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Commercial Outdoor Lighted Christmas Decorations

What Sets Our 3d Fiberglass Christmas Decorations Apart

Outdoor Patio String Lights LED Outdoor Backyard String Lights- Novtech

At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we specialize in serving the commercial and municipal sectors with premium holiday decor and superior customer service. We’ve been doing this since 1921, and all our customers benefit from over 100 years of continued industry experience, regardless of project size or complexity.

The holiday decor we distribute is made for commercial applications and manufactured by trusted suppliers. These attractive products are built to last, designed to withstand the elements and reliable for season after season of dependable use for the maximum return on your investment.

When your partner with us for a complete package covering installation, maintenance and storage, you’ll benefit from even more. We’ll take away all the pressure of managing your decor. Our team will handle everything from proper care and installation to making sure everything is functioning well and looking great.

Commercial Christmas Decorations And Lighting

At Display Sales, whether youre looking for simple or grand, we can help. We provide commercial Christmas decorations at an affordable price and the appropriate replacement hardware for doing small repairs as you bring out your decorations each season. See our sockets & clips, bulbs, and Christmas decoration hardware for specific seasonal replacement parts.

Buy Your Commercial Holiday Decorations Early

We know how important it is for a business or local government to plan thoroughly for the busy holiday season, so we make it easier to get the commercial holiday decor you need at competitive prices. The earlier you shop at Holiday Lights & Magic, the more youll save! We offer our biggest discounts in the first quarter of the year. Whether youre planning a large-scale display for your town square or decorating your storefronts, festive Christmas displays are just the ticket to draw in customers and bring out the holiday spirit. Shop with Holiday Lights & Magic, Inc. for the very best in custom commercial Christmas decorations.

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Create Your Own Christmas Display Or Let Us Do It For You

At Holiday Outdoor Decor, we have a century’s worth of experience turning parks, properties, and downtown districts into festive holiday-themed spaces where people want to be and are willing to pay to enter. We make it easy to find the items you need to build your ideal display with an impressive catalog of items made specifically for commercial use.

Our site is home to a selection of 3D fiberglass Christmas decorations for sale at competitive prices. If your city, business, or commercial property is located in Maryland, New Jersey, southern New York, Delaware, or eastern Pennsylvania, we can provide you with even more. Our White Glove decorations services are local to the region and cover everything you need to put on the best display:

  • Consultation: We’ll come to you and evaluate your site and goals, then we’ll develop a customized solution that fits into your budget.
  • Installation: Our in-house teams will provide you with complete, professional turnkey installation following your preferred schedule.
  • Maintenance: We take care of all the maintenance necessary to keep your decor looking great, including bulb replacement and refurbishing.
  • Breakdown: When the holiday season is over, our expert teams come back to pack everything up for safe transport to our Pennsylvania warehouse.
  • Storage: All your decor and mounting hardware is safely stored away in a climate-controlled environment until it’s time to come out for display once again.

Traditional Outdoor Christmas Decorations For Commercial And Municipal Use

Commercial Christmas Decorative Outdoor Led Light Giant Reindeer For ...

We are a premier distributor of high-quality traditional commercial Christmas decorations made in the USA. Our team works exclusively with commercial businesses and municipal entities looking to add festive holiday cheer, including individual properties, sports facilities, downtown districts and commercial and public parks.

We are also the region’s top partner for the design, installation, maintenance, teardown and storage of all your traditional Christmas decor. Our experts have the skill, experience, and advanced technological resources to develop an ideal custom solution.

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Outdoor / Exterior Christmas Decorations And Holiday Decor

Thomas Brady & Associated Artists is the ideal source for all of your commercial outdoor Christmas and holiday decorations. We provide a wide range of decorative products for commercial, retail, mall, and municipal holiday decorating projects.

