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Country Dining Room Wall Decor

Achieve Rustic Chic By Decorating With Old Trunks


Vintage trunks have kind of a timeless elegance to them, making them fit in perfectly with a shabby chic decor that incorporates mirrors, vintage desks, and comfy throws. Theyre also very useful: they make great coffee tables, and you can use them to store anything from board games to extra blankets.

English Country Dining Room Decor

The dining room is primarily a place to share meals with our friends and family. It must be welcoming, open, and easy to access. Everyone should feel comfortable in their seat at the dining room table. Aside from the obvious table and chairs, youll need a good lighting source, a place for storage, and perhaps an area rug to make your dining room complete. Wall art and curtains are a good idea, too.

Lets go over some of the best English country dining room decor ideas to inspire you!

Upscale Rustic Interior Design Within Reach

One of the great things about farmhouse design is that its hard to go too over-the-top. A neutral color palette of beige, cream, and gray allows you to layer in all kinds of interesting visual textures through containers, vintage glass jars, and three-dimensional wall hangings. A vintage window also makes a unique and visually interesting room divider.

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How Can I Make A Blank Dining Room Wall More Interesting

Make your dining room wall more interesting with colour, a collection or a stimulating visual display whether thats a wallpaper, a piece of wall sculpture or your favourite family photographs.

I love to create visual surprise in my design, says interior designer Kelly Hoppen CBE. Walls lend themselves brilliantly to this. You can let your imagination loose on their vast planes, making them a quiet backdrop or a fascinating focal point.

But she does have a word of warning if you are planning a wall display: Before you commit to a wall finish, have a clear idea from the outset about what you plan to hang on the walls or display in front of them. You dont want a star piece of artwork to compete with its backdrop.

Image credit: Future PLC

Space Saving + Stylish

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas (DIY and Unique Wall Decoration ...

Working with limited square footage? Swap the traditional farmhouse dining setup for this savvy, space-saving alternative. Anchor your dining area with a chic slipcovered banquette or settee positioned flush against a wall. Once in place, push your reclaimed wood table against the settee and nestle wooden dining chairs at each end for additional seating. Round out the design with a couple of vintage candlesticks at the center of your table and a cozy plaid throw blanket draped across the back of your banquette or chairs.

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A Simple Design With Vintage

Clean lines and a sense of openness is always a winning combination for a morning or day room, especially at meal times when the sun is up and shining. With cross back and soft button-tufted parsons chairs around a butcher-block table with a center rail, this room features a sentimental wall hanging surrounded by an open two-piece L-shaped scroll frame.

Midcentury Dining Room With Wooden Framed Mirror And Paper Lanterns

A distinctive accent wall is sure to get all the job done without taking a lot of time if you are trying to add more dimension and a focal point with your dining room walls. The wooden framed mirror as an art piece breaks the rules with its curvy shape between the wooden framed piece of art. The dining room features a monumental wooden dining table with green leather dining chairs with black legs. Different-shaped paper lanterns make a warmer atmosphere.

ID# 109538 | Credit |

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A Clean White Space With Vintage Charm

A treasured and charm-ridden wood carved light fixture, white-washed barrel top dining tables, stainless steel and and a whimsical combination of semi-circles help make this sparkling open space eat-in kitchen clean and inviting. Lively conversation, a blaring television, and tabletop chatter are all elements that keep the cook cooking and wondering how to make it all taste better.

Make It Your Own With Lighting And Decor

Antique Country Primitive Style Dining Room Home Decor Decorating

While you pick out lighting and decor for your dining room, youll want to find pieces that add to the warmth and rustic appeal of your space. In particular, the lighting you choose to go above your dining table is key in helping to anchor and illuminate the room. Chandeliers or lantern lighting are perfect if youre going for a more traditional farmhouse look. On the other hand, glass orbs, angular metal light fixtures or pendant lights with woven shades would all add a touch of contemporary flair.

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A Rustic Plaque With A Lot Of Character

Oinks, clucks, and moos give this delicately stressed white-washed plaque a hefty desire to find itself in the center of a country-themed kitchen. Placed against a wooden fresco caged bird painting and standing next to a spiny birds nest floral design holding two beautiful pale blue robin eggs, the plaque is an absolute statement in the cycle of nature.

A Wintery Centerpiece With Spring Feathers And Eggs

Almost always a delightful reminder that spring is on the way, this wintery flowering bud sprig sits in a rusted watering can complemented by a single feather in a utensil holder and small marbled robin eggs settled nearby. Off to the side is a canning jar filled with tiny speckled feathers and closed with a floursack banded top.

