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Decorating With Gray And Brown Combination

Beige + Brown Color Scheme

DIY Interior Design – Gray or Brown tones in Home Decor… Pick your neutral.

This sandy beige has red undertones that bring out the richness of chocolate brown for a perfectly balanced pairing. When pairing similar colors, texture is everything. “If you’re going to use one color and you don’t have different textures, the room can feel flat,” says designer Lauren McGrath. A shag-style rug, bamboo blinds, and wood furniture prevent this family room from falling flat.

Brown + Yellow Color Scheme

In a room with a warm palette that blends tans, taupes, and medium-tone browns, sunny yellow accents partner nicely. The large-scale abstract artwork, bright accent pillows, and vibrant yellow chair pop against a neutral background in this stylish living room that combines traditional and midcentury modern style.

Classic Brown And Gray Outfits

Now that you know the basics of pairing brown with gray, lets look at some specific outfits and how you can learn from them. If you dont know where to start, having a gray suit with brown shoes is the easiest and simplest way and chances are you already have both of them in your wardrobe. A brown and off white houndstooth suit looks like gray paired with a reddish-brown shoes or I always like to pair my light gray fresco suit with dark brown suede shoes, I might wear boots or just regular derbys.

Another cool outfit consists of classic gray flannel pants paired with a brown sport coat. It can be something lighter like this herringbone jacket or it can be something that has other colors just in brown but gray flannel is very easy to pair not just with your navy blazer but with all sorts of brown shades.

One more great way to pair the colors brown and gray is to have a brown overcoat paired with a light gray scarf and then you can choose the tie you can either have a gray tie or a brown tie, it will always look very harmonious especially if a contrasting shirt in white or light blue. When it is colder outside, think about wearing a tan turtleneck with a gray suit, that way, you can skip the neckwear, its a little more casual but still a very nice combination and of course, if the suit is too much for you, you can always just wear a sport coat and have a non-matching pair of pants.

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Pair Gray With Yellow In An Entryway

Paint ideas are the perfect way to transform a space quickly and easily, adding personality and character to create an inspired interior, says Ruth Mottershead, creative director of Little Greene .

‘Natural wood and textures combine beautifully with more neutral interiors, tonal in color, they add an additional layer of depth and interest,’ says Ruth Mottershead. ‘Adding a sliver of a brighter shade such as Marigold, which looks fantastic as a thick stripe echoing the architectural line of the balustrade, will really lift the space and give a revitalizing color highlight.’

Create A Textured Wall

Awesome 41 Inspiring Living Room Color Schemes Ideas Will Make Space ...

Bronwyn four seater scatter back sofa in Woodland Moss, £1,559 Furniture Village

Get creative with smart living room paint ideas such as paint effects, which are back in fashion! But things have moved on since the sponge effect championed on Changing Rooms. Textured emulsion paint such as the Craig & Rose Artisan Concrete Effect Paint and Crowns Suede paint will create a rustic, artfully imperfect finish.

Alternatively, a limed effect can be created using watered down flat matt emulsion, chalk paint or a specialist limewash such as Bauwerks selection.

Start by applying a bonding primer for plasterboard or previously painted walls. Then with a wide brush, apply the paint in random, sweeping strokes. A second and third coat needs to be watered down to allow the layers and textured effect to build.

Complement the walls with tactile velvet, layered in tonal hues for a vibe thats calm, yet cost and oozes easy elegance.

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Warm Up Grey Walls With Bright Prints

Image credit: David Parmiter

A floor to ceiling pale grey colour palette is the perfect canvas to make a splash with brightly coloured wall display ideas. A floating picture shelf is a great non-permanent solution to displaying wall art. You can easily swap one print for another as your collection grows and changes.

Putty and blue-coloured patterned cushions and a geometric rug in dark navy add pops of muted colour for a sophisticated, yet cosy living room.

Harvest Spice And Everything Nice

Enjoy rich autumn colors all year round! Deep orange and gold are analogous colors, or colors that harmonize because they are next to each other on the color wheel. To increase the feeling of harmony, two monochromatic shades of orange and orange/brown are included in the pillows and rug. A sofa and love seat in a neutral tan give the eyes a break from the strong saturated colors, adding balance to the room.

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Cocoon Yourself With A Warming Grey

Image credit: Dulux

Colours that whisper rather than shout are a must for rooms designed to promote relaxation. Deep greys like this Stable Gates by Dulux gently cocoon and visually dont distract, so you can focus on a film or good book.

Stable Greys warm make-up also means that it works as well with a terracotta or blush as it does with a pale or stonewashed blue or indeed, a forest green, as shown in the grey and green living room above. That versatility comes in handy if you like to switch up soft furnishings on a regular basis.

Grey And Brown Living Room With Suede Seats

Living Rooms in Neutral Colour Combinations | Decorating with Colors #11

The next idea you should try is placing suede seats in your living room. Indeed, since the seats are an essential element in any living room, they must have grey or brown color to match the theme correctly.

