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Decorating Outdoor Tents For Parties

Create Your Own Wine Labels

Majestic Party Rentals 20×20 Tent and Draping Installation with Bistro Lights

For a truly personal touch that your guests will love, this outdoor party tent decorating idea is perfect for wine lovers. You can go crazy and make up new wine names and designs that fit the style of your event or simply include the date. Whatever you choose, custom wine labels will be a fun, personal touch guests will love.

Set The Tent Near The Pool

Not all tent decoration ideas require buying new materials and decor. In fact, you can use what you already have around your event, like a pool! Whether youre throwing a pool party or not, a pool can be a gorgeous backdrop to your event and bring extra style without any effort. Add some beach balls and towels and you easily have a theme!

Tall Pampas Grass Centerpieces

Poppy Design Co.

Open-air wedding tents are definitely a thing, and they’re a great option for warmer climates. If you’re worried about heat getting trapped under your canopy, consider a tent with open slots in the top. While it won’t protect against weather, it’ll emulate the tented look you’re trying to achieve. Add texture to the top by intertwining the canopy flaps with garlands of greenery. The finished product will make your tent feel like a lush greenhouse.

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Brandish A Pleasant Entrance

The tents entrance is the first thing that grabs peoples attention when attending any event. You will be able to set the right tone for your party by making a one-of-a-kind tent entrance.

You might want to use floral decorations or a colorful drape to catch every guests attention. Or, you can have a Moroccan-inspired tent entrance if you are having a themed party. Any other themed-inspired tent entrance can be used for a birthday party, baby shower, corporate events, and wedding venue.

Make A Space For Dancing

Wedding &  Party Tent Decoration Ideas

If you have a live band, then there is music, and ultimately, there will be dancing. A dance floor will always come with entertainment, so make sure you have enough room in your tent for one. It may be one of the best wedding ideas you will have for your tent. A dance floor is usually for weddings, parties, and corporate events. It will surely keep your guests entertained and less bored in any event.

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The Party Tent Is A Blank Canvas So Decorate It However You Want

Try not to think about your undecorated part tent as dull or ugly. Instead, consider it a blank canvas for adding significant decorations: the plain metal tent frame and tent poles, the extensive slate of the white vinyl tent top.

Also, tent sidewalls can make the tent unattractive to many hosts. However, that simplicity is giving you a great deal of blank space to decorate. Changing the attitude will go far in helping you decorate the party tent.

Remember, dont go all out here either and over-decorate. Consider using the space carefully instead of essentially filling the room. Your decorations shouldnt come across as being too clutter or rookie.

Take Advantage Of The Natural Light

One of the biggest benefits of an outdoor event is all the natural light youll get! You may not think of natural light as a typical tent decoration idea for parties, but it creates a soft, natural atmosphere at your event. If you do end up needing additional light, string lights can help add some light without being too harsh or taking away from the natural beauty.

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Use Classy & Trendy Light Bulbs

Daytime or nighttime, classy and trendy light bulbs are a decor that you can use to create an accent for your outdoor tent. While balloons are commonly used to decorate the space, string and fairy lights can set the mood and are very aesthetic.

In case of heavy winds or bad weather, you must hang heavy-duty Edison bulb string lights that are safe, stylish, inviting, and classic. Aside from lights, fancy lanterns should always be present in wedding decorations for a wedding tent.

Best Outdoor Party Tent Decorating Ideas

Tent Decorations ~ DIY Tutorial

January 26, 2021Now Trending

Dont let your outdoor event flop! Weve compiled some of the best outdoor tent party ideas that are always a universal hit. These party tent ideas are fun, simple, and best of all, inexpensive, so your party will be beautiful and stress-free. To get you started, here are the top 10 best outdoor party tent decorating ideas:

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Use Wooden Decors & Furniture For A Rustic Feel

Aside from a tipi tent, wooden decors and furniture will never go old if you want some rustic feel. Wood with thick weave decor creates lots of texture and can be visually stylish and interesting for your outdoor tent party.

A rustic table slab with citronella candles as a centerpiece is one of the decorating ideas you can try for the event. You can match it up with some wooden placemats and wooden chairs for the seating area for your outdoor tent.

Dressing Your Tent Up For Birthdays And Garden Parties

Hosting outdoor birthday and garden parties does not have to be hard. Long gone are the days of renting expensive tents that only offered partial coverage and less than stellar aesthetics. At ETI, we feature pole tents perfect for birthday parties, lawn parties, and garden events. These tents come in a range of sizes, including the popular high-peak unit that offers a touch of majestic class to any event. These tents can serve as focal points for parties, weddings, fundraisers, corporate gatherings, and graduation parties.

