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Decor In Front Of Fireplace

Reasons To Decorate In Front Of Your Fireplace

DIY Fireplace Mantel Home Decor DIY Interior Design Ideas Install a Mantel Decorate A Fireplace

So often, we focus on the mantel and the wall above, and we miss entirely whats down below.

So here are my 5 Reasons to Decorate IN FRONT of your fireplace:

  • One reason is so that your eye can be drawn down from the mantel and into the room. In order for the fabulous-ness that you are displaying up above and on your mantel to mean something, it needs to connect with the rest of the room. And the best way to do that is to balance it out by bringing interest off the wall and down to the floor.
  • Styling in front of the fireplace brings a 3-D effect to your mantel display. To stop decorating at the mantel and above leads to a flat look .
  • Styling also achieves a lived-in look. Dont you love to see a photo of a cozy chair beside a fireplace with a throw tossed over an arm and a book or cup of coffee nearby? WellYES!
  • Im not in love with the material our hearth is made of. Id love to re-do this spot, but until I can, I will style appropriately in front of the fireplace! In this case, I have the market basket under the bench, and the throw draping down to the hearth!
  • Its simply more pleasing to the eye. OK that sounds subjective! But its true! I would say the more you have going on up on the mantel, the more imperative it is to have something down below. Can you imagine how top heavy this vignette would be if I had stopped with the mantel?
  • Here are some other fireplace vignettes:

    I invite you to pin this image for future reference:

    Happy Fall, Yall!

    The Look Of A Fireplace Can Make Or Break The Decor Of A Room

    . Flower wreaths are also nice for any occasion. A solid-wood mantel and a gilded fireplace screen contrast perfectly with modern white-painted wood and brick. Bonded to glass or plastic butterflies.

    An area rug in front of the fireplace can carry dramatic effect if it is made in striking design. Chic living room features a gray tufted sectional facing a pair of black and white cowhide cube ottomans placed in front of a white fireplace with black surround under a niche filled with flatscreen TV situated across from a wood and glass coffee table atop a brown jute rug. View Gallery 70 Photos.

    White candles as decoration for the home. If you have a fireplace in the master bathroom dress it up with candles and artwork like you would in any other room as Elizabeth Roberts Architecture Design did here. A fireplace is both a functional and decorative part of the home.

    Filling a nonworking fireplace with logs offers classic appeal but blogger Karen Bertelsen of The Art of Doing Stuff took the concept one step further by coloring the ends of each birch log with old folk art paints. Protruding Fireplace in Black. For Christmas you can use pine cones Christmas tree branches and decorations for Halloween you can display pumpkins around the fireplace or hang spooky decorations etc.

    A smart and easy way to decorate a non-working fireplace is by simply saturating it one color. Open shelves in the fireplace. Design by Cuff Studio.

    Pin On Best Living Room Decor Trends

    ++ Decor In Front Of Fireplace

    The non-functional corner fireplace acts as functional decor by being used as a bookshelfwith books lined up inside the hearth. Examine our 100 noncombustible lightweight custom and standard fireplace facings fronts and mantels designed to bring your favorite theme to life.

    The Flixton Home Decor Home House Interior

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    A Copper Pumpkin Amidst Autumns Splendor

    Natural colors and textures are the hallmark of this fireplace display. A bright flash of leaves marks the entire length of the tall branches, sitting in a clear vase filled with pumpkins. A woven basket spills over with goldenrod and other autumn flora. Sitting in the midst of the natural splendor a copper pumpkin lends it rich colors to the party.

    Gray Tile Accent In Front Of Stunning Natural Fireplace In A Contemporary Living Room Design

    2 small things you should be doing with your home decor

    Lastly, we are featuring a contemporary living room design that embraces modern aesthetics but still embraces some elements from the natural outdoors. It also appears like the owner here is inspired by international heritage.

    The natural fireplace here has a stone wall surround, while the gray tile accent floor contrasts the dark wood flooring on the rest of the living room. You can also see a metal structure connecting the fireplace with the chimney, which adds a nice touch of industrial element too.

    You can get a Moroccan-inspired rug to enhance the coziness of the space while ensuring natural lights can be a great way to make it feel open.

    For the wall colors, check out Devines Whip as the base and Chopped Dill for the greenish accent section. This green provides some added depth to the interior and works well with the trees you can see outside the window.

    Finally, complete the space by placing a massive and cozy gray leather sectional sofa. In this case, Script is from Roche Bobois, a popular French brand designing high-end luxury furniture.

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    Create Fire Another Way

    You might not be able to have the roaring fire of your dreams, but as Amy Youngblood of Amy Youngblood Interiors points out, that doesnt mean you cant add some flames. My first go-to for a non-functioning fireplace is to fill it with thick, tall candles, she says.

    I only prefer things in a fireplace that burn, even if it is not a working fireplace, agrees Brooke Wilbratte of Tribe Design Group. A collection of various-sized large ivory candles inside glass hurricanes would be lovely to fill up the space.

