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Decorating Around A Wall Mounted Tv

Effortlessly Intentional Gallery Wall:

How to decorate your TV Wall.

The secrete to creating an effortless looking gallery wall without getting too messy is SPACING. Your art will be different sizes and/or colors but the spacing between your art should be the same. This keeps your design looking clean and intentional, remember you want it to look effortless, not lazy.

Here are two bloggers who do an excellent job breaking down how to achieve this look:


Amy from HOMEYOHMY, is very thorough in explaining how she achieved this look. Using a bunch of different colors and sizes is definitely easier to veer into the messy lane. She kept her design looking intentional and crisp with using only 3 colors for her frames, keeping the spacing the same and keeping the art overall the same style. This tutorial is full of amazing tips. She shows you how she used craft paper to practice her layout prior to hanging her art. She explains how she DIY her frames and mattes, and where she found her art. Definitely check this post out if you want to master the effortless intentional look HERE!

Effortlessly Intentional Gallery Wall Guideline Recap:

  • Spacing, make sure all your spacing is as identical as possible

  • Stick to a simple color palette with your frames

  • Make sure you stagger your art, but not too much!

  • bonus tip: if you are using many different size frames and/or colors consider using one matte size to tie everything together.

  • A Little Tongue And Groove

    This is the first of a few feature wall ideas Im going to show you, and boy is it a delicious one. Not only because of the paint colour used, which is so on-trend right now, but also because of the tongue and groove wall panels.

    Sure, theres no mistaking that theres a black TV set on the wall, but painting it a colour like green makes it feel less start. A black box on a white wall is so visually jarring. A black box on a green wall feels a lot more soothing. And then you can take those two colours and ensure they feature in other moments around the room. Taking this approach will have the TV make more sense in the space.

    The above image is via Temple & Webster and youll notice some additional ideas for decorating around a TV set here. Mounting it above the entertainment unit allows you to style up the top too. And who doesnt love a few gorgeous vignettes on a TV unit?

    Create A Mixed Media Gallery

    Heres another take on a mixed media TV wall design ideas: incorporating your TV on the wall with other pieces, making it fully part of the mixed media gallery. The use of a mirror and framed art helps the TV mix into the gallery in a more cohesive way, giving your TV a more discreet look. In this case, we used a smaller wall-mounted TV, which seamlessly blends in with the other piecesbut a larger TV would work, too.

    In the room above, we centered the gallery wall above a cabinetbut you could also have the gallery be free-floating if you dont have the floor space for a media cabinet or dont need the additional storage space.

    This is perfect for

    Those who already have a gallery wall created but want to incorporate a TV into the room. Just add the TV to the mix! Its also great for small homes without a lot of wall space, since you get a gallery wall, mirror space, and TV viewing all in one place!

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    Hide Your Tv Inside A Cabinet

    If you dont like looking at your television when its not in use, consider concealing it in a wall cabinet. By placing your TV inside a cabinet, you dont see it unless the cabinet doors are opened! The cabinet pictured above looks like a mirror when shut, so it naturally integrates as part of the room decor and goes with the style of the rest of the room.

    This is perfect for

    More formal living rooms, where a television would look out of place. Its also great for a bedroom where you want to have a TV but dont want it to be the first thing you see when you wake up!

    Are You Struggling With Decorating A Tv These 10 Ideas Are Sure To Inspire You Learn How To Decorate Around A Tv Like A Pro

    decorating a tv wall decorating around the o likes wall mounted console ...

    If you just got a new TV or moved into a new house, then you know the struggle of decorating around a TV. It is seriously one of the hardest parts of designing a living room, am I right?

    All of these ideas are a great form of inspiration to help you find the perfect setup for your living room, bedroom, or wherever you keep your TV!

    Here are the best ways to decorate around a TV.

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    Bedroom Tv Wall Mounting Ideas

    Here we share our bedroom TV wall mounting ideas including wall placement tips, location, style, height, distance, and other important details for hanging a TV in the bedroom.Choosing to have a bedroom TV is sensible, especially with todays sleeker and intuitive versions. But still, incorporating television into your bedroom will need a deft touch that settles the tech gadget smoothly into the calm and relaxing vibe of your bedroom space.

    This means youll need you to need to strive for a look that conceals or at least will blend perfectly with your interior design while accessible and securely mounted.

    To help you out, weve listed bedroom TV wall mounting ideas you can adapt to fit your unique needs.

