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Console Table Decor Ideas Modern

Shabby Chic Entry Table With Rustic Touch

Entry way Decor | 50 Console Decorating Ideas 2020| Modern Console Table With Mirror Ideas

A rough-looking blue entryway table adds a healthy dose of personality to an otherwise basic space. The drawers provide plenty of storage but if you need something extra, a wooden crate will do the trick. A version of shabby chic, this adorable piece will do wonders for your front door and hallway.

The Versatility Of Console Tables

Shelley is a wife, a mother of two, and an Interior Stylist. She has grown her Instagram following by sharing photos of her home and telling her story through the pieces that are in it. She has loved turning her newly built house into a home that her entire family can be proud of.

The beauty of a console table lies in its versatility and its ability to conform its function in any given space. Some of my favorite console tables that we have in our home are from Living Spaces.

One such table is the Reclaimed Natural Hand Carved Console Table, which contains detailing that makes it unique and why it works in our space. The contrast between a clean and modern stained staircase and a more traditionally-styled console table is what I love most. I picked up the warm undertones of the table through a caramel leather pouf and brought in texture with a mirror and dried floral arrangement.

In a similar space, slight changes make a big difference. I like the juxtaposition of more modern acrylic picture frames with the traditional feel of the console table, as well as the added texture of poufs and again, a dried floral arrangement. The open aspect of a traditional console table is also great for storing extra seating.

Another reason we chose this for our master is because of the contrast in color and texture with our Dean Sand bed. The space was lacking a feeling of weight and intrigue, and the console offered up both.

Farmhouse Console Table Decor Ideas

Earthy tones, natural textures, and metal accents mingle together seamlessly to create Farmhouse style. Like the heirloom furniture passed down from generation to generation on the farm, a quaint Farmhouse console table will give your home a timeless appeal.

Farm Fresh Style

An antiqued or distressed wood console table is the perfect foundation for a Farmhouse arrangement. Choose a table with a dark stain for a Traditional look, or add Shabby Chic flair with a table that looks weathered from years of use in a country farmhouse. Start your decorating with some farm-inspired art, such as small statues, panels of painted wood, or canvas prints. Then, complement the art by bringing in natural accents. Live plants and flowers are perfect for bringing the outdoors in. Wire baskets, like the ones used on the farm for carrying bottles of milk or collecting eggs, are a great way to integrate aged metal while organizing or displaying items on your table. To complete the look, incorporate metal wall sconces with Edison-style bulbs to bring some beautiful barn-inspired lighting to the arrangement.

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Ways To Style Your Console Table

A little table with a lot of possibilities.

For such a small piece of furniture, a console table gets high points for versatility. Whether it sits in your entryway, living room, or bedroom, its easy to style a console table that complements your home. Take a peek below for a few inspirational ideas on how to style a console table and make it work with your lifestyle.

Frame An Entry Table Display With Wallpaper

12 Best Console Table Decorating Ideas and Designs for 2020

Entryways can be tricky spaces to deal with as the proportions are often slim, and they suffer from little natural light and architectural interest. However, you can use some hallway wallpaper ideas to help create interest, as Irene Gunter, founder of interior design studio Gunter & Co explains:

I really wanted to introduce some wallpaper to inject color and texture but it wouldn’t have worked in large amounts. This discreet frame detail that our joiner made from liquid metal panelling beads has created such a big impact, it provides a beautiful space for the wallpaper whilst framing the entry table perfectly.

The position of the over-sized centrally-hung mirror is key, too it is close enough to the console below to become part of the display of accessories, giving the entryway incredible impact and focus.

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Tip : Always Go With An Anchor

Every console table worth its salt has an anchor of some sorts, could be a big painting or a large mirror, which other accessories gather around like a focal point. While choosing an anchor, its wise to go with matching shades for a seamless transition from top to bottom although you can also pull off contrasting colors if you pair them nicely. For instance, a shouting hue such as red can be beautifully toned down by white. If you go with a multicolored painting, the bottom half of the table should preferably adopt a calm tone such as grey.

Keep It White For A Classic Look

Weve explored some white sofa tables before, but this one takes top prize for the classic white table. Its incredibly simple but the little bit of rustic charm gives it something extra.

This is the go-to table for you if you dont want it to stand out or make a statement. It blends in with the rest of the decor while serving its purpose.

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Tip : Dont Neglect The Tables Underbelly

Many heavily focus on decorating above the table when in fact whats underneath it is just as important. You can brighten up this area with lighting accessories or preferably play it safe with seating poufs, an alluring X-bench, and anything along the line of extra but beautiful seating space. This way, you hit two birds with one stone.

