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Decorating Office With No Windows

Find A Smell That Makes Your Heart Happy With Aromatherapy

Eight Great Ergonomic Lighting Design Tips For Offices With No Windows

Whether its a favorite candle or diffusing essential oils, a nice smell can completely change the feeling you have in your office space. Did you know that smell is the strongest of the senses and is best able to influence brain activity? So not only will lighting a candle or diffusing oils make your office feel more cozy, it can also help to make you more productive in your workday. Win-win.

Create A Relaxing Productivity

Spotify has lots of playlists specific to certain moods. Whether its a rainy day playlist, an autumn day playlist, or a morning commute playlistthe options are endless. Find one that makes you feel relaxed and productive. And if youre feeling extra spunky, even opt for bringing a record player to work and keep a few favorite vinyls on deck in your office!

Go For A Slimline Desk

Plenty of desks incorporate storage, but in a small space you will want to find a slimline one which doesn’t dominate the space.

Go for a console desk with shallow desks right under the table top, or pillar storage in place of legs. You should also look for cable channels to hide unsightly wires away.

And, to create the illusion of space, don’t stick anything to the walls. Instead, a chalkboard wall idea is a great resource to ensure you don’t waste paper or post-it notes.

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No Office No Problem: Create An Office ‘zone’

Turn an area of your living room, guest bedroom or hallway into a small office using simple home office storage and an attractive office desk.

You can get desks in every size and style, so it is not hard to find unobtrusive office furniture that will match your room and your existing furnishings.

‘Put your desk in front of a window to stimulate you as you work, as a view is always better than a blank wall,’ recommends Danetti’s Jess Contomichalos. ‘If you don’t have a window, never face a blank wall. Instead put up shelves so that you can introduce some accessories and plants to give that wall interest at depth.’

Use Dead Space To Create A Small Home Office

Feng Shui Tips for Windowless Office

Those strange dead spaces we all have in our homes next to the wardrobe, under the stairs, alcoves beside the fire are all potential temporary office spaces.

When looking at how to create an alcove office – it couldn’t be easier! This spot next to this window is perfect, you just need it to be wide enough to squeeze in a desk!

Add in a stool, desk lamp and some cozy carpet , and you are good to go!

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Is An Office With No Windows Legal

There is no known rule that an office needs to have windows. However, light and air is important for healthy well being of the staff. But, they must have proper light and air facilities for the healthy well being of the workers. Due to the absence of natural elements and windows, employees often complain of drowsiness and increased stress. Some people even avoid working in a workspace with no natural lighting as they seem less welcoming.

Lovely Ambiance And Functional Lighting

According to Feng Shui, the basement is one of the most unfavorable places for housing any sort of living space or office. But, there are ways in which you can correct this problem, and lighting tops that list. Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, remember that lighting is indeed the most important component of the basement office. Combine smart functional lighting with the right task lighting to create a space that is warm, inviting and practical. Make maximum use of any upper windows in the basement and let natural light complement the artificial illumination.

Sconces, pendants and table lamps are the best options here. Since every inch of space in the basement is valuable, floor lamps are not always ideal. Combine these with smart recessed lighting and you have a truly exceptional home office.

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Practical Home Office In Small Room

Even if you only have guests a few times a year, you want them to have a comfortable place to sleep. But you still want your home to be usable for you. This example features built-in shelves and a desk in an L-shape, leaving room for a fold-out sofa for guests. If you only have a small room to use, built-in furniture makes for a practical design concept.

Pick The Right Paint Color To Brighten The Office Space

Renter-Friendly Home Office Window Privacy DIY Makeover

The color of the office walls can influence the atmosphere of the space. Different colors have different effects on moods, whether we realize it or not. In fact, the right color can form the illusion that there is a natural source of light within the space.

According to color theory, each color produces a different emotion, which can be advantageous when choosing which colors to paint office walls. Pastels produce a freshness like spring by offering a calm and soft aura. These colors are great for creating a brighter, earthier environment. Colors such as neon red, neon yellow, and neon green produce an energizing feeling, which makes people more alert and active–although they can also cause stress.

The color blue produces a sense of calm and productivity at once it’s said to be the most productive color for stimulating the mind. Meanwhile, natural colors such as green, grey, and brown can generate a natural workspace by suggesting the outdoors.

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Why A Home Office Desk Facing Out A Window Decreases Your Productivity:

  • The sunshine outdoors is brighter than your computer screen , making it harder to see the screen,causing eye fatigue and headaches.
  • The view beyond your window can be distracting, leading to a lack of focus or daydreaming.
  • Your back will probably be to the door. If you have an active household with family members visiting you while you work, this will trigger your hard-wired vigilance response when you feel your back is exposed. This subconscious hyper-vigilance makes it harder to focus and be effective.