  • What Size Is TV Good For A Bedroom?
  • How To Decorate Around The Tv: Creating A Tv Gallery Wall

    Hello, wonderful A Blissful Nest readers, its me again, Cecilia from Home with Keki. Today were going to tackle a design issue thats been on my mind for a while now. Im sure youve seen great ideas on Pinterest, in blog posts or magazines, on how to decorate around a TV. Its a common question. How do you decorate around your TV? Should you decorate with a TV gallery wall? Should the television be the sole focal point on the wall? Well, Im here to set the record straight.

    About a decade ago it became a popular design trend to add a TV gallery wall. Why? Because people thought big black TVs were ugly and werent a great focal point in most rooms. Nobody wanted an unsightly black box in the middle of the room, so TV owners across the globe started adding gallery walls around the television set.

    Go ahead, Google TV gallery wall and youll see some people didnt know where to stop. They kept adding and adding and adding to their TV gallery wall until you barely noticed the TV anymore. Or worse, the TV didnt blend with the look and it seemed odd and disjointed in the decorating scheme. Sometimes the art covered the wall mounted TV and sometimes the TV covered up the wall decor.

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    Cover Your Tv With A Curtain

    Curtains arent just for window coverings! They can also be a clever way to cover your television if you dont want to worry about TV wall decor. If you have a fireplace in your living room, with an inlet to the side, just place your TV on a console in the inletthen hang some neutral curtains in front of the inlet! This way, you can pull the curtains across to hide the TV when not inuse, giving the illusion of a large window or neutral wall. So, when the curtain is shut, the fireplace remains the focal point of the room.

    We love this option because curtains are so easy to pull back and forthso you dont have to physically move anything when you do want to use your TV. Its a simple and affordable solution!

    This is perfect for

    Those who want a clutter-free, streamlined look without electronics. Its also perfect for rooms with wall nooks or cabinets, and those in small apartments, studio spaces, or multi-purpose rooms where you dont want the space to be all about the TV, but also want it nearby for when you do want to use it!

    Make Your Tv Into A Piece Of Art:

    10 Ideas on How to Decorate a TV Wall

    Another great idea make your TV look like its meant to be a piece of art! I love this DIY project of making a simple wood frame around your TV. When its resting on a mantel like this, it looks very intentional! Get the whole tutorial from Remodelaholic here.

    This is so smart! to see what it looks like closed so smart! Theres no tutorial for how to make your own, but it looks simple enough to figure it out!

    This look can be recreated for pennies! Whitewash some old reclaimed wood and use it as a backdrop for a TV such a great way to add interest and texture to a wall.

    And if you dont love these ideas, maybe youd like to purchase a TV cover! Heres some fun options if you have the budget

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    Install It Above Your Fireplace

    Concealing a TV is done best by bringing in another focal point. If you have a fireplace, youre already halfway there. Placing a TV set above a fireplace makes the entire section of the wall a wow moment. And if the fire is crackling, all eyes will be on it. Dont be afraid to try a TV on the wall near a fireplace either.

    As you can see above in the image from Samsung, it makes for a fabulous design moment when you style up the mantle too. The image above showcases Samsungs QLED TV, which again further helps to reduce the big black box effect a regular set brings with it. But even with a regular box this fireplace idea still looks stunning.

    Balance The Black Tv With A Black Console Underneath

    Then it will feel more like an accessory. And you can keep the artwork lighter all around it if the black is already repeated by the furniture underneath it.

    Repeating something one more time is a great way to get a collected look. It works the same when you want to mix wood stained furniture in your living room so it looks less matchy.

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    How To Decorate Around A Mounted Tv

    Posted on June 10, 2022

    Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

    Having a mounted TV in your home is one of the best ways to conserve space, but it does make your walls look a little bit plain. We’ve received a lot of questions about what to do with this particular issue, and in this post, we will be talking about the best ways we’ve found to decorate around your mounted TV and maximize your space.

    There are different ways to decorate the space around a mounted TV. Here are some ideas:

  • make a picture wall
  • frame the TV with lanterns
  • mount a floating shelf
  • place bookshelves around the TV
  • turning it into the room’s accent wall
  • There are a lot of different ways to decorate around a mounted TV, and the ideas can be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we will help you find what suits your home best through this post. Keep reading as we talk about decorating, maximizing the space, and how you can beautify the look of your mounted TVs.

    Consider A Marble Slab Background

    Balancing photos around the tv.