While these tents have center poles, they seamlessly blend in with any existing décor and theme. As mentioned earlier, you can decorate the poles with birthday decorations, balloons, and party themes across the board.

We also showcase frame tents installed on pavements, concretes, patios, decks, and grass. Unlike pole tents, you dont need to stake or mount poles on the soil to keep the tent up. There is no pole built in the middle to hold the tent up offering unobstructed views for your party guests and attendees. We have several different sizes, shapes, and covers with beautiful stripes and colors. Whether for outdoor birthday garden parties, baby showers, public engagements, or corporate functions, ETI has a tent for everyone!

Here are some ways to enhance your lawn and birthday events:

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Pay Attention To The Floor

Most people pay attention to the top and sides of the tent frame but give little thought to the bottom, which is bad because you tend to miss a wonderful opportunity to decorate the party tent. Two popular ways to decorate your floor are outdoor rugs and portable dance floors.In addition, you can also line up walkways in other spaces with potted plants, simple floor decorations, and other accents.

For a wedding tent, you can use a red carpet entrance to give a royal feel to the couple.

Backyard Party Decorating Ideas

Party Canopy 10x30 &  Outdoor Party For 40 Guests

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Planning a party can be expensive, but hosting an event in your own backyard is a great way to save money and stay within your party budget. No matter what the occasion, theme, or age of your guests, there are plenty of ways to transform your backyard into a magical party venue that is festive and matches your theme.

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Bell Tents For Gatherings Beyond The Backyard

Similar services are available for more elaborate occasions youd plan to host in a field, park, or wooded clearing. Here are four amazing tent-for-hire packages!

Choose from packages that include large bell tents, full styling with themed decorations, guest seating and tables, lighting, food service supplies and accessories. A great option for glamping parties and outdoor sleepovers, too!

Classic Color Palette Is Timeless

A classic color palette of retro pastels, reds, and burgundies is classic yet timeless for a reason. You can never go wrong with these colors, no matter what event you are preparing for. Tents for events like these can also be found in colors that coordinate well with such a color palette, and you can easily mix and match as per your liking. In fact, you can even find rainbow tents, retro striped tents, or black nwhite checkered tents for a more 90s aesthetic.

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Tip : Your Party Tent Is A Blank Canvas

Dont think of your undecorated party tent as being drab, boring, or ugly. Think of it as blank. The bland metal tent frame and tent poles, the big slate of the white vinyl tent top and tent sidewalls youre not trying to hide the party tents unattractiveness. Rather, all of that simplicity is giving you a lot of blank, empty space to fill however you see fit. Changing this mindset will go a long way toward helping you decorate your party tent.

Of course, you dont want to go full ham here and over-decorate. Think of decorating a tent for a party as making the best use of space, rather than simply filling that space. You dont want your decorations to come across as being too busy with unnecessary clutter.

Prepare A Wine & Beer Corner

DIY Sleepover Party Decoration Ideas | TeePee Frame Tent DIY | SUPER EASY!

Party drinks, anyone? A wine and beer corner will always be a good idea To add to your tent decorating ideas! Create a separate corner for the drinks where your friends can help themselves.

Aside from alcoholic drinks, it would be wise to create a corner for non-alcoholic drinks and virgin mocktails for the designated drivers or guests who want to stay sober for the rest of the party. If youre looking for 30th birthday gifts for girls, weve also got you covered.

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Tip : Fabrics Ribbons Rustics And More

When tasked with figuring out how to decorate a tent for a party, most people turn to what is arguably the most popular go-to tent decor option: using fabrics, ribbons, or rustics. If it can be draped, wrapped, hung, or tied, its going to help make your party tent look awesome.

Use colorful fabrics and drape them from the tents frame or tent poles. You may want to blend a few shades of the same color to provide depth without adding too much clutter. You can wrap ribbons around poles or hang them to provide more visual dimensions. And rusticsbranches, flowers, and the likecan tie all of that together with an overall outdoor theme .

Use Real Fruits For Ornaments

Hang real fruits on to the ceiling and in every corner of your tent for a natural look. These fresh fruits will look surprisingly good in your photos. Plus, you can ask the guests to pick these fruits by the end of the event. Guests, young and old alike, will enjoy this simple act of using their bare hands to collect the hanging fruits just like in real greenery.

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Thats It Now You Know How To Decorate A Tent For A Party

Knowing how to decorate a tent for a party isnt as involved as some people think. You just need to take some time looking at the space and thinking about how youd like it to look. And spending a little time browsing the web for inspiration is a great idea, too.

