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Decorating A King Size Bed

How Can I Make My Bed Look Fuller

Making a King size Bed, Art Deco style. Part 1

Fluffy bedding! Using bedding with more volume can help your bed seem fuller. For example, a duvet generally has more volume than a typical comforter. You can also incorporate a few overstuffed pillows and a bed skirt to push the illusion farther.

To get started with a fuller bed styling, read our post, “15 Gorgeous Floral King-Sized Duvet Covers.”

Ensure Your Bed Is Eye

You may already be compiling bed ideas, but if not, it’s well worth considering if you want your bed frame to be part of your bed styling. It might be that you want to choose a shapely frame that chimes with your home’s period a solid wood four poster with canopy in a traditional scheme or a modern, brightly painted one in a more modern bedroom, as above.

Or, perhaps you want the headboard or bedlinen to be the focal point?

Styling A Bed A Simple Step By Step

1. Start with a valance sheet to hide any unsightly bed frames.

2. Put down a mattress topper for added comfort and support. We like the Panda mattress topper.

3. Cover with a mattress protector, to prevent against stains and mites. We really rate the Casper mattress protector.

4. For a hotel-look use a flat sheet to cover the mattress. However, you can also use a fitted sheet for ease.

5. Layer a top sheet facing down against the mattress and a thin quilt if using.

6. Drape a duvet/comforter on top, and fold back the top sheet to create a cuff.

7. Stack one or two pillows on top of the bedsheets.

8. Drape a bedspread or throw over the bed. For a boutique hotel look, add a runner at the end of the bed.

9. Layer up a selection of cushions in complementary colors.

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How To Arrange Pillows On A Bed

How do you choose the layout for the pillows for decorating a bed?

Ive found this bed pillow arrangement chart, by , very helpful. It illustrates the many different ways you can arrange pillows on your bed for function and decor. I hope you will find it useful!

First, the basics:

Sleeping pillows are readily available in 3 standard sizes and there are pillow manufacturers who will make custom sizes for you if thats required.

  • Standard Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 26 wide
  • Queen Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 30 wide
  • King Size Pillows are: 20 tall x 36 wide

Here is another pillow chart that shows standard pillow sizes, as well as some standard sizes for decorative pillows.

How Do You Want Your Linen To Look

Farmhouse King Bed

High quality white bedlinen is the go-to look for five-star hotels. Timelessly stylish and oozing calm, white bed linen provides the perfect backdrop to any other hues or textures in the room.

To create a dreamy bedroom sanctuary, keep bedding white and add pattern, texture and colour in your accent cushions and a stylish throw . Patterned bedding can make a room feel busy and cluttered, and date quickly. Colour-rich linen can also fade in the wash.

Read our guide to why white bedding is always rightand find out why even when fashions change, white bed linen is always in vogue.

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Incorporate A Bed Frame

A chic bed frame can completely change the appearance of your bed, as well as your room! Once you go from having a bedframe that just supports your mattress to one that enhances the entire bed, you’ll never go back.

A quality bed frame can come with a variety of perks too. Incorporated drawer space under the bed frame can increase your bedroom storage. A canopy bed frame shuts out light, so you sleep in a darkened space.

An entirely aesthetic bed frame might be all you need, but whether functional or fashionable, picking out the frame you prefer makes all the difference in a bedroom.

If you like the earthy look and love incorporating natural wood, this designer bedframe could be for you.

Decorate With A Light Color Palette

In a small space, go for bedroom paint colors in pale shades to create the illusion of space, or perhaps try a gray bedroom idea with barely-there tones to spread the shhh… Try First snowfall by Benjamin Moore, for a similar, delicate blue-gray on walls.

Christina Mobley, Restyled Homes, says: One way to decorate a small bedroom with a king-size bed is to use light colors on the walls and in the bedroom furniture. For example, you could paint the walls white or pale blue and use furniture with a light wood finish. You could also use mirrored doors on the closet or armoire storage to reflect light around the room and give the illusion of more space.’

Paige Anderson, interior design architect at Nitido Design, says: White is a good color to use in a tiny bedroom because it brightens dark corners and makes the space feel more spacious. Too much white in a room can make it feel cold and sterile, but you can avoid this by accessorizing it with the proper colors. Shades of blue and green, as well as a soft, light color palette using pastels or light grays, will help. Warmer colors will make your room appear smaller, while cooler colors will make it appear larger. To bring extra color to your space, choose cushions with a variety of designs and textures.

Martin Waller, founder, Andrew Martin, says: For small bedrooms, opt for light off-white and neutral shades. Light walls help bring calm and serenity whilst dark colors can feel oppressive in a bedroom.