    Previously on this list, it was suggested that you hang your TV on a wooden slab for a rustic look. But when you dont want to go with a rustic vibe, yet still want a sweet background for your mounted TV, look into making a background out of another material like they did in Prastitis. The background for this TV is made out of a gorgeous slab of gold and white marble, making the room look luxurious and refined.

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    Timber Panel Feature Wall

    Doesnt the image above from Entire Home Furniture showcase the beauty of timber panels perfectly? I love this idea for decorating around a TV because it feels so wonderfully organic.

    Theres been a lot of talk lately about homes moving in this direction. Because there is such an influx of tech entering our homes, were naturally looking to bring in some earthy materials to make us feel more at one with nature.

    This is a great way to do it, no doubt about it. And honestly, if youre a little bit crafty and dont mind some DIY you could do this yourself. Im in no way DIY-savvy so I wouldnt even attempt it.

    The Very Best Way To Decorate Around A Flat Screen Tv Is To Mount It

    This way you can really make it look like it belongs up there with the artwork. But if you dont have a handy husband or wife around to do it, it can be expensive.

    The installation of our flat screen TV cost $450!

    However, mounting the television and installing art around it makes it feel more like it belongs and less like an eyesore. Does anyone have one of those new Frame TVs . I love how it blends so seamlessly with the artwork.

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    This Is A Good Way To Make A Bigger Tv Look Intentional

    And, less like your husband won over you

    Keep it alone on the wall above the console or shelf and hang another shelf above it.

    I love the design of this millwork ! I have received many emails from readers wanting to know where it came from. Im pretty sure it was a custom design!

    Notice its quite modern, not for every house but works if you have a modern living room.

    Frame The Tv With Lanterns

    Best Ways to Decorate Around Your TV | Creative Decorating Ideas #17

    Another great way to utilize your TV wall space is by placing some lanterns beside your TV to frame them. When the TV is not in use, you can turn on the lanterns as additional lighting to your space. Not only will this decor have multiple functions, but they also look very aesthetically pleasing if you are going for a different style for your space.

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    Gallery Wall Around Tv

    For this look, you can either go symmetrical or asymmetrical with your pictures, whatever will go best with your style and preferences.

    There are so many different gallery wall options that you can create around your tv. You can go simple and classic by adding two pictures vertically on either side of your flat screen tv, or you can add different size pictures around the tv sides and top for an asymmetrical look.

    Think About Floor Space

    Dont forget to take floor space into account when decorating around a TV stand. Adding matching planters or baskets on either side of the TV stand not only look great, but they also provide symmetry to the space. Maybe add an accent chair on one side of the stand if youd like to make the area feel less media-focused and more conversational.

    The main thing you want to remember when decorating around a TV stand is to surround yourself with items you love. When you do that, your living space will automatically feel warm and inviting for all who enter it.

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    Concealing A Tv: How Do You Do It

    Which of these ideas for decorating around a TV set have you implemented at home? Or is there a nifty trick youve used that Ive not listed here? You know Id love to hear from you below. Drop me a comment and share all of yout TV decorating ideas with me and other TLC blog readers. Image via Ideal Home.

    The Gallery Wall Illusion

    How to Decorate Around Your TV Like a Pro

    Ive given you 10 amazing gallery wall ideas on the blog before . But you might not have thought to set one up around your TV set. Im pretty obsessed with this idea because it looks incredibly chic, especially if you choose to have the frames and art in a curated black-and-white theme. The divine Homey Oh My has showcased this idea perfectly above.

    The TV pretty much fades into the background here. And yes, I know the TV itself is one of those sets where the screen displays art when its not on, but it would look just as divine if it were a regular TV sitting on the wall.

    It wouldnt look as successful if all the frames and images inside were different colours, but it can still work if you limit the amount of main colours in the art to three or four. As long as it feels like a curated collection you can make this TV decorating idea work wonders!

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    Aim For Symmetry And Balance On The Tv Wall

    No more of the excuse, Oh, I will just put this here to cover that old nail hole. A balanced look will appear calm and well thought-out. A wall where items are hung haphazardly feels confusing and unsettling.

    You dont necessarily need to hang item in the exact same sized frames, evenly on either side of the TV, but measure your wall so items are consistently spaced. Dont overdo it or add too many items to compete for attention.

    Build Shelving Around Your Tv

    Adding shelving or built-ins around your TV helps draw less focus on the TV and more on the shelving decor. If you do not already have wall built-ins, you can make them yourself by adding tall bookshelves on each side of your TV.

    Styling these shelves to your taste really helps turn the room from just somewhere your TV lives to one that is all about style!

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