Use All Available Walls Wisely

Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore

When space is limited its key to utilise every inch of space to the max. For a small home office desk solution the key is in making the walls worker harder. A wall-mounted storage unit with fold-down compartments provides ample space for a desk and storage without taking up space. You can choose to fold each section flat against the wall when not in use.

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Home Office Desk In The Media

Too often online photos show the home office desk facing out the window. The inspiration for this maybe Carrie Bradshaws desk on Sex in the City. But her desk was arranged this way for dramatic camera angles focused on Sarah Jessica Parkers face. This may be great for Hollywood, but it is not great for your home office.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Yes Your desk facing out a window – No

While I encourage you to position your home office desk near your window, facing out the window presents problems that interfere with productivity and comfort.

Tip #: Include An Abundance Of Indoor Plants In Your Office Space

How to Brighten an Office With No Windows

Having plants in your office is one of the very best ways of literally bringing the outdoors inside. Aside from being uplifting and beautiful, indoor plants are also fantastic at oxygenating and even purifying the air!

Because plants draw carbon dioxide in from the environment and emit oxygentheyre perfect symbiotic partners for us humans, who breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The overall effect of having plants in our office is to increase the amount of oxygen in the air, which is a really good thing.

Plants also can effectively cleanse the environment of toxic VOCscompounds such as acetone, benzene, and formaldehyde that are emitted as gases from furniture, paints, copiers, printers, and cleaning supplies. Inhaling these chemicals can result in all sorts of short-term and long-term health problems , so its best to avoid them whenever possible.

So which plants, in particular, are best at purifying the air?

According to one list of the top 20 air-purifying plants, the Boston fern takes top honors. Though according to another study, its the Bromeliad thats the most powerful among air-purifying plants. In any case, you cant go wrong with any of these:

  • Boston Fern
  • Bamboo Palm

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Add To The Natural Landscape

This gorgeous Nostalgia Chalk Roller Blind from English Blinds is another gorgeous example of how effective intricately patterned, light-toned blinds can add interest to a home office with a simple scheme. Not only is it in-keeping with the minimalist look but it adds more to the gorgeous view outside.

Activate The Wealth Corner

One of the areas of the feng shui bagua is the wealth and abundance corner, called Xun in Chinese. This area is very popular, and activating it can invite more wealth and prosperity to flow to you. To find the wealth corner of your office, stand in the doorway facing in and locate the left corner furthest from you. You can also locate the wealth corner of your desk in the same way this will be especially helpful if your workspace is a desk in a shared or multifunctional room. To activate the wealth corner, try placing an amethyst or citrine crystal here with intention.

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Replace Overhead Lighting With Lamps Or Task Lights

Harsh fluorescent lighting isnt comfortable for anyone. It hurts peoples eyes, causes headaches and plainly does not look good.

Replace your overhead lighting with industrial or contemporary floor lamps to match the rest of your office decoration ideas. This change creates a more open, cohesive space and it looks so much better.

Employees Value Natural Lightand For Good Reason

How to Brighten Up a Dark Room With No Windows

As reported in Harvard Business Review, a recent poll of 1,614 North American employees found that:

access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the number one attribute of the workplace environment, outranking stalwarts like onsite cafeterias, fitness centers, and premium perks including on-site childcare.

The employees in this study reported that an absence of natural light tended to make them feel gloomy and fatigued. It also increased the incidence of eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness.

And these first-person reports are very much in line with what scientific evidence has confirmed regarding the physical and psychological benefits of natural lighting:

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Storage That Helps You De

Apart from decor that can multitask, sturdy storage units that can hide away the mess help create an organized and aesthetically pleasing home office. Storage units become doubly important in the small basement office, and wall-mounted units are the way to go. Make sure you start off with more storage than you need, as eventually, you will find a way to fill up extra units as well! Clutter is the biggest enemy of any workspace, and an organized cabinet along with some lovely floating shelves to hold the stationery provides the ideal solution.

Here is a an entire home office that disappears when not needed

Ensure You’re Not Overlooked With The Addition Of Vertical Blinds

If you’re designing an office where privacy is a priority, consider opting for vertical blinds. While white can have something of a clinical feel as a home office window treatment, this is easily combatted if paired with the right color scheme.

Worried about using white? Consider opting for a light grey or even a dark wood effect. These Tiffany Vertical Blinds from 247 Blinds are available in five different shades.

