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Decorative 4 Ft Fluorescent Light Fixture

How To Convert Fluorescent Lighting To Led: A Quick And Easy Guide

Retrofit A 4 Foot Fluorescent Light Fixture For LED Bulb | Weekend Handyman | #NaturesElectric

LED lighting is the latest technological lighting advancement on the market right now. LEDs offer a variety of outstanding benefits because they operate differently than traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Compared to the traditional forms of lighting, LEDs are not only more durable, but they also have a prolonged lifespan and use only a fraction of the amount of energy that other light bulbs on the market use.

LEDs last up to 80% longer than standard light bulbs, illuminating a space for up to 30,000- 50,000 hours. Similarly, LED bulbs only use a fraction of the electricity that other bulbs do, converting most of the electricity they use into light, wasting only a small amount as heat.

LED lighting is growing in popularity because of the environmental and money-saving benefits it offers. LED lighting will not have to be replaced often because of their long lifespan, saving customer money while also not creating waste. Additionally, LED bulbs will cut electricity bills down significantly because of the small amount of electricity they use. Because of these benefits, LED lighting is growing in popularity worldwide.

As more and more people are making the switch from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting, there are a number of questions that begin to arise. Here is a guide to some of the most common questions customers have when it comes to converting fluorescent lighting into LED lighting.

Replace 4 Foot Fluorescent Fixture With Led

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Make The Switch To Led Lighting Today

Converting from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting has never been easier and as affordable. To learn more about our fluorescent tube retrofit kits, . They are available for four-foot fixtures as well as two-, three-, and five-foot fixtures. We also offer retrofit kits for several other types of fixtures, which can be found in our Products menu.

Start saving money and energy now, contact your ZLED Lighting representative today if you want to retrofit your fluorescent lights into LED ones.

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Ft Led Wraparound Fixtures

Using far less power than similar fluorescent fixtures, LED wraparound fixtures emit light from the bottom and sides for all around illumination. Most 4 ft. LED wraparound fixtures use integrated LEDs, however some use single-ended LED T8 direct wire tubes. Designed with preset Lumen and Kelvin outputs, fixtures with integrated LEDs have no tubes to replace. Fixtures using LED T8 direct wire tubes allow you to choose the Kelvin and Lumen output you need. For areas where colors need to appear brighter and more accurate, use fixtures with a CRI of 90 or higher. Energy Star, DLC, and DLC Premium certified fixtures may qualify for state or local rebates, providing additional savings.

Not sure if you need an LED wraparound fixture with high CRI or switchable color temperature? Call today to speak with one of our lighting experts!

Changing The Way The World Buys Lighting

Options For Converting Fluorescent Lighting To Led

Decorative 4 Ft Fluorescent Light Fixture

Converting from fluorescent lighting to LED lighting can be a confusing process, but it doesnt have to be. In fact, converting fluorescent lighting to LED light can be simple, especially when using a Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kit. There are several options that are available when it comes to converting fluorescent lighting to LED Lighting, here the quickest and easiest options available:

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Stars And Above For Durability

What is Color Temperature?

Color temperature represents how yellow or blue the light appears in a space. Warmer color temperatures create a cozy atmosphere and are often used in residential or more intimate settings. Cooler color temperatures are ideal for offices or workspaces needing a more energetic and focused environment.

Ratings and Listings

This Flush Mount has a warm 40K white color temperature and a lumen output of 3300LM. The Flush Mount is also damp location listed.

What is Lumen Output?

While color temperature represents how yellow or blue the light appears, lumens measure light output or the brightness of a light. The higher the number, the more light is emitted. Most products have a lumen output between 2000 and 8000 lumens.

Switch Out The Entire Lighting Fixture

Switching out an entire lighting fixture is an option when making the switch from fluorescent lighting to LED. Almost all-new lighting fixtures on the market today are capable of housing LED bulbs, or you can choose a lighting fixture that is specifically designed to house an LED bulb. However, switching out an entire lighting fixture can become costly. Though purchasing a new troffer isnt terribly expensive, paying for the labor to have it installed can get pricey this is especially true if you are replacing the lighting in an entire building.

If your lighting fixtures are in good shape and dont need to be replaced any time soon, its worth your while to consider simply modifying your existing lighting fixture with a retrofit kit.

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Ways To Replace Fluorescent Light Through Led Retrofitting

When replacing fluorescent lighting with an LED retrofit kit, there are a number of different kinds and designs of kits that can be applied to existing lighting fixtures. The kind of retrofit kit an individual needs is dependent on the location of the fluorescent light that is being replaced.

Fluorescent to LED Conversion Kits

There is a vast amount of fluorescent to LED conversion kits on the market. LED conversion kits come in many different styles and sizes so that lighting fixtures can house an LED bulb. These conversion kits can get costly, especially once the cost of an electrician is factored into the price.