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Dont Reserve Tiles For The Kitchen

Corsica Fan tiles, £95.98sq m, Porcelain Superstore

Take tiles beyond a traditional kitchen splashback idea and make them a full height feature in their own right. For a statement design, go for either an interesting pattern, bold colour choice or an unusual shape. Or a mix of all three to draw the eye in an open plan kitchen dining area.

It can create a stand-out area in a busy space. A glossy glaze will create even more contrast, especially when paired with a matte kitchen finish.

A Rustic Reading Nook Retreat

Janie Molster Designs

Love getting lost in a great book? Set up a comfy reading nook Place a plush chair by a window for plenty of natural light, and set up a serene scene with bouquets of wildflowers in tin vessels. Vintage books add a perfect decorative touch to the tableau even if you decide to read something a bit more modern.

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Rustic Farmhouse Decor Ideas

There are a number of different farmhouse designs to choose from as the overall style incorporates a broad range of concepts. Some people prefer the shabby chic variation while others want classic, clean and minimalist decor. Contemporary country living can include expensive furniture that looks old school, intentionally worn paint finishes, wood accent walls, cozy pillows, witty signs, and other complementary pieces.

On the other hand, you may prefer a simple look featuring natural textures, a mix of wood and metal, a neutral cream color mixed with bright hues, floating shelves made from reclaimed wood, sliding barn doors, and repurposed furniture and decorations for a creative finish.

Here are 75 amazing farmhouse style and country home decorating ideas to consider when adding a rustic look to your interior design.

Let Nature Escort Your Guests

The homeowner of this house prefers to have paved front yard instead of lawn for a reason. He might not really into gardening.

Or, maybe he wants add patterns to his front yard. But one thing for sure, he still harnesses the charm of nature to impress his guests.

The front door is decorated with curvy wrought-iron sconces illuminating the porch. It is also embellished with two planters with boxwoods looking like two guards that are ready to welcome the guests with their hospitality.

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Is It Worth It

Absolutely, yes its worth having a fireplace in or near or in view of your dining room. Of course, thats coming from someone who along with my amazing wife, hosts quite a few dinner parties each year. While we dont have a fireplace in our dining room, it sure would be nice to have. Our dinners stretch for hours and we usually stay in the dining room for the duration so the option to have an ambient fireplace in the dimmed light would be terrific.

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A Floral Centerpiece For A Touch Of Spring

Christmas Decorate With Me Christmas French Country Dining Room Decor

First comes winter, then comes spring every year. Whether your springtime thick-stalked annuals or delicate seasonal perennials are flowering, its time to pull a few up and show them off with a centerpiece design made of colorful floral blends in a plain natural flat box and embossed canning jar holder.

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Gray Dining Room With Black Chandelier And Chairs

Grouping artwork is a surefire way to make a big impact in this dining/living room. Here, white framed wall decors create an accent wall behind the dining set. Gray striped wallpaper provides a space for the decors to come out. Wooden dining table and black chairs modern look on the gray rug.

ID# 109524

Gray Dining Room Design With Oversized Mirror

The oversized mirror provides a wider, deeper, and brighter atmosphere. LED lights around the mirror allow to shine out the mirror on the white brick wall. The wooden dining table brings its personality between the white dining chairs. Linear lighting creates a focal point in a modern way.

ID# 109528 | Credit |

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Romantic French Country Decor Kitchen

It turns out that not only a bedroom but also a kitchen can provide a romantic ambience if you decorate it properly, just like this kitchen.

Three big candles standing on a tray next to the sink provide dim light that adds a romantic ambience to this kitchen.

A ceramic teapot with toile pattern has been turned into a vase that holds nice plants. A toile cloth also hangs on the sink, accentuating the French country look. Kitchen Decor Ideas.

Beach Style Dining Room With Galley Wall And String Pendants

12+ Beautiful Rustic Dining Wall Decor Ideas

Blue wallpaper and a combination of the art piece create a beautiful accent wall in the recessed niche. Vibrant colors on the art pieces directly draw the attention between the neutral colors. Large string pendants are placed along with the wooden dining table which is surrounded by wooden dining chairs with rope details.

ID# 109542

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Wood Dining Set With Blue Chairs And Gray Floor

Yellow and green woven basket wall decors create more texture than flat photos or paintings on the wall. It brings mobility and completes the look perfectly. Wooden dining table, wooden bench, and blue chairs create a gorgeous beachy look. Faux fur makes a chic touch on the wooden bench.

ID# 109505 | Credit |

French Country Dining Room

If you havent put an armoire in your living room, then its a must that you place one in your dining room. Its the ideal piece of quintessential French decor. Perfect for storing your flatware, silverware, and other table setting accessories.

Your next step is to find the ideal table and chairs. Start by deciding what size table will fit the space. You need enough room to get up and move about.

