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Decorations For Little Boys Room

Bonus Project: Little Girls Dream Diy Indoor Playhouse

DIY toddler Boy Room Tour with Construction Equipment Theme Littles boys bedroom decor idea

Imagine the look on your little girls face when you build her an indoor playhouse. This beautiful DIY creation from All Things Heart and Home is the perfect addition to any little girls room. It is built over the closet door so the front door of the playhouse actually goes into the closet. How adorable is that? This is a must for anyone who loves DIY projects and who has little ones at home or even grandbabies that you want to make very happy. You dont even have to be a savvy woodworker to make it happen. Just follow the instructions and you will have your very own indoor playhouse.

Maximise Corners With Clever Shelving

Make the most of every inch of the room with clever wall shelves. Taking floating shelves into the corners can be the ultimate use of this often-underused space. Use a cluster of simple single ledge shelves IKEA, Wilko and Argos are great sources of budget options. Position two different sizes sat side-by-side to create a V-shape. Alternatively, if you have matching sizes, cut the edges into a point to match them up in the corner seamlessly.

How Should I Arrange My Boys’ Bedroom

When it comes to how you should arrange your boys’ bedroom you should first and foremost ensure the room is a sound sleep environment. As this is the primary purpose of the space, invest in a comfortable bed, that has the flexibility to adapt with them as they grow. Depending on how old they are, a small double could be a good option to cater for sleepovers or visiting guests.

Try not to place a bed up against a radiator, as not only will it stop the heat from circulating around the room, there is also the danger or them getting burnt if the radiator is too hot. Think about positioning furniture to give your little ones the most amount of floor space for playing in, but also in a way that features plenty of storage.

If your little boy also needs a desk space for getting creative or doing homework, think about investing in a high-level sleeper with desk below, so that you’ve not adding to the overall footprint of furniture.

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+ Cute Baby Boy Room Ideas

Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Mar 11, 2022

A baby boys room is home to many laughs, tears, and firsts. It hosts late-night visits, messes, and countless memories to be forever cherished by parents. Because parents and baby will spend many hours in the nursery, a nesting parents job is to take this blank canvas and turn it into a welcoming baby haven.

How Do You Decorate A Small Boys Bedroom

littleBIGBELL Boy

When planning your little boy’s room get on your knees and look around the room. This allows you to see his bedroom from his angle.

Put the things that are important to him at your eye level especially what he needs to reach. A bed with a canopy or a roof which brings the height down to make him feel safe.

Another trick is painting his ceiling a color. Sometimes a color on the ceiling will make the room feel cozier and smaller.

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Starry Themed Easy Diy Little Boy Room Decor Ideas

Little Noah’s room has a fun starry theme to it. Carina, from The House We Wished For, has selected a great color pallet of navy, gray, and white.

She created an accent wall to pull off her design. A dark night time color with stars really makes this space feel dreamy.

Bunk-beds are a sure way to get him one step closer to those starry skies.

All In One Unique Furniture For His Room

Now heres a unique and creative piece of furniture. We could even call it an all in one package! Its a bed, a sofa and a shelf built together to resemble the shape of a house. Its definitely a useful and practical way of combining different furniture. Not to mention if you are short on space, you will need to try saving all the room you can! Which makes this the perfect piece of furniture for small rooms. Add your toddler boys favourite colours to it, to give it a vibrant burst of energy!

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How Do I Decorate My Sons Bedroom

As much as we all want to design a magazine-worthy dwelling for our sons, the reality is, most boys can play pretty hard in their rooms. That means we often need to consider functionover form with our design schemes. Oddly enough, choosing durable, versatile fabrics, and furniture might not look quite as great at first, but will probably end up looking better than beautiful, delicate fabrics.

Game Board Storage Art

Toddler Room Makeover! | Kids Room on a Budget | Little Boy Room Decor

What a great way to store and display colorful game boards! By turning them into wall art, you get a safe place to store them and you get a little home décor for the kids bedrooms or your game room. You just build a nice little frame whatever size you need for the boards and all of the game pieces are stored in Ziploc bags on the back of the board so theyre hidden away next to the wall. This is such a neat idea and one that will definitely help you to organize your board games and keep those pieces from going missing.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit Infarrantlycreative

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Add A Bunk Bed To Create More Play Space

Whether your children share a bedroom, or frequently have friends to stay, consider investing in bunk beds rather than twin beds. Thanks to its stacked design, a bunk bed takes up a much smaller footprint, so the room will feel more spacious. That means more space for your little ones to have adventures with their toys on the floor, which is essential if you don’t enough space in your home for a playroom.

