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Decorating 600 Sq Ft Apartment

The Tiny Home For Low

A Family of Fiveâs 600 Square Foot Apartment | House Tours

A 600 to 700 square foot home wont typically include a large chefs kitchen, huge walk-in closets, or a separate tub and shower in the bathroom, but most homeowners looking for this size home are doing so for the convenience of it, not the amenities.

There is far less house to worry about in a 600 to 700 square foot property when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. Because the area to heat or cool is smaller, these size properties are huge energy and expense savers. They also require far less land than a traditional home, so purchasing a lot to build on will come with more options and lower costs. And for a home of this size, the expense of the building materials wont have homeowners cringing when the bill arrives.

Measure All The Rooms

Going room by room, measure the width and the length of said room. Next, multiply those two numbers together to get the square footage of that room. If the room has a separate space, such as a closet, make sure to measure those separately.

Once you’ve gone through all the rooms and done the calculations you’ll want to add up all the numbers. The total number then is the square footage of the apartment.

Ways To Decorate Your 600

Six hundred square feet doesn’t sound like much, but there’s probably more room than you think. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts to fit your lifestyle it might take some time to figure it out, but once you do, you’ll feel just as great in your 600-square-foot apartment as you would in a larger one.

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Think Like A Minimalist

In small spaces, less is more especially with decor. Too many small objects turn into clutter. Limit small decor items, and select a few of your most loved pieces when personalizing your space.

In addition to cutting back on decor, limit throw pillows and blankets in both the living room and bedroom. Choose one long lumbar pillow and drape a pretty throw blanket on the end to brighten your bed voilà!

For a refreshing touch, opt for houseplants. Plants have a calming effect in any room. Perch a couple on a bookshelf or try a hanging basket in the corner to save space.

Are 600 Square Feet Apartments Good For Couples

2 Well

Couples can get themselves a bedroom 600 square feet apartment. Youll get one bedroom, one bathroom, one living room with an attached kitchen, a possible laundry room, and tons of space for two people.

Youll have enough wall space, enough space for at least two couches, a reading table, and much more. It all comes down to how you manage your space.

The apartment would feel much bigger than 600 square feet if you manage it well. But it wouldnt feel the same if you dont use your space wisely.

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Skip The Coffee Table In Place Of An Ottoman Or Pouf

This space from Cup of Jo is by no means a small living room, but lets pretend for a second that it is to learn a thing or two from it. See those two poufs on the other side of the coffee table? Those could easily swap in for the actual coffee table itself in a tighter space, which lends flexibility crucial in a small space. Opting for ottomans or poufs over larger furnishings is a smart way to still have a spot to place a drink or remote but be able to move things easily around as you please .

How Big Is A 600 Square Feet Apartment

A 600 square foot apartment is relatively small, but it can still be comfortable and functional with the right layout and design. Here are some rough estimates of the dimensions of a 600 square foot apartment:

  • A rectangular-shaped apartment with dimensions of 20 feet by 30 feet
  • A square-shaped apartment with dimensions of 24 feet by 24 feet

These dimensions are rough estimates and may vary depending on the specific layout of the apartment.

To get a better understanding of the size of a 600-square-foot apartment, you can compare it to other spaces:

  • A standard one-car garage is approximately 200-250 square feet.
  • A standard bedroom is typically around 120-200 square feet.
  • The average size of a single-family home in the United States is around 2,600 square feet.

Overall, a 600-square-foot apartment is a small space, but with careful planning and organization, it can be a comfortable and functional living environment.

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Low Ceilings No Problem

Dividing up space for different uses in a box-shaped studio with low ceilings only seems challenging.

The trick is using the right furniture. This San Francisco micro-loft is decorated with a mix of low-profile and leggy finds. The furnishings don’t take up a lot of vertical space, so the ceiling appears higher.

This easy-to-copy layout places a full-sized bed near a low-profile sofa to create additional seating. A room divider at the head of the bed is the tallest object in the apartment. It carves out a dining nook decorated with industrial-inspired furniture.

Square Feet Apartment Design With Wonderful Maximalist Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate A Small Apartment | west elm A 600 square feet apartment design with open plan concept below will help you to realize your dream of having a comfortable residence in a small space. The wood flooring that was applied by the designer makes the apartment feel warmer and cozier. Besides that, she also uses simple furniture design and makes a creative storage design that can hold lots of stuff. It can be as a decoration also actually.

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One: Choose Your Furniture

Youll need to be thoughtful when choosing furniture for a small space. When room is limited, every piece of furniture should have a function or two. Choosing streamlined or multipurpose furniture will help you create the space and feel youre looking for.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing furniture for each room.