The reason why we recommend you to choose suede seats is that the primary material brings a modern and subtle look to the interior environment. With the right choice of grey or brown, they can even build a perfect atmosphere for the room.

In the picture above, there are two grey suede couches and a brown suede ottoman table used.

While it is clear that the brown ottoman table gives warmth to the room, you can see that the grey couches also have a warm undertone, so all these furniture pieces have a contribution in building up the warm feel in the room.

The wall color is interesting too since it is a grey paint with a warm brown undertone. This paint has similarity to Clark + Kensington Ominous Cloud 5044.

The last but not least detail that also perfects the room is the lighting system. It is not too bright but still manages to make the place has a cozy and warm atmosphere.

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Brown Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

Whether you are headed to the paint shop and want to buy an attractive brown paint, or maybe you wish to accessorize your living room with hints of brown, it is a color that is way too frequently overlooked. While significantly less popular as its navy blue or even stark white counterparts, brown is a remarkably versatile color, which creates a feeling of comfort & calm in virtually any living room.

One of the most typical methods to include brown to your living room is by using a lovely, rich brown leather sofa. Brown leather furniture adds some elegance with no feeling forced or stuffy. Combine it with neutrals like jute weave rug and wicker for a simple but attractive color scheme. This and more, when you browse our 17 brown living room decor ideas below.

Brown + Purple Color Scheme

Dark-stained wood cabinetry paired with plum walls heightens the drama in a bathroom. These deeper colors aren’t timid or shy their depth together enriches the small space and conveys an air of sophistication. Look to less saturated purples with a gray or brown undertone as the best complement to brown cabinets or furniture.

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Play With Light And Dark For A Striking Look

Steel gray and stone are an excellent combination if you wish to create a contemporary feel. This rustic dining room has a mixture of classic and modern style furniture so painting the walls in two shades carries that design aspect through perfectly. Painting the darker color on the bottom half of the walls grounds the look and makes the room still feel spacious.

Grey Living Room With Brown Herringbone Wooden Flooring

45+ Unbelievable Gray And Brown Living Room Ideas Ideas

If you have mostly grey items in your living room, choosing wood flooring is an option to consider adding brown tone to the place.

Instead of selecting a regular style hardwood floor, why dont you pick something different like herringbone wooden flooring?

Because of the unique herringbone pattern, it will be easier to gain more attention on the lower part of your living room.

Besides, the design looks beautiful too. It is such a suitable choice to pick for a nice-looking interior as shown in the picture of farmhouse brown and grey living room above, which has a lot of soft grey tones in it.

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Combine Modern And Vintage Elements

The grey and brown combination is perfect for creating a cozy and natural farmhouse style living room.

Choose a mix of rustic and vintage elements with simple and modern furniture. A brown wooden trunk goes perfectly with a farmhouse style sofa and accent chairs. The grey area rug, on the other hand, adds a touch of elegance and coziness on rustic wooden floors.

Dare To Use Dark Colors Too

Grey walls and dark grey furniture with brown wooden floors? Definitely yes.

Paint the walls a very light shade of grey. Then choose a textured handmade dark grey rug and place it in the corner of your living room. You can combine it with a dark grey matching sofa with brown/mustard pillows and lounge chairs in the same tone.

Place one or two colored wrapped canvas photographs on the wall. There you go, a perfect dark grey and brown living room combination.

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Contemporary Grey Living Room With Brown Wall

Painting all sides of the wall in your living room with brown color is another attractive idea you should give a try.

Here, we recommend you to choose a dark brown paint as the Benjamin Moore Char Brown 2137-20 paint used in the picture example above.

No matter how dark the tone is brown color still can create a warm look in any living area. It is a good thing because the appearance can also create an inviting atmosphere to make people feel like spending time in the place.

Something like this is the one you need to add in your living area for sure.

Try Grey Walls With Dark Brown Furniture

Eye-Catching Living Room Color Combinations | Decorating with Colors #19

If youre more into rustic-modern decorating style, then youll love this brown furniture and gray walls living room idea.

Locate a strong brown reclining couch on a grey patterned area rug. Combine modern style light brown wooden floors with grey walls and a fireplace in a stone wall in grey and brown shades.

Add a dark brown coffee table in the center. Then choose elements of your taste and locate them in a wooden tray on the coffee table.

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Always Consider Seasonality And Formality

If you pair brown and gray, make sure there is a match in both seasonality and formality. For example, youll want to combine an overcoat with flannel, not with fresco or seersucker. On the flip side, you wouldnt want to wear brown loafers with a dark gray flannel suit without any socks. Traditionally, loafers were too informal for a double-breasted suit. In this day and age you can pull it off, but make sure you have a pair of socks .