    I love the way candles look in a non-working fireplace, notes Herrera. They bring a simple, romantic feel to the space. Adding decorative candle holders is a great way to elevate the look.

    Cottage Meets Modern Fireplace

    This one is definitely one of my faves! This fireplace front has that charming cottage look and yet, the decorative elements are on the modern side. Plus, seeing a blue-and-white theme always makes my heart skip a beat!

    Are you ready to take on a DIY challenge? Learn how to install stone on your fireplace from Our House in the video below:

    Wasnt that refreshing? Im always fond of looking for home decor inspiration that I can use to update our homes interiors. Anyway, I hope you found something you really like from these firefront place ideas. I know its tough to narrow down your choices given that all of the designs look beautiful. But, your choice will ultimately depend on how much work needs to be done, how big your budget is, and how modest or drastic you want the changes to be. Nonetheless, enjoy your fireplace front makeover!

    Do you have other fireplace front ideas you want to share with me? Id love to see your fireplace design inspirations in the comments below!

    Are you in need of a couple of scarves to keep you warm this winter? If you have old fleece blankets at home, you can learn how to do your own No Sew Fleece Scarves to Keep Your Girls Chic This Winter!

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    The Top 77 Fireplace Dcor Ideas

    For me, theres nothing better than curling up in my favorite blanket on a cloudy or rainy day and just knit. Especially in front of the fireplace. Magdalena Neuner

    Having a fireplace in your home gives it a warm and welcoming feeling. Its the perfect place to gather around with friends and family to stay warm in the cold winter months.

    Because your fireplace is the natural focal point of the room, you should decorate it. This takes more thought and planning than just throwing some stuff on the mantle. You need to think about the architect of your home, the rest of your decor, furniture style, and the season.

    These fireplace decor ideas will help you create a beautiful display in your home.


    A Fireplace In White And Gray

    DIY Christmas Fireplace Decor

    A white fireplace surround is timeless and classic. It gives the hearth a clean look that works well in traditional and modern homes. Gray accessories offer a subtle hint of color without standing too far forward of the white behind and below. Weathered wood radiates out from the round mirror, blending beautifully with the pumpkins, foliage, and candlesticks below.

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    Wait Until You See These Fall Fireplace Dcor Ideas

    Want to decorate your fireplace for fall but dont want to spend a fortune? Then youll love our simple & affordable fall fireplace decor ideas!

    If you have a fireplace its probably the focal point of the room. Am I right?

    So lets give them the attention they deserve and go all out with our fall fireplace decor!

    They are the perfect area in a home to add some personality!

    You have to see Annes neutral fireplace mantel from last year! Its amazing!

    We love to change up the look of our fireplaces each season. And even year after year.

    But that can get expensive pretty quickly!

    I challenged myself to shop my home and not buy anything new to decorate my fireplace for fall!

    Not ONE thing!

    My new collection of amber bottlesalthough inexpensive still money spent

    New floral stems for those amber bottles and for my hanging front door basketpurchased on sale but still

    And pumpkins & mums for my front porchagain affordable from the grocery store however cha-ching it all starts adding up!

    So lets see how I created a pretty fall fireplace without spending a dime!

    Rich Vertical Wood And Rustic Accessories

    The rich grains of this dark wood fireplace surround draws your eye immediately. Its strong vertical lines give visual height to the room and provide a marked contrast to the accessories on top of the mantle. Old pictures frames and two old mirrors bring texture and visual appeal to the area above the fire.

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    Elegant Living Room With Tile Fireplace And Matching Tile Floors In Front Of It

    It is always nice to have an elegant living room that exudes a sophisticated appeal while still appearing cozy and warm. For example, this one features a black fireplace with a mosaic tile surround and matching tile floors in front of it.

    The custom color mix consists of 1×1 tiles from Pratt & Larson, which are in randomized black, brown, and beige shades. This fits the color scheme of the rest of the living room with the beige upholstery, light brown couch, and dark brown furniture. It includes a leather ottoman which the owner got from Berhardt.

    If you want to recreate this look, you can paint the walls in Bridgewater Tan 1096 by Benjamin Moore or Hazelnut from Devine. This dark shade helps establish a sense of comfort and security, which you definitely want at home.

    Meanwhile, the oak wood flooring is a vintage from the 1920s. It can be great to preserve as many antique elements in your house if you can, as it creates some character to the overall design. However, if youre building or renovating a new house, just use regular oak flooring.

