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Decorations You Need For A Wedding

Other Popular Wedding Decorations

HOW TO DO A NIGERIAN WEDDING DECORATION 2021/ beginner friendly white wedding decoration

Candles are a popular addition to wedding decorations, from simple tea lights to towering candelabras. They are available in a wide variety of colours and can add romantic lighting as well as subtle scents to your reception. Another way to create warm lighting is to use lanterns, either traditional metal or Chinese style paper lanterns.

Contemporary decorations include decorative birdcages, sparkling costume jewellery, metallic balloons, and bold coloured and patterned fabrics. Another trend in wedding decoration is to use topiary, or indoor trees decorated with lights or ornaments reflecting your wedding theme.

Some of the more unusual trends in wedding decoration to crop up in the last year include using outdoor furniture such as wrought iron tables and benches in an indoor venue, and having uniquely designed and frequently changing wallpaper projected onto plain walls or the inside of a marquee.

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Finish With Extras And Splurge Items

If you have room left in your budget, you can consider adding a decorative splurge item or two. Maybe youve been dreaming of a floral ceremony arch or adding luxurious vintage velvet chairs to your sweetheart table. We also suggest springing for that splurge item if theres an empty space in your venue that needs to be filled or if you want to wow your guests with an unexpected featurefor example, a photo booth will round out the room while also providing entertainment and fun memories for everyone. Elaborate wedding dessert tables are another splurge item we love, and your guests won’t turn down extra treats. If you want to encourage mixing and mingling, create a wedding lounge to get guests up and out of their seats between dinner and dancing.

Can You Decorate Catholic Church For A Wedding

Catholic churches can be decorated, but usually under fairly strict conditions compared to other institutions. The best approach to take, is to speak to the Church you are getting married in about your church decoration ideas and they can give you a better idea of what they allow and what you might need to adapt. Nowadays, you may be pleasantly surprised at how liberal Catholic churches can be about decorating but be prepared to negotiate on what can and cant be done to avoid embarrassment on the day.

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Essential Tips For Diy Wedding Decorations You Need To Know

If youre thinking about DIY wedding decorations for your ceremony and reception, there are a few things you need to know.

It doesnt matter if youre a novice crafter or a pro with a glue gun, DIY wedding decorations are tempting for just about anyone whos popped onto Pinterest. Now, you may feel ready to make everything from your altar decor to your place card holders after a bit of scrolling, but its a lot of work . Before you dedicate your time and money to crafting all the bits and bobs you need to pretty up your venue, you need to read this article.

Stairway And Aisle Lining

Everything You Need to Plan an Outdoor Wedding

Chances are, the church youre getting married in has a stairway or ramp. Its also likely the steps are worn down and made of brick, and havent been cleaned for a while. Fear not!

There is an easy way to spruce up your church steps and improve the overall ambiance of the event.

Purchase green brush flowers to cover the steps around the railing, and place roses or your favorite flowers throughout. Finish it all off with candles places along the steps to help illuminate the path at night time, and help bring a beautiful glow to the staircase.

Line any stairways and beams with flowers if your wedding is during the daytime or lights if it will be starting in the evening.

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What Is A Good Budget For Church Wedding Decorations

There is no such thing as a good budget for church wedding decorations, as it really is a case of individual budget constraints and personal choice. Its good to look at the decoration budget as a whole and then drill down into the different areas that need decorating on the day then allocate the budget out accordingly. A budget of $200 should be able to get you some décor to pep up the church but this figure should be used as a guide depending on what you are looking for.

Natural Or Electric Candles

Let there be light! Regardless of whether your church venue has natural sunlight or not, candles are a beautiful addition to any wedding that offer a peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Candles are super cheap and can be ordered in bulk. Because they are usually not very exciting on their own, pair them with a glass jar or glass to help reflect the light and provide a more romantic mood at night.

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How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Church With Flowers

Flowers as decorations in church are often a more expensive option, this is because depending on the flowers chosen and the type of displays you ask for, you will also have to factor in the florists time and labour costs. If you are set on flowers, but dont have the budget to match, consider the use of artificial flowers or using easily obtainable flowers such as lavender or babys breath to create your own DIY pew ends. You could also use pieces that are personal to you as a couple to create some really stunning décor.

Backyard Wedding Food Ideas

Balloon Wall Tutorial | Wedding Decoration Ideas

What do you serve at a backyard wedding?