Create Calming Vibes With Natural Foliage

Image credit: Jo Henderson

Cool shades of grey can have a calming effect on an interior space. This can be enhanced further with the addition of natural house plants and foliage, a hugely popular accessory choice. The cool tones of the Dulux Grey Steel 2 wall colour in this living room is the perfect backdrop to enhance the lush green of the botanicals incorporated into the scheme.

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Wow With Brooding Dark Shades

Image credit: Colin Poole

Theres no denying interior trends in recent years have very much embraced the dark side. As confidence in colour has grown homeowners have been looking to express their personalities more with bold colour choices. A striking almost-black charcoal grey is ideal for an attention-seeking statement, as shown here contrasted by the stunning fireplace idea.

A colour of this nature is not just for larger rooms either. Used wisely it can be a great small living room idea also says Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Using dark paint to make a space feel bigger might seem counterintuitive, but Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen explains that particularly when you have a wall-mounted television, painting the space behind it will work much better.

Can You Have Grey Walls And Brown Furniture

Grey And Brown And Yellow Living Room

Using either brown or grey on the walls then furniture in the other part of this color duo is an easy way to introduce this scheme into your living room space. ‘Neutral tones work just as well with a grey sofa,’ says Joanna Thornhill, author at Oak Furniture Land.

‘Choose browner shades for your walls, such as a beige or tan and match them with similarly toned accessories for a more Scandi-style look. You can also achieve this look with white walls to match your grey sofa, pairing this with neutral toned cushions and throws, or bright shades for a pop of color.’

‘If bold is more your thing, reddish-brown tones are known to really lift and complement greys. Choose brick red or russet wallpaper as a feature wall, or go wild with all over color paint on the walls.’

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Pretty Up Grey With Pink

Image credit: Emma Lee/Homes & Gardens

Use the gentlest of greys as a springboard for blush pink, plum and buff tones. Mid century-style furniture rubs shoulders here with contemporary pieces in brilliant hi-gloss white.

The floor-to-ceiling living room curtain idea adds a lovely touch of dip-dyed pink, while cushions and floral displays channel rich plum tones. Grey and pink is a winning combination, particularly suited to modern living rooms, and works just as well as a grey bedroom idea.

Update A Grey Country Scheme With Paisley Print

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Update the backdrop in a classic country scheme with paisley-print living room wallpaper ideas, pictured here in a smart grey. Choose cushions and upholstery in opulent weaves, soft linens and plush damasks, with Moroccan-style metal tables to add glamour.

Be extravagant with finishing touches for an opulent look, advises Ideal Homes Style Editor, Michela Collling. For example, double up on fabrics so curtains feel fuller.

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Gray Color Schemes That Beautifully Showcase The Timeless Neutral

Gray is much more than just a combination of black and white. This versatile neutral offers a wide array of possibilities. See how various shades play out in these gorgeous gray color schemes. Plus, learn how to use gray in your decor.

Far from boring, gray is the neutral of choice for many designers. More complex than cream or white , gray comes in a variety of shades and tints to provide a soothing backdrop or set the perfect scene to showcase an accent color. Whether mixed with a dab of black, green, or blue, the range of grays and possible color palettes are endless.

For A Smart Contemporary Edge Choose Off

Designer Colour Combinations, Soothing Home Interiors | Decorating with Colors #5

Daring and decadent, black bedroom ideas can be difficult to get right, but once mastered, they can add an elegant confidence to your space like no other color, especially when paired with gray.

‘If youre looking for something contemporary, black is a good way to go,’ says George Miller, home designer at Neptune . ‘Painted woodwork is a nice means of exploring this accent color our off-black shade Charcoal really modernizes our classic Wardley four poster bed. Weve also welcomed a new Warm Black paint to our collection, it’s deep, enveloping and a little softer than other blacks.’

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Brown + White Color Scheme

The earthy hues of brown will always be enhanced when contrasted with crisp white. The tall subway tile backsplash in this bathroom is a winning combination with the chocolate brown color above it, the two working together to increase the drama. Without the white wall treatment, the bathroom would feel too dark. The walnut stain on the vanity becomes a focal point against the crisp white tile.

Grey And Brown Living Room With Animal Print Pillows

Adding animal print pillows in your brown and grey living room is another excellent idea you should give a try. It proves that you do not need to change the entire living room interior to make it more attractive.

There are some significant reasons why you are recommended to try this idea.

The first one is because animal print is available in so many choices right now and it also has those natural, vibrant colors to liven up your space. It gets even better because the colors shouldnt always have to be grey or brown to match the color theme you apply in the room.

Even the zebra print pillows in the picture below look nice for the grey and brown transitional living room.

The second reason is that this idea shouldnt cost you much money. If you dont have a lot of cash, you need to find some affordable pillowcases with animal print style to cover the pillows you already have in your living room.

The third reason is that this idea is not permanent, which means you can easily replace it with another plan in the future if you want to.

All you need to do is covering the pillows you have in the room with other cases in another style.

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