    You’ll Hardly Miss The Flame When Your Firebox Glows With Twinkle Lights Frames An Art Object Or Stores Magazines

    11 Fireplace Front Ideas For A Cozy &  Homey Upgraded Look

    Laura GaskillAlexander Waterworth Interiors LTD1. A fresh coat of paint. Chris Snook2. Flea market finds.Francis Dzikowski Photography Inc.3. A textile lining. Kate Hansen Photography4. Stacked magazines. 5. Wood, painted or raw. Murphy Deesign6. Artwork. Kelly LaPlante LLC7. Plants. reallyUser8. An oversize letter. Lien Luu Ltd.9. Shelving.Teness Herman10. Christmas lights. Studio Eclectic Photography11. A basket of warmth.Le Klein12. When in doubt, go with candles.Tell us:More

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    Introduce A Fireplace To Add Interest Under The Stairs

    If you’re looking for a fireplace placement that’s a little different, you could consider hallway ideas. Making a great first impression to guests and providing respite from the cold outdoors, this under-the-stairs feature serves a multitude of purposes.

    Create a real family feel by using it to prop up family photos and add a clear glass table to pop your keys or display a vase of flowers.

    How To Decorate The Floor In Front Of A Fireplace

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    Fireplaces attract attention as the focal point of any room. It only makes sense to decorate it so that when your visitors arrive, their first impression is how beautiful the room is. Decorations soften the look of an otherwise rough element in the room, providing balance and harmony. Combine seasonal and year-round decorations to keep your room looking fresh and well-balanced. Follow a few safety guidelines while decorating to prevent any future, unwanted accidents.

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    Fireplace Decorating If You Have A Toddler

    In the middle of the lockdown, you have to take care of your toddler as well as work from home. If you have an electric fireplace, this idea will work in your favor. Decorate the mantel with fairy lights. Stick some glowing moon and star stickers or hangings on the wall above the fireplace.

    You can add some birthday cards, stockings, or presents to make it a visual treat. The playful touch and the space-themed accessories will be highly appreciated by your child. You can then work peacefully while they get lost in the surreal ambiance of your living room. It will be like the paradise family room you always wanted to have.

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    Pair With A Bar Cart For Sultry Speakeasy Vibes

    Tiling a Fireplace: DIY Project | The Home Depot

    After an extensive period of not inviting guests into our homes, we’ve had a craving to catch-up whenever we can. But with everyone booking up the coolest bars in town, it might be hard to grab a reservation for your favorite drinks spot.

    Instead, why not pair your fireplace with a bar cart and be the hostess with the mostest. Plays homage to the roaring twenties, with a roaring fireplace idea. There’s no dress code, drinks don’t come at a premium, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the company is going to be great! A gold glass coffee table is the perfect addition for guests to place their glasses.

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    Fake Fireplace Tiling With A Diy Stenciled Paint Design

    If you want a quick, cheap DIY fireplace update, check out Negi of ‘s transformation. This is all done just using paint, stencils and apparently a fair bit of patience, but the result is SO worth it.

    ‘I always get asked about the tiles behind the fireplace – it’s actually a painted on stencil!’ says Negi.

    ‘This was done on less than £50 . I’m going to continue finishing rooms this year on a shoestring as spending is limited by something important we’re saving up for – our wedding.’

    A Curved Fireplace Decorate In Brass And Nature

    Curved fireplaces bring visual appeal into any room. Decorating it requires acknowledging its rounded curves without detracting from them. This fireplaces rich wooden mantle holds vases filled with greenery along with brass candlesticks and whit pumpkins, all in front of a round mirror. A large candle lantern in brass sits on the hearth rounded below.

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    Go Classic And Trendy With Travertine And Beige Tile Floors In Front Of Luxurious Fireplace

    A two-sided fireplace can be a great way to separate two different areas in your house, for example, the living space from the dining room. At the same time, it opens up space and makes it feel bigger as you are not closing off the rooms.

    For the tiles in front of the fireplace, you can use chiseled travertine marbles while using beige tiles for the rest of the room to make it more seamless. Plus, the natural stone elements match the granite fireplace. Its a luxurious interior for a classic and trendy home.

    You can hang a lavish chandelier, too, for the added opulence. The one pictured here is from Fuse Lighting. In addition, the chairs are from Christian Liaigre. The dark wood structure and light upholstery are examples of when modern and traditional designs meet.

    Brown Tiles In Front Of Classic Fireplace For A Rustic Chic Vibe Mixed With Modern Elements

    Transitional Fireplace Decor: Fall To Christmas â Halfway Wholeistic

    One thing we cannot get enough of is a rustic interior! In this beach-style living room with a rustic-chic vibe, the classic fireplace features some brown tiles to go with all the natural elements around the room.

    These brown tiles can be elevated to provide a little separation between the fireplace and the rest of the floor. Moreover, we love how the natural brown blends with other wood furniture, including the coffee table and various woven decor.

    The wood-woven chairs are the star of the show. Although we cant say where to get these exact models, it seems that Palecek or Crate and Barrel may have something similar. You can always check with your local furniture store too.

    In a space like this, the finishing details are equally important as they can tie the room together, from having a ceiling fan and light combo, a massive woven rug, to colorful pillows that will add the right pop of style. In other words, just add a few touches of your personality in here!

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