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How To Decorate A Room With No Windows

Lauren Flanagan is an interior design expert with over 15 years of experience writing, editing, and producing articles for renowned Canadian publications and shows for HGTV on home decor. She worked in high-end home decor retail before discovering her passion was to share what she knew in publications and on television.

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Some rooms are simply windowless. It could be a guest room in a basement, a hallway, powder room, or even an interior bathroom or kitchen in an apartment or townhouse that lacks a window. The trick to decorating a dark, windowless room is to create the illusion that there’s a window in the space. Then add in plenty of the right lighting along with light and airy furniture and fabrics.

A Small Home Office In An Awkward Corner

Need office decoration/organization help

A corner deck and corner shelves might help to create a home office in a super awkward corner.

Giving a landing area a new purpose could be a a smart decision.

Compact working space on a landing area.

Elevating things could make an interior looks quite creative unique.

An awkward corner is a perfect place for a tiny home office that consists only of three floating shelves and a chair.

In a living room your working chair could become an extra seating when necessary.

A small dormer office with built-in cabinets is definitely a way to use every once of space.

Even really awkward niches could be equipped with small desks.

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Add Depth And Richness To A Room With Dark Wood Shutters

For a home office with a more traditional feel, consider opting for dark wood shutters.

While this will impact the light and bright feel offered by light colored shutters, wood will successfully add a richer, more formal feeling to a space. Style as part of a scheme with complementary, rich woods in shelving units, the desk and on the floor, and match with Mid-century modern style light fixtures that will make the traditional finish a tad more contemporary.

Make Your Companys Mission Statement Visible

Think about creating an enlarged picture of your companys mission statement and plastering it in a common area. makes it easy to turn this vision into attractive reality with their Spring Wall Kit 2.0. Upload your custom design, relax as the product is made and shipped to you, and then set it up in just a few easy steps. The wall is lightweight and mobile, so its a flexible way to display your mission statement.

Seeing your companys mission on display every time you walk to the printer can be an effective way to showcase the values your business embodies, and a great reminder to carry them out.

Something like this:

Build products were proud ofLearn fast, act fasterBe real

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Simulate The Look Of A Window

This easy trick can be accomplished in two ways. Hang an oversized mirror on a wall or hang floor to ceiling drapery on a rod. For extra depth on the wall that creates a window-like effect, hang drapery on a rod over a large mirror. Here are a few placement ideas that will give you the feeling that there’s a window in the room.

  • In a basement guest room, create the aura of a window behind a headboard by hanging floor-to-ceiling drapery that’s kept closed.
  • In a windowless living room or guest room, mount a mirror with divided panes of glass that makes it look like a window. Place it next to your sofa, chair, or bed and then hang curtains as you would on a regular window.
  • Mount a large mirror on a wall opposite a sofa or bed, and add wooden shutters or blinds over the mirror for the illusion of a window.
  • In a kitchen or bathroom, add a mirror the size of a window across from your sink, then hang a green plant near it so that it’s reflected to give the illusion that there’s a bit of foliage peeking indoors.

If you don’t want to create a faux window, take advantage of the magic of mirrors by hanging a few of varied sizes throughout your windowless space. Drape a string of white lights around them for added sparkle. The mirrors will work together to reflect and bounce light around the room for a dazzling effect.

How To Redesign Your Windowless

Decorate With Me | Office makeover | Office Tour | Country Primitive | Decorating ideas

Does your company occupy a building where only a portion of your employees offices receive natural light? And, do those spaces wrap around a center cluster of windowless, claustrophobic offices? Then read on and discover our office renovation ideas that will turn those dark interior spaces into communal-work offices, quiet-work areas, conference rooms or even desirable office spaces.

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How To Decorate An Office With No Windows: 8 Tips

There’s a common trend among office spaces where most lack any windows. When it comes to decorating, there’s nothing worse than trying to figure out how to decorate a small office with no windows. Windows bring an environment to life and invite people to spend time outdoors. After all, spending time in fresh air and greenery is proven to reduce stress and improve moods. Therefore, you may feel less inspiration when trying to decorate a windowless space.

Make Your Entryway Warm And Welcoming

Your entryway is the first thing people notice when they come through your office doors, so you should think carefully about the impression you want this space to have.

How do you want your team and clients to feel as they walk into your office? At home? Ready to get down to business?

Make it inviting by incorporating fun couches and chairs, wall hangings that are reflective of your companys vision and relevant magazines or news articles. If you have enough room, put a high-top table in the corner with a Keurig station and coffee mugs with a sign that says, Grab a cup!

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