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What Should I Put At The End Of My Bed

If you want something on your bed, it’s common to display folded at the end of the bed. However, if you’re considering the floor space at the foot of the bed, a storage chest is a timeless and functional piece of decor. Use a storage chest to tuck away all those blankets and pillows when you are ready to sleep. You can even add another decorative throw folded atop the chest.

Is A Super King Bed Right For You & Your Bedroom

new bed design collection king-size bed bedroom design ideas

When it comes to beds, size matters. The bigger the bed, the better youll sleep as a couple especially if either of you toss or turn at night. Yet buying a bed thats too small is a common bedroom design mistake, says interior expert Emma Hooton of Hooton Studios.

A bed is never as big as you imagine in a room as it sits so low down, so push yourself to go for the biggest you can. Your bedroom is for sleeping so you dont need lots of floor space – you just need to be able to move around the bed. Allow yourself 40-50cm either side for bedside tables or, if the bed and bedside tables sit against a wall with little room either side, a beautiful upholstered headboard with built-in sockets stretching wall-to-wall can look great. Itll also give the room a super cosy feel. In guest rooms where you need greater flexibility, consider zip and link beds. These are two beds with mattresses that can be zipped together to form a larger bed. A super king is a good idea here as it will create two decent sized singles.

For more bed inspo, read Emma’s guide to making a luxury hotel bed.

Image: Hooton Studios

Take a look at The Original Bed Co. for super king bed ideas for your room.

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How To Style A King Size Bed

Posted on May 12, 2021

Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Getting your bed put together is one of the most exciting parts of owning a bed. However, making it aesthetically pleasing and not just functional can sometimes be a difficult balance to achieve, especially when you have something as large as a king-sized bed. So what’s the best way to get that perfect look you want? We’ve found the best bed styling options for your king-sized bed.

To style your king-sized bed, you can –

  • Layer Blankets
  • Incorporate A Headboard
  • Use A Bedskirt
  • All those suggestions might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry! We’re going to go over some examples, answer your questions, and help you find what you need for stylish king-sized bedding. Please, keep reading, and we’ll delve right into it!

    King Bed Pillow Arrangement

    Since you have more space on a King size bed, you can really load it up with lots of beautiful pillows! Here is what I d recommend for the fullest pillow arrangement on a King size bed. Start with three Euros, then tow 18 x 18 pillows, followed by two 16 x 16 pillows, and three 12 x 15 pillows. If you prefer a simpler, lighter style, then use 3 Euros with one rectangle or decorative pillow in front.


    My last project was a modern home with transitional decor. For the King size bed in the Master Bedroom, I had 2 large bolsters made one that ran the length of the bed and the other one just a tad bit shorter. It was just the look I wanted!


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    How To Decorate A King

    Having a king size bed in a corner may have you throwing a temper tantrum when it comes to decorating, even with the extra space. Limitations may cloud your vision, but any design challenges can be overcome with simple knowledge and execution. Plush pillows, delicate throw blankets and a dramatic comforter can enhance the look of your king bed and the overall room aesthetic. Have confidence: Just because your bed hugs the wall doesn’t mean your effort will go unnoticed. Pull the bed out a couple of inches and add a shelf that can be used as a nightstand or to display artwork. If the room is big enough, turn the bed at an angle to provide interest and depth.

    Simple Style Every Time

    15 Awesome Tricks of How to Craft Modern King Size Bedroom ...

    If youre looking for easy to maintain, throw them on the bed and be done, this arrangement will work best for your king size bed.

    What youll need:

  • Prop 3 euro shams against the headboard.
  • Next arrange 2 king pillows in front of euro shams.
  • Place three 20 x 20 decorative pillows in front of the king pillows.
  • Add a lumbar pillow for color and pattern to complete the look.
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    Consider The Right Lighting Design To Enhance A King Size Bed In A Small Room

    Its out with the bedside table lamps, and yes to wall lights, with small bedroom lighting ideas that free up precious floor space.

    Mitchell Elworthy, founder and director, The Lighting Outlet, advises: For a small bedroom with a large king-size bed, look to roof hanging bedroom side lights or bedroom wall lighting ideas to help maximize the space. This means you don’t have to have spacious side tables to house your bed lamps. Preferably purchase LED bedroom lights which are up to 80% more efficient and last up to 10 times longer. Soft ambient lighting that has low glare levels creates a cozy space. Another great tip for bedroom lighting is to make sure your lights are dimmable, so install a good quality dimmer positioned on the wall, a remote control device, or even operated from your phone.