Featuring traditional outdoor exterior Christmas and holiday decor we are equipped to provide a variety of custom feature displays, light pole mounted decorations, garlands, wreaths, pole mounted or lamppost decor, perimeter lighting and accessories. All of our exterior outdoor Christmas and holiday decorations are covered by a 6 season limited warranty. So, let us provide the décor for your most successful Holiday Season ever.

Natural Looks But Built To Last

Christmasland sources Artificial trees, Garlands and Wreaths from some of the top manufacturers in the world. Our trees are built to incredibly high-quality standards with many sizes available. From standard 7ft tall trees that will install festive spirit in your shop front to awe-inspiring 12ft giants that will really give your guests an impressive welcome at reception.

On top of that, these trees and garlands are built with lastability in mind, allowing your business to save and re-use year after year. Each tree is made with incredibly durable polythene shaped into a realistic look. Meanwhile, trees with built-in lights use long-lasting and energy-saving LED lights that dont sacrifice brightness. Our Garlands and Wreaths come in a variety of types, from wintertime flowers to impressively realistic-looking wood weaved. Christmasland prides itself on stocking some of the best designs globally.

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Commercial Christmas Decorations Designed By Professional Installers

As the countrys leading supplier of decorations for commercial organizations and municipalities, as well as a supplier for professional Christmas installers, we have a deep understanding of the high demands our commercial customers require from their Christmas lights and decorations. And were not only a supplier, but also professional installers ourselves. Weve been doing high end commercial Christmas installations for 5 decades and have had the privilege to create and install some of the largest Christmas programs in the country.

While most commercial Christmas sellers only focus on selling products, our experience as professional installers allows us to offer the same top quality decorations and LED Christmas lights that we use for our own commercial installations. When you buy from us, youre getting the same high-quality Christmas lights and decorations that we personally install on all of our own commercial Christmas projects.

Langxun 12ft Table Balloon Arch Kit

Outdoor decoration Christmas lights
    he LANGXUN Arch Kit is 12ft in length and made with strong materials that consist of 50-percent plastic and 50-percent fiberglass. The arch is shipped to you with ten adjustable poles and two large C-shaped plastic clips. The size of the arch is adjustable by adding or subtracting poles.

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Commercial Fiberglass Christmas Decorations For Sale

The giant fiberglass ornaments, fiberglass nutcrackers, and other commercial decor items we carry are made to be seen and meant to be enjoyed. You can use them to add stunning decorative accents to the property, draw the attention of passerby and create unique photo opportunities for the people who’ve come to enjoy the festive environment you have installed.

Buying New & Used Municipal Christmas Decorations

What exactly are Municipal Christmas decorations, you may be asking yourself? Municipal Christmas decorations are the giant decorations purchased by local governments dressing up their town squares, parks, and city streets for the holiday season.

From time to time, whether due to age, budget, or other factors, city officials decide to sell their municipal Christmas decorations. When this opportunity arises, it is an excellent chance to buy huge pieces of Christmas decor at a fraction of the price of new commercial Christmas decorations.

Below are but a few of the most popular ways to find used municipal Christmas decorations for sale.

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Commercial Christmas Decoration Buying Tips

· Carefully assess your situation prior to purchasing and installing.

· Talk to your City Planner or Public Works Department to gain permission to install on buildings or poles.

· Consult with a certified electrician to calculate load.

· Measure the clearance required on decorations and banners for traffic -including large trucks. A height of at least 20 feet is recommended but this varies by situation.

Why Buy?

· Backed by a company with a positive 50 year history

· Many popular decorations are in stock, ready to ship

· Custom decorations are available

· Public works employees love our durable, easy to install hardware

· Personal service from our professional Sales Representatives

· Personal assistance available from our knowledgeable Customer Service staff

What is the Product Turnaround Time?

Stock Ships from Display Sales warehouse in 3 business days

Custom Made in approximately 20 business days, plus shipping time to your area

Made to Order Made in approximately 20 business days, plus shipping time to your area

What size decoration should you buy?

