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Condo Decorating Ideas Living Room

Small Condo Living Room Ideas

Interior Design: Condo Living Room Makeover For A Bachelor

If you are working with a small living room, dont worry.Limited space doesnt have to mean limited decorating possibilities.

Here are some easy solutions to maximize the space in your living room:

  • More mirrors: Incorporating multiple mirrors into your living area can open up your space, making a small room feel larger and more inviting. Plus, mirrors help reflect light to brighten your place up.
  • Keep the floor clear: With limited space, you dont want to cram your floors with stuff. Go for floating pieces, such as wall shelves and hanging plants to help minimize clutter.
  • Wall lights: Add a stylish touch and brighten up your space by installing scones or wall lamps.

With new inspiration and condo decorating ideas for your living room consider transforming your space today!

Minimalist Living Rooms That Are Anything But Boring

Design by Kara Mann

Minimalism might be a trend made popular by the modern day battle against consumerist clutter, but it is rooted in the long and influential history of minimalist design in architecture, interiors, art, graphics, fashion, and virtually every other facet of design. When it comes to home decor, while there is nothing wrong with conscious maximalism, a minimalist approach that focuses on a less-is-more aesthetic where everything has a purpose and rooms are focused on the essentials, is popular for reasons both big and small.

Having fewer possessions is easier on the wallet, kinder to the planet, and makes everyday life simpler and less overwhelming. Creating an unencumbered room that focuses on space, light, materials, shapes, and creating an effortless flow that makes it natural and instinctive to use is one way to quiet the noise of the outside world and build an oasis of calm and order over the things you can control.

While minimalist design can be applied to every room in the housefrom the kitchen to the bathroom, or nurseryone of the easiest places to start is the living room, that collective gathering place whose purpose is to connect with friends and family, to relax and recharge, and that requires only a handful of key elements to become a functional and beautiful space that leaves room for all kinds of living.

Kendall Ansell Interiors Kendall Ansell Principal

In the heart of downtown, this condos interior was inspired by the luxurious W Hotel in New York City. The W does a good job of bringing inviting greys into its hotel so that it looks chic, says Ansell. By layering warm grey textures and fabrics you create a very classic look that doesnt seem to date itself. Ansell also likes to introduce a dash of whimsy to the décor, such as a mirrored cube table, glass desk or the mix of industrial pieces as a way of offering homeowners a chance to think outside the box. Her goal for the overall appearance of the show home was to create a casual, yet elegant look that also reflects the stunning west coast topography. We know that Seymour Street, being between Granville Street and Yaletown, is usually for someone looking to enjoy the night life of the city, she adds. The apartment refl ects a chic, sophisticated person. When decorating a smaller space, she suggests people stay with light colours, an open concept and pieces that can be moved around easily. For instance, the large ottoman in the living room can be added to the sofa to make a sectional, says Ansell.

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Add Some Shelving Near The Ceiling

Pin by Westhome Planners on Custom Architectural Designs

Because storage can be limited in a condominium compared to a house, it’s great to think of clever storage ideas. In this small condo living room, a book ledge has been built above the window wall. It’s a great way to add that extra area without taking up floor space or sacrificing natural light from the windows.

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Vaastu Tips For Interior Design For Living Room In India

  • To usher in peace and prosperity, the living room should always be situated in the north, north-east, or north-west direction.
  • The main door is the gateway for the entrance and exit of the energy and it should always be placed in the north.
  • Vaastu believes that shades of pink, grey, white, cream, beige, and peach are suitable to attract warmth, peace, vibrancy, and joy in life.
  • It is said that having a painting of running horses in the living room is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • The seating of the living room should be east facing, so that you get the positivity of the sunlight entering the space.

Now, its time to explore a few interesting ideas for designing a living room in India.

A Ventless Gas Heater Can Give You The Feeling Of A Fireplace

If you love a fireplace but don’t have a flue, consider adding a ventless gas or electric heater to your condo living room. These units are easy to install and often come with beautiful flame options. With a simple click of the remote, you can have the warmth and appearance of a natural fire.

You might have to hire someone to install it, but a recessed ventless gas fireplace can elevate your condo living room from warm to wow!

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Pick The Right Colors

Paint colors can make a room feel smaller or larger, and light or pale colors allow walls to recede visually, making rooms look bigger than they are. If white walls aren’t preferred, lighter hues such as lavenders, grays, and greens with blue undertones could be optimal. Look for those with cool color temperature and low intensity.

