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Decor For Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Choose A Color Palette

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Design – Acrylic Glass Kitchen Home decor

To create a space that feels cohesive we recommend picking a color palette that will compliment the color of your kitchen cabinets. You can do this by making a list of cohesive colors and narrowing it down based on whats working well together. You can also reference the other decor items in your space to help get you started . A good rule of thumb is to choose 2-3 colors and pair them with materials like glass, wood, or metal. In the featured images we chose white and black as the main colors paired with glass and wood to add warmth and dimension.

Create Balance + Harmony

Now that you have your color palette, kitchen items, and functional placement you are ready to start styling. For styling take a look below at a few tips to help guide the creativity of your glass front cabinet masterpiece!

  • If your cabinet doors divide the glass then be sure to place items in columns so you can clearly see all of the items when the doors are closed.
  • A similar philosophy goes for the bottom row as well. Make sure to use stackable items that arent noticeably covered.
  • Leverage height to create visual interest by arranging items that vary in order to draw your eye upward.
  • Consider the visual weight that each item holds and be sure not to place two visually heavy items next to each other.
  • Example: If you choose to place a large black bowl next to a stack of black plates then that will bring too much focus to one area.
  • Remember how you use your kitchen!
  • Example: I find myself often shifting things around just to realize my glassware is on the complete opposite side of the kitchen from where I use it.
  • Consider using a combination of larger items mixed with smaller items. Maybe even consider adding a piece of art or a cookbook as long as its within your color pallet.
  • If you are considering glass front cabinets or already have them we hope these simple tricks are helpful. As always, please let us know if you have anything youd like to share!

    Keep on Doing You

    Minimalist Kitchen With Glass Cabinets

    The kitchens where it is best to use glass cabinets are minimalist kitchens. In this beautiful minimalist kitchen, wood is used in its purest appearance, with an approach towards minimalism. The steel countertop used together with the metallic backsplash proved that the philosophy of using all the materials used in this kitchen was adopted.

    ID# 104724 | Credit |

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    Subway Tile Backsplash With Light Wood And Glass Cabinets

    If you want wood cabinets in your entire kitchen, this kitchen will inspire you. Softening the wood with white and using glass will also reduce the density of the wood and make the wood your star without taking all the attention. We loved the idea of turning books and bottles into accessories using open shelves!

    ID# 104722

    Add Style To Boring Cabinets

    9 Glass Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Inspire

    Adding glass inserts to your cabinets will really give character and a sophisticated look to your kitchen design. If you have a standard builder-grade home, adding glass cabinet doors to your kitchen can give you a unique upgrade as well. Glass cabinet doors also add the right touch to your interior home style. You can go modern, transitional, or farmhouse style all work well when adding glass.

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    What Materials To Use When Renovating Cabinets

    How to Decorate Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors. Cabinets are one of the most important features of a kitchen. They serve as storage for dishes and other cookware, and they also offer a place to put your dish towels or other kitchen supplies. In many cases, however, cabinet space is limited. This can lead to an over-cluttered kitchen and a chaotic cooking space.

    But what if there was a solution? There are many cabinet door options out there these days, including glass doors. Glass doors allow for a more spacious kitchen and make for an attractive design statement. When renovating your cabinets with glass doors, you have the ability to use different materials that work well with the glass interior doors. For example, you can use stainless steel hinges or chrome handles to match the color of your exterior hardware. You could also paint your cabinets white to create the illusion of an open floor plan while still making them functional with storage space. By using these materials in tandem with your glass door design, you will have a stunning new look without sacrificing functionality!

    Why Choose Glass Kitchen Cabinets And Glass Front Cabinet Doors

    Glass kitchen cabinets use light reflection to enhance the brightness and naturally illuminate the dark corners of your kitchen. Adding glass front cabinets to your kitchen design also increases how you perceive the rooms depth. Glass cabinets create variety in a long row of cabinets and provide more areas to display your unique décor and treasured heirlooms. Murettis designers take pride in their ability to use glass. By employing only high-quality clear, textured or frosted glass, they add an element of beauty to your kitchen style, whether you have a luxury kitchen or a traditional kitchen. More specifically, they:

    • Create designs that take advantage of contrasts with some glass cabinets and some solid cabinets
    • Bring out the beauty of your kitchen in subtle ways
    • Use their creativity to deliver solutions that add character to your kitchen

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    Create A Seasonal Display

    You can keep your kitchen feeling fresh by changing up your above-the-cabinet displays each season. I love the idea of having pumpkins and orange foliage up there in the fall, and this winter-themed display with miniature Christmas trees is just too cute! Plus, if youre switching out the decor on a semi-regular basis, youll also remember to dust up there.

