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Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget

Update Your Bathroom With Wall Paneling

5 Decorating Tips to Update your Bathroom on a Budget

Wall panelling is a more affordable alternative to wall tiles, especially if you can fit it yourself, which most experienced DIYers would be able to do. Just be aware when using paneling in bathrooms that although, MDF designs painted with an oil-based finish are water-resistant, they shouldn’t be used where they will be soaked.

Diy Rustic Mason Jar Sconce

Add some flowers by making a DIY sconce with mason jars. Any DIY enthusiast who never throws stuff away will have everything needed to make this DIY bathroom decor project.

Mason jars, reclaimed woods, and leather straps will make this decor item.

Want to see a bathroom makeover? Then check out this video from Melissa Merk:

These are simple yet unique bathroom decorating ideas that wont break the bank. Take it one idea at a time until you get that dream bathroom you can practically live in!

Which bathroom decorating ideas are you trying today? Wed love to hear how it went in the comments section below!

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Cheat With Tile Stickers

Feature tiles play a big role in most bathrooms, so if youve fallen out of love with yours, replacing them can change how you feel about the whole room.

Replacing tiles can be a messy and expensive job, but tile stickers will quickly change the look of your tiles without breaking the bank. Stickers that mimic the look of traditional tiles are so Instagrammable and youll be spoiled for choice.

Alternatively, you can freshen up old tiles by painting them – find out how to paint bathroom tiles.

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Add New Hardware And Wall Decor

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

When it comes to bathroom wall decor, dont be afraid to go big. If space allows, an extra-large piece of artwork or an oversized flea market find can really help balance bare walls. You can also create a focal point with multiples of a single patterned item. A grouping of three to five pieces can make a big impact and is visually stimulating for a smaller bath. Another interesting way to decorate walls in the guest bath is by hanging framed inspirational quotes. Simply print and showcase them in a black and white stock picture frames.

Nothing dresses up the room like shiny, new hardware, and there is a lot of it in the bathroom including sink faucets, cabinet knobs, towel bars, and toilet flush handles. Set aside part of your budget to upgrade these items. Only for a few dollars you can update to a sleek style in burnished bronze or brushed chrome and give your guest bath a fresh, updated look. Hardware for the vanity that complements other finishes in the area is a wonderful final touch.

Diy Rustic Wood Accent Wall

Splendid Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas For You 05

This DIY idea use weathered barn wood as a focal point behind the tub and helps create the feel of a private sanctuary. The wreath and the old window finish off the rustic look in this area of the bathroom. This is a easy, inexpensive idea that would give your bathroom a unique look.

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Put Up Some Wallpaper For A Cheap Bathroom Update

Just like paint, a single roll of wallpaper can make all the difference to a space. If you have a large bathroom that is well ventilated, you could get away with using any wallpaper, but we recommend looking out for those suited to high-moisture rooms that are labelled extra washable or highly wash-resistant.

Farm House Blue Bathroom Cabinets

Bring touches of color from the traditional farmhouse palette into your bathroom. Painting your bathroom vanity and other cupboards makes them stand out and be less ho-hum. Add more touches of the color from your throw rugs, shower curtain, towels, and floral arrangements to highlight the cabinets.

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Are You Ready To Start Decorating

Consider the current state of your bathroom. If you are happy with the foundation of the space then feel free to jump ahead. However, keep reading if you are less than satisfied with the paint color, lighting, or flooring.

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Be Smart With Lighting

How to Renovate your Bathroom on a Budget | DESIGN | Great Home Ideas

Cast a flattering glow over the whole room with creative bathroom lighting, such as wall sconces and LED shelf strips.

Low lighting will make bathtime feel much more relaxing and help cut down on energy costs. Look for lighting with frosted glass or fabric shades, or change the bulbs you have to a lower wattage for a soft, warm radiance.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting can make or break a room so switching it up could be all your space needs to make it feel brand new. Get rid of any harsh overhead lighting you might have and replace it with softer shade or, if you have the budget, add some warm wall lights that could completely change the vibe of your room.

Inexpensive Updates To Towels And Rugs

Now youre in the last leg of the bathroom decorating stages. This parts like adding a giant bow to a present. Donate or throw away your old, mismatched towels and buy soft, fluffy ones that match your new bathroom decor. Throw in an accent color or pattern for a modern bathroom design touch. Shop for these key textiles to update your powder room style:Towels. Try fresh textures and shades of colorFloor mat. Look for comfort and unique materials.Shower curtain. Choose a patterned or a printed shower curtain that coordinates with your towels and mats. This is most likely the cheapest part of bathroom decorations but can make the biggest impact.

