperature of your indoor space. Its recommended to install return vents in every room of your house. Youll usually see them higher off the ground on the interior walls of your home.

HVAC replacement experts suggest having supply vents in all rooms in your house as well. These vents allow conditioned air to reach your living spaces, helping achieve your desired temperature. You can find supply vents on outer walls, on the floor and under windows. Make sure that these vents arent too close to the return vents. This is to prevent the air coming from the supply vents from recirculating.

Return Air Grille Units An Opportunity To Incorporate Some Stylistic And Functional Improvements

Return air grilles are generally preponderantly larger than supply registers and are a prominent architectural element of structures both contemporary and historical. Consequently, considering they are substantially more prominent they are more noticeable and are not a secondary consideration. Regrettably, a typical return air grille is just a little bit on the unattractive side. Unfortunately, most contractor grade grilles are particularly inadequate from an aesthetic standpoint. We think our selection of hvac return air grilles represents just about any style in which a person might be interested.

Return Air Grilles That Feature The Best In Filtering Technology

Our return air grilles all come with the option of a electrostatic air filter. These filters come with a lifetime warranty, and the user-friendly design of our grilles allows you to easily remove the filter when needed for inspection or cleaning to ensure that your filter continues to provide a lifetime of service as it filters out dust, allergens, and pollutants.

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Wood: Highly Customizable And Easy On The Eye

Have hardwood floors that youd like to accentuate? Does your home interior exude a pleasing old-world character that youd like to maintain? Ugly vents an eyesore in an otherwise pleasant space?Then wood grilles and diffusers are for you and your decor. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, theyre also highly customizable you can stain and finish wood grilles and diffusers in any color, to match the existing decor of your interior. In terms of durability, youll want to ensure your wood surfaces are coated to avoid scratches and other environmental factors, such as water damage.However, if you are budget-conscious then wood may not be the option for you. Wood is on the more expensive side and can be somewhat limiting if youre looking for something more contemporary or chic.This brings us to:

Aluminum: Where Decorative Appeal And Strength Meet

Decorative Resin Air Return Filter Grille in 2020

Aluminum is a decorative, ultra-robust material that stands the test of time and looks good while doing it. Because aluminum does not corrode when it comes into contact with water, its also the ideal material for areas with high humidity and condensation.Aluminum is lightweight and more durable than other materials, meaning it’s easier to maintain and puts less pressure on your vents and interior structure. Whats more, it does not catch fire easily as its a non-magnetic metal. Our only qualm with aluminum is that the costs are higher. In our opinion, thats a small price to pay for longevity, visual appeal and HVAC system efficiency.

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Plastic: Easy To Maintain And Safe For Pets And Children

Unlike steel and aluminum, plastic does not corrode when exposed to water and condensation. Moreover, newer plastic resins such as polypropylene can provide higher UV protection and durability, making exterior plastic return air filter grilles and diffusers ideal for all kinds of weather. In terms of cost and maintenance, plastic is the cheapest of them all and simple to clean. Perhaps the most important advantage of using plastic is that the material is safer for both children and pets. Steel and aluminum grilles and diffusers can have sharp edges that cause injury. Not to mention, they weigh more than their plastic counterparts, so if a grille were to fall or come lose it could cause serious damage. Have a look at our safe, durable Plastic Floor Grille to get an idea of whether the material is right for you. If aesthetics and visual appeal are a top priority, you cant go wrong with our next two materials: wood and aluminum.

Steel: Economical And Strong

Steel is the obvious choice when it comes to selecting a material for your return air filter grilles and HVAC diffuser types. Its economical, strong, durable, and looks good. That said, if your steel grille or diffuser is in a humid place or an area thats exposed to water and condensation such as a bathroom, kitchen, or sauna theres a high probability that rust will occur. And, unfortunately, no amount of paint will be able to remedy that ugly situation.Your best bet for areas of high humidity is either aluminum or plastic diffusers and grilles.Related: If youre wondering if steel is right for your return air filter grilles, we highlight the Steel Fixed Bar Return Air Grille, one of our most popular products, in this video.

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Can Decorative Air Vents Affect Hvac Performance

Air vent covers come in a wide range of styles and colors to complement every design style. They shouldnt be a concern as long as theyre the right size and are kept secure. Decorative vent covers can instantly transform the look of your home.

For your homes HVAC needs, you can depend on Stone Heating and Air. We offer quality HVAC repair, replacement and maintenance services. Give us a call at 855-5521 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment.

Will Decorative Air Grilles Or Vent Covers Affect Your Hvac System

How To Make A Custom Decorative Grill For Your Air Return
    Home / Blog / HVAC / Will Decorative Air Grilles or Vent Covers Affect Your HVAC System?

