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Decorating Window Boxes For Fall

Choose A Color Scheme

Fall Window Boxes – How To Decorate A Window Box For Fall – Outdoor Fall Decorating

Finding the best color scheme is a great way to start designing fall window boxes. Whether youre matching the fall leaves or using the colors from your favorite flowers, the color theory will drive the design.

Also, if you have any ideas for the color palette in your box, then that could help you find the right material for your fall window box. Fall flowers might look great in a wooden box, while greenery might look best in a metal box for an urban-organic design.

Taking The Time To Decorate The Window Boxes In Late Fall With Greenery Lays The Foundation For Holiday Arrangements Feeds The Birds And Brings Enjoyment Throughout The Fall & Winter Months Learning How To Decorate Window Boxes For Fall And Winter To Create Beautiful Texture Is Not Difficult But Will Guarantee Visual Enjoyment Throughout The Seasons

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Nothing brings more joy than to look out the window on a cold & blustery day and see green in the outdoor window boxes. Greenery to be specific. Seeing a little green layered under the snow brings a smile to this avid gardeners face.

In the past, a LOT of time was spent decorating the outdoor hangers for every season. As the chores on the hill grew more labor-intensive, the less time was available for making my space pretty. How could the window boxes still be enjoyed, adapted to each season or holiday easily without needing to start from scratch? By building a strong foundation .

What Are Some Good Plants For Window Boxes For The Fall Season

However, since we’re focusing on fall decorating ideas to try, the specific plants for window boxes you can use around this time are:

  • Vegetables and herbs like flowering kales, ornamental pepper, ornamental cabbage, ornamental kales, Mini Pumpkins and Squashes.
  • Different flowers like Celosia, Chrysanthemum, Echeveria, Marigold, Purple fountain grass, Coleus, Craspedia, Goldenrod, Mums and Pansies.

So, if you’re looking for fall flowers for window boxes, you have multiple options to consider. In addition, the unlimited variety presents you with several flowers to try with your window boxes.

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Get Your Fall Started With Us

From weather-ready, autumn-colored window boxes to festive wreaths that can take you from Halloween straight through to New Years, we have what you need to get the holiday season kicked off right. Have questions or want to place an order? Call us at 1-800-896-0978 or visit us at

Fall Decorating Ideas To Try: The Window Edition

Fall Window Box

Regardless of the type of window treatment you use, the fall season often presents unlimited opportunities to try new decorating ideas. We all want to dwell in aesthetically appealing homes. So, it’s right to look around for fall decorating ideas to try.

While several ideas are at your disposal, not all of them are worth your time because they may never yield the desired results. So, if you’re wondering what idea to try instead, that’s where window boxes come in handy.

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Gorgeous Flowering Window Box Ideas For Spring

Alicia Bock / Stocksy

Nothing announces that it’s spring like flowers. And a window box is the perfect place to display them. Window boxes are a simple but effective way to add visual interest to your home. You don’t need many plants to fill them, yet they still make a substantial impact. Plus, you can enjoy them both outdoors and from inside the window.

When considering spring window box ideas, it’s key to choose flowers that bloom early in the season, as well as plants that are suitable for the growing conditions around your window. For instance, if your window gets strong afternoon sun, make sure to choose plants that love lots of light. Pay attention to the last chance of frost and freezing temperatures in your USDA hardiness growing zone.

Here are 15 spring window box ideas to spark your imagination.

Fall Window Box Ideas

If youre one of those people who think that window boxes are just for springtime, think again. By adding a hefty dose of autumn colour to your window boxes, you can transform the look of your homes exterior and keep it looking cheerful and bright all season long.

Flip your florals

Replace delicate summer annuals with hardier flowers and greenery. Mums, pansies, and nasturtiums can keep your boxes blooming well into colder months. An easy way to change out your flowers is to plant them in small pots that you place inside the window boxes. When its time to change them out, you just lift out the old pots and insert the new ones. Its a mini-makeover that can really brighten up your home for autumn.

Fake it with artificial foliage

If the maintenance of real plants is too daunting, try filling your window boxes with artificial flowers and greenery. This makes maintenance a breeze and allows you to keep your window boxes looking bright and cheerful even when the weather is too cold for plants to flower. You can also mix artificial plants with real ones for a more realistic looking display. Opt for plants with autumnal colours for a more authentic look and consider buying UV resistant artificial plants that wont fade under the glare of the sun.

Use something less than traditional

Whether you have a green thumb or just a creative eye, have fun with your window boxes, whatever the season. For more great tips on decorating your Halifax doors and windows, visit Windows Plus today.