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Paint A Bathroom Floor For A Quick And Affordable Update

Painting floorboards has also become a bit of a trend, so if you have floorboards in your bathroom, consider this as a cheap but chic bathroom update. You’ll need to use wood paint, but if you can, use a paint designed for floors as it will be more durable and less slippery if more limited in color choices.

Consider New Shower Curtains

Updating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Shower curtains can grow to be quite stale and mundane when you see them daily. Consider swapping in new shower curtains to breathe new life into your bathroom. Outside of just color and design, you can also look into changing the material of your shower curtain. The great benefit of this remodel idea is that it is very cost-effective and it can drastically alter how your bathroom appears aesthetically.

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Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea

Canning jars add a rustic touch wherever you use them. You can leave them clear, whitewash them, or paint them in pastels or any other color. They can be used for storage with or without lids or as vases. This display shows a different idea with a plunger in one jar so that the jar can be used for lotions.

Bring In Some Fresh Scents

Another cheap and easy way to give you all the fresh spring vibes is to swap out those wintery scents youve been using for something more of the season. Im totally guilty of using my Christmas scented soaps long past the holiday each year, but finally swapped them out for spring.

I love picking up floral, citrusy, or herbal hand soaps, along with a new candle, and even room spray to change things up.

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Square Pedestal Sink With Oval Mirror

A square pedestal sink pairs with an oval mirror in this bathroom. Chrome fixtures and simple black and white accessories complete the fresh design.

M.A. Allen

Rather than using liquid soap in its original container, consider getting a few coordinated bathroom accessories to pull the look of your space together. These can include a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, a drinking glass and even storage containers.

Get Rid Of Grime In Between Your Wall Tiles

Five Hacks To Decorate A Bathroom On A Budget / Small Bathroom Makeover / Budget Design (2018)

Want to update your bathroom tile for free?* Well, almost. Then learn how to clean tile grout like a pro. All you need is a toothbrush, a good cream cleaner and a little bit of elbow grease. By getting rid of dirt and debris in between your grout, you’ll instantly brighten up your bathroom walls.

Get the paste into all the nooks and crannies and then leave for about 30 minutes to let it work its magic. Once youve left it for a while, simply rinse off with clean water and wipe up any residue with a microfibre towel.

Top tip: Baking soda and vinegar mixed makes for a great natural cream cleaner that will leave your grout sparkling. We actually have a whole feature on natural cleaning hacks, so make sure you go and check that out too.

But if the stains still remain, an affordable grout pen should do the trick once and for all.

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Budget Friendly Lighting Fixtures

Replacing outdated lighting fixtures can be a less expensive option for transforming your bathroom decor. Theres a wide variety of affordable lighting fixtures available in stores and online. Remember, major electrical projects are best left to professionals. However, with some guidance, switching out lighting fixtures is an easy DIY bathroom project you can do in a day. Dont be afraid to try trends when changing your powder room lighting. Modern bathroom lighting includes hanging pendants and light bars that diffuse light in a room. Its smart to choose LED lighting fixtures since theyre the most energy-efficient and dont add extra heat to your bathroom.

Find New Frames For Mirrors

And while we are on the subject of mirrors, new frames can greatly emphasize key aspects to your mirror. Frames can add accents and can compliment whatever aesthetic your bathroom has, whether it is classical or modern. Sleek frames or muted colors mesh well with modern style bathrooms, whereas gold, bronze and silver trim frames compliment classic style mirror frames. With the right frame and lighting setup, your mirror can appear larger and wider than it actually is.

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Add New Caulk And Grout To Bathroom

Caulk and grout inevitably erode with use and some of your fixtures may not be as stable as a result. Replacing the caulk and grout on your fixtures can help you feel more secure and safe about using them. Caulk and grout is also fairly cheap and not incredibly labor intensive, so this can provide you with an inexpensive means of updating and remodeling your bathroom. Replacing the caulking and grout on every fixture can help your guests feel ultimately more safe and secure.

Add A Feature Splashback


If a statement wall stretches the wallet a little too much, try a pretty splashback instead. Choose eye-catching colours and patterns that will pop against plain walls or neutral budget tiles. Highlight bold hues with co-ordinating towels and accessories to complete the stylish scheme.

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Update Sink And Light Fixtures

With constant use, your sink and light fixtures will start to show heavy wear and tear. Consider replacing these fixtures with higher quality ones to drastically improve their lifespan. In a similar vein, updating your sink and light fixtures can greatly improve the aesthetic of your bathroom. More vibrant lights can greatly illuminate and draw attention to areas that were previously hidden, so dont be afraid to experiment with multiple light riggings to change the appearance of your bathroom.