The size of light pole determines what size decoration should be displayed.

Small 4.5 Decorations or Smaller

Low-level poles, sometimes called pedestrian poles range from 8 to 18 feet high.

Medium 4.5 to 6 Decorations

Mid-level poles range from 18 to 30 feet high.

Large 5 Decorations or Larger

Large poles, sometimes referred to as highway or utility poles, range from 30 feet on up.

Goosh 11 Feet Christmas Inflatable Santa Claus Archway

Outdoor Commercial Christmas Decorations
    No need to worry that Christmas Inflatables Archway outdoor decorations will fly away with the wind. Outdoor Christmas decoration include 8 Stakes and 4 Ropes to secure it to the ground,Christmas inflatables outdoor Very Easy to Use. Comes in 10ft extended cord, ground stakes, fastened ropes, and built in sandbags. Plug in, everything pop s up in a minute!

Balloon Arch

These types of arches are originally intended for use with decorations such as balloons and ribbons . That said, they work great for displaying Christmas lights and other various Christmas decorations outside in your front yard. Even more, the arch can be stood up alone or clamped to the edge of other decorations or objects.

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The Magic Of Well Designed Quality Commercial Christmas Decorations

If youre a municipality, business or professional organization, you no doubt know theres no exception for quality. And when it comes to commercial Christmas decorations, quality is more important than ever.

For the past 40 years, Christmas Designers has been serving cities, towns, organizations and businesses with top quality, innovative commercial Christmas decorations and LED Christmas lights.

What separates quality commercial Christmas décor from average decor? Simply put, its the attention to detail. From small, unseen details such as the thickness of the power coating and quality of the hardware to more visible elements such as the lushness of the foliage on a commercial Christmas tree. When done right, these individual elements come together to create a holiday masterpiece that is sure to awe all those that have the opportunity to experience the magic of a well-designed Christmas program.

Gemmy Industries 125ft Wide Airblown Inflatable Santa Sleigh And Reindeer

    Santa, his reindeer, and a sleigh filled with toys are on their way to your lawn in this all-weather inflatable. The scene measures 12.5 feet fully inflated, with lighted interiors in each piece.

Santas sleigh, and the reindeer that pull it, are a favorite decoration of children all around the world. This oversized 3D commercial Christmas decoration is a whopping 12.5ft long. The sleigh and reindeer are inflatable, fade-proof all-weather material. The decoration is collapsible, so its super easy to set up and take down as well.

Aside from a fun Christmas decor statement, the reindeer and sleigh make a great photo backdrop.

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Giant Commercial Christmas Wreaths And Bows

Our extraordinary selection of giant Christmas wreaths provides an easy way to add instant holiday cheer to indoor and outdoor areas, especially popular with hotels and shopping malls. Available up to an impressive 12′ with our without lights they are durable to stand up to even the most demanding conditions year after year. Lush foliage in luxurious shades of green and natural decorations such as pine cones offer you the perfect backdrop for endless decorating possibilities. To add a festive touch, choose from oversized weatherproof commercial bows in sumptuous red velvet and elegant gold.

Shopping With A Difference

25FT Patio string light Christmas G40 Globe Festoon bulb fairy string light outdoor party garden

With over four decades of experience, Santa’s Quarters has helped some of today’s most recognized global brands in retail, fashion, and hospitality, as well as domestic and international government offices to make Christmas dreams come true. Companies such as Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Six Flags, and The Ritz-Carlton have relied on us for their commercial holiday decorations, and now you can benefit from our knowledge and dedication to achieve the same results.

We offer a wide range of high end products that are specifically designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding commercial applications, with a strong focus on intelligent design, durability, and sensible pricing. Whether you need to decorate a small boutique or a large hotel lobby, our seamless shopping experience guarantees fast and hassle free ordering, with personal attention to detail. We ship worldwide via UPS, FedEx, and freight.