Most backyard weddings have a casual feel to them.

So I think the food you serve for your backyard wedding should have the same type of ambiance.

Backyard wedding food such as:

  • BBQs
  • Picnics
  • Food trucks

As soon as you know what type of food you will serve on the day, contact a caterer.

I will suggest also working with your caterer to plan a menu!

And make sure that they will have their own equipment, electricity, as well as serving dishes and utensils.

Dont forget the staffing needs you might need.

Make sure you also have enough space in the backyard for catering vans to transport all their necessary equipment.

I have included a backyard wedding planning checklist to make a list of things you absolutely need for this day below.

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Go Green And Add Succulents

Throwing down succulent flower petals is one of the most cost effective ways to decorate your church wedding as buying succulents in bulk is super cheap! Make it extra-fun by mixing the petals of your and your partners favorite succulents for an added unique touch.

Since most church weddings are inside, it is important to purchase indoor friendly succulents so that they still look great on your big day!

Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Name For Your Llc

Many professionals, including coaches and other people in the arts can have their own businesses. However, if you’re producing goods for sale it might be better to choose a different wedding decoration company name because this will relate your products directly back towards yourself when naming them after themselves.

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How Do You Plan A Simple Church Wedding

A simple church wedding should be just that, simple! Start by making sure that every choice you make is easy to plan and coordinate. When it comes to church decoration, maybe some simple and pretty pew ends to match your flowers and to lift the church a little is all you need for it to be in keeping with your special day. Overall, planning should centre around budget and where you are prepared to spend to make things on the day easy for you and your guests.

Minted Yao Chen Design Ginkgo Party Decor

15 Cute Wedding Signs You Need for the Big Day

Courtesy of Minted

If youre on the hunt for a one-stop-shop for all of your decor needs, look no further than Minted. The variety of different colors and design themes allow you to select everything you need for a perfectly curated decor setthink banners, signage, and even wine glass tags. All of the themes available are fit for a bridal showerwe especially love the Ginkgo!

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Send A Message With Marquee Letters

Ashley Goodwin Photography

If you think you’re seeing marquee letters everywhere, you’re not alone. Couples are taking signage to a new level with large letters to spell their names or send a message to guests. If you’re working with a large reception room, marquee letters will fill the space nicely . Rent letters from a local vendor to use at your celebration. Arrange them in your initials, your shared last name, or in a welcome message.

Affordable Wedding Decoration Ideas

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy lifes biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.

Sticking to a budget can be one of the most challenging parts of planning the big day. But we get it, the last thing you want is for your ceremony or reception to look like it’s been put together with cheap wedding decorations. What if we told you there are ways to elegantly decorate your big day without breaking the bank? Inexpensive wedding decorations can be just as gorgeous as higher-end options. We’re here to show you that there are plenty of ways to cut corners and still pull off a gorgeous celebration.

The first step is to set a budget. Then, find vendors that’ll help you plan accordingly. Looking for cheap wedding centerpieces, for example? Try brainstorming ideas with your florist for cost-effective options. If you’re searching for more affordable ways to supplement your decor, check out this list. You’ll be surprised by just how much you can do with some tissue paper flowers and a set of string lights! Shop the best budget wedding decorations for any style below, along with plenty more tips on how to make your special day stand out.

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Different Flower Options For Your Wedding Party

Picking the right wedding flowers for your big day takes careful planning. In contemplating the various needs for wedding flowers, you might consider how many flowers you need, who they are for and if you want flowers for the ceremony and reception itself. As you research wedding flowers that fit the overall theme and design of your big day, putting together a quick list of wedding flowers you are interested in will help guide you and your wedding florist in making final decisions. A wedding flower list will also help focus your flower discussions and help you stay within your floral budget. Having a general checklist is a good first start, and it is best to consider the following wedding flowers as a general guide rather than a must-have. In addition to this list of wedding flowers, you may also wish to add corsages or boutonnieres for other wedding guests that are special to the bride and the groom.

Seating Plans With Panache

ELEGANT DIY Wedding Decor | Dollar Tree DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Gone are the days when a seating plan was simply a framed poster. Now, theyre a focal point for couples creativity and the best ones reflect the couples wedding venue and theme of choice. Take this surfboard, for example, which was painted in blackboard paint before the seating plan was chalked on, perfect for the surf-loving couples tipi reception venue on a Devon beach!