    Too Many Large Items On One Side Or A Jumble Of Small Items Can Look Off Balance Or Cluttered

    Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Design | Acrylic Glass Kitchen | Modular Kitchen Color Combination Ideas

    Generally speaking I use a combination of larger items mixed with clusters of smaller items or cookbooks. Because my cabinet doors divide the glass, I think about decorating in two columns.

    I find that stacks of plates look great piled up side by side and a few cookbooks underneath a canister adds height and interest. Oversized pitchers or a soup tureen placed opposite each other on a diagonal create balance.


    While its great to have your glass cabinets look beautiful, they must also be functional. We have two corners in our kitchen with glass cabinets and this is where I store our everyday dishes and glassware.

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    What Is A Glass Display Cabinet

    A glass display cabinet is a specialized type of display case. These cabinets are mostly used to display awards, souvenirs, pieces of jewelry, watches, etc. You can use this as an office storage cabinet. Most of the time, the cabinets base is made of wood, while the rest of the cabinet is glass. Usually, display cabinets are made of oak, cherry, and pine woods. One may have a metal-built frame instead of a wood base. Some may customize the base with a metal frame instead of wood.

    Benefits of a glass display cabinet:

    • A glass display cabinet offers a great storage space
    • One can display his dearest showpieces in a glass display cabinet properly
    • A glass display for the kitchen helps to organize daily kitchen items and makes them easily reachable to hand
    • The glass display cabinets are easy to clean
    • A glass display cabinet provide a glamorous look to the whole rooms interior

    You Can Add Lighting To Your Cabinet Shelves

    Another great element you can add to glass cabinet doors is lighting. Get some light strips and hide them under your shelves and this will really wow and awe you during the evening. This added with some lamps can warm up your sunset time. This will also help show off your decor in the cabinets even when the lights go out. This will also elevate your design and really take it up a notch or two. Adding lights will also brighten up the cabinets and space even more and help keep that open and airy feel.

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    Modern White Cabinets With Light Blue Glass Backsplash

    The light glass backsplash, which makes these beautiful white cabinets stand out even more, also tied the glass cabinets. Quartz black countertop provides contrast with white, while cupboards refer to stainless steel appliances. You can imagine a happy family cooking in this minimalist kitchen!

    ID# 104708 | Credit |

    Modern Kitchen With Glass Front Cabinets

    How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

    We loved the modern touch in this kitchen! The elegance of the combination of brown cabinets with white countertop has been in perfect harmony with the glass front cabinets on the wall. Glass cabinets have provided the kitchen with industrial-style touches. This is the biggest feature that separates the kitchen from classical modern kitchens.

    ID# 104711 | Credit |

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    Were Of The Mindset That Styling Should Be A Delicate Balance Of Function And Looks

    When the products you use in a space are on display, its important to keep the functional things within reach and the beautiful things in sight. Weve given tips on styling open shelving in the kitchen, so here are our tips for display cabinets with clear glass doors!

    When styling open spaces we often create various groupings of clustered objects ranging in size, texture, and shape. With double doors – we tend to divide the cabinet into 2 columns. We also like to alternate 1, 2, and 3 things on stacked shelves. This keeps the space feeling collected, but also cohesive and put-together.

    Cookbooks are great for glass cabinets because they meet form and function. We like to stack them together under smaller objects, or lean behind a cake stand. Its great for creating height and visual interest!

    You dont need to get creative when storing your plates, bowls, glasses, and other dish-ware. Just stack em!

    Pedestals and cake stands look great standing alone, so you dont need to stress about adding clutter to the top.

    Canisters are great for storage and theyre just cute, easy decor.

    When tackling those glass front upper cabinets above the other cabinets, we like to stick to all white. It still creates visual interest without competing with the rest of the space!

    Beautiful Kitchen Cabinet Designs With Glass

    Lets be real, a kitchen cabinet usually isnt anything to get excited about. Typically, theyre just plan wooden structures that we fill with out favorite canned goods and cereal. For that reason, most people dont even give their kitchen cabinets a second thought. Well, one of the most impressive things about home design is the ability to take the most boring things and turn them into something beautiful- and yes, that includes kitchen cabinets. While most people are probably used to seeing plain old cabinets without much flare, glass can add an extra touch to even the simplest of designs. As you know, theres just something about glass that can make things feel a bit more lavish. With glass cabinets, your kitchen will definitely have a completely different look. From frosted glass to stain glass, this diverse material can fit perfectly into your current design. Plus, having glass kitchen cabinets can also give you a cool new way to show off your fine china. If youre looking for a way to transform your kitchen into something special,a change in your cabinets might be the missing piece. Here are 20 beautiful kitchen cabinet designs with glass

    image via

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    How To Style The Shelves Of A Hutch

    I also have open shelving on this hutch in the kitchen. Here are a few tips on styling it.