Our commercial Christmas decorations are grouped in the following collections:

– Shatterproof Commercial Christmas Ornaments- Giant Commercial Christmas Trees

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Giant Artificial Christmas Trees

With a sophisticated construction based on concentric metal steel rings, our giant Christmas trees are easy to set up and sure to impress with their lush, weatherproof foliage, crush- and fade-resistant needles, and professionally strung brilliant LED lights. Their stunning life-like appearance lends itself naturally to countless decorating themes and is guaranteed to last for many years to come. For municipal Christmas decorations there is no better centerpiece.

For peace of mind, our giant artificial Christmas trees come with a generous manufacturer’s warranty both on the construction as well as the lights. Please contact us at 1-888-334-7527 for more information and ask to speak to one of our commercial tree specialists. We would be delighted to help you find the Christmas tree that’s right for you.

Create A Christmas Scene Your Customers Will Adore

One of the finest Christmas scene makers across the globe. Christmasland is delighted to stock Lemax Christmas scenes. These incredibly intricate and detailed Christmas scenes proved a massive hit with our customers last year. Perfect for storefronts and in-store displays that will surprise and delight your customers along with snapping some pictures for social media . Christmasland is once more stocking Lemax products. Please inquire for more details regarding commercial Christmas decorations.

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Commercial Outdoor Christmas Decorations For Homes

Unlike regular outdoor Christmas decorations, which consist of normal sized displays, commercial Christmas decorations are typically quite enormous. Commercial outdoor Christmas decorations for homes come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. From 5ft candy canes and reindeer to 11ft archways and 12in Christmas tree ornaments, these are among the most impressive holiday decor money can buy.

In this article, well review several of the best options this year. Well also discuss alternative options for purchasing new commercial decorations such as buying used municipal Christmas decorations.

Christmas By Krebs Oversized Shatterproof Ornaments

    Individual oversized ornaments in various shapes, colors and sizes. Durable, all-weather finish.

When it comes to oversized Christmas ornaments for this years decorations, look no further than Christmas By Krebs. The manufacturer currently offers lovely 8in to 12in red ornaments we thought you should know about. The ornaments are strong and durable as well as moisture and UV resistant. The caps of the ornaments have screw-on caps.

These giant Christmas ornaments work both inside and outside. They look great in bushes, trees, along with front porches, and mixed in with other Christmas decorations. Theyre also shatterproof, making them great for families with pets and/or children.

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Shine Bright Keep The Energy Bills Out Of Sight

Christmasland is proud to stock some of the top brands of Christmas lighting for indoor and outdoor use. We stock a large range of lighting comprised of various colours, light types and number of lights. All of our lights are LED, giving you high-quality brightness and low power usage. Christmasland offers a selection of battery-powered lights and AC mains lights giving you plenty of choices. Brighten up your staircases, storefronts, reception desks, bars and more with our lighting options. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a commercial Christmas lighting solution for your business.

Commercial Christmas Lights & Pole Mounts

Innovation and environmental sensibility are at the heart of our business, which is why we are proud to carry top of the line commercial Christmas lights featuring super energy saving LED technology. Our extensive product range includes light sets, replacement bulbs, and stringers in numerous sizes, shapes, and colors suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We are particularly pleased to offer you our superb new line of lighted pole mounts made with impeccable craftsmanship. Designs include iconic Christmas symbols such as stars, snowflakes, wreaths, and bells, and are made of UV resistant materials outfitted with brilliant, super energy saving LED lights. For easy installation in just minutes, we include brackets and bands in our shipments for every pole mount. Our pole mounts are perfect for Christmas street decorations.

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We’re Not Just For Outdoor Christmas Decorations Anymore

Our superior quality Christmas, Halloween, and White Glove Installation Services will enhance the beauty and success of any community celebration.

Contact Holiday Outdoor Decor today to speak to one of our experienced sales professionals. Their extensive product knowledge, quality service, as well as friendly, honest and dependable support are sure to deliver more value for your money.

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