Vent covers allow conditioned air to reach your living spaces and are essential components of your HVAC system. They work together with air filters to remove air pollutants such as pollen, dirt and dust. Most times, homeowners dont worry about decorative air grilles or vent covers unless they clash with a rooms decor.

A trusted air conditioning repair expert explains how these components can affect your HVAC system in this post.

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Return Air Grilles Made For Melbourne Conditions

Our sturdy aluminium louvre grilles can be adapted for both internal and external applications. When placed externally we will incorporate a bird wire mesh to guard against nesting birds or vermin.

  • Manufacturing grilles since 1980
  • Serving wholesale trade and retail customers
  • Superior service at a competitive price

Hand Crafted Works Of Art

Every Fancy Vent is made to order to replace a standard louvered vent cover. Easy to install, each vent is handcrafted from steel and cast iron with a powder coated finish creating a durable lifetime product. Quality is our top priority and we can fabricate vents suitable for wall, ceiling and floors.

  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$350.00
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$350.00
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$450.00

We are proud to offer additional discounts to our service men and women


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Eggcrate Grid Return Air Grilles A Common Element In Vintage Homes From The Late Eighteen Hundreds Until The Mid Nineteen Hundreds

Acquiring a vintage charmer house you may have existing eggcrate style registers, which is something you may want to emulate for historicity. Repeatedly over the last one hundred years the wooden slats may have disintegrated. It is exceedingly rare to discover one in satisfactory condition. Our restoration quality eggcrate style returns are made in a superior quality manner than those from generations ago. It is difficult not to appreciate the fashionable yet functional look of the eggcrate style. You may even retain a sense of responsibility to preserve the same style. Eggcrate style units are an admirable choice for illuminating in a floor. You can see our matching eggcrate heat registers by visiting

What is a return air grill?

Hvac Premium Where Youre Spoilt For Choice With All Styles All Sizes

Return Air Filter Grille

Whatever the material, HVAC Premium has it in the style and size you require for your return air filter grilles and HVAC diffuser types. For more than 10 years, weve curated the widest range of high-quality HVAC products, supplying over 5,000,000 happy customers with the components they need for their HVAC systems.If youre looking for reliability, visual appeal, and long-standing popularity, then you cant go wrong with our rust-proof aluminum Cubic Core range. Browse the selection here and find your perfect size and style.

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Return Air Filter Grilles

Pacific Register Filter Grilles are available in any pattern and size. They are designed to work well with our 1 thick, black, washable and reusable filter elements provided with the grilles, or a standard 2 thick filter. The frame has a removable face, making installation and filter changes a breeze.

Our decorative filter grilles are the perfect finishing touch to your room. Whether you need a standard size grille, odd sized grille, or special size to fit your particular application, we can make a custom filter grille for you.

  • Available for wall, ceiling and floor applications.
  • Cut from 3/16 thick material, for improved durability over many thin gauge products on the market.
  • Our flush mount captive screws are child-proof ideal for floor applications and high-traffic areas. These screws will not break or get caught on clothing and other objects.
  • Available in any custom size and any pattern.

Architectural Grille Now Offers A Curated Decorative Grille Series Featuring Design Inspirations By Frank Lloyd Wright For Your Mid

We are excited and very honored to announce the Frank Lloyd Wright® Signature Decorative Grille Collection – a collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright® Foundation to produce high-end HVAC grille covers in a variety of designs and finishes that will reflect the distinctive architecture of renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright is recognized world-wide as one of the greatest architects of the twentieth century. His work heralded a new thinking in architecture, using innovation in design and engineering made possible by newly designed technology and materials. His creative ability extended far beyond the border of architecture to graphic design, furniture, art glass, textiles, and decorative elements for the home.

You can order these specialty grilles in several stock sizes and a variety of finishes/powder coat colors for immediate delivery, or contact one of our Estimators for custom applications .

Every design within the Frank Lloyd Wright® Signature Decorative Grille Collection is fabricated using post-consumer 94% recycled aluminum with several finishing options, including Aluminum Brushed Satin and Black, White and Antique Bronze powder coats. Our stock models are available in a several standard sizes that will suit the desired air flow distribution needs in any residential or commercial application.

A portion of the proceeds of this product supports the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundations conservation and education program.

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Custom Return Air Grilles For When Previous Hvac Contractors Or Builders Left Some Challenges For Future Homeowners Solutions For Uncommon Return Air Grille Sizes

Nobody seems to have a duct opening with standard specifications, and no amount of manipulations will make a standard size fit satisfactorily, so we have equipped ourselves to custom make many different sizes, depending upon whatever style you choose. Generally, custom air return grilles that are cast in a mold are less likely to be good candidates for customization, but most other styles may be workable. If you need custom return air grilles be sure to call us for advice and consultation as there are multitudinous avenues to misconfiguring.

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