Using Color To Separate The Rooms

Something most 600 square feet apartments have in common is how the kitchen is always attached to the living room. That can often make you feel that its just a kitchen with couches. But, hey, why the grey face? Just put some color to it!

You can use color to separate the kitchen from the apartments! Simply paint your kitchen a color different from the living room.

For example, if your living room is off-white, you can use a muted shade of blue for your kitchen area! This way, youre adding character to your rooms.

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Make Binge Watching Better

Make your apartment feel colossal by creating separate living areas. But how much square footage should you assign to each section?

Consider what would make you happier at home.

Want to invite friends over for Netflix? The person who lives in this NYC studio created a large living room worthy of a binge-watching party by sacrificing some bedroom and dining space.

If you’re not allowed to paint your walls, here’s another idea to steal from this apartment Removable, peel and stick wallpaper. It’s easy to install, and it will dress up dull walls without jeopardizing the security deposit.

Pick A Statement Wall

Choose one wall to be the focal point of your apartment instead of trying to spread your décor everywhere. Instead of figuring out how to get all of your living room walls to look good together in the same space, just focus on one to grab your attention when you walk in.

You can achieve this by hanging large art on the wall, painting it or using wallpaper .

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Carefully Delineate Separate Areas

At first glance, it may seem like open concept living is the way to go when decorating a tiny apartment. However, this can be overwhelming to the eye and over time a lack of definition to the space can lead to things looking messy.Do your best to define separate areas and give each area a specific purpose. Put coat and shoe racks by the door to round off your entranceway. Position a buffet between your kitchen and dining areas for easy serving and extra storage. Back your sofa up to the foot of your bed to instantly draw the eye into your living area. If you are sharing a room with a home office look at these 30 creative home office ideas to be productive and save space.

If you have a particular interest or hobby, dont be afraid to let those play a key role in separating the space while showing who you are. An indoor bike rack like this one by Thomas Walde leaves your bike looking like its an internal part of the room rather than just being stored. Or, you could use plants from an indoor garden to signify changes in the use of space.

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What Factors Went Into You Choosing This As Your First Home Together Were There Any Specific Factors You Were On The Hunt For

Ive only ever lived in walk-up style apartments theyre just so charming to me. We dont own a car, so we wanted to live in a walkable neighborhood close to the L for work. In terms of the interior, I wanted hardwood floors and lots of natural light to paint. Ideally something with original character. Our apartment definitely needed sprucing up, but everything was fixable. Plus oftentimes landlords are more open to you personalizing the space when its not in the best condition to start with. We ended up repainting the entire place white. We replaced the blinds and cheap closet doors with curtains. We scrubbed the entire place down including the windows. We made our own shelves to take advantage of our high ceilings, compensating for our lack of square footage. Nothing we did broke the bank, and it has made a world of difference.

See How This Artist Maximizes Every Inch Of Her 600 Sq Ft Apartment


Its the age-old vocational dispute: follow the artistic dream, or get a practical job? Katherine Corden exquisite painter and physical therapist is living both lives and thriving, thank you very much. Her Chicago apartment in Lincoln Park is an oasis for her artistic self, complete with a painting nook, walls covered in her art, and her boyfriends expansive record collection. Oh, and did we mention its only 600 square feet? Read on to see how shes striking the professional/passionate balance and turning her small space into the eclectic home of her dreams.

Job Title:Fine Artist and Physical TherapistLocation: Chicago, Illinois Sq. Ft.: 600

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Design Tips For This Small Apartment

A sectional offers the utility of a sofa + loveseat without the clutter of additional sofa arms and legs. A curved sectional works exceptionally well in this 12×10 living room, maximizing the footprint of the space with a slight riff on a traditional L-shaped sectional.

Dont be afraid of pattern or color! A rug or accent chair are perfect items to showcase personality. These pieces can easily be swapped in or out.

Vertical bedroom storage. If youre tight on storage space in the bedroom, go vertical! Open shelving or wall-mounted cabinets are great ways to save square footage and store what you need.

Extension tables arent just for entertaining. Use the elongated surface not only when youre hosting a large meal, but for everyday cooking. Its a perfect in a pinch prep area in the kitchen.

Add Curves With Furniture And Decor

Since most tiny apartments tend to be box-shaped, use your furniture to add some curves back in. According to Libby Langdon, a small-space consultant on HGTVs Small Space, Big Style, curvaceous furniture will keep things from looking monotone.

Think about using a round dining table or a sofa and chair set with angled sides.

Once youve found pieces that suit your needs and your personal style, make sure to compliment those curves by using similar shapes in your accessories. Rather than choosing a plain, rectangular bathroom mirror, opt for a round one that makes a statement. Rather than settling for a straight floor lamps, try a few table lamps that have a more rounded shape.