Image: iowa girl eats

Lavish Round Table For A Beautiful Foyer Area

Top 100 Console table design ideas for modern living room decoration 2020

Your entrance table doesnt have to hug the wall. If you have a luxury home with a large foyer area, a simple round entry table may be a classy fashionable addition to the space. This white foyer table looks best with flowers on top, an armchair nearby for comfort, and decorative wicker baskets to store umbrellas and canes.

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Add A Wooden Table For A Beachside Feel

A common look for a sofa table is this smooth wood with crosshatch ends, bringing to mind a coastal and beachside decor. Its a more functional option due to its three shelves and wide surface.

You can get a paler or darker wood finish depending on your decor style for the beachside look, whats important is the crosshatch on either end of the table.

Classy Console For A Chic Home

Glass and gold always make for an expensive looking combination. This elegant console table is no exception. When placed near any light source, your tabletop will reflect beautifully, highlighting whatever lovely pieces you choose to display. Consider keeping décor simple and elegant to take full advantage of this pretty design.

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Change Things Up With A Funky Design

If youre debating between an over the couch table or behind the couch table, this funky but functional will sell you on the latter.

This table has a modern style without sacrificing the space and purpose of the piece. You can store your remotes on this table, decorate it with a vase and flowers, or display some artwork.

How To Add Storage To A Console Table

Modern and Contemporary Console Table Design Ideas

A console table with storage is a great plus because the items you store are out of sight but also easily accessible. Use baskets galvanized buckets or white boxes for sleek and simple storage ideas. You can see how I used baskets for storage with my coffee table here: Easy DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage. If your entry table doesnt have a lower shelf, you can add an ottoman or two that also serve as extra storage like this one: Tufted Ottoman with Storage

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Where To Put A Console Table

There are no hard and fast rules about where you put an entry table in your home. I like to use them to fill any awkward, empty spaces on walls.

Also, its important to note that a console table can any sort of display table like a buffet or even a cute dresser. Ive even seen sewing tables and pianos function really well as entry tables.

Tip : You Can Also Pull It Off With Asymmetrical Dcor

Asymmetrical combinations can be tricky to nail down, so to speak, but when executed right, they can be equally appealing as the above arrangement, sometimes even more. The ideal placing dictates to have shorter items to one side and taller ones on the other and small accessories in between to bridge the distance. For example, you can have a table lamp on the left, a short vase on the right, and a few candles or books in the middle.

Lastly, remember to have fun with it and dont be afraid to throw your personality into the mix. Much like any other piece of furniture in your home, own your console table with lots of intimate touches to ensure it typifies the real you.

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Console Table Styling Basics

Lets start with some design basics, shall we?! Dont hesitate to use a mirror or artwork as a focal point. Below we see a beautifully designed vignette centered around a circular mirror.

It goes without saying that you should choose a console table that works with your interior. For example, if you need to avoid a cluttered look, consider opting for an acrylic piece. Its see-through, giving the illusion of more space. Below we see the sleek Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table from CB2:

Make a statement with greenery. Theres nothing like a simple vase filled with tropical leaves, or a modern pot featuring your favorite plant to create a welcoming statement in your entryway. In the next image, we see the Elke Marble Console Table with Brass Base from Crate & Barrel:

Create interest by featuring decor with a range of heights. Lamps are a great way to use the vertical space, while also illuminating your space. Stacking boxes and books can help create the height you need as well. Lower elements, such as trays to hold the mail, can also be helpful.

Put Your Table On Some Hairpin Legs

Beautiful console table design ideas for modern home decoration 2021

You can take mid-century modern design to a whole new level with this table that mixes black with gold accents and hairpin legs. It really elevates what can sometimes be a rather bland style trend.

As for how to decorate a sofa table, just check out the picture. If you go for a more stylized table, you want to tone it down a bit with simple decor like the vase of flowers and candles.

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How To Decorate A Console Table In Front Of A Window

When decorating an entry table in front of a window, the window itself serves as an anchor. Make sure your decor coordinates with curtains. This is a great place to have a coffee table with ottomans underneath as there is probably a chair not too far from the window. The ottomans can be easily pulled out as a footrest.

Heres a more typical decorating scenario for decorating a console table in front of a window. See how the table fills the blank space in front of the window and enhances the view. You dont want to obstruct the view through the window but add to it.