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White With Purple Pops

Eric Gross / Flickr / CC By 2.0

In this window box idea, spilling white bacopa is paired with dusty miller, daisy-like fleabane, and purple million bells. The combination creates a wide, spreading box that will grow fuller as spring progresses. The purple and white color palette keeps things simple but still spring-like. And it looks especially nice against a medium blue house. These plants flower best in full sun, so make sure your box gets plenty of light.

Illuminate Inside Your Windows

Fall Window Boxes – Outdoor Fall Decorating – Fall Planters – Fall Mums – Fall Containers

Tip: Use twinkling trees inside your home in front of a window for year-round magic.

At night when the lights are glowing and the house lights up with all that beautiful holiday magic, it creates the most lovely charm and ambiance. For this look,Balsam Hills Champagne Glitter LED trees created the perfect amount of twinkle light ambiance in the background.

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Accent Your Windows With Fall Window Boxes

You didnt think we would forget about windows, did you? Of course not. Decorate your windows with colorful fall window boxes. Whether you use mums or pumpkins, its the perfect way to highlight your windows. Find three ways to create a fall window box here.

Do you want more fall porch ideas? Check out our favorite fall window decorations.

Next I Added In About 15 Pumpkins In Carious Sizes Colors And Shapes

Not pictured : I added a 66 strand of outdoor fairy lights for a night time glow.

Another big oops.I forgot to take a night time photo of the fall window boxes before I switched over to Halloween. Heres a peek of last years window boxes at night. they look the same, just on a white house with black trim.

I wish these windows were accessible from the inside windows, but no such luck. Each season I pull out the extension ladder to change out the decor.

I added more of my faux pumpkins and fall floral springs to my faux sweet grass bush and cedar bush greenery. I always use faux in these boxes since theyre so hard to water from below.

Finally, I fished some fairy lights through a small cutout in the window screen and plugged them in inside.

I repeated the same steps on the other window box.

Once again, I failed to take photos of these two smaller window boxes at night, but here they are last year when our house was gray.

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Keep Them In Their Pots

My summer plants had all been planted in the good gardening soil, but I didnt want to have to replant my pretty mums and kale. So I dug out a small space, kept the plants in their pots and dropped them in.

Just take care when picking out blooms that they are in pots the right size to squeeze in your window box. Next, push the soil in the box up against the pot so it looks covered, and youre good to go!

Remember that plants in their pots will likely dry out faster than if in a self watering window box.

I bought these self watering window boxes last spring after a trip to Charleston motivated me where every little window has a colorful box! And I did see artificial flowers in window boxes!

How To Make A Fall Window Box

Love my Fall window box

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This spring my husband Jimmy added window boxes under the windows of our garage.

They face our patio so it was a nice way to add flowers and color to our outdoor living space.

It is a shady location so I planted them with impatiens and begonias and they looked amazing!

to see the video we made this spring.

I had the intention of updating the plants in the fall, but I thought they are so beautiful, how could I possibly pull them out?

Well, a mamma doe came through our yard and decided that the plants in the window box were delicious!

She ate them down to nubs!

So, I became ready to update the plantings and spray deer repellent!

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What Are Some Good Plants For Window Boxes

You can use a window box to grow all sorts of plants like:

  • Vegetables and herbs like mint, thyme, chives, sage, marigolds, kales, lettuce and tomatoes. Other options include daffodils, hyacinths, lilies and alliums.
  • Different flowers like begonias, petunias, Zinnias, nasturtiums, geraniums, Ivy, Vinca, Impatiens, Coleus, climbing vines and Heliotrope. Other types of flowers you can use are rosemary, lavender, Artemisia, strawberry, thyme, Jasmine and English daisy.

The plants and flowers are versatile and can be grown throughout the year. Therefore, this presents an opportunity for a variety of window boxes decor ideas.

A Few Pillows Were Tossed On Top Of The Blanket

The DIY wood cladding wall is a super affordable project we did this summer in case youre interested.

And on the garden stool table I added one of my DIY floral pumpkins. I like how it softened up the hard lines of the table and added an element of surprise.

I added another floral pumpkin to the grouping on the hay bales too.

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Inspired By The Colors & Textures Of The Season

In addition to flowers and plants, an assortment of decorative items that say fall can be added to your autumn window gardens. The possibilities are endless: just think of what reminds you of fall. Pumpkins and other gourds, autumn leaves, dried grasses, acorns and walnuts, sparkly lights in a warm amber colorall can be added to provide extra ambiance, color, and texture.

Drying autumn leaves trick: To preserve the autumn leaves in your window box arrangement, mix one part glycerin with two parts water and submerge the leaves in this concoction. Place something on the leaves to keep them submerged for about 2-6 days, and then gently remove and dry them with a paper towel.