On average, an electrician charges $50-$100 an hour. Once the value of the electrician is added to the value of the LED conversion kit and LED bulb, the cost can be a bit high with an all-around amount of about $160-$506. However, choosing a Mangliumen Retrofit Kit is an affordable option because of the lack of labor it takes to install.

How to Convert 4ft Fluorescent Light to LED

There are various sizes and designs of retrofit kits available, to ensure almost any fluorescent lighting fixture can be converted into an LED one however, the most common fluorescent light bulb size is 4ft. Converting a 4ft Fluorescent light can be especially easy when using a Magnilumen retrofit kit there are 7 easy steps:

  • Disconnect the power to the fixture from the breaker box.
  • Remove existing fluorescent tubes and ballast cover.
  • Connect harness core to magnetic strips.
  • Modify The Existing Lighting Fixture

    LED Strip Light | Convert a 4ft Flourescent Shop Light To LEDs

    Modifying an already existing lighting fixture is more affordable than replacing an entire lighting fixture to install LED bulbs. There are various methods for converting fluorescent lighting fixtures into LED ones. However, the simplest way is to use some sort of retrofit kit. These kits attach to already existing lighting fixtures and allow for LED bulbs to be housed in them. There are a variety of these kinds of LED retrofit kits available, a recommended choice being ZLEDLightings Magnilumen Retrofit Kit, which allows a fluorescent lighting fixture to be converted into an LED fixture in about 15 minutes.

    Different Sockets Present an Issue

    When modifying an existing lighting fixture to house LED bulbs, a common problem that people often run into is that LED bulbs use non-shunted sockets, fluorescent lighting fixtures have either non-shunted or shunted.

    Shunted sockets receive voltage through one set of wires and send it to both contacts. Non-shunted sockets, on the other hand, receive energy separately. Usually, older T12 fluorescent lighting fixtures feature non-shunted sockets, while T8 and T5 fixtures use shunted sockets .

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    Installing A Pendant Light Fixture In Its Place

    With your fluorescent fixture gone, now you can turn your attention to installing your new pendant, semi-flush, or flushmount light. We planned to install a burlap quatrefoil shade from our local Decorating Outlet that we mentioned here, which is hung from the dual-bulb pendant below.

    Note: If youre not comfortable with this step, you can always hire an electrician . But if you made it this far, its pretty straightforward to finish the job yourself.

    Step 1: Trim Any Excess Wire

    We wanted it to sit nearly flush to the ceiling so we had to cut off a lot of excess wire before hanging it. This can be done to shorten any pendant fixture, or even to convert a plug-in light to a hard-wired one.

    Step 2: Use Wire Strippers On The Cord To Expose Wires

    Next, I used wire strippers to expose the tip of each individual wire, creating a place for them to connect to the wires in the ceiling. This wire stripper I bought a while back has been a great purchase, in case youre planning to hang any light fixtures soon.

    Step 3: Install Your New Fixture

    With my cord shortened and my wires ready, I could complete the installation per usual. First I attached the mounting bracket to the ceiling fixture box and then connecting the matching wires together with wire caps. Once those were secured, I tightening on the ceiling cover with the two small screws that came with it.

    Heres our new pendant once the shade was installed and after wed painted and patched the ceiling too .

    Can I Use Led Bulbs In Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures

    Usually. Almost all lighting fixtures can house LED bulbs. To confirm that LED bulbs can be housed in a fluorescent lighting fixture, look for LED bulbs that are ballast compatible, this means that they can work with the ballasts that are already installed in your current lighting fixture. Or, you can perform a ballast bypass conversion by using a retrofit kit such as the Magnilumen kit, which can be installed in as quickly as 15 minutes.

    Compared to incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent lighting, LED lighting is the best choice. Not only are LED lights going to save energy and money, but they are also brighter. Below are comparisons between standard forms of light and LED light.

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    How To Replace Fluorescent Lighting With A Pendant Fixture

    We just swapped out two old fluorescent light fixtures in our kitchen and they each required slightly different techniques because surprise! one of the didnt have a fixture box in the ceiling behind it. Yep, just wires coming out of the drywall! So well show you two ways to replace your fluorescent lighting with a more udpated pendant or flush mount fixture.

    Removing A Large Fluorescent Light Fixture

    Decorative 4 Ft Fluorescent Light Fixture

    First we replaced the big fluorescent light near our stove. It was incredibly simple to do so weve outlined a step-by-step process below:

    Step 1: Turn Off The Power

    Whenever youre working with a light fixture, its always good to turn off the power to this light at the circuit breaker in your electrical panel box, not just at the light switch. Doing this will make sure someone doesnt flip the switch back on while youre working. And doing it first makes sure you dont forget about it later. If you want to be super, extra careful, you can also use a voltage dector to make sure theres no current running to any wires before you make contact with them.

    Step 2: Remove the Plastic Shade & Light Bulbs

    Next, I took off the plastic shade cover, which was just snapped into place. Then I took out the long fluorescent bulbs and placed them aside, just to make sure the fluorescent tubes didnt get broken in the process.

