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Decorating Bay Window Living Room

Create A Cozy And Informal Seating Area

How to Decorate a Bay Window #Shorts

For many of us, a modern kitchen needs fulfill an extensive list of requirements. A functional workspace is often at the top of the list, but creating an inviting, heart of the home that can be used for relaxation as well as entertainment is also a priority.

From kitchen islands with seating, to open plan kitchen designs that have a large seat space or snug, having a cozy, relaxed seating area can help to create a more inviting and sociable kitchen.

A bay window provides the perfect area to create an informal area to sit and relax. As shown in this bright white kitchen, the window has been fitted with bespoke bench seating and a small café table, creating a cozy area where you can eat and drink, as well as a calming space, slightly separated from the main kitchen area, where you can sit back in comfort and appreciate the uplifting natural light that floods into the room.

Embrace A Classic Style

In this elegant kitchen by Laura Butler Madden , the space is defined by a calming and comforting, serene white design. Traditional features are paired with more modern touches, and the bright bay window has been styled with sleek white shutters and a comforting bench seat.

Shutter ideas can not only protect your bay window and block out the light when required, but they can add a classic, characterful touch to your windows, with original shutters highlighting the beautiful bones and architectural history of a property,’ says Country Homes & Interiors’ editor in chief, Andrea Childs.

The soft, neutral color palette of the fabrics used on the bench seat and the shutters painted a timeless bright white in this kitchen, allow for the bay window to both stand out and retain a sense of it’s original, Georgian design.

Bay Window Living Room Layouts

A bay window in a living room is a nice feature that can add interest and character to a space, but it can provide a predicament when it comes to arranging furniture because we typically position furniture against straight walls.

Here we look at various layouts of living rooms with bay windows to see the possibilities that a bay window offers and the best ways to make the most of this feature.

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Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Adding drama and a little luxury via your living room curtains is a quick win in the design world. ‘Fully-lined curtains are perfect for creating a sophisticated finish, floor-to-ceiling drama and a warm and cozy ambience. And as bay windows use more glass than a normal window, there is a small chance of further heat escaping from them. If you are worried about getting chilly, you can create an extra cozy feel by choosing thermal linings for your curtains and even layering curtains over your Roman blinds.’ Adds Askew.

Tuck A Console Into Your Bay Window Nook

38 Beautiful Living Room with Bay Window Decorating

Another great functional bay window decorating idea is using a sideboard or console and tucking it directly under the center windows, creating a nook. Use your sideboard to display special occasion dishes or everyday dishes or give you additional storage. You could also use these shelves to hold trinkets, plants, and old books to create a cozy and fashionable ambiance.

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How To Style A Bay Window

Create a reading nook, a sitting or conversation space, a sleeping space or a breakfast nook. Build in a daybed, a sofa or carefully choose some furniture that fits here a couple of chairs or a loveseat, a table with chairs or some other items according to the space you are going to have. Add curtains or blinds if you gonna block out all that light from time to time. Get inspired!

a light-filled living room with a bay window with a couple of chairs, a metallic table and ottoman, pretty creay curtains

a minimalist living room featuring a bay window with dark-stained frames, neutral minimalist furniture and some black items

a modern living room with a bay window and an upholstered bench in this zone, a neutral sofa, a catchy glass top table

a refined vintage bedroom with a small bay window done with a sitting space, pillows and a cushion, green curtains

a round bay window with a large console table for displaying plants, a breakfast zone with a round table and some chairs

a sofa built into the space by the ay window, with lots of blankets and pillows, a crate table with blooms and candles

a stylish and welcoming sitting nook by the bay window, with creamy chairs, a jute rug, greenery, a floor lamp and some pillows

a stylish living room with a black framed bay window finished with a leather chair, potted plants and a lamp looks gorgeous

a vintage boho bedroom with a bay window that fills the space with light and gives it to potted plants creating a small orangery

Create A Spot To Drink Coffee Or Wine

Relax peacefully next to a bay window in an elegant bedroom

This bedroom bay window idea is worth checking out. This seating area provides a spot to drink coffee or wine, read, or relax in this peacefully elegant bedroom. It can also be a chair next to the bed. You can use gauzy drapes to cover it. Light can travel through the gauzy white drapes while maintaining closeness and seclusion. Simple white upholstery gives a relaxing environment without appearing cluttered.

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Create A Bespoke Window Seat

A well-styled window seat in a bay window area is a thing of true beauty. And if you have a bay window in your home, constructing a window seat area can open up your space to brand-new possibilities, from using it as a brand-new reading nook to giving you a fresh spot to get those afternoon zzz’s in. While we’re huge fans of a sweeping window seat in a grand bay window, the best part is, window seats can be made in the smallest of spaces. Interior designer Elizabeth Cooper shows how it’s done in House Beautiful, with a snug window nook styled in calming blues, with in-built shelving for easy access to your favorite books.