Some condo owners paint their walls and ceiling the same color in enclosed rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms. This approach allows the eye to travel around spaces freely instead of having breaks in contrast, which can make rooms feel smaller. One doesn’t need to know how to paint a room like a pro to work magic in their abode with a strategic palette.

The use of mirrors in the home can easily brighten up dark rooms and give the illusion of additional square footage. However, strategies concerning size, placement, and frame choice are more effective in achieving this goal. A rule of thumb is that larger, oversized mirrors are best for spatial enhancement in condos. Other light-bouncing surfaces, such as glass tables or glossy finishes, can also aid this effect.

Mirrors to increase the sense of visual space should have simple frames and be situated centrally at eye level. The effects of mirrors can be amplified by strategic lighting installations that boost brightness in rooms while adding dimension.

Incredible Condo Living Room Ideas

MODERN BOHO FARMHOUSE LIVING ROOM | Condo Decorating Ideas | Affordable Home Decor

Posted on May 7, 2021

Disclosure: We may get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

Condominiums are one of the easiest forms of homeownership. Often, things like lawn work, the roof, and the driveway are taken care of through an HOA fee. This means all you have to worry about it was goes inside.

With condominiums, some of the interior decorating challenges may come with a lack of natural light. If you have a middle unit with neighbors on either side, your windows are limited to the home’s front and back. This is one thing to think about when picking your home’s finishes and furnishings.

Another challenge may be in square footage. As condominiums are more common in cities than in the country, the spaces may be compact. If this is the case for your condo, you may need to choose furniture that works with your home’s overall scale. In this post, we’ve found 27 condo living room ideas that may help jumpstart your own design inspiration. Let’s take a look at what we found!

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How Do I Decorate My Living Room

When it comes to living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. When considering different living room ideas, youll want it to be a space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable, but is also functional for day-to-day living. When thinking about living room colors, most people have a tendency to go super neutral or boldly colorful in living rooms, but be careful of going overboard with either. If you go with neutrals for the big items, like sofas, armchairs and ottomans, then go a bit bold with decorative accessories that way, you can easily swap out the small things when a new color scheme is in order. Likewise, if you want your sofa to be a statement piece then scale back the decor so they dont fight for attention.

Use The Condo’s Vertical Space Wisely

We’ve discussed shelving along walls, but installing a full-wall bookcase in the living room takes the eye from floor to ceiling, making the room seem taller, and it can showcase a variety of items owners want to display. A built-in ladder will allow easy access to the top shelves if they’re out of reach.

No space for a full dining table? Look at fold-up tables with drop leaves and folding chairs that can be hung on the wall above them. Take advantage of the top of kitchen cabinets to store items like paper towels and small kitchen appliances.

Garages are notorious for clutter, but there can still be room for vehicles with vertical storage cabinets or a DIY ceiling sliding storage system that frees up floor space. Don’t forget laundry rooms, where a flip-down shelf can serve for folding clothes. A slim behind-the-door shelving system can hold detergents and other laundry goods. These are even more convenient when built into an existing wall.

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Small Condo Interior Design

Bedroom in a condo interior by designer, Michelle B.

Designing a condo interior can be so much fun. For one thing, the small space makes occasional décor splurges feasible. And for another, curating every nook and cranny to match your vision is easier to do in an apartment. Although a small space has its perks, one of the big drawbacks is its size. Fortunately, small apartment decorating ideas can save the day!

The Dark Parquet Floors Are Matched With Dusky Red Leather Furniture And A Light Oak Coffee Table

29 Stunning Living Rooms For Every Type of Style

Browse 293 condo interior design on houzz whether you want inspiration for planning condo interior design or are building designer condo interior design from scratch, houzz has 293 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including the best dressed house and lux design | interior design build. Look through condo living room design. How one designer gave this los angeles condo a bold makeover 17 photos.

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Living Room Dining Room Combo Ideas For Apartment

If you truly love minimalist interior design, our third idea suits your interest. As this image shows, you can still have some space for a walkaway thanks to the minimalist sectional sofa and the minimalist dining set.

Another sample is the creative display on top of the tall coffee table and the floating storage above the partition.

Patricia Gray Interior Design Patricia Gray Principal

As you enter the Bayshore condo, light and airy whites, soft creams, and browns reign supreme. The living rooms white sofas and chairs offer a soft, contemporary interior design. It is comfortable, minimal and everything was chosen to complement and not detract from the view, says Gray. We used swivel chairs so people can turn around to take advantage of the magnificent view. The custom-designed sofa features a chaise lounge so people can put their feet up while watching the TV on the opposite wall, read a book, or have a nap. This residence defi nitely took its cues from its stunning cityscapes, and views of Stanley Park, the ocean and the North Shore Mountains. Everything was designed to capitalize on the view, adds the designer. Where a space does not have as beautiful a view, it requires more attention by creating focal points within the space. Lastly, Gray says invest money in your key furnishings. In any living room, the sofa is the biggest anchor piece, says Gray. Make sure it is comfortable, the best quality you can afford because you are going to have it for the longest time.