    Step 3: Detach The Metal Panel

    Then we snapped out the metal cover that concealed all of the wiring in the back of the fluorescent fixture. We were very relieved to see that the wiring came through the center of the fixture. In our last kitchen, the wires came through the ceiling at one end of the fluorescent light. Had that been the case here, it wouldve required more complex wiring to move the fixture box to the right spot.

    Step 4: Disconnect Wires In The Old Fixture

    Step 5: Unscrew The Fixture Box & Remove It From Your Ceiling

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    A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing And Installing Led Tube Lights

  • LED tube light costs and financing
  • 1) Advantages of LED tubes over fluorescent tubes

    • Higher efficiency, energy savings
    • Longer lifetimes
    • No mercury

    2) Fluorescent tubes sizes and LED tube light retrofitting

    • T8 4-ft: Four-foot T8 fluorescent lamps are the most commonly used type today. They are 48 inches in length, and have a 1 inch lamp diameter.
    • T12 4-ft: Four-foot T12 fluorescent lamps are less efficient compared to T8 lamps. They are the same length as T8 lamps, but have a larger 1.5 inch lamp diameter.
    • T5 4-ft: Four-foot T5 fluorescent lamps are typically the most efficient, and some of the newest types of lamps introduced in the 2000’s in the USA. They are commonly designated T5HO and provide more brightness than their T8 counterparts. They are slightly shorter than four feet . T5 lamps come in a variety of lengths such as 1-ft, 2-ft and 3-ft versions and are commonly used in non-ceiling fixtures such as table lamps.

    3) Fluorescent ballasts and LED tube light retrofitting3A) UL Type A LED tube light – Ballast CompatibleIdeal for:Disadvantages3B) UL Type B LED tube light – Ballast BypassIdeal for:Disadvantages3C) UL Type C LED tube light – Remote DriverIdeal for:Disadvantages3D) Shunted vs Non-shunted Tombstoneshave non-shunted tombstonesmay have shunted tombstones3E) Determine if your LED tube light is compatible with the shunted or non-shunted tombstone configuration3F) What if you don’t want to worry about all of this?

    Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kits

    Magnilumen Magnetic Retrofit Kits are a great solution to modifying an already existing lighting fixture because of the little effort that requires the installation and the vast benefits that they provide. All Magnilumen products are magnetic, allowing for quick and easy connect mounting to any lighting fixture. Magnilumen products reduce power usage by about 50% and can last for up to 100,000 hours. Magnilumen retrofit kits also can be installed in about 15 minutes. Below is a featured image of one of the recent projects that ZLED completed, installing a Magnilumen system, allowing for the use of LED lighting in a fluorescent lighting fixture.

    Using Magnilumen to Replace Fluorescent Bulbs

    Replacing fluorescent bulbs is made easy with Magnilumen products. Magnilumen products feature several significant benefits, including:

    • A voltage input of 120-305VAC
    • Magnetic mounting and quick-connect wiring
    • Illumination that will last up to 100,000 hours at 150 lumens/watts.
    • No need to rewire a fixture
    • A 5-year warranty
    • Using less energy than fluorescent tubes

    Mangilumen offers a number of sizes and designs of retrofit products:

    • Troffer Lighting
    • Tamper Proof

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    Lithonia Lighting Fmfl 30840 Caml Oa 4

    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges
  • Go to your orders and start the return
  • Select the return method
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • OPTICS: The matte white acrylic diffuser delivers 3,300 lumens while softening the appearance of the LEDs
    • ENERGY SAVINGS: Provides energy savings by using minimal watts and providing the lumens needed to light the room
    • CONSTRUCTION: Solid wood frame accented with popular crown molding design, available in oak and white finishes with durable, milk-white acrylic, drop-dish diffuser provides widespread, uniform illumination and matte texture to prevent fingerprints
    • RATINGS: CSA certified to US and Canadian standards, listed for damp locations, Energy Star Certified
    • VOLTAGE: Operates at 120-Volts, 60Hz

    FREE Shipping

    Similar item to consider

    T8 Fluorescent Lighting Vs T8 Led Lighting

    Converting 4-foot fluorescent light fixtures to LED.

    T refers to tubular when referring to fluorescent lighting, and the number that follows is the diameter of the lamp in an eighth of an inch. The most popular size of fluorescent lighting is T8, meaning the tube is eight-eighths of an inch or one inch. Other sizes of fluorescent lighting tubes include T5 and T12 these are most common in older lighting fixtures.

    The same measurement applies to LED lighting when it comes to the diameter of the tube however, T8 LEDs do not produce UV/IR light the way that T8 fluorescent light does. LED T8 lights can be housed in lighting fixtures that accommodate T8 fluorescent bulbs, as their size is the same. The only differences are in the light produced. LED T8 bulbs convert more electricity into light, acting as a more cost and energy-efficient form of lighting than T8 fluorescent lighting.

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