Dont be afraid to mix and match your set. Its commonplace in country French decor to see a modern table with vintage chairs, or the other way around. The trick to making it work is to stick with the rusticly-elegant theme.

The table could be rough-hewn and rustic. Then the chairs could have elegant curves to the legs and luxurious tufted seating.

As with the other rooms weve discussed, keep the color palette muted, soft, and warm. Your table cloth, table runner, or place settings are your opportunity to inject color and pattern into the room.

Hanging above the table should be an elegant chandelier. Choose one thats gilded in gold and dripping in crystals. Finish the room with an elegant display of fresh lemons, flowers, or greenery on the table.

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Classic Cast Of Characters

Windsor chairs? Check. Reclaimed table? Check. Stately china cabinet? Check. Designers at M. Barnes & Co. embrace classic farmhouse furnishings in this sun-filled family dining room. The white walls and Jacobean hardwoods are enlivened by a striking caramel-stained wood cabinet, a sage shiplap ceiling and a slew of dining chairs painted to match. Follow M. Barnes & Co.s lead and incorporate the same iconic silhouettes into your farmhouse dining room at home.

Charming French Country Dining Rooms


French country dining rooms are a great way to get the elegant French country decor look mixed with charming farmhouse style. From round back Louis chairs to wood pedestal tables, there are so many different pieces of furniture you can purchase to get the French country look in your dining room. Choosing the right wall decor and lighting is equally important when curating your dining room, so weve decided to share three incredible French Country dining rooms to inspire you!

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A Functional Centerpiece With Sprigs Of Flowers

Old soda pop bottles and canning jars have long been used as a source of inspiration for moving fresh or silk sprigs to the centerpiece of a duly-adorned table, but when combined with open metal wire milk or bottle crates as a holder, the table décor is not only reminiscent, but adorable.

Contemporary Farmhouse Interior Design Tips

Do you love rustic style, but your spouse is more into contemporary design? The two styles blend together more seamlessly than you might think. Pair stainless steel appliances and stone countertops with farmhouse style cabinets and a stove hood made from reclaimed wood panels. Pendant lights over the kitchen counter provide a nice bridge between decor styles.

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Where Does The French Farmhouse Style Come From

It shouldnt be a surprise that the French country design comes from the actual French countryside. Specifically, though, it comes from Provence. These country homes had a relaxed approach to decorating. Theyd combine ornate traditional elements with more subdued and distressed decor pieces.

Youll see touches of classic elegance typically seen in Paris and the castle region, just less abundantly. Paneling, molding, and gilding are all present in a more humble way. Everything has a lived-in feel that results in the welcoming of worn areas and imperfections.

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Most Charming English Country Dining Room Decor Ideas

43 Most Popular Dining Room Design and Decorating Ideas ...

Our best English country dining room decor ideas will give you plenty of ideas for decorating your dining room in the rural English cottage style. Country homes tend to have larger rooms which give you lots of room to decorate with larger pieces of furniture than you normally would in the city. This means theres more square footage to work with and more to think about!

English country decor is a style that many people want to adopt for their homes, even if they dont live in an 18th century castle in the rural hills of England! This charming cottage style can fit in appropriately in a wide variety of homes. No matter where you live, we have tips for you to learn how to decorate in this popular English decorative style.

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French Country Decor Bathroom With Nature Backdrop

No one can resist from indulging in this comfortable bath tub as you can feel more relaxed and escape from the hurly-burly of the busy workplace for a little while.

You deserve your me-time. And thus, taking more time in your bath tub is not a bad idea at all.

The best part of taking a bath in this bathroom is you can refresh your body and mind while enjoying the beautiful scenery that you can see through the windows.

It would be better if you put some scented candles near the bath tub to boost the relaxing atmosphere. Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas.

Save Space By Bringing Your Kitchen And Living Room Together

An open plan that places the living room and kitchen close together lends itself well to farmhouse-style decor. The kitchen and living room both tend to be central gathering places in the home, and country homes are all about heart. Plaid pillows, barn doors, and powder-coated metal light fixtures bring the vibe to life.

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A Wall Arrangement With A Lot Of Character

Tales as old as timepieces make a fantastic modern-day wall arrangement for any casual living space. Coupled with key motifs and a key clock, as well as small and medium clocks in different shapes and a neon-like worded sentiment, this quaint wall arrangement literally comes to life and the Woman-cave of the Year is officially open for business!

Farmhouse Dining Room With Giant Pizza Peels And Red Chairs


A cool modern twist that has been incorporated into the art piece is wall decor. While the pizza peels complement the atmosphere of the dining room, they create a magnificent image on the wall. Sputnik chandeliers take center over the wooden dining table. Red chairs pop against the darker background colors.

ID# 109545

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