Décor treat: Not all pumpkins are orange did you know that you can get pretty much any color pumpkin under the sun? From white to teal, copper to gold, choose any pumpkin you like as your centerpiece and work around it with items of any color palettefall or otherwisemaking it a less traditional, but still fall-focused window box!

Fall Window Box Decorations

Top Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Window Boxes
  • Mums these are from a nearby market, they were 5 for $25 and can be planted in the garden as a perennial
  • Pumpkins and Gourds I love the greenish/gray pumpkin, its called Ghirardelli
  • Grasses from the yard and local county park
  • Ivy from the yard
  • PeeGee Hydrangeas from the neighbors yard and green Hydrangeas from our yard

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Faux Flowers For Window Boxes

Via Houzz, Photo by Bruce EwingMore landscaping photos

But that vision begins to wither a bit when I remember that I cant keep plants alive to save my life. I dont know if the problem is that I dont have a green thumb at all, or if I just get busy and sidetracked and forget about the plants. But either way, my plants die. If nature doesnt take care of them for me, they have no hope in my possession.

I was so glad to read this article in the Washington Post yesterday about how faux flowers used inside are becoming more and more common and widely accepted among designers. Of course, I think thats due to the fact that faux flowers today have come such a long way. They look more realistic, and some of them even feel real. Of course, for the really nice ones, youll pay an arm and a leg.

But what about for outdoor use? Are we there yet? Have we reached a point where thats acceptable, or is it still taboo and tacky?

Ill be honest here. In our first house that we had built in Oregon, I was determined to have window boxes, even though it was a two story house. I found a picture of the house on Google maps, and those window boxes are still there!

Although I remember them being wider and the same size. Those look like two different widths on the second story windows. Strange.

As in, thats an actual thing. As in, theres an actual market for that and people actually buy it.

Adorn Your Front Door With Diy Fall Wreath

Make the entrance to your home stand out with this fall curb appeal idea. Using a seasonal wreath of fall foliage and flowers will instantly make your home feel warmer and more inviting. If youre feeling ambitious, add a fresh coat of paint in a deeper color to really make your entrance pop. Learn how to make this wreath here.

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Tulips In Spring Colors

The Spruce / Phoebe Cheong

Tulips come in a wide array of colors except for a true blue. To welcome spring, try grouping a few different tulip varieties in various bright and pastel shades in a window box. Depending on the variety, tulips will reach roughly 1 to 2 feet high, and their flower shape can even differ. So you can mix and match to bring lots of visual interest to your window box. Space your tulip bulbs roughly 2 to 5 inches apart when planting.

Gorgeous Window Box Ideas Adding Floral Magnificence To Your Home

Fall Love round 2!

Nicole and BiancaCuteDIYprojects Blogger

Shrinking a beautiful garden into a little box hooked to the bottom of the windows, a nice window box loaded with luscious leaves and flowers not only adds color to your home, but also make a fragrant style statement. Also, it works as a reflection of your whims and choices when it comes to brightening up the space with gorgeous plants And thats exactly what these 20 Window Box Ideas do!

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Drape A Garland Above Your Window

Tip: Match your garland to your wreath and other foliage decorations for a coordinated look.

Switching your outdoor garlands and wreaths are an easy way to transition your home décor from fall to holiday. A garland above your window is just as beautiful as a garland above your door. It ties the whole look together and frames your window to create a beautiful polished look. I used Balsam Hills Outdoor Red Berry Pinefor this traditional look and it was perfect.

You might also notice that I placed a garland below when decorating the Christmas window as well.

Real And Faux Flowers For Our Fall Window Boxes

I know everyone likes to see what others are doing during the change of seasons. If you are looking for fall window box ideas this post is for you!

We built our house on a corner lot. Its the first house you see on our street, and it sits somewhat prominently as you drive into this side of the neighborhood. Now that we have our backyard fixed up the way we like it and are really enjoying that space, I am focusing on the front.

A typical day has our front walk covered in bikes and childrens toys, but that doesnt mean Ill give up trying!

See our fall front porch here!

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Green And White Simplicity

Spencer Means / Flickr / CC By 2.0

Plants with white flowers, including petunias, begonias, Angelonia angustifolia “Archangel White,” and sweet alyssum are arranged symmetrically in this window box. They provide contrast with the black shutters and white-painted brick house with white wood trim, yet they still feel soft and natural. The light chartreuse foliage is Angelina stonecrop. Waiting to flower in the center is a spring-blooming bulblikely Ornithogalum, or Star of Bethlehem. Make sure a flower box like this has adequate soil drainage.

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