You can also use curtains to create a sense of privacy for a bay window seat, portioning it off from the rest of your space, as Fiona Lynch Studio demonstrated on House Beautiful. And while you might think that creating a window seat is a job for a carpenter, with a bit of time, patience, and technical know-how, you can even do it yourself, as The Spruce shows.

Should Bay Windows Have Curtains

Cozy Modern Bay Window Coverings

The two primary reasons for choosing curtains as your window treatment are privacy and warmth.

Have a think about these bay window ideas:

  • up the cosiness factor with floor to ceiling curtains in a heavier fabric like velvet or linen – especially good if you live in colder climes
  • Pair light breezy floor length curtains with roller blinds for privacy – great if warmth isn’t a priority.

Curtains are by no means your only choice. As well as blinds and shutters, you could even leave your beautiful bay window bare – if you are lucky enough to have stunning views why not make the most of them?

What curtains should you put on a bay window?

Long curtains are the best bay window treatment for maintaining balance. A couple of rules of thumb:

  • Long curtains on a bent or curved track that follow the shape of your bay window are good if you want to keep the feeling of spaciousness.
  • Long curtains that on a straight track that close in front of the bay are good if you want to create more cosiness and focus the room inward.

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How To Design A Living Room With Bay Windows

Bay windows are a classic design feature in homes across the world. However, designing a room with bay windows can be tricky if you dont know what youre looking for. Luckily, weve laid out a guide so you can easily design your living room with a bay window.

Here are the steps you need to follow to design a stylish living room with bay windows:

  • Choose your furniture and features.
  • Pick the curtains and blinds.
  • Consider your style options.
  • Make use of extra space.
  • Complete the finishing touches.
  • Keep reading to learn more details about how you can design your new living room with a stylish bay window. Well explore some style options and furniture configurations so your new living room can suit your specific needs. By the end of this article, you should be able to go ahead and design your new living room without worry.

    1. Choose Your Furniture and Features

    Choosing what furniture youre going to include in your new design is the best place to start for your design. Before you can figure out what furniture youre going to have, you must first assess your requirements and desires for your new living room. Accurately accounting for your needs will ensure you can enjoy your new living room without issue.

    To figure out what furniture youre going to need, you will need to consider a wide variety of factors, including how many people live in your home, what other features you want, and how much space you have to work with.

    2. Pick the Curtains and Blinds

    Final Thoughts

    What Is The Purpose Of Bay Windows

    Bay windows were very popular in Edwardian and Victorian times. In New Zealand our classic wooden villas typically have a large bay window in the living room looking out to the street.

    Bay windows add space and let lots more natural light into your home. Not surprisingly, they continue to be favoured in modern homes too.

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    Cozy Bedroom Space For Your Pets

    Do you like to spoil your fur babies? After all, animals become part of the family and are essential mood boosters. A cute bay window decorating idea would be to create a room of their own by adding a fancy bed, food dish, and toy basket underneath. Your pet will surely enjoy lying in the sun in their brand-new space.

    Streamline Using Sheers And Shades

    Come at us, Summer!  Loving your bay window, @hannahquinones! # ...

    Adding any type of shades or sheers enhances the appearance of your bay window. Besides the attractiveness, pulling down these shades enhances your privacy. Remember to install these shades in the inside window casing to achieve a tidy and simple appearance when implementing this idea. Importantly, you can consider roller or roman shades from the numerous fabrics and designs.


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    Perfect Homework Space In A Kids Room Or Guest Room

    Do you have a bay window in a kids or guest room? A few bay window decorating ideas we suggest for these spaces are using a simple writing desk and a stylish kitchen chair. Create the perfect homework space for your kids or a writing area for your guests! They will have room to write while enjoying the outdoor views and natural sunlight.

    Living Room With Bay Window Decorating Ideas

    Nothing lights a room up quite like a beautiful bay window. If youre lucky enough to have this kind of window of your own, youve undoubtedly experienced the benefit it has on the lighting in a room.

    However, you may be unsure about how to decorate your bay window space. To help you out, weve compiled a list of 25 Living Room Bay Window Decorating Ideas to help inspire you to decorate your living room with a bay window.

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    Enhance Wooden Frames With Venetian Blinds

    To celebrate the shape of a bay window allow the frames to be the hero of you chosen window treatment. For these smart wooden framed windows the perfect pairing to blend seamlessly is slatted wooden Venetian blinds. A cheaper option but familiar to shutters, venetian blinds offer a substantial material for dressing windows.