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Wedding Table Decorations To Buy

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to table decorations, we’ve put together a list of items to consider. Whether you’re looking for rustic wedding table decorations, something modern, or even simple wedding table decorations, we’ve got the inspiration you need. Start here, and let your imagination carry you away as you dream up the perfect aesthetic for your event.

If you’re searching for simple wedding table decorations that add a touch of elegance, look no further than this silver place card holder. It can be used to display table numbers or place settings. Despite its small size, it adds a touch of glam to your table, especially when placed among a set of glowing candles.

The Knot Shop classic round place card holders, $28,

Elevate your wedding tables with this twisted tulle table skirt. Available in white, or with a hint of blue or pink, it’s a great way to turn a bland table into something brilliant. Perfect for a sweetheart table or as a way to dress up the table that displays your wedding cake, this table skirt is a great way to give your table that wedding vibe.

Suppromo 9-foot white tulle table skirt, $25,

A glimmering collection of luminaries looks simply amazing as part of a wedding tablescape. This set provides exactly what you need, with a four-pack of tea light holders at varying heights for a dramatic look.

Moonlight Weddings glass tea light holders, set of 4, $18,

Trimgrace artificial eucalyptus garland, $22,

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas


Got an ugly wall that needs covering or just want to make a cute rustic feature? Stack wooden crates on top of each other it can be only a couple, you dont need to do a whole wall! and fill some of the gaps with flowers and others with cute decorations like a lantern.

We adore these vintage wooden apple crates which have real character to them.

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Does The Catholic Church Allow Wedding Decorations

The Catholic Church is one of the most traditional churches in matters of ceremonies. Therefore, you need to be careful when making any decisions concerning any alterations to the venue.

While the Catholic Church does not have a specific rule about decorating, the decision solely lies in your parish. It would be best if you run such decisions by your priest to avoid inconveniences along the way. Similarly, knowing the churchs stand will help you plan for the décor you will base your choices on what the church dictates.

You need to consult with your parish to determine how far you can go with the décor. Some churches may have some decorations put up already, so its best to consult with the church on whether you can remove them and add yours.

Secondly, some churches have their reservations about too many decorations. If your parish allows it, you can decorate, but still, ensure that you do not go overboard, especially at the altar. Doing so may interfere with the wedding liturgy by blocking the congregations view.

Different parishes have different rules about decorating for any ceremony. Adhering to these rules is not only a sign of respect to the institution but is also necessary to avoid taking care of damages after the event.

Hanging Ivory Pew Flowers With Drapes

7 Wedding Reception Hacks You Need to Know About ...

These Are The Real Deal

Using fake flowers instead of real, fresh cut flowers almost seems like a no-brainer when trying to save money on your church ceremony. Well, going fake doesnt have to look bad with Links Moment hanging pew flowers.

These hanging pew flowers may be fake, but each one is handmade and ready to use right out of the box. The best part about these decorations? You can use them again for a variety of future events and they will be just as beautiful.

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Ask Your Church About Included Decorations

Some churches offer low-cost decoration packages that are simple, yet elegant. Also try to incorporate the natural beauty of the church itself, and simply accentuate major features of the church that are already built-in.

Lastly, churches often already have candelabras and flowers as decorations which can be borrowed during your wedding.

Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations

Think of your decorations!

You can find a lot of low-budget backyard wedding decorations to decorate your big day easily.

Honestly, when it comes to budget outdoor wedding decor, I highly recommend you use your natural surroundings as a basis for your theme.

The decor is one place where you can save big by sourcing second-hand or going DIY if you are good at that.

Consider decorating your backyard with some lights that you might already have at home, which will give it a magical touch.

Even your wedding favours can have your personal brand on them to match the decor.

For this, I would turn to Etsy!

You can never go wrong withthese fairy lights for the backyard or this gorgeous DIY Seating chart!

Do not worry too much about having everything perfect.

Those looking for elegant backyard wedding decoration ideas on a budget should focus on things that will make a big impact.

If you have a few focal points such as the head table, dessert area, games area and such, everything else can be simple.

Be sure to look out for DIY backyard wedding decorations from your local groups.

Purchase these to add to your overall wedding theme.

But remember, this day is about creating great memories that you will always want to remember and take with you.

We hope the simple backyard wedding ideas we share below will inspire you to plan your own wedding.

Remember to have a lot of fun, leave your nerves behind, and enjoy every minute of it!

Less is more when youre hosting an outdoor wedding.

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