    Anderson also advises making use of the space above you. There will be limited floor space in a compact bedroom with a king-size bed. Using your walls to create more space is a great method to save money. Using sconces is one way to achieve this. Installing wall-mounted lighting lights is an excellent approach to eliminating clutter around your bed and saving space on your bedside table.

    As shown, for a similar industrial-inspired wall light design, try the Johanna dimmable armed scone in Brass, $93.99, from Wayfair.

    Queen Bed Pillow Arrangement

    Just because there is less space on a queen size bed, doesnt mean you cant have lots of pillows in your arrangement! Start with 2 Euros and cascade your pillows down from there. You can use bolsters for Queen bed arrangements too. I always put my sleeping pillows behind the Euros to keep them hidden, but easy to grab when I need them!

    For a smaller arrangement, leave off the accent pillow or arrange your pillows using 2 Euros or 2 queen pillows and 1 accent. The best pillow arrangements combine and contrast colors and patterns for that one of a kind look.

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    Use Throws To Layer On Different Textures

    Texture is key to creating a cozy and inviting bed you will want to snuggle up in. Layer different textures with cosy woolly blankets, knitted cushions and even faux fur for a touch of luxury. You can even add texture in at the foundation of the bed with a crushed linen duvet cover.

    Wrinkled linen bedding is perfect for creating a relaxed look. A clever trick to keep your bed looking stylish if you don’t have time to iron your bedding.

    Pick The Best Pillows And Cushions And Position Them Correctly

    Making A King Size Bed – My Design Process / Design Considerations When Designing Your Own Bed Frame

    Pillows above or below the duvet? We say over that is how you will see them positioned in the best five star hotels. Smooth out the duvet first, then place the pillows on top.

    Picking out the best pillows for your bed is vitally important our edit for buys that won’t just look smart but will ensure you sleep better, too.

    Then: cushions. We prefer them sitting smartly, symmetrically and upright so that they face into the room. Your partner may moan, but two pairs, as shown above, make your bed look more luxurious than just one on each side.

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    Start With The Big Bedroom Furniture

    When decorating a small room, youre best off deciding the placement of the big furniture first. Most of the time, this will be the bedroom furniture such as the dresser, bookshelves and so on. By placing the large pieces of furniture first, youll be able to create the basic layout of the room. Once there is a clear furniture arrangement, it becomes easier to introduce smaller items such as nightstands and lamps.

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    Formula #: 1 Fluffy Component + 1 Flat Component =

    I know there are more ways to style the bedding but we like the simplicity of choosing one that is more fluffy for lack of more scientific term either a duvet with an insert or a comforter . You can also definitely have two fluffy components or two flat components, but we like at least two blanket components in total. I hope you are taking notes . there will be a test.

    HOT TIP: When styling a bed to look the most inviting, its crucial to fold the comforter/duvet back far enough that it clears the 4 back pillows. This adds depth and texture, plus if your fitted sheet is a pattern or color then it pops out more which is more fun. Its like the cuff of a sleeve underneath your sweater its just a little pop of something else that makes it look interesting.

    You want your bed to say, come on in and folding it back a bit does that. It does NOT have to clear your decorative/accent pillows, in fact, it is better if its layered on top, thus bridging those two surfaces.

    EXCEPTION: Emily of the Sweet Beast only used TWO back pillows and laid them flat to show off her low but beautiful headboard. This is absolutely acceptable the bed looks slightly less full but seeing the pretty spindles of the bed adds additional texture and style .

    Mixing Neutral Colors And Patterns

    Elegant China Factory Antique Style King Size Bedroom Furniture Sets ...

    The designs of these various layers are just as important as the layers themselves. With the sprawling canvas of a king bed, you may find yourself walking a fine line between bland and something so cluttered that it appears messy.

    The easiest way to create a beautiful king bed aesthetic is to decide on a cohesive color scheme. Usually, this includes one or two neutral colors white and beige or brown, perhaps and one or two accent colors. A patterned duvet cover you love is a perfect place to start. Once youve found a design you like, you can simply pull colors either from within the pattern or select others that will complement it nicely.

    Find the balance between neutral tones, color pops, and all-out patterns to create a king bed that feels cohesive without becoming bland:

    • A neutral base Start with the same neutral color for both your sheets and pillowcases. White works well in most cases, but you can also select a shade of beige, grey, brown, or even black.
    • A subtle pattern Your duvet cover or comforter is the largest visible piece on your bed. If you pick an overly vibrant or busy pattern, it may overpower the rest of your design. Something largely monochromatic is easy to style, as are simple prints like stripes, geometric shapes, and subdued florals.
    • A few additional patterns To complement your comforters pattern, you can incorporate similar designs in your large shams and throw pillows, as well.

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