If you need party tents, tent sidewalls, tent lighting, tent heaters, folding tables, party chairs, or portable dance floors, browse our website or give us a call at . Wed love the opportunity to show you around our products and help you find everything you need to set up a gorgeous party tent for your party!

Tent Decorating Ideas To Make Your Next Party A Hit

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Tents can add fast, easy shelter to any party venue, whether you are hosting a garden wedding, birthday celebration, casual luncheon, graduation party, neighborhood barbecue or any other type of event. Plain, simple tents, however, can look bland or drab, but fortunately, there are many amazing ways to decorate a tent to add flair and elegance to any event.

12 Tent Decorating Options for Any Party

While the exact way youll choose to decorate a tent will depend on different factors such as the type of tent, the event youre planning, your budget and the atmosphere you want to create, there are many creative options to choose from.

  • Light It UpAdding lights to a tent gives an ethereal glow to the location. String lights and fairy lights are popular choices, but you could also choose hanging lanterns or globes, clusters of Edison bulbs, net lights or even crystal chandeliers for a truly awe-inspiring accent.
  • Do It With DrapingHow a tent is arranged can make a big difference to its appearance. A tent with extra ripples, folds and swags is more luxurious, and the extra fabric adds texture and grace to the tents structure. For even more flair, use different colors for extra distinction.
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    Use Solar Path Lights

    Using path lights for your backyard or around your porch steps is a functional solution and a party statement.

    They warm up the atmosphere and provide much-needed light to spaces where guests may lose their balance or misstep.

    Solar lights are a great option because theyre inexpensive and are powered by the sun, which means once you place them in the yard, you wont have to worry about maintenance.

    Lining your yard or steps with solar lights could save a guest or family member from slipping or falling on a rocky walkway or missing a step on the porch.

    You can have fun with these by finding solar lights that match the style or color of your event!

    Lets Decorate A Tent For A Party

    You have already picked the best party tent depending on the need. Now you might be wondering about making it look extraordinary. Conducting an outdoor event has many benefits like freedom of space, fresh air, and your dream decor.

    Without decorations, your event tents will be a bit boring. Of course, the type of curtain you want to change looks, but in most cases, it cannot be used in some types of curtains that offer their own. So what are the tabernacle decorations? Well, its not as simple as you think.

    Therefore, lets dig deep into how to decorate a party tent.

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    Lets Explore How To Decorate A Tent For A Party Any Party

    Birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, backyard barbeques there are a great many outdoor events where a party tent can make a huge difference. Party tents afford your guests fresh air and outdoor scenery while keeping everyone comfy and away from the elements. But knowing how to decorate a tent for a party isnt especially obvious right out of the gate.

    Without decorations, party tents by themselves are very utilitarian. The style of party tent you choose changes the overall aesthetic, but most outdoor events could benefit from some pizzazz that tents simply dont offer by themselves.

    So what exactly are our goals when were decorating a party tent? Thats not as straightforward as you might think:

    • First, the obvious: make the tent look nice
    • Match up the decor with a theme
    • Find affordable decorations and supplies make the party tent look great, without making your wallet look sad
    • Use decorations you can store and then reuse later

    Lets learn how to decorate a tent for a party using 12 simple tips. We tried to engineer this list so that the most expensive elements are all things you can use and reuse over and over again, and find other applications for as well. Everything else should hopefully be low-budget or no-budget. We hope these tips are helpful!

    Tip : Choose The Best Party Tent For The Job

    Party Tent Setup – Tables Chairs Lighting Ideas

    Its not just about knowing how to decorate a tent for a party, but knowing which party tent works best for your event. Each party tent style is different, and has its own pros and cons. Youll want to take your time to learn about the four basic party tent stylespole tents, frame tents, high peak tents, and pop up tentsand how they differ from each other.

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    Tension Tents For Weddings

    Tension tents offer high-end results with great visuals. These traditional yet aesthetic tents soar remarkably high and offer maximum canopy coverage for all wedding parties. In fact, our signature Aurora Tent is the perfect sail cloth luminous tensioned pole tent for all outdoor gatherings and socials. This tent and all Anchor units are made from the highest quality of materials. This ensures durability and low-maintenance across the board. Save time and money with this uniquely designed tent that is sure to enhance your outdoor wedding or reception.

    At Anchor Industries, Inc., we continue to receive great industry ratings and customer reviews. We are always here to answer all your product-related questions and concerns. With the best wedding tents and a growing inventory, why go anywhere else for your outdoor tent needs? Simply contact us today to discuss your wedding tent options and needs.

    For more information on Anchor wedding tents, simply contact us today or visit our website.

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