  • I hang plates on the back of the hutch with plate hangers for height.
  • I place oversized platters in the middle.
  • I place plates along the back of the hutch.
  • Then I style bowls and other whiteware pieces in front of them.
  • I add a small lamp to light up the entire hutch and make it feel welcoming.
  • I think that glass front cabinets should just be enjoyed.

    They do look so classic.

    They really do make a room feel so much more open.

    And they do remind me of Emily Gilmores kitchen on Gilmore Girls.

    But truly? I dont overthink the styling. I dont overthink the shelves. I dont overthink what goes in them. I just style the kitchen cabinets with what I have and know Im going to use on an every day basis and with what I love.

    And that?

    It makes them beautiful.

    PS If you use your dishes every day, you dont have to worry about the dust, either.

    Disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post.

    Use Greenery In Tight Spaces

    U Type Modular Kitchen , Kitchen Glass Design,Pvc dark color kitchen cabinets 9663000555

    Sometimes the gap over your cabinets might be just a few inches tall, which doesnt leave you very many options for decorating. In these instances, I love the idea of using some faux greenery to brighten up the space. A few meticulously draped garlands will help make your kitchen feel more homey, and its also a low-maintenance decor option, which is always a plus.

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    Sumiglass To Transform The Look Of Your Kitchen Upgrade

    Ready to transform your cabinet glass during your next kitchen upgrade? Sumiglass is the glass for your project. Sumiglass combines frosted glass with unique white squiggly lines that intersect and artistically cover the entire pane. Pairing well with both dark and light cabinets, sumiglass is the perfect intersectional design between private cabinets and clear cabinets.

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    Pros And Cons Of Glass Kitchen Doors

    There are so many ways you can enhance your kitchen cabinets without tearing them down and totally replacing them. Many homeowners opt for replacing the doors instead. This provides a wonderful new look and isnt nearly as expensive as replacing the cabinets in their entirety.

    If youve been thinking about doing this and have been researching door styles, perhaps youve been considering glass kitchen doors for your refacing project. There really are quite lovely when used with the right complementary décor. They add an extra shine to the kitchen, too. However, there are some downfalls to choosing glass-front kitchen doors as well so its wise to consider all the details.

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    Quartz Countertops With Gray And Glass Cabinets

    This U-shaped kitchen can inspire you. We loved using the gray glass cabinet! The bright red quartz countertop goes very well with gray cabinets. Glass cabinets on the top are a great design idea that you can design according to your own taste. Using it together with the gray cabinet in this kitchen has added elegance to the kitchen.

    ID# 104712 | Credit |

    Divide Your Cabinets Into Columns

    5 Beautiful Decorating Ideas for Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

    With Glass Panel kitchen cabinets, visual balance inside the cabinets is crucial.

    Too many large items or clusters of smaller pieces placed on one side will make your cabinets look off-balanced.

    One of the best ways to maintain visual balance while also staying organized is by dividing your cabinets into two columns.

    Then, alternate between filling each section with 1, 2, or 3 items at a time.

    You can even reserve an entire shelf for one type of item.

    Try placing mugs and wine glasses on one shelf and housing dishes on the one below them.

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    What Color Cabinet Doors Will Suit My Kitchen

    When deciding which mullion doors work for you, youll also have to think about your kitchens color scheme. Youll want to pick colors that complement each other instead of competing with each other. For example, if youve chosen an attention-grabbing countertop, you might want understated, neutral cabinet elements. On the other hand, if youve chosen neutral colors for other elements, you might prefer rich, colorful cabinet doors.

    Mesmerising Kitchen Glass Cabinets

    In this article, we will discuss 5 styles of using glass cabinets in the kitchen to make a kitchen that you can swoon over.


    Black steel glass cabinets are the perfect contrast for this white kitchen. The cabinet is built all the way to the ceiling and brings attention to its largeness. Glass and steel are a classic combination that looks amazing together. The luxury look of the cabinet is elevated by the display of the expensive crockery.

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    If you want a glass cabinet and dont want to show the insides of your wardrobe, a frosted glass cabinet is a perfect choice. The sliding Glass is another feature that should not be missed. You get the openness and aesthetic of a glass cabinet without compromising the privacy of your contents. The elegance of Glass with the warm look of wood makes the kitchen the best of both worlds. Interior lighting is added inside the cabinet for extra oomph.


    We dig the retro look that this tinted glass gives to the kitchen. Just because its a glass cabinet it doesnt mean it must be boring. Green is the lively colour of nature. The green glass matching the countertop is very art deco. If you want to go entirely out, choose the handles and decor matching the colour. If you want something subtle, a black tinted glass might be for you. You can also add overlays on the glass cabinet for added decor.


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