    The concertina design allows for freedom of movement. Meaning the blinds can be tilted, raised or lowered to adjust the level of light and privacy for any room.

    Large Curved Bay Window Layout

    Modern Bay Windows Idea for Living room – Room Ideas

    This living room features a very large curved bay window that occupies one entire wall of the room. A two-seater sofa has been positioned in the bay window space, which makes use of the floor area, and creates a nice contrast between the straight lines of the couch and the soft curves of the bay window.

    A further two-seater sofa has been positioned facing the fireplace at a right angle to the other sofa to create an L-shape that works well for socializing or relaxing. Visit our page on L-shaped sofa living room layouts for more examples.

    Check out the layout here.

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    The Basics Of A Bay Window

    First, before discussing bay window decorating ideas, lets briefly talk about these elegant home upgrades.

    Bay windows originated in the San Fransico bay area and were introduced as upgrades. However, the name bay window can be misleading. Its not a solid window but rather a series of three joining windows that form a solid unit. Contractors build bay windows by setting three or more windows at protruding angles that then stick out from the main walls of your home, creating an area referred to as a bay window.

    Simple Refinement With A Bow Configuration

    Bow configurations offer a simple yet stylish design idea for a living room with bay windows. The multiple lines form a gentle curve at a relaxed angle, providing lots of light without drawing too much attention.

    Operable casement windows incorporated into the bay window are often the best way to go for a small living room with bay windows, keeping things nice and uncluttered. Of course, one can add a dash of style with a customized grid or even beveled-leaded glass that gently accents the center pane.

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    Bay Window Decorating Ideas Blending Functionality With Modern Interior Design

    Posted in

    Bay windows are beautiful features that give unique charm to old homes and attractively decorate modern houses, with natural light and gorgeous views of picturesque surroundings. Rounded, rectangular or polygonal shape bring the outdoor inside rooms, connecting modern interior design with the nature.

    30 bay window decorating ideas that blend the functionality and gorgeous decor into comfortable and modern interior design can inspire you and guide you in the search for the perfect way to incorporate your bay window into your home interior, creating a wonderful place to relax, read, work or watch the kids play on the floor.

    Whether you choose building a nook with a cozy window seat or moving a sofa to the window for creating a perfect spot for reading, bay window decorating enrich your interior design and create pleasant and light room decor. Dining furniture and home office furniture look great in a bay window nook. A game table with chairs or a decorative vase with lavish window curtains add charm to bay window designs, beautifying your home interiors.

    Complement A Bay Window With Built

    Bay window with a window seat

    Speaking of bookshelves, we have up next a truly magical interior that is perfect for any bibliophile. It features gorgeous built-in shelves and a beautiful bay window.

    This trendy living room features built-in bookshelves on either side of the bay window, where under it is a cabinet that you can use for extra storage.

    And instead of making the top another seating, you can actually keep it as a countertop for more decoration. This will open up the bay window and truly emphasize the beautiful scenery you have outside.

    In terms of the furniture, you can try using neutral colors that can complement the white shelves and walls and grey flooring. This includes a dark grey armchair and black leather coffee table-slash-settee.

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    Pair A White And Grey Living Room With Bright Purple Accents And Bay Window Seat To Invoke Vogue Style

    The following example illustrates an impressive white and grey-centric living room that also incorporates colorful accents and an exquisite bay window seat.

    The lavish style with neutral, uniform colors is great for any contemporary home. From the grey furniture and walls to the white ceiling, it is easy to feel at home in this room.

    There is nothing prettier than a well-lit space, so letting your bay window and other windows let in as much natural light as possible can be great.

    Additionally, the coffee table is made entirely out of glass, which reflects the warm lights really nicely while also helping the space feel open and bright. You can also use various lamps to further enhance the interior and mood.

    To add some more flair to this living room, you can use deep purple pillows and a woven purple settee too. This will provide an appealing touch that is also interesting.

    Bay Window Ideas That Will Make You Want Mor

    The most loved part of the home often happens to be the window bay, not only because bay windows often look charming but also because you can sit at the bay reading your favorite book or working on a laptop while looking through the window.

    Not everyone will have the perfect view through the window and enjoy the scapes of nature, which is when the bay window and its decoration come in handy. Decorating the bay window does not necessarily have to be challenging it can be fun and look even better than you expected. We curated our list of the 10 best bay window ideas hoping that youll find the perfect inspiration for your next design.

    While the bay windows are usually designed without a sitting area, if there is one, consider reading our article about bathroom wainscoting that may give you some inspiration for wall paneling or wainscoting at the seating area at the bay. It is not entirely related to the topic, but you may find some inspiration there!

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