Make A Feature Of Storage

Turn a piece of storage furniture into a feature, by painting the wall behind with a fun motif or pattern. Here the walls have been painted with a think green band of paint, but the area of wall specifically behind the open shelving unit, have been painted with a geometric, mountain-style design. This turns something practical into something much more fun and banishes the boring. Styling up the shelving with a faux plant and some other cute accessories will make it a more stylish addition for boys’ bedroom ideas.

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An Arctic Ambience Little Boy Room Ideas

Create the whole Arctic in your toddler boys room! This is a fantastic idea if he loves animals and wildlife, especially the North or South Pole! Paint all sorts of mountains, waves and bubbles on his walls, consisting of blue, light blue and white shades. You might also add a few animals to the walls, like swimming whales. Place polar bear plushies around the room as well for a further arctic feel. Also, try getting furniture which is coloured in the same way. By the end, your toddler boys bedroom will look truly fantastic!

Bulldog Cork Art Makes For Puppy Play On A Child’s Wall

14 Best Boys Bedroom Ideas

HGTV Magazine: To fulfill her daughter Dylans puppy request, Mandi Gubler projected a pumpkin carving stencil onto the wall, then tacked sheets of cork to the wall to cover certain parts of the image. Next, she traced the design onto the cork and the wall, shaped the cork with a crafts knife, and secured it with tiny copper nails. She filled in the rest with white paint. Check out HGTV Magazine for step-by-step instructions on this project.

David A. Land

8. Rather than a traditional growth chart put a border around the room. Each month you can use non-toxic, water-based paint to put the child’s handprint in the border. Watch them grow together.

9. Be sure to include multiple kinds of lighting in a kid’s room. Overall lighting is a necessity but so is a reading light. It may even help them find the bathroom in the middle of the night.

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To The Moon And Back Star Wars Ideas

Perhaps your toddler boy loves watching the Star Wars movies and cant get enough of them! If so, make sure to use these amazing movies as inspiration for his room design! Paint his ceiling to resemble a sky full of stars. Then use all sorts of posters and paintings of Star Wars characters and hang them on the walls. You might also think about getting a few characters or spaceships as toys to act as final touches in his room!

Deep In The Jungle A Jungle Inspired Room

Give your toddler boys room some serious jungle vibes! Everyone loves jungle-themed home decor and rooms! Use green and brown in all sorts of shades as the dominant colours. You might consider covering one of the walls in thick vines and placing various plants around the room. Of course, dont forget to place some fantastic animal plushies around the room. Each animal plushie should belong in the jungle, like a lion or a crocodile! You can also place your toddler boys bed on the floor as if he were sleeping in a tent!

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Star Wars Bedroom Theme


Star Wars can always be a one of the best inspiration for boys bedroom ideas at any age. With its characters, Star Wars will be a great theme to use for 10-year-old kids up to teenagers.

The main design ideas can be done for wall treatment using a stormtrooper pop-art style mural with a splash of red color. Also, add some bedroom accessories for decorations like action figures or hanging picture above the studying desk and floating shelves.

You can dress the rest of the room with a basic color and simple design to keep the point of interest on the wall. To give more effect of space-bedroom, arrange the position of the mural to be seen best from sleeping position.

What an attractive boys bedroom idea you must try!

Bright And Vivid Using A Combination Of Colours

Toddler Boy Room | Storing Toys | Toddler Room Decor Ideas

If your little boy is a positive and happy person, make sure to use bright colours in his room to express this! Use a combination of his favourite colours to create a bright and vivid space in his bedroom. If your toddler likes to paint, make sure to hang up some of his paintings on the walls. You can also use colourful furniture for his room!

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Give Your Teens Room A Facelift With This Awesome Diy Loft Bed

This is a great little weekend project from Ana White Homemaker. A loft bed serves so many purposes. This one has a great little desk with many bookshelves so your teenager will actually have a place to put everything. Its a relatively easy project if you know how to use essential tools and you can make the entire bed, ladder included, for less than $150. Now, thats a great way to get a new look for your kids room without breaking the bank. If you have more than one teenager, do one for each of them and really help them to get their room organized.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit ana-white

Lego Storage And Play Table

You can take those Legos and create a table that is perfect for playing and storing. The bins at the sides of the table hold the Legos and you dont have to drop down a hundred bucks for a play table. You can just build one yourself. Youll need a board to top the storage tables and then use that to build a tabletop that will hold those Legos perfectly in place while they play. Similar tables are very expensive but when you DIY it, you can get it for much cheaper and the kids can help you to build it, which is another plus.