Experiment With Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathrooms and wallpaper? Surely that’s not a good mix? Well, actually, it can work if you just follow a few extra steps when choosing and hanging your wallpaper. First, don’t hang wallpaper anywhere that will be in constant contact with water and if your bathroom isn’t really well ventilated we would recommend sticking to wallpaper specifically designed for bathrooms. Otherwise, you can use any wallpaper you like, but make sure you use extra strong wallpaper adhesive a layer of clear varnish can help protect it further.

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Hang Pictures Vases Or Candles Around The Room

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add some personality to your bathroom is by hanging pictures, vases, or candles around the room. This is a great way to add some color and visual interest, and it can be affordable, too. Plus, there are so many different types of pictures, vases, and candles available these days that you can find something to suit any style.

If youre not sure where to start, here are some tips:

For walls that already have a color but you want to brighten them up, try adding a picture in a light shade of the same color. This is a great way to add brightness without making too much of a statement.

Try adding colorful accessories instead if you want to add a pop of color but dont want to commit to pictures or wallpaper. This can be anything from vases and flowers to rugs and candles.

Go for a boldly patterned picture if youre feeling brave! This can make a statement in the bathroom and can be a great way to add some personality.

Use Patterned Towels And Mats To Alter The Look Of Your Bathroom Decor


Bathrooms are a great place to add some personality and color, but you mustnt overdo it. For instance, if you have kids, theyre going to want their own bathroom space sooner rather than later. And if your bath towels clash with the rest of your decor , then this is not an ideal situation.

Thats why one way to make sure that everything in your bathroom matches is by using patterned bath mats and towels! Theyll help bring out the patterns in any pictures or wallpapers you might already have hanging up too. Plus, there are so many different types of patterned fabrics available these days that you can find something to suit any style.

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Diy Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

This updated mirror certainly has a ton of character in it. I also learned a cool staining technique from reading the instructions on Shanty 2 Chic. Its called water popping and it gives a very nice and smooth finish to your stain. Just dip a clean cloth in a bowl of water and wring it out.

Fill Your Bathroom With House Plants

Bang on the biophillic trend, adding air purifying plants to your scheme is a budget bathroom idea that will bring the outdoors in and detox your space. From increasing productivity and boosting your mood, the health benefits of houseplants just keeps growing and growing.

From handmade macrame hangers to ceramic pots, DIY plant shelves and living walls, there are endless ways to style your plant babies.

Be sure to choose high-humidity bathroom plants that will thrive in this space. Some hardier varieties simply need a regular mist or spray of water to keep them hydrated, but set your alarms to ensure they don’t die from dehydration.

Top tip: If your bathroom is windowless, we recommend opting for fake plants. You’ll find a load of fake options in our round up of the best indoor plants.

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Replace Your Shower Head

A new shower head can transform your morning shower from a damp dribble to a refreshing soak. Swap your old head for a new one and it will feel like you have a whole new shower for a snip of the cost of replacing the unit.

Our top tip? Look for designs with universal fittings for an easy switch.

Add A Splash Of Colour

10 Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a budget

Breathe life into a plain bathroom with a splash of colour. If youre up for some DIY, paint your towel rack in a bright matte shade for a fun update. For a simpler solution, buy accessories like stools, towels, trays, jugs and vases in vibrant shades.

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Use Colorful Glass Tiles For An Art

Bathroom tile doesn’t have to be neutral or plain. Expensive art-inspired spaces use tile in creative ways. For your artsy bathroom, try installing a glass tile backsplash in pretty colors. If you are redecorating your bathroom inexpensively, look for mirrors with colorful tile frames. Match towels and other accessories to your colorful tile accents for a fun new look.

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    Are you decorating a bathroom with vintage features? This color secret can turn your dated bathroom into a trendy space. When you are decorating a dated bathroom that you can’t change, don’t try to fight the features that you can’t fully remodel. You can use those dated features to your advantage by choosing one paint color to unify space.

    If you choose a paint color in hopes of hiding the unusual tile or flooring, it will do the opposite. A bathroom with pink tile will look even pinker if you try to “minimize” the pink with green or blue. You’ll want to choose a bathroom paint color that is similar to the dated tile or flooring to hide it in plain sight. Your other color secret weapon is to choose a color of the era your bathroom was built and go for the luxury look that was popular at that time. Because of its simplicity, Mid-Century Modern paint colors and style can be used in bathrooms of any era.

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