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Modern Condo Bedroom Design Ideas

Aside from the living room and kitchen, the bedroom must also be given consideration when it comes to modern condo interior design ideas. Choose a color scheme based on earthy tones, pastels, and white. Moreover, decorate the room with soothing fabric and avoid heavy velvety drapes. As for the furniture and upholstery, choose those that have geometric designs with a modern and classy look.

Achieve a modern contemporary look by using accessories wisely and minimally. Opt for metallic accessories such as metal lamps and chandeliers. Wall hangings, bedside lamps, and nightstands must also be used to decorate the room.

Sleek and sophisticated furniture pieces are great for your modern condo bedroom. For instance, use platform beds with leather headboard for your bed. Furthermore, always choose the cabinets and other furniture that have streamlined and clean-cut look.

Above all these, make sure that your bedroom is always clutter-free. Organize everything and keep things in proper order. Allow plenty of natural light to get in and invest in the right lighting to illuminate the room.

Check out these ideas for your modern designed condo bedroom.

Modern Beach Condo Design Ideas

Interior Design How To Decorate A 2-Bedroom Condo For Under 10k

If youre lucky enough to live in a beach front condo, incorporating the modern design can work well for you. The best approach to decorating a modern beach condo is to make it more open and airy. Thus, welcome tons of light into your interior by hanging linen curtains for your window treatment. When it comes to your furniture and fixtures, try to keep everything white. A crisp white upholstered sofa will make the space feel soothing and comfy, which is perfect for a coastal living.

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An all-white living room is perfect for coastal inspired interiors. You can spruce the space a bit by adding some cheerful pops of color. Navy blue or other blue variants would be perfect. Finish the look by decorating beachy accessories such as a delicate shell chandelier, coastal-inspired rugs, and nautical pillows. For more ideas on how to go about decorating your modern beach condo, here are some inspirations.

Image Credit: miamiherald

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Don’t Be Afraid To Use Large Furniture & Accent Pieces

While using large furnishings and decorative items might make the condo feel smaller, there are exceptions when they become focal pieces. For example, one large sectional sofa can create a cozy environment, while multiple chairs and a couch take up more floor space and look cluttered. It is worth considering investing in a sofa with a fold-away bed that can serve as guest sleeping quarters or as a hang-out spot on marathon movie nights.

An oversized rug can bring a cramped room together, and the inclusion of small ones can separate zones, such as establishing a side office in the living room or dining area. Oversized artwork can become a wall’s centerpiece and add charm to the condo while making the room feel larger.

If a pantry is in the kitchen, make the most out of it with extra shelves and over-the-door hanging baskets to store spices or cleaners and free up cabinet space. There are wall mounts that go from floor to ceiling, and it’s a relatively simple DIY project for most.

Traditional Living Room Dining Room Combo

Keen on copying traditional interior style for your irregular space like this one? Start with antique, wooden furnishings, like the dining set and the storage, here. Have glass doors or large windows that feel so common in traditional houses.

Given the odd space shape, place the living room next to the dining area with a small bend. As seen here, the two arent in the parallel line. Install furnace and place a leather-made armchair and the white cushy one.

Place one, long, wooden bench that seems so vintage. As old houses show, keep the space minimal for wide feeling.

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Condo Living Room Design

Condo living and dining interior design by designer, Francis D.

With a keen eye on your condo living room design, you can make it extraordinary. Start from scratch and pick a color for your walls. A light hue will certainly make the room feel airy and spacious but a dark hue will trick your depth perception to make the room seem nearly boundless. Whether you choose a moody dark or uplifting light hue, consider an eggshell finish. This paint reflects light more than a matte finish and is easy to clean.

When it comes to furnishings, choose the biggest items, like a couch, first, but make sure their dimensions fit your living room before buying. Then add on complementary pieces like accent chairs and décor. Lastly, finish the space with layered light, like a central pendant and a pretty floor lamp next to the sofa, and a rug that brings everything together.

Wondering about layered light? Here is a quick guide!

There are three different levels of light: ambient, task, and accent. First, ambient light refers to the general lighting of a room like recessed lighting. Task lighting illuminates a specific area like a pendant above a kitchen island. Finally, accent lighting highlights architectural or decorative features like artwork.

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