Use These Simple Entryway Styling Ideas To Create An Inviting And Functional Space Achieve A High End Look While Sticking To A Budget

Welcome friends! Happy February. Today Im excited to share entryway styling ideas for your home! Our entry is one of my favorite places to play around with different looks, so first Ill be sharing a few previous designs with you. Then, youll find tips for making your space pretty, inviting, and functionalon a budget. Lets do this!

This post contains affiliate links. By clicking a link and making a purchase, you can help support my blog at no additional cost to you! Some of the products here were gifted to me, but I only share products that I love. To read my policies, click here.

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Modern Glam Console Table Decor Ideas

Satisfy your inner diva with a head-turning Modern Glam console table. With a combination of luxe accents and sleek design, Modern Glam style is all about being noticed.

Getting Glitzy

The bold color scheme of Glam style and the futuristic aesthetic of Modern design are meant for each other. Start with a transparent glass console table to complement your color palette and let your console table decorations shine. Above the table, hang bold, eye-catching pieces of art. You may want to opt for the exaggerated look of pop art for added extravagance. Next, adorn your table with gold accents â a must-have for Glam style. A reflective gold lamp will help enhance the light in the room and brighten the arrangement, and small gold statues can add visual interest to your vignettes. Finally, soften up your display with a pair of plush chairs. High-back dinner chairs with a lively pattern will add a sense of opulence and comfort to the display while balancing the weight of the arrangement.

Long And Narrow Natural Wood Console

Living Room Ideas With Modern Console Tables

Sometimes finding a piece that fits your space perfectly can be difficult. That is why a lean and long console like this one can be a lifesaver. With just enough room for photos, lamps, and fresh flowers, you cant get a more functional yet unobtrusive piece. With beautiful natural wood shining through, this console should fit into any home.

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Traditional Conosle Table Decor Ideas

Traditional style is rooted in the feeling of an era gone by. The perfect setting for ornate decorations or classical art, a traditional console table will bring a feeling of class and splendor to your home.

Timeless Taste

Beautifully crafted wood furniture is a staple of Traditional style. Choose a console table with carved legs and a natural finish to set the stage for the rest of your decor. A collection of framed artwork above the table will add an artistic touch and help solidify the style of your arrangement. Balance your table with a pair of elegant lamps, one on each side, and use stacks of bound books to adjust the height of tabletop decor while creating visual interest. For a little Victorian touch, tufted ottomans work as comfortable accents that can be used as extra seating or tucked under the table when not in use.

How To Style A Console Table

Color, line, texture, and scale of items such as table lamps, objets, artwork, and books are all important considerations when considering how to style a console table, whether it is located in a contemporary or more traditional space.

We asked some of the world’s best interior designers for their top five rules on decorating a console table in a living room or entryway for impact ideal for your arsenal of hallway ideas.

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How To Style Entryway Tables On A Budget

You dont have to spend a lot to decorate your entry table decor. In the picture above, you can see my half-moon entry table with an old window as my anchor. On it, I put my DIY Scroll Wall Art which cost less than $5. I also spray-painted some old candlesticks, decorated an old frame with spray-painted keys and burlap, and added some boxwood balls from Target.

Creative Ideas For Styling A Console Table

DIY Console Table Ideas 2020|Modern console|Entry table|Decorating Console|Ms WIT

Use creative touches to reorganize a cluttered or bare console.

A flawlessly styled console table finishes off a foyer or hallway with a flourish. For ideas on how to revamp a cluttered or empty console, see here how Dering Hall interior designers topped beautiful tables with books, vases, and other curated objects.

In this vignette from Gil Walsh Interiors, the bright red of an antique console contrasts with a contemporary artwork from Roy Lichtenstein called “Landscape with Boats.”

A sleek modern console is paired with a fuchsia upholstered bench and piles of books. Design by Liz Caan & Co.

Golden-hued accents, from a brass lamp to lemons, bring warmth to this wood console table in a space from 2to5 Design.

This transitional design is achieved through a mix of contemporary art and an antique console table. Design by Woody Argall Design.

Wainscoting helps to accentuate the vintage console, as does the gold chandelier. Design by House of Funk.

Minimal accessories help keep the focus on this chic shagreen console in a design by Chandos Interiors.

A spike-detail mirror brings a unique sense of edginess to a rustic console cabinet. Design by Abaca Interiors.

A gallery wall can also serve as an accent for a console table. Design by Alan Design Studio.

A pared-down console table makes space for high-design objects, including stools, metal objects, and custom artworks, in a space from Wesley-Wayne Interiors.

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