DIY Instructions and Project Credit Ourweefamily

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Boys Bedroom Ideas: Start With Basics

Before you embark on redoing a bedroom for your toddler or teenager, it is important to create a plan. When discussing his vision and bedroom ideas, be sure to:

  • Set a Budget: This is easier said than done, but have a good idea of which items to splurge on, and places youd like to save. You can find some really great case goods like beds, dressers, or bookshelves second-hand or at discount stores.
  • Choose a Theme: For some, a theme can be as elaborate as turning their room into a superhero fortress or jungle hideaway. For others, it might be as simple as incorporating their favorite color into the design scheme.
  • Get Decorating: After youve decided on a theme, you can get the project started! Find ways to reuse old or thrifted items and decor in his current room! Decorating does not always mean buying wall art and bedding! It could be something as simple as adding wallpaper or painting and hanging some photos. After checking out these room ideas, youll have some inspiration for toddler boy rooms all the way to teen boy rooms.

Purple Tween Room With Polka Dot Bedding

Creative Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Lavender walls make a serene background for this tween bedroom. Playful patterns and metallic decals bring in personality and fun.

Alyssa Kirsten

6. All kids want display space. Galvanized metal is fairly inexpensive and can be purchased in sheets at most home improvement stores. Just mount on the wall and you have an instant magnetic board.

7. Check your local art and crafts store for peel-and-stick cork. You can cut out any shape, simply peel off the backing and attach to any wall for fun pin-up space. If you want to create a particularly elaborate design, try using a pumpkin carving stencil, a transparency sheet and a projector, as seen in HGTV Magazine.

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Rustic Style Little Boys Room

Tiffany, from The Cottage On Broadway, has created a great space for her little guy.

With a faux brick wall and a cowhide rug, she has a rustic manly look.

The bed frame and hairpin legs on the bedside table give the room a bit of an industrial feel as well.

This room has great DIY little boy room decor ideas.

Make It Feel Like A Treehouse

This is a great one for boys’ bedroom ideas as wouldn’t every young child love to live in a treehouse? Create the vibe by using wooden finishes liberally throughout the decorating scheme. A feature wall made using salvaged wood adds a rustic finish which embodies the design aesthetics of a treehouse.

Upcycled pallets is a cheap way to achieve the look or recycling old floorboards for a wall panelling idea . Choose a matching wood stain for the bed to make it feel like its part of the wooden wall, for a more immersive treehouse experience.

Keep the rest of the room simple and pared back, with industrial style furniture and minimal accent colours.

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Modern Kids’ Room Decor And Accessories

Inspire a sense of fun and creativity in your little one with and accessories. Not only do these whimsical modern accents add the finishing touch to a nursery or playroom, they also round out the theme of birthday bashes, slumber parties and other gatherings with friends. Do they have a vivacious personality that would be best complemented by bright colors and eye-catching patterns? Adorn their walls with wallpaper or . For a different approach, consider placing two or three decorative accents on their bookshelves instead. In any case, adding a practical touch with curtain panels, mirrors and throw pillows still enhances the space’s style. Plus, explore that highlight older kids’ interests and personalities. Need more kids’ decor and accessories ideas? Read on for inspiration.

Mirrors: Working with limited space in their bedroom? Make the room appear bigger by hanging a from the wall. Think one that’s framed for a classic look, or tap into their adventurous spirit with others that come in interesting shapes, such as stars and scrolls. For little ones who prefer a hint of glam, use a mirror that features an eye-catching shape, or stick with what you know with circles, squares and rectangles. Looking to add even more oomph? Take a whimsical approach with a floral border. Not only does this add texture, it also gives the mirror more dimension

Build Up An Edgy Feature Wall

2 Cool Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas | Interior Design | Boys Bedrooms

Exposed materials look the part in boys bedroom schemes as the industrial vibe suits adolescent tastes. Dont worry if you dont have a bare brick wall, faux wallpapers and tiles will fake the look easily and is a more sensible choice as it wont have a rough surface that could scrape the skin. This cool grey, boys bedroom scheme has added texture thanks to the matching faux grey brick feature wall.

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Stylish And Modern Toddler Boy Room Ideas

You might consider adding a stylish and modern design to your little boys room. For example, using wooden panels is a great idea of giving your toddlers bedroom a unique look. You can place wooden panels on the walls, creating stripes with stripes of paint in between them for an amazing wall decor idea. These are great toddler boy room decor ideas!

Hang Wall Art At Child Height

Whether they’re a toddler or nine going on 17, hang wall art at the right height. That way, they can enjoy the pictures just as much as you. Floating shelves are also a great way to make a feature of your child’s books and make sure they’re easy to hand come story time.

String up some decorative fairy light ideas to cast a soft glow over the room as it gets closer to bedtime.

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