If there is any natural shape to your apartment itself, make sure you play it up. Turn a curved window into a cozy reading spot by adding a chair and bookcase by the spot. Make exposed beams a focal point by embracing an industrial design scheme.

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Turn Your Studio Into A Boutique Hotel

If you’re always on the go and home is just a place where you shower and sleep, why not style your apartment like a boutique hotel room?

For instance, this 300 square foot home is packed with features found at trendy lodgings, all placed steps from the bed, including a chic kitchenette, a few pieces of retro furniture, and of course a curated minibar

But the star of this apartment, as you’ll find in any stylish hotel room, is the comfortable bed decked out in high thread count sheets.

Design Goals Worth The Investment

A 600

If you own your studio apartment, consider investing in clever built-ins and flexible furniture. Features like these will not only make your space feel huge but may also add value to your home when it’s time to sell.

Here are some design goals to inspire. This studio in NYC’s first micro-apartment building designed by nArchitects features transforming furniture and integrated storage that maximizes square footage.

The built-in cabinet wall behind the sofa conceals a Murphy bed. The unit below the TV provides extra room to keep stuff out of sight. Innovative solutions like the double-duty coffee table and expanding kitchen console create more space for dining or working.

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Did The Small Space Provide Any Surprises Or Challenges While You Were Making It Your Own

Our bedroom is only 7 x11. I mean, there are walk in closets bigger than that! Trust me, there is no bedside table that exists that will fit in a space that size Ive done the research. A headboard and footboard would have just made the space feel more restricted. We ended up making our own bedside shelves with some pipe and wood from Home Depot. Our DIY headboard helps define the bed without adding extra bulk.

Home Plans Between 600 And 700 Square Feet

Is tiny home living for you? If so, 600 to 700 square foot home plans might just be the perfect fit for you or your family. This size home rivals some of the more traditional tiny homes of 300 to 400 square feet with a slightly more functional and livable space.

Most homes between 600 and 700 square feet are large studio spaces, one-bedroom, homes or compact two-bedroom designs. Sometimes they are placed over a two-car garage for those looking for a convenient guest house as part of their property or as a standalone home for the…Read More

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Find An Organization System

Everyone knows that storage is king when it comes to small apartment living. You need vehicles to help you hide unavoidable clutter from view. But, when it comes down to practical use and being able to find what you need, all the storage in the world will not be helpful to you if its so messy inside that you cannot tell whats being stored. Invest in some organizers that will help keep you on track.

Back-of-the-door shoe-hangers offer pockets that can be used to hold anything from cleaning products to extra snacks. Lining shelves with small baskets creates a uniform look while hiding any clutter from view.

Once you own a few organization tools, the key is actually utilizing it. According to a study by Phillippa Lally, a health psychology researcher at University College London, it takes an average of 66 days to form a habit. Set a goal to return items to their proper places immediately after using them for those 66 days. After the adjustment period, keeping your apartment organized will be a snap.

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Right Size Furniture Decor

House Tours: This 600 Sq Ft Apartment Is Home to Over 100 Plants!

Decorations and furniture can also help make this space feel larger and more like your own. Try using vertical lines to make the room feel taller and airier. Create a focal point by making a statement wall using fun wallpaper or art.

While you might think that shoving the furniture against the walls is a good idea think again. By floating the furniture throughout the room, you actually make the room seem bigger. Another tip is to use furniture that doubles as storage. If you can, exchange a real door for a pocket or sliding door to save on space.

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How We Make 600 Sq Ft Work

One: Its a Constant Game of Purging

If you live in a small space, then you also know that you constantly have to purge and then purge again. I go through all of our closets, cabinets, drawers, and any piece of furniture that can hold crap every 3 months. Its the only way I can keep things from accumulating to the point that it really feels like we live in too small of a space. If it hasnt been used in the last 6-months and isnt something that is absolutely loved, it goes buh-bye .

Two: The Layout of The Apartment Makes It Feel Larger

When we first looked at this apartment I would have thought it was closer to 700sqft because the layout of it is so good. It also gets an incredible amount of sunlight that makes it feel larger than it is. We have a bedroom where we can comfortably fit a king size bed, full-size dresser, plus nightstands and some ottomans. We have an actual space to have a dining table and chairs with a kitchen that is a pretty decent size for such a small apartment. Our living room is large enough to fit a sofa, loveseat, and all the things that a living room would have. The layout is super functional and just works which I think gives the illusion that the apartment is a little larger than it is.

Three: We Have Off-Site Storage

Four: I Organize The Crap Out of Everything

Five: I Decorate with Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Six: Vertical Closet Space Is My Bestie

Seven: Dont Forget About Behind The Door Space

Eight: I Add Shelves Where Need Be

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